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  1. Lots to cover today, so let’s get to it.

    “How Vaccine Discrimination Caused Dangerous Hospital Care Shortages In Wisconsin”

    And this is happening in numerous states. This is what the mandate idiocy has wrought.


    “The depths of Covid corruption at Gundersen can’t fit on one page, and that hospital is just the tip of the iceberg.”


    “Andrea Babinski never imagined she would be forced to get a vaccine to keep her nursing job.

    “When people would say stuff like, ‘Oh, mask mandates today and slippery slope to vaccine mandates tomorrow,’ I thought, ‘No, that’s crazy. That sounds like a conspiracy theory, like wacko people,’” she said.

    For the medical-surgical nurse who worked at Gundersen Health Systems for 12 years, it was never about politics. Due to several autoimmune issues, Babinski decided medically the shot was not the best decision for her.

    She told me this over the phone, not from a hospital break room but from her home, because on Nov. 16, Babinski was fired from the La Crosse, Wisconsin hospital for declining to take a Covid shot.

    Babinski isn’t an anomaly. She’s one of an untold number of health-care workers and other hospital staff across the country who have been denied basic informed consent where it should be valued most, and have thus either resigned or been fired for their private medical decisions.

    Meanwhile, while the expert class, COVID hysterics, and even the president of the United States repeatedly rattle off talking points about overflowing ICUs and the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” they ignore the real crisis plaguing hospitals and their role in creating it.

    That crisis is a massively understaffed hospital system as qualified and willing-to-work medical personnel have been thanklessly terminated. Thanks to coercive vaccine mandates, which the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld, hospitals are hemorrhaging employees and patients are not receiving care they desperately need.

    Inside Hospital Walls
    Gundersen Health Systems illuminates this widespread problem. Thanks to bad reporting and a severe lack of transparency, this Wisconsin health system and its egregious management have flown under the radar.

    Former Gundersen employees, who were terminated as a result of the mandate, know what life is like inside the hospital walls. They watched dirty laundry pile up and eventually be thrown away when there were no hands to tend to it. They saw the cafeteria whittle its offerings to PB&Js when there was nobody to staff it. They witnessed beds go unfilled because the qualified nurses who could have tended to ailing patients — and did unflinchingly through the most serious months of the pandemic — were fired for their personal medical decisions.”

    “It started in August when Gundersen implemented a staff vaccine mandate, which employees first learned about not through the hospital but when it was leaked to the press. Gundersen’s official announcement was accompanied by the claim that about 85 percent of staff had already been vaccinated, a statistic the media uncritically parroted.

    The problem is that it apparently wasn’t a real statistic. According to multiple former employees, the hospital didn’t learn about staff vaccination statuses until after touting that percentage. Babinski said staff members were threatened with termination if they didn’t report their vaccination status through Gundersen’s Covid Attestation Form by early September, weeks after the hospital had declared what percentage of staff had gotten the shot.

    Gundersen did not respond to The Federalist’s inquiries about how it calculated 85 percent.

    At the beginning of November, after the mandate deadline, Gundersen and local news reported “30 out of 9,000 employees terminated over vaccine rule,”and “62 resigned rather than receive COVID-19 vaccine.” Reports also noted that “[n]inety-nine percent of Gundersen staff are fully vaccinated or in the process of becoming fully vaccinated.”

    But this also apparently wasn’t true. First, many people resigned long before the hospital began terminating, due to poor working conditions, low wages, and frustration with the mandate.

    “It was like rats jumping off a sinking ship,” Babinski said. “We had hundreds of people that I [know] personally now … people that just quit leading up to the mandate. They were never given a chance to say the reason they quit, so I don’t know where they got their number.”

    Many of these employees were people Babinski had gotten to know by rubbing shoulders with them at mandate-related protests. Others she connected with in a private Facebook group for Gundersen workers against mandatory vaccination, a group The Federalist confirmed has more than 600 members.

    Gundersen also failed to grant exit interviews, according to former employees who were denied them and others who were simply never asked why they left. This means the hospital would have no way of knowing how many resignations were a result of vaccine refusal.

    Worse, Gundersen was still actively hemorrhaging employees at that time, through continued terminations and resignations, meaning those early numbers are undercounted.

    “That was a huge kick in the gut because a lot of us weren’t even fired yet,” Babinski told The Federalist, recounting what it was like to see those reports while knowing she wasn’t among the 30 but would soon be terminated.”


  2. “Former Senior FDA Official: Manufacturers, FDA Negligent In Not Investigating Covid-19 Vaccine Risks To Heart Health”


    “From day ,one the U.S. Food and Drug Administration knew the Covid-19 vaccine was linked to serious heart trouble in recipients. The FDA medical officer review of Pfizer’s original Covid-19 application notes “clinically important serious adverse reactions [included] anaphylaxis and myocarditis/pericarditis”—that is, severe allergic reactions and inflammation of the heart and or the sac containing the heart, respectively. As of this writing, FDA has not released its review of the Moderna “Spikevax” mRNA vaccine application despite having granted emergency use authorization well more than a year ago and full approval late last month.

    The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), jointly run by FDA and the Centers for Disease Control, lists a long and impersonal number of cardiovascular-related events in young, healthy people. Without reading the underlying narratives submitted with the reports, it’s hard to establish the precise causal links regarding these adverse events. Still, there are thousands of reports of heart attacks, myocarditis, and pericarditis in the United States alone, which should have spurred manufacturers and the FDA into full investigation mode.

    Studies acknowledged by FDA officials show that the FDA’s various safety databases only collect an estimated 1 to 13 percent of all adverse events that occur. Multiple FDA drug safety epidemiologists have stated during official FDA presentation that it only takes a single well-documented adverse event to justify a safety signal investigation and in turn to warn the American public of the potential risk.

    Historically, the FDA has sought safety warnings on labels, up to and including a “black boxed warning” and a prescribing restriction known as a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) for much less. For instance, in 2008, after fewer than 200 spontaneous VAERS reports of tendon rupture following administration of the class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, FDA added a “black box warning” and REMS prescribing restrictions.

    Yet thousands of serious, debilitating, and deadly safety VAERS reports following Covid vaccines and boosters are not being held to the same regulatory standards. If approximately 1 to 13 percent of adverse events are reported, extrapolating those numbers means the actual number of adverse health events could easily be in the hundreds of thousands in the United States and many millions worldwide.

    In addition to VAERS, the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink indicates an excess risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in recipients following the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The cardiovascular risk after any mRNA vaccine is high, but with Moderna it’s approximately four times higher than Pfizer’s.

    Other public health agencies with much tinier budgets and staff compared to our FDA’s took action on this months ago. In October, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden suspended the use of the Moderna vaccine for young people, but it’s still full speed ahead here in the United States.

    Since then, more data has been released affirming the same: On Jan. 25, 2022, a CDC and FDA study published in JAMA shows the risk of myocarditis following any kind of mRNA Covid vaccination is greater than the background risk in the population, with the largest proportions of cases of myocarditis occurring among white males.

    A comprehensive study out of Britain from December 2021 examined data from more than 42 million people who have taken a Covid-19 shot found a noteworthy increase in myocarditis with mRNA vaccines that persisted and increased with every dose and booster. “An association between Covid-19 infection and myocarditis was observed in all ages for both sexes,” the study’s abstract states. “These findings have important implications for public health and vaccination policy.” Indeed they do—especially in light of the questionable way the FDA approved vaccines in kids from 5 to 13 years old, and the pending FDA applications to approve vaccination in babies starting at 6 months old.

    The FDA, CDC, and manufacturers have access to VAERS and additional high-quality denominator-based vaccine safety systems including the Biologics Effectiveness and Safety Initiative (BEST) and the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), respectively. Have manufacturers and our health agencies used these tools and others to fully investigate the cardiovascular health risks of the vaccine? There is reason to doubt, given the political pressure the Biden administration has put on the agencies to advocate for taking the vaccine while almost never mentioning safety.

    Myocarditis and pericarditis have historically been rare. They are defined as inflammation of the heart muscle or layers of the pericardial sac, respectively. Both conditions cause easily recognizable ECG changes and have ambiguous symptoms that include shortness of breath and chest pain. Myocarditis and pericarditis can easily be diagnosed clinically with echocardiograms and can be treated by inexpensive pharmacology and bedrest, but for that to happen, people need to know to seek medical diagnosis and care.

    Therein is the problem: providers and patients are not being adequately warned to monitor for cardiovascular symptoms despite the increased incidence. Since there is a failure of manufacturers and the FDA to address this and other untoward effects of mRNA utility and mandates, outside drug safety experts need to publicly address mRNA Covid vaccine safety immediately.”


  3. Convenient, no?

    And just in time for the midterms. 🙄

    “Politico: Democrats making an about face on mask mandates just in time for the midterms”


    “This morning Ed wrote about a Washington Post story highlighting the new trend of Democrats pushing to end mask mandates. A bit later in the day, Politico has also published a piece noting that the sudden pivot on masks appears to be about changing the narrative prior to the 2022 election.

    “By the time we’re at the midterms, we’ll hopefully not be wearing these,” said Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), gesturing to his own mask as he walked through the Capitol. “People are, of course, frustrated. We all want to get back to life.”

    Many in the party are now coming around to what swing-district lawmakers have privately warned for weeks: that the Biden administration needs to drastically rethink its handling of Covid, particularly in the suburbs. Those vulnerable Democrats worry that ugly clashes over masks, school closings and vaccine mandates will crush them in purple districts this fall. But the current shift may be too little, too late to avoid blowback from voters wearied by pandemic whiplash…

    Democrats’ public turnaround on mask mandates is a remarkable twist for the party that’s championed a painstakingly careful — though critics have called it too cautious — approach.

    It really is a remarkable twist and the really important point is the reason for it. Not science but pure politics.

    “It’s not based on science; it’s based on politics. I think people are fed up, and the Dems are seeing the polling,” said Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.)…

    “We’re never going to get risk down to zero. But there’s also risk by not letting our kids have normal lives,” said Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.), who faces a tough reelection battle this fall.

    Democrats have politically exploited the pandemic from day one. It still amazes me that all of the progressives who were eager to point out how President Trump was personally responsible for every single death have gone silent about Joe Biden’s responsibility for same. Joe Biden himself was on that particular bandwagon when it was working for his party.”

    “Agreed! When do you resign? No, of course things are different now. Things are always different when Democrats are in power. Now statements like that are ludicrous. After all, it was the delta variant or vaccine resistance, etc. that are really at fault. Blaming the president for things beyond his control is just silly. Of course that’s the point. It was always more complicated than pointing to the top guy and shouting that he’s a complete failure responsible for every death. But you really didn’t hear that from many Democrats in 2020.”


  4. Others in Canada have read the room….. 🙂

    “Alberta, Saskatchewan End COVID-19 Vaccine Passports; Alberta Premier Calls on Trudeau to Ditch Travel Restrictions”


    “Amid multiple massive Freedom Convoys throughout Canada, the Western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have become first provinces to end COVID-19 vaccine passports.

    Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on Tuesday announced an end to the vaccine passport system in Alberta, effective midnight last night.

    At an evening news conference, Kenney said the restriction exemption program has served its purpose, but is no longer needed since Alberta passed peak of Omicron infections about three weeks ago.

    “The threat of COVID-19 to public health no longer outweighs the hugely damaging impact of health restrictions on our society,” said Kenney, adding his government would only move forward if it does not threaten the capacity of the health-care system.

    Capacity limits were also nixed Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. for venues with capacity limits under 500, including libraries and places of worship.”

    “Starting next week, Alberta will also no longer require youth to be masked in schools, and children aged 12 and under will not be required to be masked in any setting.”

    “Not to be outdone, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced on Tuesday that the province will begin scrapping COVID-19 restrictions—starting with vaccine mandate—effective at 12:01 a.m. on February 14.”


  5. But no mean tweets!

    That’s what’s important…..



    Be sure to thank the “alleged” 81 million suckers that voted for this clown.

    “Inflation Increased 7.5% Over Past 12 Months, Hitting a 40-Year High

    “Food prices surged 7%, the sharpest rise since 1981. Restaurant prices rose by the most since the early 1980s, pushed up by an 8% jump in fast-food prices from a year earlier. Grocery prices increased 7.4%, as meat and egg prices continued to climb at double-digit rates.”


    “You do not want to hit “high” records when it comes to the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U).

    Inflation hit another “high” under Biden. In the past 12 months, inflation increased 7.5%, which is the largest increase in a 12 month period since February 1982.”

    “Everything increased during the last 12 months:

    Food prices surged 7%, the sharpest rise since 1981. Restaurant prices rose by the most since the early 1980s, pushed up by an 8% jump in fast-food prices from a year earlier. Grocery prices increased 7.4%, as meat and egg prices continued to climb at double-digit rates.

    Energy prices rose 27%, easing from November’s peak of 33.3%. But the jump in electricity costs was particularly sharp when compared with historical trends, with prices up 10.7% from a year ago and 4.2% from December. The latter was the sharpest one-month rise since 2006.”


    You wanted Trump gone, you got it, and all the pain that comes with it.


  6. But… but….

    Muh norms……

    Yeah, they never cared about those anyway.

    “The Biden government is redefining core principles”


    “Two odd little reports appeared in the past couple of days, both of which involve the federal government redefining things that, before the Biden administration, had mostly agreed-upon definitions that were not hostile to ordinary Americans and that recognized American sovereignty. One report concerns a changed terrorism definition from the Department of Homeland Security, while the other redefines the mission of the Department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    The Department of Homeland Security promulgated a new National Terrorism Advisory Systems (NTAS) bulletin. The terrorists are no longer radical student groups seeking to blow up the government (groups such as the Weathermen, which Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers, founded) or Islamic fundamentalist groups seeking a new caliphate bathed in American blood.

    The new terrorist threat is…you. It’s now official government policy that “misinformation” — which means disagreeing with the Biden administration, the media, and tech tyrants — is proto-terrorism. That’s how we end up with this February 7, 2022, NTAS bulletin (emphasis mine):

    The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence. Mass casualty attacks and other acts of targeted violence conducted by lone offenders and small groups acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances pose an ongoing threat to the nation. While the conditions underlying the heightened threat landscape have not significantly changed over the last year, the convergence of the following factors has increased the volatility, unpredictability, and complexity of the threat environment: (1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions[.] …


    The proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions:

    For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021.
    As Thomas Lifson wrote yesterday, this “sounds precisely like a prelude to a totalitarian crackdown on political dissent.”

    Regarding COVID, as Democrats are finally turning on masks (except for masking students, who are least at risk), we can confidently say that every single bit of “information” that the Biden administration pushed out was, in fact, misinformation: the administration (and its holdovers from the Trump presidency) were wrong about the virus’s origins (or lied about them), about therapeutics, about masks, about lockdowns, and about the vaccines’ efficacy. Everything they said was wrong. But if you doubted or still doubt them, you are a terror threat.

    Thomas Lifson adds: As my friend David Kahn emailed:

    The Administration claims that its withdrawal from Afghanistan was a “great success”. That would make those who criticize the Presidents withdrawal as an inept disaster the promoters of misleading information who are undermining the government and its institutions and thus terrorist threats. And the President himself regularly criticizes our government institutions including most recently the United States Senate and its filibuster rule going so far as to call it a relic of the Jim Crow era. And he has likened members of the Senate to the infamous Bull Connor and other Jim Crow officials. Biden has proclaimed that the federal elections to be conducted in 2022 will be unreliable and unfair if his proposed election reform act is not enacted. But apparently he believes that when such criticisms are made by private citizens they are terrorist threats.”


  7. Norms you say?

    Is this normal?

    No, not at all, but this is the Biden admin, where the 🤡🤡🤡 rule…..

    CONTENT WARNING!!!!!!! Sorry in advance…..

    “Biden Taps LGBTQ+ Activist, Drag Queen “Pup” Fetishist For High-Level Position at the Office of Nuclear Energy”


    “Joe Biden has tapped an LGBTQ+ activist, drag queen “pup” fetishist to be the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Energy Department’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

    The Politico reported the news on Thursday:”

    “Sam Brinton, according to his profile on an LGBTQ website, has “a dual Master’s degree in engineering systems and nuclear science and engineering from MIT.”

    In his spare time, Brinton also enjoys roleplaying as a “pup handler,” and talking about having sex with animals.

    His drag queen alter ego is “Sister Ray Dee O’Active,” The National Pulse reported. Brinton is reportedly the son of Southern Baptist missionaries, and claims to be a
    “survivor of a traumatic and torturous conversion therapy experience.”

    Brinton provided a biographical statement to the LGBTQ Religious Archives network that included a story about how he had helped a little boy embrace his inner “princess” at Disneyland when the child saw him sashaying around in stiletto heels with his boyfriend.

    Sam has worn his stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy and to the White House where he advised President Obama and Michelle Obama on LGBT issues. He shows young men and women everywhere he goes that they can be who they are and gives them courage. Once, while he was walking around Disney World in 6 inch stilettos with his boyfriend, a young gay boy saw Sam with his boyfriend and started crying. He told his mother, ‘”t’s true, Mom. WE can be our own princess here.””

    “This top official at Biden’s Department of Energy is reportedly an active member of an obscene, and sacrilegious drag queen society called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” Brinton is listed as the principal contact on the Washington, D.C. chapter’s 2016 and 2018 tax forms, the Pulse reported.”


    Enjoying the Biden regime yet? Only 3 more years of this trash and degradation of America.

    In a normal world this mentally ill degenerate would get nowhere near the seats of power. But this is Biden’s 🤡🤡🤡 world….


  8. And a 🤡👑 needs a royal guard of like minded 🤡🤡🤡🤡.

    “DHS: American Thought Police

    The transition from tracking terrorism to chasing thought crime has a major advantage. It exonerates U.S. counterterrorism officials from the meddlesome job of catching actual terrorists. ”


    “The Department of Homeland Security, which under the Biden Administration routinely lets watch-listed terrorists cross the southern border unmolested, and which approved entry to the United States for Colleyville Synagogue hostage-taker Malik Faisal Akram despite his being known to British authorities as a terror risk, has taken upon its broad bureaucratic shoulders an even more challenging job.

    Stopping the flow of MDM.

    MDM isn’t the latest flavor of fentanyl, produced by the Communist Chinese regime for sale to Mexican drug cartels, and now the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 to 45. No, MDM stands for mis- dis- and mal-information, the latest government acronym from which you must be protected.

    DHS’ latest “Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland,” released Monday, has much to say about the dangers of American minds being polluted with MDM, and curiously little to say about actual terror threats.

    MDM is a term developed by the DHS Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to replace the old-fashioned phrase “foreign influence.” Now let us caveat that the U.S. government does indeed have a responsibility to monitor and to identify foreign influence operations. This was the remit of the Reagan-era Active Measures Working Group, which worked tirelessly to identify Soviet lies being spread to undermine the United States’ global standing in the world, and then countered them with the truth.

    But under the latest iteration, DHS is no longer concerned solely with enemy lies spread abroad, but increasingly with information spread by “domestic threat actors” (read: American citizens). And no longer are they merely concerned with disinformation, false material spread to manipulate an opponent, but with misinformation, which DHS considers information that is false but not intended to cause harm, and “mal-information,” which means information which is true but the government considers harmful anyway.

    This raises the question of who put a government intelligence and law enforcement agency in the position of declaring not only what is true or false but also determining whether information is good or harmful for consumption by free citizens. Of course, no law prohibits American citizens of spreading information of any kind, whether true or false.

    Ironically, the DHS MDM effort itself is a result of disinformation, created in the tumult of the Russian collusion hoax, in response to lunatic assertions that the Russian government had somehow thrown the 2016 election to Donald Trump through the use of a handful of Facebook ads.

    The Department of Homeland Security certainly has no remit to determine what information its bureaucrats regard as “harmful” for American ears to hear.

    And why are government efforts to counter information appearing in what is supposed to be a bulletin aimed at countering terrorism?

    U.S. intelligence increasingly has asserted that the cause of terrorism isn’t groups or individuals seeking to achieve identifiable political ends through criminal violence and intimidation (which is, by the way, the legal definition of terrorism). Rather, U.S. counterterrorism gurus insist that terrorism springs fully formed from mis-, dis-, or mal-information adrift in cyberspace, like Athena from the forehead of Zeus.

    They did not arrive at this conclusion all at once, but rather over a period of two decades during the Global War on Terrorism, which over the years became defined as domestic not global, a social problem not a war, and ultimately not about terrorism at all.

    The transition from terrorism to chasing thought crime has a major advantage. It exonerates U.S. counterterrorism officials from the meddlesome job of catching actual terrorists. For years the U.S. government’s security apparatus insisted that with a little bit more money, and ever more constant surveillance, they could nip the terrorism problem in the bud. But more surveillance brought only more stories of terrorists that the government knew about in advance, yet still failed to stop, which was embarrassing to say the least.

    If literally anyone sufficiently marinated in ideas the government doesn’t like might turn out to be a terrorist, how can federal law enforcement be held responsible for dropping the ball on any specific plot? Isn’t policing the ideas themselves a better use of the government’s time and money?

    Covering thought policing under the rubric of counterterrorism has another advantage too. It changes the discussion from whether a given idea is true or false, to whether it is safe or dangerous. Have concerns about election integrity, COVID-19 mandates, or school boards? You better shut up; such ideas are inspiring to terrorists.”


    Terrorist like you.


  9. Membership has it’s benefits….








  10. Get your kids away from the predators and those who enable them.


    The sicko perverted squirrels….


  11. Never forget what they and their idiot policies have wrought.












    Sadly, there’s many more….


  12. Remember, it’s only bad when Republicans do it.


    “It was Democrats who nearly a decade ago first labeled the opaque funneling of millions of dollars into various political influence operations “dark money” and railed against the then-GOP-dominated practice.

    Over the past two election cycles, however, Democrats have not only caught up but surpassed Republicans in channeling unlimited sums of special interest and billionaire spending through nonprofits that do not disclose their donors’ identities.

    Liberal groups and political operatives allied with the Democratic Party have also grown more creative in the types of political influence operations the funds support. A little-noticed dark-money entity created at least three years ago to help Democrats in Congress work more effectively is now drawing scrutiny.

    During the final years of the Trump administration, a small but powerful group of former Democratic congressional aides and Obama administration appointees created an organization to help House and Senate Democrats exercise their oversight authority over the executive branch. The group is funded through the largest liberal dark-money channel in the country: Arabella Advisors.

    Called “Co-Equal,” the group at first aimed to assist Congress in exercising its power as a branch of government equivalent to the executive, helping Democrats rebuild their oversight muscle to investigate the Trump administration.

    With Joe Biden in the Oval Office and Democrats running the federal agencies, the group has transitioned to helping train congressional Democrats to more effectively pursue their top progressive priorities.

    Ex-Waxman staffers set up nonprofit to advise congressional staff

    During Donald Trump’s presidency, Phil Schiliro, a former longtime staff director of the House oversight panel who went on to run legislative affairs for the Obama White House, teamed up with his former congressional colleague Phil Barnett to form Co-Equal, along with several other veteran Capitol Hill aides. The “two Phils,” as they are known in Washington insider circles, also established Schiliro-Barnett, a for-profit political consulting firm.

    The duo formed an oversight powerhouse. Schiliro ran the House Energy and Commerce panel under then-Democratic chairman Henry Waxman, who investigated deceptive tobacco marketing in the 1990s, and later, steroids in sports. Barnett served as a staff director for two House committees, which conducted major probes into contracting fraud in Iraq, the 2008 financial collapse and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    Co-Equal’s website openly states that it’s a project of the Hopewell Fund, while a separate arm, Co-Equal Action, is a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, two nonprofits managed by the for-profit consulting firm Arabella Advisors, a Democratic dark-money behemoth. The Arabella network spent a total of nearly $1.2 billion in 2020, the New York Times reported in late January.

    The Sixteen Thirty Fund, in particular, has funneled hundreds of millions toward Democratic campaigns in the past two cycles – a whopping $410 million in 2020 to both unseat Trump and win back control of the Senate, Politico reported late last year.

    Liberal billionaire donor George Soros, billionaire founder of eBay Pierre Omidyar, as well as the Gates, Buffet, and Ford Foundations, have all directed billions of dollars to the Arabella network, a vast array of groups promoting a variety of liberal causes – everything from the Paris Climate Agreement and broader green agendas to overhauling Obamacare to packing the Supreme Court, according to the conservative Capital Research Center, which has been studying the group for several years. Eric Kessler, a former Bill Clinton appointee, who started out at the League of Conservation Voters, is the founder and head of Arabella.

    Schiliro describes the Co-Equal nonprofit side of his consulting as a “low-budget” operation that uses Arabella mainly for administrative support. He tells RCP that he and others at Co-Equal raise the money to keep the operation running, with those funds going to Arabella, which it turns gives it to them.

    Schiliro won’t say how much money he raises for and receives from Arabella, noting that he would be “embarrassed” to disclose how small those funds are.

    It’s impossible to know all the sources of Co-Equal’s funding because it is not required to disclose its donors. However, a report from Soros’ Open Society Policy Institute in late 2018 said it channeled $300,000 to the Sixteen Thirty Fund for Co-Equal Action with the grant tag “to provide information and advice that helps members of Congress advance and conduct effective oversight.””


  13. They’re grooming these kids.

    Get your kids away from them.

    “CT middle school’s “Pizza and Consent” assignment outraged parents, now called “a mistake””


    “Eighth-grade students at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Enfield, Connecticut were given an assignment that combined a popular food item and sex acts. After the school received exactly the kind of response that would be expected, it now says the assignment was “a mistake.” Ya think?

    An assignment appeared on the Enfield School District website that brought complaints of inappropriate behavior from parents. The eighth-graders were instructed to list their favorite pizza toppings and use those as a metaphor for their favorite sexual acts. Eighth graders are usually 13 and 14 years old. They aren’t so young that sex isn’t of interest to most of them but since when is that any business of their teachers? These young teens were asked about their favorite sexual acts. We had sex education back in my school days, in a private Catholic high school, a long time ago. But I can assure you that the instructor did not ask us personal questions about preferences or even assume that any of us were sexually active. This school assignment assumes that the students are sexually active at the ages of thirteen and fourteen.

    Before you think that maybe the teachers were asking about kissing or something relatively innocent, don’t. For example, olives were suggested as a metaphor for oral sex. Kids that don’t like pizza or sex were told to just draw something else for the assignment.

    ‘We can use pizza as a metaphor for sex,’ the assignment says, explaining: ‘When you order pizza with your friends, everyone checks in about each other’s preferences, right?… The same goes with sex.’

    It then provides the children with a section to list their favorite pizza toppings and their favorite sex acts, saying: ‘Here are some examples: Likes: Cheese = kissing, dislikes: Olives = Giving oral.’

    Once the metaphor was complete, the eighth-graders were also asked to ‘draw and color your favorite type of pizza. What’s your favorite style of pizza? Your favorite toppings? What are your pizza no-nos? Now mirror these preferences in relation to sex.’

    And ‘for those of y’all who don’t like pizza or sex at all, feel free to draw out another food favorite, or include non-sexual activities.’

    Perhaps they could draw eggplant emojis or something else besides pizza. You don’t have to be prudish to understand that this is way out of bounds for classroom instruction. Obviously the consent part of the assignment was meant to lead into a discussion of personal boundaries and interacting with those of the opposite sex. The assignment, though, asks them to list favorite and least favorite sex acts. There is no getting away from that inappropriateness. Ordering a personal pizza was likened to giving consent.

    “When you order pizza with your friends, everyone checks in about each other’s preferences, right? Some people might be vegan, some might be gluten-free. Others might love pineapple, while others prefer pepperoni,” it said.

    “Some might not like pizza at all. If you’re a vegetarian, your friend is a meat lover, sharing a pizza is going to bring up a lot of issues. You don’t know who you can share a pizza with unless you ask!” it continued.

    A group called Parents Defending Education exposed the assignment. Enfield Public Schools Superintendent Christopher Drezek said during a school board meeting the next day that the assignment was sent “inadvertently” to eighth-graders, and said it was a “mistake.”

    “The simple truth was it was a mistake. And I know that there are some who may not believe that. I know there are some who don’t necessarily maybe want that answer,” Drezek said. “In this particular case, I didn’t even get a chance to because the person who made the mistake jumped ahead of it before I was even notified that it had happened.”

    He said that the content in the assignment was “inappropriate,” and said that there’s no “hidden agenda.””


    The mistake is they got caught, and there is no hidden agenda, they’re quite clear and open on their agenda, which is grooming kids.


  14. Send in the professor!


    Or the Marines….






  15. ———


  16. Re: AJ’s link at 7:41am mentioning Gundersen Health System in Wisconsin:

    I am posting anonymously with a considerable amount of firsthand experience with Gundersen Health System, which is not only in Wisconsin, btw.

    The second video at AJ’s link demonstrates the hypocrisy of the current Gundersen CEO, Scott Rathgaber.

    Also, the end of that video lists a good source for further information on covid vaccination mandates, for those interested. See couleemandate.com. Those who put together the website have made it very clear they are not anti-vaccine. It is the mandating of the vaccine with which they take issue.

    In addition to the two videos at AJ’s link, there are two other excellent videos that appear at the couleemandate site. Click on the More Info tab there and scroll to the bottom of the page. The videos are entitled “Gundersen Covid Vaccine Mandate” (Parts 1 & 2), and they shed more light on not only Gundersen’s mandate, but also on practices at other hospitals and related entities across the country.

    I find Rathgaber’s most hypocritical statement — I’ll reveal why below the quote — to be this one from the second video at AJ’s link:

    We [Gundersen Health System — GHS] are committed to giving [the patients] the highest quality care…that they deserve, with compassion, integrity, respect…

    GHS does “therapeutic” abortions at their La Crosse campus. That is part of their “mission” and has been for many years. The picture at the top of the page AJ linked shows the sidewalk that has been the scene of peaceful pro-life protests every year around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

    GHS remains unmoved and continues to offer the “convenience” of an abortion to families who have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis.

    The same system that has dedicated healthcare workers who would offer compassionate care to those babies months later instead provides a way for the lives of those precious babies with an unfortunate prenatal diagnosis, whether correctly or incorrectly determined, to be extinguished before they see the light of day.

    That is not integrity. A health system’s first priority should be to do no harm to its patients, born or unborn.

    The Federalist article quoted Rathgaber as saying:

    If we do have staffing shortages [due to their vaccine mandate], we will have to adjust ultimately what services we can provide.

    If there is any silver lining in the mass firings of unvaccinated workers at Gundersen, it may be that there is potential for staffing shortages in the abortion department. We can pray that the “adjust[ment] ultimately [of] what services [they] can provide” will, Lord willing, result in ending the “provision” of abortions at Gundersen Health System.


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