38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-4-22

  1. Well you know I attended one of the Segregation Academies that sprung up in the south during desegregation. Mobile was the first and maybe only city to ever undergo mandatory cross city bussing to schools and it was done with a heavy hand. Seniors were sent to other schools and were split up so they didn’t graduate from “their” high school and many without their friends. Both sides were angry. Anyway….. my parents sent me to an Independent Methodist Church School.
    From the background of attending I M S, I was taught the evils of just about everything, including the lyrics to Jesus Christ Superstar. Even today in my “enlightened state” I would have difficulty with it and when I read the lyrics, I remembered having them taught to me in school and told why they were wrong. Mary Magdalene is quite the controversial female character in the Bible. Many say there was a “Mary” worship going on in the early church and confusion over which Mary it was, so the Catholic Church chose Mary the Mother of Jesus and vilified Mary Magdalene. Now it is used to prove just how misogynistic Christianity is.
    Personally, I don’t believe she was a prostitute. I also don’t believe she was married to Jesus. Of course I don’t have first hand knowledge. Maybe I will care enough to ask when I get to heaven and maybe not.

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  2. Interesting take on it, Kim. Where I live people would have thought it was just great for its creativity and artistic value. In a big urban area where creatives congregate everything is more about those who create than giving credit to the Creator. Artistic license trumps any allegiance to God’s word.


  3. Seems like we had some mandatory bussing here, too, to meet quotas. In my school, we received in all the students from an all black school that shut down. It was an extremely scary time with constant threats of riots and being beaten by baseball bats, etc. It was when I saw in the girls locker room a white girl held by black girls who ripped her earrings out of her ears. It was not a good thing. Of course that played into my later decision to homeschool as a parent.


  4. Good morning, all.

    Since we are discussing Jesus Christ Superstar (which I thought was a lot of fun as a young believer with nobody to tell me otherwise, and still enjoy a lot of though I can see how it could be disliked), what are your thoughts on Cohen’s Hallelujah? Beautiful sound, but the words!!
    And because I was curious, I looked up Leonard Cohen, Buddhist monk. Really?

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  5. I am one of those mothers. I started showing my children when they were very young how to be discerning about what they put into their minds. Since songs are usually something that is put in our minds over and over again, they should certainly be examined thoughtfully. Yes, we can overdo it. However, scripture is clear about what we should put in our minds and on what we should meditate. Whether visual or auditory it does all affect us. Adults process things differently than children and have their own history to put things into perspective. Age matters in regard to listening and/or watching. I don’t agree with all my adult children watch or expose their children to now, but that is now on them. I don’t tell other adults what they should or shouldn’t watch. That is between them and God. Educating each other, though, is helpful. I appreciate hearing other’s opinions on movies, music etc.

    I also appreciate hearing the things you have experienced personally in regard to bussing or whatever. I am old enough to see how some of these things are twisted on ‘history’ programs, whether by omission or commission.

    Hello, Chas.

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  6. My parents did not provide that guidance though they did somewhat by example. I finally asked an older Christian woman for guidance but she did not know how. But God got me through anyway. Mostly via the help of Jim and Bessie Wilson. I am reading one of their grandson’s books to the children these days: Death by Living.

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  7. Have I told you, Mumusee, that Jim’s USNA roommate was our “spiritual” father, Roy Springer?

    (Nancy Jill–that’s Amanda S’s father. And while I’m on the subject, we saw Roy and Amanda in CT this summer–I gave one of the eulogies for his wife/her mother).

    It was from Roy, through Jim Wilson, that I learned about How to Free from Bitterness. Hearing Jim speak all those years ago in Silverdale, WA, majorly changed one area of my life.

    Small world.


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  8. I agree totally about guarding you hearts and mind. One you see It you can’t under it. The same with hearing.

    I have watched a program on Netflix called sthitsl (sp). It is about an orthodox Jewish family in Jerusalem. The thing which strikes me about it is that on every occasion, there is a psalm that is sung for it. I reminds me that the ultimate purpose for music is to praise God.

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  9. it is a small world and we have talked about Jim and Bessie before and that connection. Which is why I mentioned them by name! It is always good to remember people who are such strong pointers to the Lord. Thanking Him for putting them in my life when I needed direction.

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  10. Afternoon! Hey Chas…good to see you!
    There are some productions/movies/music etc that I would not watch/listen to as a follower of Christ. Then there are others who would. We must all follow after His lead and trust He will lead our brothers and sisters in Him. Sometimes I scratch my head at what some will watch, do, listen to , read and have had conversations about such when the subject comes up. Food for thought in a civil and gracious tone….
    All in all I come back tot he scripture in John… “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” ….trusting it is so with the brethren….

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  11. So is Keller saying Colbert is voicing his Christian witness in the public square? Are we to format our witness of Christ in measures that can be handled by the culture? Trying to understand what he is saying/implying?

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  12. I think it’s that we live in a hostile culture, one that does not have any particular background of the gospel, so you find ways “in” to open up that discussion, to (hopefully) give folks something to think about. He was asked and he replied in a way that wasn’t self-conscious or abrasive or overly preachy.

    In a way, this could prove to be a fruitful time. In the early to mid-1900s people went to church (at least sometimes) and the culture was tolerant of the civil religion, “acceptable” religiosity that wasn’t talked about much as it would be in bad taste.

    We might now have a much more curious environment.

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  13. And our present-day cultural stereotypes of “evangelical” Christianity, combined with images of folks waving Jesus flags at political rallies, perhaps don’t particularly help the deeper and more important cause of Christ and the gospel going out?

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  14. And Keller’s point about giving grace, to me, refers to the notion that yeah, maybe it was perfect, maybe the phrasing could have been different or clearer, but the sincere effort in plain (and friendly) language, with maybe even some laughter, matters in reaching at least some in our hardened, religiously uninformed culture.

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  15. I am all for grace and there are times to speak up and times to be quiet. Even in a natural family there are some children more sensitive or more mature than others, so that some may be able to view something another should not.

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  16. I thought it was funny last night when I wished Chas a good night and afterwards realized that I was on the prayer thread.

    Maybe it was a prayer that Chas have a good night??

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  17. ~ Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. ~ Colossians 4:5–6

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  18. Oh, Chas, we love you. Glad you took the time to post.

    I knew you were having trouble with your eyes when you didn’t make any negative comments about the picture with your sister.

    Which we were very glad to see.

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  19. Re: taking every opportunity….we have a young ER Dr who claims to be an agnostic. He states “I don’t know” . The other day he fell right before coming in to work and cut up the end of his middle finger. It is notoriously hard to put your own bandaid over the tip of your own finger. I was putting it on for him when he said something about it being”the bad finger”. I gave my standard response that I give to my son, “God made all of your fingers. There’s is nothing ‘bad about any of them. It is the intent of your heart that makes things ‘bad’.” I hope it caused him to pause and consider.

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  20. Wesley is home. Miss Bosley has not left his lap. She loves him and is so happy to have us all together.

    My brother might possibly have Covid. I hope he will get tested soon.

    My friend, Karen, and I talk about how those in the medical field do get to see miracles in their work, as she did as a nurse in the hospital, and we wonder how those medical workers can deny God’s existence. She has not been a practicing Christian by being a church member, but she definitely has witnessed God at work in her life and in health situation miracles.

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