61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-5-22

  1. Good morning. I just made a big pot of Sumatra coffee so Wesley will have plenty when he wakes up.

    It’s 30 degrees colder here this morning than yesterday morning. Southerners have to learn flexibility early on and always have three seasons of clothing ready at a moment’s notice.

    I hope everyone has a great Saturday with more Raves than Rants.


  2. Good morning. About sixty five in the house this morning so must not have dropped too low last night. We are in warmer days. Mid twenties to mid thirties. Spring is in the air.

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  3. Clara Leigh, my new grand-niece should be here today. I got her baby locket yesterday. I gave her mommy one 30 years ago and her big sister one 2 years ago.

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  4. I have been meaning to share this. It hangs in my closet from a thumb tack.
    When I went to Mumsee’s in 2013 we settled on the children calling me what my niece and nephew call me. When Mumsee posts about Twenty I remember a sweet, “different” 12 year old who made this for me. She was fascinated by sand dollars and told me the story. It hurts my heart that little girl is gone.

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  5. From yesterday’s discussion of those who see miracles and will not believe: That is one of the saddest things in the gospels. The ruling class of Jews (Pharisees etc.) saw miracles quite a bit and yet were not persuaded or did not allow themselves to be. They just concentrated on it being the Sabbath or possibly leading to unrest or them being dethroned, so to speak. Jesus was right when he said even sending someone raised from the dead would not convince someone. I do find stories about what has made someone suddenly see the truth fascinating.

    We have several people at our church down with Covid, so the service will be online tomorrow.

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  6. I just told Wesley about my dressing out of sync for the Chtistmas luncheon and for last Sunday’s afternoon church Sunday and said given a fifty-fifty chance, I’d guess wrong. His solution? Just walk in wearing superhero attire and say, “I thought this was a ministry to comic-con fans!”

    See what fashion help I get?

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  7. Kim, not to worry, she is still there. We are fighting to help her find herself. The real one. We do get glimpses now and again. She often draws pictures of witches or women with women or some such but when she is herself, we see beautiful pictures of bunnies.

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  8. The truth was before the Pharisees–as it often is for me–but they were blinded by pride, arrogance, and their “position.”

    As I often am as well.

    Jesus told us to become as little children so we could see the Kingdom of God.

    In my husband’s teachings on God’s purpose for Government, he talks in one section about how children are “rule learners.” The world is new to them and they are learning how things work/run.

    Adults/Pharisees are “rule makers,” and they often see themselves as running things.

    Where is our heart in all this? Am I trying to learn from Jesus or “help” him by trying to control others?

    Control–and the incessant desire for it–to be “like God,” is self-will. As OC likes to point out, self-will is often worse than sin. Self-will tells us to do what is right in our own eyes, be in control, and make the rules, which leads us into sin.

    I’ve just finished a study of Judges and am now in 1 Samuel. It’s Samuel’s theme in both books.

    Which is why it’s necessary to examine our hearts daily–and ask ourselves “was I following Jesus here, or making up my own rules?”

    The hikers just left. I have the house to myself this morning. I’m going to write. (Got a LOT done yesterday, thanks be to God!)

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  9. I’ve been doing battle with a bout of vertigo that came on yesterday evening shortly after work. It’s been so long since I’ve had that I didn’t recognize it right away, just knew I vaguely didn’t feel so well and was a little “dizzy,” or something.

    By the time I went to bed and laid down to read, the room was spinning at a fast pace, so I had to get right back up again. I slept sitting up on the sofa until around 3 a.m., but found some dramamine in the cupboard and took that. Finally was able to lie down and sleep. I didn’t get up until 9 when the cat wouldn’t let me ignore her.

    I feel “ok” this morning, just hoping it’s passed. I remember dealing with bouts of vertigo for about a year, off and on, not long after I moved into this house (the first round was the worst, then they were milder incidents) and it never returned after that, until last night apparently.

    Coming to faith is really quite the mystery for all of us. We “think” it’s us — we hear and respond. And outwardly that is true enough. But it’s the Holy Spirit and God’s mysterious own personal call on our lives that tip those scales to even make us ready. It’s not recognized at the time, we think we just made a choice.

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  10. True, Chas. The spinning is only temporary.

    I seem to have nothing for breakfast in the refrigerator or cupboard. Nothing. No cereal, no yogurt, no cottage cheese or eggs.

    Oh wait. I have some store-bought smoothies in one little refrigerator compartment, just remembered. That’ll work.

    But I’ll need to go grocery shopping today, for sure.

    The sun is out and our temperatures will be going up this week.

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  11. I haven’t seen much of the Olympics so far, only some of the pre-game finals and then a brief clip of yesterday’s opening ceremonies; but then I’m not a huge Olympics watcher in general. The ice skating is always beautiful to see, as are the free-style skiers and snowboarders.

    I see there’s a debate on the political thread over curling — as with anything that isn’t a more spectacular kind of spectator event, if you understand what’s going on it makes all the difference.

    I have a friend who used to swim competitively and she’s an avid Olympic games watcher, more for the summer games but she also enjoys both versions. She enjoys the cross-country skiing events which don’t particularly appeal to me. Nor does swimming in the summer Olympics, but since she once swam competitively she appreciates all the nuances and training and other things that go into that event.

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  12. Miss Claire made her debut about 9:40 this morning. She is beautiful of course. I received a photo of her and her mommy.
    He mommy was the first baby I ever held, or attempted to change a diaper, or loved.

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  13. I used to enjoy the Olympics but after reading about how the Uyghurs are being slaughtered in the same way the Nazis tried to terminate the Jews, I just can’t support them this year.

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  14. My dad likes watching golf. My husband used to watch bowling. I like to do both but not watch. Same with tennis. I have not watched the Olympics since the oft replayed skier went off the slope. Ugly. But the Uyghurs would have done it for me if that hadn’t.

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  15. I am a huge Olympics watcher. But this year is so conflicting – because of China and because most of Canadian athletes are shown on the CBC and I refuse to watch the CBC for anything. I will miss women’s hockey the most.

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  16. Yes (re the “host” country this time around). It’s damped it for me, too, absolutely. I especially had no interest in watching the opening ceremonies.

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  17. It is a lovely day here in the 40’s. Snow and ice are melting off of our roads…so when a car passes your car…well you get sloshed by all that slush!

    Janice Wesley has quite a sense of humor…I wonder what his reaction would be if you actually did dress up like a superhero!! 😂

    Kim what a sweet thing to share…gives to us some insight as we pray for 20yr old daughter ♥️

    Not feeling my best since yesterday….those indigestion spasms left me feeling sore and wanting never to eat again. No coffee for me this morning and that tea just doesn’t cut it! Stopped by my favorite coffee/dessert shoppe and got a “dirty” chai…I think that is helping!
    And I picked up a couple new puppy toys, new collar and new leash (hot pink) for Pip…hopefully the weather will hold next weekend and the beginning of that week for us to travel east to get her….

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  18. Echoing Nancyjill, yes, thanks Kim, it gives us a backstory we didn’t have.

    Pip! With a pink collar!

    Maria, woman who helps out with my other (lesser mentioned) neighbors saw me out watering my hanging plants yesterday and came out to ask why they never hear my dogs anymore. So I explained they’re both mostly now deaf (so they don’t hear the gardeners or other stimuli) and are just in that older stage where they’re sleeping a lot. I appreciated her asking, she wasn’t suggesting my dogs were an annoyance (they all are dog people over there), just was wondering if they were OK.

    I think the vertigo is gone, at least mostly, but still feeling woozy.

    There goes the weekend.

    But I still need to grocery shop.

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  19. We have not even mentioned the Olympics here. My friend, Karen, told me she caught the last of the opening ceremony. I did not ask for details.

    Wesley and I went on a nice hike on a trail with lots of boardwalks in a floodplain area that intersects with our street. It was beautiful out and many folks were out enjoying nature. We saw many cute dogs and a few strollers in the mix.

    I just got news that Jesse, married father of four, passed away from Covid. Such a loss. I am mad and sad. This was the grandson of a local Word Weavers president.

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  20. DJ, you miaght try seeing a physical therapist for the vertigo. Hubby suffered from that too and his ENT suggested therapy. They have a routine, which he is able to do himself at home when it comes on, that actually works.

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  21. If it recurs, I will ask my doctor about it — but this is the first time I’ve had it in about 20 years. So far so good today


  22. Because I just kNOW you want to know what I do on the way to church….this morning I tried to list to Jim Reeves Gospel songs. Spotify gave me Johnny Horton. Since I was driving I let it go. This song came on

    Which led me to this bit of research. It really is strange the twists and turns my brain takes

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  23. Interesting horse story I had never heard, Kim. I suupose giving the horse that name was a way of celebrating victory, but personally I would not choose to give an enemy’s name to anything in my posession. That was quite a devoted horse♡


  24. We listen to Johnny Horton and Comanche and several others most nights when the younger two get to select music from alexa. It has been good for forcing fifteen to enunciate and pronounce correctly. Otherwise who knows what alexa will bring to our listening ears. They have gotten quick at shouting “Alexa stop!”


  25. I had planned to go to the new to me church and stay afterwards for lunch and a discussion for those interested in joining but then lunch got cancelled because the lady setting it up has Covid in her family. I will watch online again. Still too much Covid here to engage much. I feel certain my brother has Omicron but he has not yet gotten tested. He has the sweats associated with it. A co-worker in his other office brought it to work to share. So disgusting to knowingly do that.


  26. I got up a couple hours ago and my lower back really hurt. It’s better now, walking around helps, and I think in good part it was from some things I was doing around the house in the last couple days.. But I may be live-streaming today, as well. I feel like I could just go back to sleep.

    Glad you’re checking in on your brother, Janice. I know we’re all (mentally-emotionally) “over” this pandemic and tired of it all, heaven knows; but Covid remains a not-yet-defeated foe, and respect for that is simply wise, tired though we all may be.

    I know a number of people who are at much higher risk of potential complications and they all will have to remain more vigilant while this virus is still circulating. I think it’s important to remember that — it’s not “all about us.”

    Hopefully your brother turn the corner soon and that’ll be that.


  27. Thank you, dj.

    The sermon I heard today was about our identity in Christ and based on abiding in Him and Him in me. It was the best thing I have heard from the pulpit for reconciling the races. We are Christian first that unites us all and then the other distinguishing factors like race remain after we become Christians.

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  28. Our sermon this morning was on finding what you are supposed to do. We are all called, Gideon was called multiple times before doing what God wanted.
    After everything was wrapping up the priest announced some good news. Our church is debt free. I served on the vestry from 2012-2014 and that was a discussion we were having then. A businessman was put on the vestry and insisted we save several months operating expenses saved up. At that time the priests sometimes didn’t take a fully paycheck some months.
    It was very much on everyone’s mind to make sure we were able to pay the priests and to give to our commitments. At the time there was discussion of how fast the church was growing and how we needed to plan for the future. Another woman on the vestry cautioned again overbuilding a church (she had worked in non-profits most of her career. Then the FLOOD of 2012 comes and was away some land making one of the buildings unusable. We had to take on $100,000 debt to fix everything.
    Our church is debt free and has money in the bank. I guess that’s what happens when a former banker/financial advisor is appointed to the vestry.

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  29. We had five dogs join us the other day and Pip would have been a good name for the one we selected for us. I called it Charlie. But Charlie was only one. When the other four joined him, we knew he was going home. We called several neighbors in different directions and one showed up very apologetic a few minutes later. Not before they had attacked chickens and turkeys. So, I took advantage of the moment and asked said neighbor to animal care for the week of my family reunion in July. He immediately consented. He is always helpful. But felt compelled to be more so after his dogs’ indiscretions. I won’t hold him to it. It is the middle of haying season and he is a rancher.

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  30. Awakened to a good 2-3 inches of “unexpected” snow on the ground. The drive to church was a “grip the handle” type of drive with blowing snow over the ice and creating more ice!….husband was driving. Whew…made it though and the message was good…1Peter 2:18-20….

    Husband doesn’t seem to like the name Pip so I told him that he could call her Pipperoo…. Seems fitting don’t ya think?! 😊 (he’ll end up calling her Pip!)
    A particularly remarkable or pleasing person or thing.
    Very pleasing; remarkable

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  31. Woo hoo! Fifteen has been asking if he could clean the chimney. Most of the snow was off the roof and it was dry so I let him. Nice to have that done! He is a very bright capable young fellow. I wonder what the future holds for him.

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  32. I have become one of “those” people. Today I made chili. It is in the refrigerator in containers for quick easy meal next week. I also make a pot roast in the crock pot. It is our away also. For us I made tomato gravy and Conecuh sausage over rice. The leftovers are nicely packaged. I also marinated salad vegetables and they are in smaller containers to go on top of the spring mix and spinach that is already in containers. I just don’t know what to say about myself. Hahahahah

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  33. Husband was notified on his drive down that the facility was now on lockdown due to covid. But they drove by and took a pic of the place. Looks a lot like here except there are neighbors. I suspect she will have her opportunity to try out LDS while there.

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  34. Oh, Pepperoni could be a good name for a dog with Pep for short . . . not to be confused with Pepto Bismol.

    I just did my outdoor walking and talking with God session. I need a good memory verse about listening to God. My two lady prayer partnrrs and I spent almost two hours on the phone this afternoon partly chatting and then with a long time of dedicated prayer for the church and other things . . . so many things. Now we are ladies in waiting.

    Miss Bosley must be in her closet cave. I have not seen her lately. Maybe she is moping because Wesley left.

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  35. I was watching the news when the TV all of a sudden, randomly, switched to the Netflix sign-in screen.

    “That’s weird,” I thought.

    Then I looked to my left and saw that Annie was standing on the remote control.

    In the mood for something other than news, seemingly. Can’t blame her.

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  36. Funny how cats have adapted to using techy devices. The person who thought of naming the cursor control a mouse must have been laughing at all the havoc that would create. Miss Bosley sure does enjoy stepping on and activating my blood pressure device. She gets more readings than I do.


  37. Some good thoughts from Tim Keller on what we see so (too) often on Twitter:

    * Here are seven Habits of Twitter best REJECTED: 1) The worst possible way to read a tweet is the right way. 2) If I can impute bad motives to you I don’t have to deal with your argument.

    * 3) If you cite person X at all you must answer for everything person X ever did or said. 4) I only engage tweets that support my narrative of you. Other tweets, videos, articles, or books by you I can ignore as if you never said any of them.

    * 5) I can attribute opinions to you that I suspect you would not own. 6) There are only three categories for tweets: a) those on my side b) those on the other evil side, c) wrongfully trying to compromise in the middle. There are no other kinds.

    * 7) The best way to influence the culture and speak truth to power is through social media and not through books or scholarship or face to face relationships or building institutions.

    I believe these seven habits make social media extremely problematic.

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