32 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-5-22

  1. AJ, we are very proud of the curlers at the Olympics who are from our area of the country. The try-outs were, in fact, done very near where I live. It is a thinking game for sure. Each to his own, but then why insult other’s tastes?

    People around here do cover their faces if they are outside for a long period of time or enough to need to do so. To compare that to wearing masks for Covid is silly, IMO. To compare to surgeons wearing them is also silly. People who are old enough and trained enough to wear something does not equal others wearing them or being forced to wear them, more precisely. Adults can wear them and there are times to wear them. Inflicting them on little children is disgusting. Also, there is harm in them, sometimes physically (yes, I do know some who were told this by a doctor) and sometimes mentally.


  2. “It is a thinking game for sure. Each to his own, but then why insult other’s tastes?”


    I think you misread my comment. I insulted no one.

    I gave my personal opinion, which was that I’d rather watch paint dry.

    I made no remarks about those who like it, do it, or think it’s actually a sport.


    Here’s my one and only comment on the matter in it’s entirety.

    “I was flipping thru the channels last night and saw curling on 2 different networks.

    I laughed and said I’d rather watch paint dry and continued flipping.”


    That’s it, my personal opinion that I find it boring, no comment on other’s taste or preferences. No insults either.

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  3. Now The Olympics themselves…..

    There may be some insults…. 🙂

    Kidding. 🙂

    The numbers are way down.


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  4. This might be intended as insulting, to the Chinese, not curlers in general, but it is nonetheless, true.


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  5. Speaking of amusing. Just enjoyed a BBC article on the trucking occupation. A chef was complaining that the food and alcohol could not reach his store due to the trucks. I found that remarkably funny.

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  6. ——–


  7. These people need a well deserved public mocking.


  8. And a woman was scared for her confused child because of the scary truckers. They don’t threaten people. Three people have been arrested so far, one for social media threats, one for under 5000 dollars of vandalism and one other.

    They do understand that most of the urination and defecation in public is done by druggies and the homeless? Truck drivers have learned how to take care of that business long ago as they often do not have facilities available.

    And really, the truck thing is about power. It is all about power. They are simply trying to get the power back into their own lives. We have a world of people who have learned that power is wonderful. Remembering Egypt where people on the street were more than happy to explain where you could cross the street and where you couldn’t, just for exercising power.

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  9. Talk about jumping the shark…..

    This is why I mock them.

    Yesterday I posted this….


    Now when you click on the pic you see this….

    “Genesius Times

    It’s right there with their misspelled name. It’s clearly satire.

    Yet leftists clearly aren’t very good at getting comedy or comprehending what’s right there in the sites’ header.

    So the 🤡🤡🤡🤡 at Snopes did a fact check, to clarify things for their 6 readers.


    “No, the US Bobsled Team Didn’t Name Their Sled ‘Biden’

    The claim originated with a website that bills itself as “the most reliable source of fake news on the planet.”

    “Labeled satire.”

    Got it 🤡🤡🤡🤡?

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  10. No monkey 🙉🙈🙊 updates today…..





  11. gofundme is a private for profit enterprise; according to the tenets of free market capitalism they can do what they want. Yes, they let left wing activist raise money for bail and legal fees but they also let Kyle Rittenhouse crowd fund for his legal fees too. I think in this case, they were told they would liable and investigated if the money they supplied would support committing a criminal act as opposed to legal fees. Hence, they shut it down. An other issue is the organizers lack organization and gofundme had frozen the account previously due uncertainty over bookkeeping and legal status.

    Prior to the convoy arrival, a satirical column written by an Ottawa journalists warned the convoy that “there’s no place to s**t” and it was the only part of the column in which he was serious. If you are going to organize a demonstration of 20K, you need to provide the portapotties and they didn’t. Another reason to wonder what happen to the million dollars the organizers were already given. As for the homeless in Ottawa — its winter in Ottawa and it gets very cold there (I live near Toronto and my first visit to Ottawa in the winter was a shock), most of the homeless are in emergency shelters for the cold nights and they know where the public washrooms are in the core as they are familiar with the city. I’ve been to Ottawa several times and although there are homeless there are very few especially in comparison to other Canadian cities including my own. And the homeless in Ottawa tend to hang around the Byward Market area — public washrooms, near an indoor market/mall, etc., not the Parliament bldgs. You can’t blame the homeless there,.


  12. Not surprised the number of viewers are down. Its been trending that way for awhile and add in time zone differences; it will a rating disaster in North America. The IOC compounds their problems by selecting dictatorships to host the games. I have no interest in the games. But I will say AJ needs to read up on curling rules and put some effort into watching it — once you understand the game and know how difficult it is, the game is fascinating to watch. Chess on ice.

    Ethnic student associations are frequently manipulated due to politics back “home”. In Chinese student associations this is especially true as China tries to keep a lid on any dissent and any poor image. In Vancouver, the two universities have featured intense conflict between Cantonese (the larger group in Vancouver) and Mandarin ethnic groups. China pursues a strict Mandarin policy and has pressured the universities to change Chinese language courses from Cantonese to Mandarin. I’m not surprised a Chinese Student association then would find the posters racist — some mainland Chinese students would naturally say this to protect China’s image. Dissenting Chinese students (mostly from Hong Kong and “abroad”) would enjoy the posters

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  13. The Olympics are such financial rolls of the dice, and seldom even break even, that only wealthy countries/oligarchies can host them.

    We like curling at our house, but lacking cable and a stomach for the aforementioned, we won’t be watching any of the events this year.


  14. Good.

    It’s spreading….


    The media has a narrative, and dang it, they’re gonna push it. Truth is irrelevant to the scolds.


  15. ——–


  16. Mock them.



  17. Oh.

    The Horror…..

    Quick Karen, do something! 🤡🤡



  18. Michelle, I hadn’t seen much of these Olympics — virtually only a glimpse of some of the athletes marching in on opening night (in a taped broadcast later), but nothing more. I couldn’t bear to watch any of the smoke-and-mirrors dazzle that I knew would be presented as an “opening ceremony.”

    And for all the rest of it as well, I think I’ll be joining you.

    I feel for the athletes who have trained so long and hard, but …


  19. The CTV tweet needs to be taken in context. The people in Ottawa are tired of the police doing nothing. And many have noted the police were far quicker to respond when left wing groups protested or pitched a tent. Police are reluctant to act against right wing populists groups because they identify with them more than the left wing groups who are for most part anti-police. When the actual homeless pitch tents, the police are quick to tear it down. When the homeless try to build any type of shelter, it will be tore down by police and city employees. The reporter is rightly pointing out that the same actions by these protesters are not generating the same response as they would with the actual homeless.

    Another example is in Alberta — truckers and other people have blocked access to the Alberta Montana border crossing. Now the Alberta gov’t passed a law banning protests that blocked access to economic infrastructure — the customs post would qualify. They passed the law in response to First Nations groups blocking access to pipelines. Now First Nations groups are rightly asking the Alberta gov’t why they’re not enforcing the law in this particular case. In both cases, we have police allowing one group more rights and privileges than other groups.

    I’m amused one tweet says “Communist TV” and “globalist” in the same tweet. He can’t even keep his conspiracies apart. And CTV is private television network, owned by Bell Media, (I think he has it confused with the gov’t run CBC) which normally leans right but individual journalist have their own takes especially in a local story.

    A well thought response to the gong show


  20. AJ — watched the Winnipeg video — love the small town Cdn accent, even the foul language had an accent. Not sure how we know its a leftist — might have been road rage.

    Brand and Rogan’s ratings include international views and their videos can be streamed at any time. Hard to compare their views to a networks nightly ratings. I’m not sure how accurate old school “ratings” are anymore.


  21. This is providing me with quite a bit of amusement this afternoon. 🙂

    Lol. 🤣


  22. Oof. 😷🙉


    Besides, if this was BLM, your building would be on fire.


  23. I’ve been to Sandy Hill, my friend lives there — its past the university; there’s some student housing and at the far end some beautiful old mansions. Its at least 2 km from the parliament.

    My impression from these tweets is the right is fine with public disturbance if they agree with the group protesting —- I support a gong show anytime, but terrorize minimum wage workers in restaurants and blaring horns all day, ugh. Occupy the street all you what but you lose support when you prevent working people from working, . As for the BLM analogy — wrong country; there was nothing like this from BLM, defund the police, etc in Canada in the last few years. The last group of left wing violence was G20 conference over a decade ago and some of that violence was done by cops. Nope these right wing populists are throwing a temper tantrum in full view of the Canadian public.


  24. A former high class mate is a professor of sociology at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Here’s his thoughts on the SuperBowl — thought I’d share it.

    It’s Super Bowl time again. I have come to believe that Christian support of this secular festival stands as one of the strongest statements we can make that God does not matter. I’ve also long said that most American Christians will celebrate anything objectionable to historic Christianity, as long as it is enfolded into this event. For me the objectionable content in the Super Bowl extends far beyond its misogyny and includes violence, depictions of masculinity, class distinctions (the average ticket price for a single seat is more than $10,000 this year), celebration of a culture of drunkenness, the gambling surrounding it, and the wedding of the event to crass nationalism and military prowess. Need I go on?! Anyway, this year the halftime show headliners include Dr. Dre (who I don’t think actually has a terminal degree!) and Snoop Dogg (not his real name!). Snoop Dogg is the primary example referenced and shown in various sociology documentaries about misogynism and violence against women in popular culture. He has made a lucrative career out of the eroticization of women, and the exploitation and trivialization of black women’s bodies.

    I will watch the Super Bowl, and I will watch it with my son. But I will not watch it as a fan, but rather as a critic and Christian sociologist. Every time I watch it, I come away depressed and disillusioned about our world. So many Christians bemoan their waning influence in the broader society, yet somehow fail to see that celebrating this most central of cultural events — with their children, no less — is the strongest statement they can make that they are not interested in challenging secular culture. I’m assigning the Super Bowl to my sociology of sport students and we will talk about it in class. But most, if not all, of the people I know, watch it as a public good. Many churches, when they’re not advocating for it, offer tacit acceptance of it. Were youth groups organizing to look at issues of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with kids, churches would speak out with force and authority. But when the same objectification of women, racism, and misogynism are packaged in a much more sociologically powerful format, one that influences ourselves and our children much more profoundly in its normalization of the things that grieve our Lord, we cheer, make nachos, and pretend to look away at some of the more blatantly objectionable commercials or halftime show components.

    I think church leaders should speak to their congregations about this issue in unambiguous terms. The Super Bowl is the heart of a very secular culture and the value system it offers us — and especially our sons and our daughters — is one we should be hesitant to endorse.

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