Prayer Requests 4-19-22

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 79

A psalm of Asaph.

O God, the nations have invaded your inheritance;
    they have defiled your holy temple,
    they have reduced Jerusalem to rubble.
They have left the dead bodies of your servants
    as food for the birds of the sky,
    the flesh of your own people for the animals of the wild.
They have poured out blood like water
    all around Jerusalem,
    and there is no one to bury the dead.
We are objects of contempt to our neighbors,
    of scorn and derision to those around us.

How long, Lord? Will you be angry forever?
    How long will your jealousy burn like fire?
Pour out your wrath on the nations
    that do not acknowledge you,
   on the kingdoms
    that do not call on your name;
for they have devoured Jacob
    and devastated his homeland.

Do not hold against us the sins of past generations;
    may your mercy come quickly to meet us,
    for we are in desperate need.
Help us, God our Savior,
    for the glory of your name;
   deliver us and forgive our sins
    for your name’s sake.
10 Why should the nations say,
    “Where is their God?”

   Before our eyes, make known among the nations
    that you avenge the outpoured blood of your servants.
11 May the groans of the prisoners come before you;
    with your strong arm preserve those condemned to die.
12 Pay back into the laps of our neighbors seven times
    the contempt they have hurled at you, Lord.
13 Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,
    will praise you forever;
   from generation to generation
    we will proclaim your praise.

13 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 4-19-22

  1. NancyJill, I didn’t find out about my Grave’s Disease until almost two months after the appointment. I kept waiting and time passes before you realize it. That was two months slower to get treatment. In some cases that can be much more significant. I hope he calls today or you find out. Husbands can be so exasperating. (as can wives, I fully admit).

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  2. Prayer for granddaughter who is going through a phase of screaming at people and throwing things and hitting. She is five. She is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks but the behavior started before she was told.

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  3. On Sunday night, I posted a brief comment, and said that I would write more on Monday. But then I didn’t get around to it, so here I am.

    Easter Sunday was a tough one, as Chickadee mentioned that eventually she would like to start on testosterone and have “top surgery” (breast removal). She claims that she has wanted these for over ten years, but I am skeptical about that. The one positive thing is that she says she doesn’t want to move forward on any of that until she has her mental and emotional issues under control.

    Even if Chickadee were dressing and acting like a guy, I would still believe that she is deluded and deceived (by the enemy of her soul, and by those bad influences in her life). But she does not dress or act (particularly) like a man. On Sunday she wore yellow leggings, a colorful top (more feminine than masculine, but I guess a young man might wear it), and her hair (short but not close-cropped, looking more feminine than masculine) is dyed purple. Other clothes I have seen her in are similar – not girly, but certainly not masculine, either. And there are other little more-feminine-than-masculine habits and touches in her behavior.

    So those make it even more evident that she is under a delusion. It is mind-boggling to know her and see her, and yet hear her say that she is a man, and wants those medical interventions (eventually).

    I am praying that God will throw up roadblocks in her way if/when she gets to that point.

    Anyway, all of that combined, as well as a couple other little related things, had me feeling so down and discouraged – and fearful for my beloved younger daughter – by the end of the visit. I have been crying out to God, with my heart feeling so broken over this situation with Chickadee.

    So I appreciate any prayers you can offer up for Chickadee – and Nightingale and Boy, too, for that matter. Also, I am asking you to pray for me to have more faith and patience in this matter, and in a couple others that are weighing me down and greatly discouraging me. Thank you.

    Quite frankly, I have been depressed for the past couple days. Part of that could also be attributed to not sleeping enough recently, and still getting over a cold.

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  4. I could feel my heart tighten as I read your post Kizzie. This is such a difficult situation you are in and hard! I am committed to cover her in prayer even as the enemy of her soul surrounds her….greater is HE! And I ask the Lord to give you direction and wisdom as you interact with her. Standing in the gap in intercession.

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  5. Thank you so much, NancyJill, and everyone else who prays for Chickadee. Knowing that there are others besides me interceding for her means so very much to me. ❤

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  6. You all prayed for Brenda. I just received this:

    My Surgery was yesterday. It was a little more involved than I expected. The surgeon said he got it all.
    I am now following my doctor’s orders to take it easy for a couple of days to promote healing actually am supposed to try to have limited activity for the rest of the week as well. I have had a little more pain & swelling than I was prepared for.
    I feel very blessed & thankful!
    I know it could have been been much worse.
    Thank you & your Prayer Group for your prayers for me & of course another huge thanks for the beautiful prayer written by your friend.
    Bless all of you 💕

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  7. Okay, since the promptings continue: praying for the missing teen in Arkansas, an amber alert. May God be glorified and her returned safely to her family and see the Hand of God.

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  8. Thankful to hear the report on Brenda.

    Prayers for the little one with anger issues. She must be feeling the pain of not being in control of her life and she demonstrates her feelings for all to see. Prayers that it is a short stage and quick breakthrough/pathway to new maturity.

    Kizzie,I grieve with you. I heard of another similar story here yesterday. I can not share details, but it is so similar, however the gal did not wait to be on better emotional footing. Even that waiting speaks well of C that she is not jumping ahead out of frustration. I like the sound of the outfit you described. How does C get money to buy clothes?

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  9. I can’t speak for Paul, but I can offer a man’s perspective on test results……

    Yes, I could probably go on My Chart and get the results, as I’m sure they are probably up by now, or should be. I could probably call and ask a nurse. But here is why I don’t.

    If the results say cancer, then I will stress endlessly over it.

    What are my treatment options?
    When do we start?
    What is the prognosis?
    What is worst case scenario?
    What is best case scenario?
    And so on and so on. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Instead I will wait for the appointment already scheduled for Thursday. Then if it is bad news I can get all those questions answered immediately by the doctor face to face and not spend days and sleepless nights stressing over it in my mind. This is the better choice for my anxiety and overall mental health. 🙂

    Praying for Paul and the other requests, as always. 🙂

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  10. Janice – I assume the McKs pay for her clothes and other needs. Most likely CBF, the younger daughter who is Chickadee’s best friend and has a good job, does. But that’s just a guess. I know that they often shop at a popular assignment shop, so that would lower the cost of clothing.

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  11. Thanks for your perspective Aj! It helps calm me.
    He did check his online portal and nothing was there. Other than the fact that the specialist faxed his initial charts to our family doctor. She was a bit upset knowing husband was having a biopsy and the specialist did not inform her even though she had referred him. The doctor had said he wanted to see him in a week after the procedure and to make an appt with the receptionist. Well he didn’t have an appt open so they set him up with one a month out….somehow I don’t think the doc knows that.
    Nonetheless….husband had this trip planned to run the Canyon and he has two ultra’s coming up summer and fall….he doesn’t anything to interrupt his training…. 😳

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