34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-10-22

  1. Good morning, Kim.
    Good morning, Chas.
    Good morning to the rest except for Jo. I hope you get a good night’s rest.

    I am about to do Bible study in Acts with my online group. There is ALWAYS more to learn in God’s word. It is a well that never runs dry.

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  2. Good morning. I finished the Gospel of John this morning and was so heartened by Jesus’ words to Mary Magdelene when she saw him by his grave in the garden. His words to her that he was going to his father and her father; to his God and hers, should be so heartening to us all. First, since she was a woman, during a time when women were not highly regarded and second, because she once had seven demons in her! That should give us so much hope for ourselves and those we love.

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  3. Some time ago we discussed devotionals. I always have Our Daily Bread on hand, since our church has them available. I do like to read that. I have also been reading from a book I have had for years and never read completely through. Apparently, I was not in the right place or mature enough or whatever when I last read it, because I am sure enjoying and getting something from it now. It is The One Year Book of Poetry. Each day has a poem and then an explanation of it along with some tidbits about the author. Each poem is of a biblical character or theme.

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  4. Morning! Sun shiny and warming around here. Last load of laundry in the wash before finishing the packing. The predictions of the snow are all over the place but we do know there will be some slickery icy roads so it was a good decision to get out of town before it starts.

    I will definitely be seeing some horses like that one up there this weekend. Baby sis has horses on her farm and daughter-in-law runs the family horse ranch….

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  5. Kathaleena, definitely what I have found in my life. I bought many books over the years and am now finding that I can read them and understand. The one I have mentioned: Faithfulness and Holiness this morning was on growing in grace. He made clear he was not talking about salvation or justification but growing in our understanding of the Lord and in His gifts in our lives. We grow in patience for example. There is a time for everything and now seems to be the time for growing in our understanding of spiritual things. Exciting!

    And I got to thinking, how exciting it is to know that those who have gone before actually understood. So often my pride has made me think these ideas were new but in reality, God has been growing His Church quite satisfactorily all these years. In the past, I have thought Heaven would be kind of lonely for somebody like me, but I have learned that I will have a whole bunch of brothers and sisters who will want to talk about God.

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  6. Sad about the Olympic athletes in China. At least there are some who try to keep people informed of the horrible ways CCP treat even the elite in their nation.

    Hoping, Peter, that you can dwell on good memories of your dad that bring joy rather than concentrating on your loss so much. I am thankful you had a wonderful father that you do miss. That is a good gift from our Good, Good Father above.

    I have a brand new devotional, an advance reader”s copy for review, from Our Daily Bread, Refresh Your Prayers, by Lori Hatcher. I am just starting it and know it will be wonderful. The Acts Bible study book and online study, by Kathy Howard, is really a combo Bible study and devotional book that I am receiving new insights from. Yesterday the insight was about how God shows/leads us one step at a time instead of giving the whole picture (we can look back and see that more at our age). Today the reading made me think more on the unusual responses we as Christians have to sufferings. The responses get people’s attention, make them take notice, and make them want to follow the one who makes us praise and worship instead of displaying despair in the middle of a bad situation. I know that we all do have despairing moments at times, but God does not allow uz to stay there.
    “Knocked down but not destroyed . . .”

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  7. Long port meeting to cover that went all morning. Several stories out of it but I’ll just do one today, one or two of the others tomorrow.

    Good to see you Chas.

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  8. Hey Chas…we hold on still to your love story with TSWITW and it encourages and inspires us all…and makes us smile at the goodness of our Lord to bring you two together as only He could… 💕

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  9. I was thinking of Chas missing his sweetie. I am far from my family and don’t hear from them much at all. Yet I know the reality of them being there. Chas also has that certainty that Elvera is with Him and that he will see her again

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  10. I hope it cools off soon, the heat is bringing the flies out. I’ve ordered fly strip/traps from Amazon now, so the receptionist on the front porch can “buzz” me and let me now when they arrive.

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  11. Janice – If you don’t have Instagram, it might not show on your phone. It’s a photo of my dad taken the last time he was in Missouri (I think 2017).

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  12. School is over so I am spending the afternoon preparing for next week. You know I told everyone that the best part of this teacher appreciation week was not all the treats. Of course they also gave us an extra 5 minutes of recess. But the best was that we all came into the staff room and sat down together and visited. I felt like we became a staff this week. You see it has changed so much. One teacher just returned and this was her first week teaching again. We come and go and this let us catch up.

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  13. That bit of socializing is important. Getting to know each other as people makes for a better team. Glad you had that! (And the extra recess time!)


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