28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-17-22

  1. What a way to open the day!
    Pip the Pup is so cute!

    It’s a great start to the day here with Bible for soul nourishment, coffee with almond milk to enliven the mind, and Miss B snoozing in my lap to bring physical warmth on a chilly morning.

    The ladies group last night was a bit different than I had anticipated. The group and its leader mostly were younger ladies although a few older ladies were there. We sang two songs accompanied by a lady guitarist. One, Great is Thy Faithfulness, an old hymn, and the other, a new song that the congregation is learning. This church is being very intentional to be inclusive of all ages and races.

    Three ladies sat up front to tell of their Christian walk, and then they were asked questions about their personal Bible study habits, favorite scriptures, etc. I can see that it was helpcul info for the younger ladies. One speaker was an older black lady who mentors younger ladies in some capacity, another lady was an older white woman, and the third lady was a younger white lady with children.

    Each month will be a different program, so it is not exactly a Bible study as I had thoughtut it would be.

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  2. Morning! I was looking at that sweet puppy face at 4:38 this morning…two hours later she finally laid her head down on the rug and fell fast asleep. She had Paul up from 2:30 – 3:00 am 😳 I had her out 4 times this morning…she loved running in the new fallen 7 inches of snow…0 degrees…brrrr. But the full moon was shining brightly and the beauty of it was breath taking. Now I would have never seen that had it not been for taking this sweet puppy outside! 🌲 ⛄️ 🌕

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  3. Cute puppy.

    Our church is mostly older people. Some teens and early twenties, too. I so miss having children. Most have gone to the non-denominational new churches who provide a lot for children. I still remember when I enquired about one of these churches and was basically told by the pastor that they are aimed at the younger set. I already felt excluded and did not go to even try the church. However, it is good to be upfront rather than do a bait and switch, which is what my church now seems to be. Many in our church left for one of those denominations because of a dispute. I am glad that we do have churches in the community that are reaching the young people and giving them a love of God and of worship etc. We need churches that do care for all age groups, though. We are blessed by all those.

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  4. The cat just walked across the desk to block the above photo . . .

    The dog came visiting yesterday with Adorable 3.5 and the cat wasn’t happy.

    So, while I’ve told my daughter she can get a dog, well, who wants to deal with an angry?


    I’m spending all day today, and most of the day Friday and Saturday in an online writer’s conference.

    Today I’ll learn about self-publishing since that’s the way I’m headed with Lettie.

    Busy times.;

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  5. The new to me church has day care and preschool and is starting a classical Christian school therefore its appeal to the younger people. We were in the chapel last night in the building that houses all the child care. It was a huge place compared to the tiny preschool facility I worked in.

    This is a really old and giant pillar of the area church that took a dive and is getting reestablished. I did feel a bit of overwhelm last night just in realizing the size of the facilities after having spent the majority of my church years in small churches.

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  6. What a cute puppy face! She has the whole forest-world to explore ahead of her, not to mention an entire house and assorted new people.

    The cat is hungry (again), the dogs are (again) sleeping in.

    I have a port news conference to cover after the staff call, but that should provide an easy story for the day.

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  7. Good morning! Snow here again. We welcome the moisture, especially after the fierce winds from earlier in the week. I continue to be home on my staycation. I did get all of my “Bill stuff” sorted and moved into a new filing system. Took tax stuff to the book keeper yesterday. I am making a small amount of progress.

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  8. Last week we had a couple days of spring, then winter hit again with more snow. Now we are having spring again, which – according to the weather report – will be followed by winter again, than more spring, then more winter. All within a couple weeks time. 😀

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  9. The “wobble” season is what one of my friends calls it.

    We had summer last weekend with mid 80s temps — now we’re seeing cold winds and hail in some areas. Parts of Pasadena were covered in white (but it was hail or graupel) two days ago.

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  10. We had Spring yesterday (50+ temps) but a cold front moved through and today is a blizzard with dropping temps.

    Mrs L and I went and worked for a friend with an e-bay business. On the way home, the defrost in the truck couldn’t keep up, and with the blowing snow made visibility almost zero. We were constantly wiping the inside of the windshield. I turned from a side street onto a two lane main road and ended up on a long driveway. Glad I got a truck with 4 wheel drive so I could get out of the mess.

    It was the hardest one mile drive I’ve ever taken.

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  11. Wow, Peter, so glad y’all stayed safe! That is scary just to read about.

    Yes, we have the
    topsy-turvy weather thing going, too. It’s warm out, but we expect storms in the night as a cold front tries to overtake the warm weather. It is suppose to be milder storms here because it is in the cooler part of the 24 hours unlike west of us where it hits in daylight hours. It may be the front end of the same cold that hit Peter’s locale?

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  12. Oh thanks for that Janice…I just downloaded it!
    Paul has the puppy outside and I have a moment to myself!
    Thinking she would be safe and no trouble to be had in my bathroom this morning I shut the door and ran the water. Turned it off and turned around for a second and there she was in my bath water! A drowned rat is what a called her! Did that deter her? Nope….she climbed up the step and walked around the tub, jumped in the window to watch husband as he was removing the snow from the drive…curious little thing she is!

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  13. Oh she sleeps in her crate. But she whines when she has to go…we then get up and take her out. Then she wants to play for a while afterwards😊

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  14. Puppies! I’m so looking forward to fall when we will hopefully have one again. Duke is on his way home after his gum surgery today. Can I advise everyone to just not ever get a boxer? They don’t do well in our summer heat, nor do they do well in our winter cold, their gums grow lumps and bumps that eventually need removal, they are likely to have heart murmurs (Duke does) and they wipe their smushy faces on the furniture. But…oh, they are so lovable and such a great family dog. Sigh. I guess all in all, I am glad we were chosen to foster and then keep the sweet boy.

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  15. I was at my niece’s with Pip on Sunday Kate. Niece has two very sweet boxers and they wanted to play with the puppy. But we kept Pip in the crate to avoid accidents and being underfoot!

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  16. The first night we had Heidi (she was eight weeks old), we put her in her little crate in our room. She whined so much, we took her out and put her in the bed between us. She snuggled down and went to sleep. And she has been sleeping with us/now me ever since. 🙂

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