24 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-21-22

  1. Of course.

    This is just vile. There’s plenty of doctors out there to do this harmful stuff, so it’s unnecessary as well.

    “Abortion To Transgender ‘Treatment’: Biden To Remove Trump Rule Protecting Religious Health Care Workers”


    “The Biden administration is working to rescind a Trump rule intended to protect religious health care workers by allowing them to refuse to provide services which they feel violate their conscience and moral beliefs.

    Keeping in-line with the Biden agenda, a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) confirmed to Politico on Tuesday that measures to rescind the rule are in the works.”


  2. Fired for doing the right thing, teacher sues the school district. I hope the parents file their own as well. Make them pay.

    “School district fired teacher for telling parents about secret ‘genderqueer’ transition: lawsuit

    Parents explicitly told district to avoid “private conversations” on gender with their daughter months before her announced transition, and learned their son had been transitioned as well.”


    “AMassachusetts school district fired a teacher for telling parents that school officials had socially transitioned their 11-year-old daughter to a “genderqueer” identity after the parents explicitly told the school to back off, a federal lawsuit claims.

    Parents Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri learned the school was also treating their son as a girl in accord with his wishes, according to their complaint against several current and former district and school officials for violating their parental rights.

    Another set of parents with children in Ludlow Public Schools, Jonathan Feliciano and Sandra Salmeron, joined the lawsuit to claim the practice of secret transitioning violates their free exercise of religion under both the state and federal constitutions.

    Interim Superintendent Lisa Nemeth told Just the News the district had no comment on pending litigation.

    Baird Middle School teacher Bonnie Manchester started a GiveSendGo fundraiser more than a year ago when she was first put on paid leave for notifying the girl’s parents of her gender transition. It has raised just $6,600 of the $100,000 goal.

    Manchester updated the fundraiser sometime since August to say she would file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the district. Her lawyer Frank McNamara told Just the News Tuesday she was still considering litigation.

    While it’s increasingly common for districts to implement procedures to socially transition students without parental notification, Ludlow’s alleged actions stand out for violating a direct request from parents and making an example of a whistleblower.

    Ludlow Public Schools gender transition lawsuit.pdf
    Daughter “B.F.” told her teacher Manchester in December 2020 about the “insecurity, low self-esteem, poor self-image” and “perceived lack of popularity” she was experiencing, as well as her nascent attraction to girls.

    Manchester talked to her parents with B.F.’s approval, according to the suit. Foote and Silvestri told district and school officials B.F. was getting professional help and asked them not to have “private conversations … in regards to this matter” with her.

    The parents had reason to be suspicious, having learned earlier that both children had created videos with “their gender identity and preferred pronouns” for sixth-grade assignments. After the parents complained, the school allegedly promised to get parental consent going forward.

    B.F. announced her new gender identity, name and preferred pronouns in an email to teachers two months after the request from her parents. School counselor Marie-Claire Foley told her teachers to hide this information from Foote and Silvestri, and a week later reiterated the directive to staff.

    Manchester, however, forwarded B.F.’s email to her parents, who allege that teachers acknowledged the following week that they were treating her brother “G.F.” as a girl. (The suit doesn’t provide his age.)

    Days later, Foley reaffirmed the directive not to tell G.F.’s parents about the transition. She also told B.F. “she could use any bathroom that she felt comfortable with” and called her “brave and awesome” for changing her gender identity.

    In a virtual meeting with Foote and Silvestri, Principal Stacy Monette refused to discuss their allegations that the school had “improperly and illegally” discussed prohibited issues with the children, the suit claims.

    The next day Monette put Manchester on leave for “conduct unbecoming a teacher” through her “inappropriate communications” with parents. Legal compliance officer Rebecca Bouchard also grilled her about communicating with parents, and Manchester was terminated in May 2021.

    When Silvestri reminded then-Superintendent Todd Gazda of the parents’ unheeded request, he said staff correctly followed Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidance on gender identity. The guidance, which is not a binding regulation, says schools should speak to students before their parents and has an explicit carveout for children under 14, the suit says.”

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  3. Good. Better none be allowed than forcing teachers to help spread perversion.

    “Maryland School District to Prohibit Pride Flag After Teachers Were Allegedly ‘Bullied’ Into Displaying Them”


    “A Maryland school board has voted to adopt a new policy banning most flags, including the pride flag, after some teachers were allegedly “bullied” into displaying the pride flags donated by an LGBTQ+ group.

    Carroll County’s new flag policy would only permit the American flag, Maryland state flag and Carroll County flags to be displayed in classrooms.

    The school board’s vote, which took place last week, comes after the Westminster chapter of PFLAG, a national LGBTQ+ group, donated a number of small rainbow pride flags to the Carroll County Public Schools. The school’s staff was encouraged to display the flags in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

    Superintendent Steven Lockard said during the board meeting last Wednesday that the pride flags were available to all staff members but that nobody was forced to display them in their classrooms.

    But school board members expressed that some teachers said they felt “bullied” into propping up the flag due to political pressure. The board also noted that the flag violates the school district’s newly revised political neutrality policy. The school district revised its political neutrality policy earlier this year to require employees to “remain neutral on political issues, parties and candidates during classroom instruction” and refrain from speaking on those topics unless they are “aligned with the approved curriculum.”

    “Our students are a captive audience and as such need to be protected from all political agendas, both from the right and the left,” school board member Donna Sivigny said at Wednesday’s board meeting.

    “I also respect the rights of teachers to work in a non-hostile work environment, deliver an effective lesson and support all kids in the best way that they can, but we require that they do it in a politically neutral way that creates a safe space for every student in our schools,” she continued. “However, many teachers have reached out to me saying that they’ve been pressured or bullied to put flags in their classroom, and that’s a problem that needs to be addressed.”

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  4. More evil targeting kids. Hope the courts toss this idiocy.

    “After School Satan Club’ Rejected from PA Elementary School, Threatens ‘Costly Litigation”


    “The battle to protect elementary school children wages on. An attempt to create an after school program based around Satan received pushback from a Northern York County School District in Pennsylvania this week.

    On Tuesday, the school district voted 8-1 to reject the “After School Satan Club.” The club was proposed by one parent, Samantha Groome, for Northern Elementary School in Dillsburg. Sadly, this is not just one delusional parent’s crazy idea.

    The nationwide After School Satan Club program is actually run by the Satanic Temple at “select public schools” throughout the country. The group tries to follow where Good News Cubs, an after-school program based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, “also operate” reports The Washington Examiner.”


    Satan’s minions target the kids, sometime in obvious ways like this, but often thru teachers and their perverse personal agendas as well.

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  5. Thankfully, many parents have noticed how broken public education is, and are standing up.


    “Parents are yanking their kids from left-wing public schools at an increasing rate and the problem will likely worsen in the country’s most progressive cities.

    After more than a year of hysterical COVID protocols that were clearly not based in science or data, progressive educators switched their focus to pushing dangerous and confusing woke curricula on captive young audiences. But the indoctrination agenda is backfiring.

    Public school enrollment started a downward trend after a year of unnecessary COVID regulations. Though children are the least vulnerable to COVID, they were parked in front of computer screens for hours a day, isolated from friends and classmates and forced to mask when in-person class finally resumed. Students’ academic achievement suffered as much as their emotional growth, with students underperforming on tests while growing increasingly depressed, anxious and angry.

    Even when it was clear remote learning was hurting children considerably more than COVID ever could, teachers’ unions still demanded students be kept in masks or continue to stay home. Parents had had enough.

    The 2020-2021 school year saw an astonishing 3 percent of pupils leave their public schools, with the largest number coming from the younger grades. This represents roughly 1.5 million students nationwide. Now, thanks to newly released data, we’re seeing the exact numbers on the local level. They’re not pretty.

    California saw a dramatic loss of 110,000 public school students, with enrollment dropping faster than it did before the pandemic. At the same time, private schools saw an increase in enrollment. In New Jersey, public school enrollment dropped to its lowest level in 20 years, losing 41,285 students. Unsurprisingly, a Household Pulse Survey by the U.S. Census showed a concurrent surge in homeschooling.

    For most districts, dwindling enrollment means smaller budgets. For example, Seattle Public Schools will lose nearly $30 million for the upcoming 2022-2023 school due to lower enrollment. And New York City schools are “bracing” themselves for dramatic cuts if enrollment doesn’t turn around.

    The best way to attract parents back to public schools is to abandon the woke agenda. But educators don’t seem willing to let up.

    Florida is now ground zero for the Left’s assault on your kid’s education. Activist-educators in and out of the state decry Governor Ron DeSantis’ move to ban gender identity and sexual orientation instruction for students in grades K-3.

    To most parents, focusing on basic academic skills instead of confusing children with nonsensical claims that there are 300 genders that you can choose, depending on your mood, is common sense. But to liberal educators, this is an obstacle to overcome in an effort to change the culture.”

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  6. Good. This is the proper response to this garbage outlet and it’s garbage reporters.



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  7. The hack reporter who outed LibsofTickTock has an agenda, she doesn’t really care about collateral damage. Her cult followers have now harassed at least 2 women who weren’t involved but had the same name.

    This is another reason this story matters HRW. They should both sue the clown reporter and the WaPo for the death threats and emotional trauma they caused.

    They built this. They meant to turn the rage mob against the creator, but they were so shoddy about it that innocent women now suffer for it. This is yellow journalism.


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  8. This means some Democrats are finally catching on too.

    “Nearly two-thirds of voters believe Biden is compromised by ties to China, poll”


    “Nearly two-third of U.S. voters think President Biden has been compromised by his and his families’ ties to China, according to new survey.

    The survey from the Trafalgar Group, in conjunction with Convention of State Action, found over 50% of those polled said it is “very likely” that Biden is “conflicted/compromised when dealing with China due to the Biden family’s personal business dealings in China.”

    About 11.5% of respondents said it’s “somewhat likely” Biden is compromised, and 36.4% said it is “unlikely.”

    Among Democrats, about two-thirds think the president is un-compromised. And among Republicans, over 85% think the opposite.

    Among independents, more than two-thirds of voters think Biden and his family have been compromised by what they consider their various and closely guarded ties to the Republic of China.

    Mark Meckler, the president of Convention of States Action, says the poll numbers are an indication that members of the U.S. voter base “see through the smoke and mirrors.”

    “They’re watching as the Biden administration’s policies benefit China more than our own country and conclude that the president is serving the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and must be compromised,” he said.”

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  9. “Maskaholics

    Wearing a mask may still give some people a sense of security, but they could breathe more easily if they’d face the facts.”


    “The pandemic has eased, but not the compulsion of many Americans to cover their faces. Fully vaccinated adults are still wearing masks on their solitary walks outdoors, and officials have been enforcing mask mandates on airline passengers and on some city-dwellers and students. (Though today’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa, declaring the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation unlawful, comes as welcome news.) Maskaholics in the press are calling for permanent masking on trains, planes, and buses. High school students in Seattle staged a protest demanding that a mask mandate be reinstated, and psychologists now deal with the anxieties of children who don’t want their classmates to see their faces. They’re suffering from “mask dependency,” as this psychological affliction is termed in Japan, where a long tradition of mask-wearing during flu season has left some individuals afraid at any time to expose their faces in public.

    It’s a difficult addiction to overcome, according to the Japanese therapists who specialize in treating it—but a simple remedy might help some maskaholics. It’s a graph that should be required viewing for everyone still wearing a mask and every public official or journalist who still insists that mask mandates “control the spread.”

    “The graph tracks the results of a natural experiment that occurred nationwide during the pandemic. Eleven states never mandated masks, while the other 39 states enforced mandates. The mandates typically began early in the pandemic in 2020 and remained until at least the summer of 2021, with some extending into 2022. The black line on the graph shows the weekly rate of Covid cases in all the states with mask mandates that week, while the orange line shows the rate in all the states without mandates.

    As you can see from the lines’ similar trajectories, the mask mandates hardly controlled the virus. By the time the mandates were introduced in New York and other states in the spring of 2020 (at the left side of the graph), infections had already been declining in those states, and the mandates didn’t prevent a surge later that year, when cases rose and fell in nearly identical trajectories regardless of states’ mask policies. The pandemic’s second year saw slight deviations in both directions, but those reflected the seasonality of the virus and the geography of mask mandates, which remained more common in northern states. Cases were higher in the non-mandate states last summer, when the seasonal surge in the South disproportionately hit Republican states without mandates, but those states went on to have fewer cases during the winter, when the seasonal surge in the North hit more Democratic states with mandates.

    If you add up all the numbers on those two lines, you find that the mask mandates made zero difference. The cumulative rate of infection over the course of the pandemic was about 24 percent in the mandate states as well as in the non-mandate states. Their cumulative rates of Covid mortality were virtually identical, too (in fact, there were slightly more deaths per capita in the states with mask mandates).

    If this hasn’t persuaded you to take off your mask, you can find lots more reasons in a book by Ian Miller, the data analyst who created the graph for City Journal. Miller, who has tracked pandemic trends for the Brownstone Institute, has assembled the damning evidence in Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates. The book documents how mask mandates were implemented without scientific justification, how they failed around the world, and how public officials and journalists have kept making fools of themselves by pretending otherwise.

    In their pre-Covid planning strategies for a pandemic, neither the Centers for Disease Control nor the World Health Organization had recommended masking the public—for good reason. Randomized clinical trials involving flu viruses had shown, contrary to popular wisdom in Japan and other Asian countries, that there was “no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission,” as the WHO summarized the scientific literature. The pandemic planners at the United Kingdom’s Department of Health had reached a similar conclusion: “In line with the scientific evidence, the Government will not stockpile facemasks for general use in the community.” Anthony Fauci acknowledged this evidence early in the pandemic, both in his public comments (“There’s no reason to be walking around with masks,” he told 60 Minutes) and in his private emails (“I do not recommend you wear a mask,” he told a colleague, explaining that masks were too porous to block the small Covid virus).

    But then Fauci, like the CDC and the WHO, bowed to political expediency and media hysteria. Mandating masks gave the illusion of doing something against the virus. When the initial spring wave in 2020 subsided, public officials and journalists claimed that the mandates had worked, and they kept up the pretense even when Covid surged again later that year despite the continuing mandates. The resurgence was blamed on people disobeying the mandates, never mind the surveys showing widespread compliance.

    This pattern of magical thinking persisted throughout the pandemic, as Miller demonstrates in dozens of graphs contrasting conventional wisdom with cruel reality. Again and again, journalists and public-health officials would single out a state or a nation that had supposedly tamed Covid by forcing citizens to wear masks—and then these masks would promptly fail to prevent an unprecedented wave of infections. In the summer of 2020, Politico praised Rhode Island’s “wear-your-damn mask” policy in an article headlined, “How the Smallest State Engineered a Covid Comeback.” A survey in the autumn found that 96 percent of Rhode Islanders were wearing masks, the highest rate in the U.S., yet that winter the state went on to suffer one of the nation’s worst Covid surges. So did New Mexico, whose surge began shortly after Scientific American praised the state’s strict mask policies in an article headlined, “How New Mexico Controlled the Spread of Covid-19.”

    Meantime, the media’s favorite experts kept predicting doom for states that never mandated masks, like Florida, or that ended the mandates early in 2021, like Iowa, whose policy shift was denounced as “reckless and delusional” in a Washington Post article headlined, “Welcome to Iowa, a state that doesn’t care if you live or die.” Iowa’s Covid death toll plummeted right after the article appeared. Over the course of the pandemic, both Iowa and Florida have done better than the national average in measures of Covid mortality as well as overall excess mortality (the number of deaths more than normal from all causes).

    Instead of carefully analyzing the effects of masks, the CDC repeatedly tried to justify them by misrepresenting short-term trends and hyping badly flawed research, like studies in Arizona and Kansas purporting to show that infections had been dramatically reduced by the mask mandates imposed in some counties. But in each state, as Miller shows, infection rates remained lower in the counties that did not mandate masks.”

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  10. Some dark money is more equal than others…..

    “Inside the Left’s $80 Million Dark Money Attempt to Take Over Local Elections”


    “After congressional Democrats repeatedly failed in their attempts to pass a radical federal takeover of elections and have been unable to stop red states from passing election security laws, a leftist dark money group is taking matters into its own hands. Their plan: elect thousands of sympathetic local election officials across the country to ensure Democrats retain power in the electoral process.

    According to a report in POLITICO this week that revealed the plan, a group — Run for Something — is launching a three-year program with a goal of flooding local supervisor elections with $80 million to elect 5,000 officials with direct oversight of elections.

    Run for Something’s website states that it’s mission is to get “progressives to run for down-ballot races in order to build sustainable power for Democrats in all 50 states,” making their goal of taking over offices responsible for planning, executing, and certifying elections all the more concerning. Their website also curiously notes that it provides “behind-the-scenes mechanics” to its leftist candidates.

    “The program would recruit candidates in 35 states for everything from county probate judges in Alabama to county clerks in Kansas and county election board members in Pennsylvania — all offices that handle elections and will be on voters’ ballots between now and 2024,” POLITICO reported of the plan that will include funding and staffing resources for those supervisory officials.

    As POLITICO explains of Run for Something’s fear-mongering efforts to get Democrat donors to open their wallets to support the local races:

    Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto, Run for Something’s co-founders, call the project “Clerk Work” — a way-down-the-ballot effort of the type that Democratic donors and national groups have traditionally struggled to focus on.


    “Election subversion in 2024 is not going to be a mob storming the Capitol, it’s going to be a county clerk in Michigan or a supervisor of elections in Florida who decides to f[**]k the whole thing up,” Litman said. “The only way to make long-term democracy protection is by electing people who will defend democracy.”


    Partners include American Bridge, a Democratic group that compiles and shares opposition research, and Open Democracy PAC, a super PAC that’s spending on advertising to boost these candidates.

    Run for Something plans to find their 5,000 candidates through advertising calls as well as hand-picking candidates from states across the country, according to the report. The group’s donor pitch is based on what they see as a coming Republican attempt to subvert elections — even though it has been Republicans who’ve led the way with election security laws that Democrats have consistently opposed.”


  11. But no mean tweets!

    “What happened to America? Joe Biden happened”


    “President Joe Biden’s standing among Americans is embarrassingly bad. According to a Quinnipiac poll released last week, when asked if they “approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president,” a meager 33% of respondents said they approved, 54% expressed disapproval, and 13% said they didn’t know or had no opinion.

    As you might expect, the numbers are different depending on which party a respondent belonged to, with far more Democrats giving the President the thumbs up than Republicans. The real telling number though was among Independent voters, where only 25% approved of the job Mr. Biden is doing.

    Independent voters will be the real decision-makers in upcoming elections, so one has to wonder, how is it that only one out of four think our President is doing his job? What happened?

    To answer that question, the logical place to start would be to understand American priorities. An IBD/TIPP poll this past week asked Americans to select the country’s top three economic issues. There were no surprises.

    The number one response was gasoline prices. That was selected as one of the top three by 51% of respondents. The average driver in the United States drives 14,263 miles annually. Taking into consideration an average fuel economy of 24.2 miles per gallon and the current price of gas, each driver will spend an extra $800 this year. It is easy to understand why that is a priority for people.

    The second most chosen economic issue was inflation. Forty-six percent chose inflation among their biggest concerns. The latest CPI report shows that prices increased 8.5% year over year. That is the highest jump since 1981, meaning for about half of Americans, it is the highest inflation in their lifetime. A paycheck doesn’t go as far when you are paying a lot more than you used to, for the exact same thing.

    The third most concerning item for people asked about the American economy was food prices. Thirty-seven percent listed skyrocketing food prices among their three. A family can choose whether or not to buy a new car or take that Disney vacation, but no one gets to choose whether or not to eat.

    Ironically all three are related. When the price of gas goes up, it is a major factor in driving inflation. It costs more to deliver any product, or even any ingredient in any product during production, thus, the end product must charge more to recoup its costs and make a profit. This is especially true for food. It costs more for the farmer to raise crops or livestock. It costs more to get the food to the wholesale market. It costs more to distribute and stock any item, all of which means it costs more at the cash register.

    If gas prices were still $1.89 a gallon as they were during Trump’s final year in office, we wouldn’t be seeing the same jump in costs for virtually everything else. What happened?

    Joe Biden happened.

    Actions have consequences. Immediately upon taking office as President, Mr. Biden pulled an administrative dirty trick and canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. That meant any plans to get regular oil shipped safely into the United States from Canada were gone. Next Mr. Biden stopped oil and gas leases on federal lands. More than 20% of fuels produced in the United States come from federal lands.

    Oddly, at the same time, Mr. Biden gave his blessing to the completion of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany.

    Mr. Biden inherited an energy-independent country from President Trump. Mr. Trump’s policies effectively meant that no longer was the United States subject to the whims of OPEC or other oil-producing nations. By reversing Mr. Trump’s policies, Mr. Biden managed to make the U.S. energy-dependent again within 16 months. At the same time Mr. Biden vilified domestic production, America imported more from Russia, simultaneously filling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war chest with the proceeds. That’s a double whammy from Mr. Biden’s policies.

    America was the number one producer on the planet, but that was nixed by Mr. Biden and the result was less oil and gas on the world markets. Less supply means higher prices. From inauguration day until the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gasoline prices in the United States shot up 48%. If you consider the average price during Mr. Trump’s final year in office that increase was even higher. “

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  12. Invaders!

    No, not the millions on the southern border….

    🤡🤡🤡🤡 run the capital police, and our govt as a whole. They must have thought it was another “insurrection” by Trump supporting Grandmas……….





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  13. This is who the WaPo is white knighting for, perverts like these. This is the type of people LibsofTickTock highlights, in their own words, with their own videos.




  14. Careful Chris, if you out predator teachers, the left attacks you.




  15. Anyone surprised?

    “New figures show Biden administration thumbing nose at courts over Remain in Mexico policy

    With justices set to hear arguments next week, feds only put a minuscule 0.1% of illegal aliens into required border program last month.”


    “The Biden administration has been repeatedly ordered by courts to continue enforcing the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy for illegal migrants, but its own records show it has willfully thumbed its nose at those rulings as it waits for a final crack at the Supreme Court.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency data reviewed by Just the News shows just 199 of the 221,303 illegal aliens stopped by federal agents in March were placed into the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), the formal name of the Remain in Mexico policy.

    The CBP press office in Washington did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails seeking comment Wednesday. But a senior U.S. Homeland Security official confirmed the 199 figure was accurate for March.

    That amounts to a miniscule 0.09% of participation in MPP, an enforcement percentage border experts say makes a mockery of the courts’ orders.

    “They only enrolled a couple hundred in the Remain in Mexico while they apprehended 221,000,” former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan told Just the News on Monday. He added that the Biden administration, even when it enforces the regulation, is not applying it to the loophole it was designed to close: migrant groups posing as fake family units.

    “They’re not even applying the Remain in Mexico program to the demographics it was designed to address,” he said. “It’s all a joke.”

    Both federal district and appeals judges have ordered the administration to keep enforcing the policy as a larger legal challenge is considered by the U.S. Supreme Court. Even the nation’s nine justices refused to impose an injunction blocking the policy while they considered the case.

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose initial lawsuit led to the rulings, said the Biden administration’s March performance is proof it is ignoring the courts’ authority.

    “They are not willing to comply with the law,” Paxton said. “… The reality is we’ve had wins on Remain in Mexico on preliminary injunctions. They’re supposed to be enforcing it.”

    He added that the biggest winners from the failure to enforce the policy are the Mexican drug cartels, which are earning as much as $10,000 for each illegal migrant they help traffic.

    “The cartels are basically in business with the Biden administration,” he told the Just the News TV program on Wednesday.”


    Joe Biden is complicit in the largest human trafficking operation in the history of the world.

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  16. Trying to do the job Biden won’t.

    “GOP governors form border security ‘strike force’”


    “More than two dozen GOP governors have signed up to push back against the Biden administration’s border chaos, forming the American Governors Border Strike Force to share intelligence on threats to their communities that come across the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The Republican governors pledged to track and share analysis of state-level crimes connected to border security, and to try to target the financing and mobility of cartels that smuggle people and drugs across the border and deep into America’s heartland.

    Led by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the two Republicans with pieces of the U.S.-Mexico boundary, the strike force includes governors of 24 other states. They said they were forced to step in to plug holes in border security created by President Biden’s policies, which have erased most of former President Trump’s get-tough measures.

    “The American Governors’ Border Strike Force will serve as a force multiplier in the fight against criminal activity directly tied to our border. My thanks to my fellow governors who saw the problem and chose to be part of the solution,” Mr. Ducey said.

    Governors and local law enforcement officials across the country have been alarmed by a massive surge in the availability of fentanyl, most of which is flowing across the southern border, and which is sending drug overdose deaths to new records.

    Local sheriffs say they can see the reach of the cartels into their communities.”


    Joe Biden and Democrats, the cartels best friends. They built this.

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  17. Good. This means there will be less fake news and misinformation out there. 🙂

    Chris Wallace and Tater Head hardest hit. 🙂


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  18. Clowns clown, it’s what they do.



  19. It’s fine….

    Totally normal behavior…..


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  20. Like

  21. Democrats are such cry bullies. 🙂


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