35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-19-22

  1. Good morning!
    Good evening!
    Good 24 hours beginning with your time when you look at your timepiece.

    Beautiful kitty. Are there more in the photo? I see what looks like warm fuzzies in addition to the main one.

    I have Bible study group this a.m.

    I heard music and looked out the window to see a vehicle in my driveway. There has been no knock at the door so I don’t know who or what. I hope they did not steal anything. I see, as it is pulling out, that it is a beautiful black pickup. Now it is at our neighbor’s house. It has something in white looking containers. Maybe it came here by mistake. Probably delivering materials for the continuing renovation next door. She said she had ordered new kitchen cabinets, probably that. The big dumpster is gone for the third time. The charm?

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  2. Good morning. We had over 5 inches of snow waiting for us (not counting the drifts from before). There was some snowing at our daughter’s, too, but not enough to matter. It was cold there and here. However, her husband did manage to get the Easter eggs put outside for a hunt for the children. It was windy and cold, but it is much more fun outside.

    We have a man coming to give us an estimate on new outside doors. They have to be done and this man was highly recommended to us.

    Kim, nothing wrong with buying dinner. My daughter quite often does Cracker Barrel for holiday dinners. It is difficult to do that when you are used to doing it yourself and guests have their ‘favorites,’ but sometimes it has to be done. Sometimes it makes for a much calmer and enjoyable experience.

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  3. Morning! Cute little kitties up there….the one standing disgruntled that the other two have her space? 😊 Or perhaps she is acting as guardian over the other two….
    Goodnight Jo….
    As I read about the truck in your drive Janice I imagined that if that had happened here some of my neighbors would have gone out with their riffle in hand to inquire as to why they were parked in the drive! There was a time when the HOA hired the forestry department to assess the properties for beetle infestation and they neglected to inform the homeowners…big mistake! One lady down the road came out with her gun and held the forestry agent at gunpoint as he was “caught” walking around her property!

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  4. Remind me not visit NJ’s neighborhood unannounced! We have people like that in Missouri, especially in the Ozark region. Many times they are protecting illegal activities, but usually just keeping their property safe from burglaries.

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  5. All three were sleeping, but then Gemma sat up to get me to scratch her head. She likes that. 🙂

    That black thing is my leg. 🙂

    I was on the couch part of the sectional. The cats love the chaise lounge part, that’s why I cover it, to keep the cat hair off.

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  6. I have some things in the carport I need to discard so it probably would have been good if they found sonething to take! I actually thought it might have been a tax client dropping off sonething by the door for Art, maybe taking their time to write a note. That is why I did not go see what it was. No rush on that😀

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  7. Good morning, all and good night, Jo, though it is nearly Wednesday morning!

    A beautiful day here. Laundry is processing. School has begun. Morning exercise done. I have added a half an hour on the bike in the afternoons with twenty out of the house and no longer requiring my surveillance. We have almost reclaimed the upstairs. Now to tackle fifteen’s old room. I have a granddaughter coming for a visit in a couple weeks and we will be fixing that up for her.

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  8. Cats!

    I was wired with the heart monitor yesterday, it’s a bit more cumbersome and uncomfortable than I expected — and has a suicide bomber look to it — but it’s just a short-term one and it’ll come off tomorrow when morning showers, the microwave and my electric toothbrush can return to my life.

    The main unit hangs around your neck but you can remove it and just keep it beside you when you sleep — I just had to keep Annie from playing with it and me from rolling over onto it.

    Back to work today after a long weekend.

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  9. We had another amazing Bible study today. How does God put people together like this blog group and my Bible study ladies group? And now my new church group. And my Word Weavers group which now intetsects with my Bible study group with three ladies in both. I am in awe of His networking abilities!

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  10. We’ll maybe see from the test results if the cat had some playtime while I was sleeping. What in the world? they’ll say, looking at the whacky reading.

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  11. Lots of hail here, must be spring.

    Now the snow has melted again, I see the spinach and radishes are thriving. Sadly, the chickens managed to get into the raised bed with the cover, and got the peas.

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  12. For those who asked, here’s what I use.

    Goya 16 Bean Soup Mix

    Here’s what is in it.

    pinto beans, small red beans, pink beans, red kidney beans, great northern beans, baby lima beans, large lima beans, blackeye peas, small white beans, black beans, whole green peas, yellow split peas, green split peas, lentils, chick peas, pearl barley.

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  13. I follow their directions…. mostly…..

    I use chicken or beef stock instead of water, and I use real ham instead of ham flavoring packets.

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  14. Interesting list of beans, AJ. Thank you. The small white beans brought to mind beans we may have had once in a while known as navy beans. I may have thought my dad had them on the ship. Also I believe I made Boston Baked Beans a long time ago with those when I had a little crock that sat on a burner to make that side dish. They were very good as I recall. I often buy dark red and light red kidney beans which made me wonder if the light red kidneys are the same as the pink beans on the list. i think they are fudging in calling barley a bean😀

    It sounds delicious, AJ!

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  15. I think plants do better when watered by God.

    In other grim news, rumor at the garden store is we’re being told we can’t put water in our bird fountains this year.

    The rumor made patrons ANGRY! Don’t get in the way of birders . . .

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  16. Have I previously mentioned that my Nightingale tends to procrastinate? Here’s a good example: She did her taxes online last night, finishing just a few hours before the deadline.

    Today I said, “Aren’t you glad our internet didn’t drop out last night from the wind and rain while you were doing your taxes?” Her eyes got large at that thought, and she said she hadn’t thought of that.

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  17. Came home yesterday and had a two hour nap. God woke me up, I never set alarms, just in time to get to Bible study. In fact as I backed out of my driveway, someone else was going by to go the same place.

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  18. We had a newborn lamb die yesterday. I got some pics of the turkey vultures with wings outstretched on the four by four deer fence posts. Amazing birds!

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  19. Mumsee, I will never forget being at an overlook of the Brazos River at Waco and seeing what looked like about 30+ turkey vultures flying overhead. They are an amazing cleanup crew.


  20. While we generally don’t think of peas as beans, technically they are,

    A bean is the seed of one of several genera of the flowering plant family Fabaceae, which are used as vegetables for human or animal food.

    Most of the foods we call “beans”, “legumes”, “lentils” and “pulses” belong to the same family, Fabaceae (“leguminous” plants), but are from different genera and species, native to different homelands and distributed worldwide depending on their adaptability.


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  21. Jo, that is very precious. Thank you for sharing with us.

    I love watching turkey vultures. Except when they were eating our last cat. 😦

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  22. We once had some turkey vultures in our yard and in the trees, snacking on a dead possum. There were also a bunch of crows in the trees, waiting for the big guys to be finished so they could get some.

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  23. Well, sure peas and beans are both legumes, fabaceae, but peas are also pisum sativum which beans are not. You could as well say peas are beans because they are both fruits. They are pulses. But peas are not beans and beans are not peas. One is cold weather, one is warm. One climbs with its vine, the other climbs with its tendrils. Like saying a hummingbird is the same as a turkey vulture. Sure, they are both birds.

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