47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-19-22

  1. did I miss yesterday..This does not help me to keep track of what day it is…I live in the twilight zone of just knowing whether I work today or not..not necessarily what the date or day of the week is.

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  2. Good Morning at 4:21 am. I was in Continuing Ed yesterday from 8am-5pm. The class wasn’t what I thought it was going to be but happily was so much better. I have definitely learned from it and will show up for the second half today.
    Late in the afternoon I had a missed call from my Aunt Charleen. My Uncle Daryle died yesterday. He was the youngest boy and one of the twins. He had my Aunt Cheryl were the 10th pregnancy.
    This means that all of the 4 boys are gone and leaves 6 of the 8 sisters. The baby has early onset dementia as does the 5th child/3rd girl. She has always been so mean most want nothing to do with her and dementia hasn’t improved her personality at all.
    You guessed it. Uncle died of cancer. He died in a veterans home and will be cremated and placed at the Veterans Cemetery near me. You may have read where I laughed at some Marine’s once where I told them 3 of the boys were in the Navy and the dyslexic one went in the Marines. I spent the afternoon by the pool laughing with the Marines.
    Uncle D was a character. He was the baby boy. I mean who willingly lets his 10/11 year old niece Drive his manual VW Bug and grind all the gears.
    The funny thing is he and my father were very much alike except my father was the “White Hat” responsible side of the coin and Daryl was the “Black Hat” never saw trouble that didn’t look fun.
    He once conned
    my mother out of $80 to take a girl to prom. The next time anyone heard from him he was calling collect for someone to pick him up in New Orleans. He had been to Mexico. When he called my grandfather to come get him he was asked as he got back to NO he had walked and hitchhiked. My grandfather famously told him he had made it that far he could make it the rest of the way. That conversation happened in the wee hours of the morning.

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  3. Kim, your family stories are the best! Glad you enjoyed your class.

    It’s a sunny day here. I have assignments related to the tax business to work on today. Prayers for success as I venture into the unknown, please.

    I texted my friend last night to see if she and her hisband had only a passing thought about the nextdoor house. She said they are still thinking on it.

    I have my coffee and Bible study up next. First things first. But of course after making Art’s breakfast, I checked in with y’all. That means y’all are high on the totem pole of priorities for today.

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  4. Morning…foggy sort of icy morning here and 21 degrees. One accident on the interstate so far and it is predicted to go downhill from here. Schools are on a two hour delay to see what happens with this weather.
    Husband is at the Men’s Bible study and when he returns home he is supposed to head up to Denver with the neighbor…we shall see..

    As for me I am staying in…

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  5. Wishing, Nancyjill, that the church I still have membership at would commit to having a men’s Bible study and a men’s prayer group. Why do they seem to think that stuff is just for the ladies? Still hurting over church issues.

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  6. I have had three relatives die in the last week or so; none I knew well or were actively involved with. I did like this line in the obituary of an elderly relative: “she died peacefully…surrounded by love”. She was a believer. I am not sure anyone can ask for more than that.

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  7. Here is my vexed question of the day.

    Did your parents tell YOU that if you could read you could do anything?

    My teacher mother drilled that into my brain for years.

    But she lived before the computer age. (She was actually taking a computer class when she died in 1995, so maybe she was applying her reading ability!)

    Reading does not necessarily mean comprehension–at least not for the only liberal arts person in this 15-member family.

    #Thankful I married and gave birth to math-science-engineer types. Who did the same thing (married math-science types).

    #Wishing my mother’s words were true for me . . .

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  8. Janice I am so thankful that the men in our church are a part of this Bible Study. There are three churches represented in this Wed study and husband cherishes this time with brothers in Christ.

    Michelle I do not recall books in the home when I was little. I think I told the story of my First grade teacher recognizing my hunger for books and writing. She kept me after school and helped me “sneak” a book out of the school in a brown paper lunch bag! And I was always faithful to return the book the next day. I would sit on my bed next to the one window in our little bedroom and escape. No wonder I am an introvert….

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  9. Michelle, I bought a book at our local Barnes & Noble to assist me in teaching 5th Arrow, and it has helped me with my own reading comprehension challenges.

    I Read It, But I Don’t Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers, by Cris Tovani.

    You’re right that reading doesn’t necessarily mean comprehension is occurring. There’s so much more to true reading than simply decoding.

    Pronouncing words and understanding the contextual meanings of those words are two different skill sets. Both are needed to open up new vistas of learning.

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  10. Kathaleena, I got tears from your post as it could also be said about when my mother died. My brother, Wesley and I surrounded her, and my pastor’s wife, a nurse, stood by and guided us through so it was a love filled time with peace and no drama. The pastor’s wife told me it was a perfect scenario, it could’ve even been used for a film, because it was so beautiful and how everyone would wish to experience death if they could. I am sure in her experience she had seen it all.

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  11. We had somr golden books, but not many others in my childhood home, but visited the library constantly.

    We were not told we could do anything if we could read. My father stressed the importance of math and science. His son majored in poultry science and daughter in accounting. “Go figure,” and I did!

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  12. Hmm.

    Just saw an email on new releases from Westminster, including a book titled “You’re Only Human.”

    Review comment from Michael Horton: “The infinite God took pleasure in making finite creatures. In fact, he assumed our finite nature ‘for us and for our salvation.’ But we’re bombarded with ‘There are no limits!’ and ‘You can be or do anything you want!’ With winsome art and deep scriptural wisdom, Kelly Kapic guides us through the beauty of limits, God’s slow and steady process, and the anticipation of perfected glory at the end. It’s a page-turner! Just have a pen handy–there’s a lot to underline in You’re Only Human.”


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  13. I still remember the day that my daughter discovered that what she was reading actually mades sense and that this was a story unfolding as she read. Before that it had just been words to her. She has always been a good reader but this day stands out and she’s been a reader ever since.

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  14. Interesting

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  15. Interesting article about food safety. It mentions at the end about using pewter because it insulates, but somewhere along the way I thought pewter got a bad rap for having lead in it. Am I mistaken?

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  16. I am getting help from the book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. Very good info in the chapter about evangelism for those who struggle with that command. My Bible study group is still on chapter one in the study guide, but I am listening ahead in the main book while I wash dishes so just finished chapter 6.

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  17. My uncle & his partner had the most beautiful pewter ware — which always came out at Thanksgiving.

    Isn’t pewter also really expensive?

    Pyrex is cheaper for the fridge 🙂 Except I’m always losing lids.

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  18. My mom always told me that if you could read, you could cook. Of course, she assumed comprehension. We are blessed to be able to see people cooking, though, and view those techniques and hints on making something the best way. Sometimes recipes can be confusing.

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  19. Recipes are quite helpful — or indispensable — to some of us.

    Long day, couple of stories, but got through them.

    It’s so nice when the work day ends.

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  20. Well boo Chas…we missed seeing you today! Rest well and get yerself back here!

    We saw ice today…not snow. It is bad out there. Thankful for a warm home!

    Old pewter is lovely but I wouldn’t use it! Lead leeches into food and drink. Some purchase new pewter but I don’t see it as pretty as the old…that lead must give the old stuff that beautiful patina! I have a few pieces but they are strictly for decorative purposes. There was a warning issued a few years ago to those collecting and using Fiesta ware too…some said lead involved but there was something about it being “radioactive”!! 😳

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  21. Chas has been on the January 17th daily thread today. I tried to help, but forgot to tell him to click on the link I posted to this thread. 😦

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  22. I received this from Precept Ministries. I think it would be good to do the study if I had time.
    “Today, take ten minutes to dive into God’s Word and learn about El Elyon—“God Most High”—in Genesis!
    Discovery Studies are the perfect way to introduce yourself or someone else to the Precept™ Bible Study Method. Access the free study now and start studying God’s Word!”


  23. I love the look of pewter. I have some little bread trays that have the look of pewter. I need to look at them more closely to consider if I should keep them and pass them on to Wesley.


  24. Janice those bread plates are cute. I have had a couple given to me but ended up giving them to Goodwill because I just don’t use them…

    I am going to start a Precepts class in Nehemiah next month. I spoke with our leader about the Kay Arthur hour long video after our hour and a half study. I told her I would do the study but would leave afterwards because I just can’t make myself sit through that video. She then told me I wasn’t the only one having those thoughts…so now we will disperse with the video and if anyone wishes to watch it during the week as they do their homework they can do that. We will have time for more interaction and discussion between us and for me that will be more insightful and relational. Hoping it works out that way!

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  25. One word for tonight: BRRR! Tomorrow is going to be the coldest of the season with wind chills between 10 and 15 below. I like the snow we got last weekend, just not the cold that follows.

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  26. I’m thinking dinnerware pewter would not have lead. I have some old 1930s Fiestaware passed on to me — and I did use it when I was in my 20s — but won’t use it now, it just looks pretty and festive in a couple of dining cabinets.

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  27. Exposure to Lead was a Fact of Life in the 1600s

    All but the very poorest colonists ate and drank from lead-glazed earthen ware (coarseware, slipware, and tin-glazed earthenware), and used objects made of pewter, an alloy of tin and lead. … Levels below 50 ppm do not cause symptoms of lead poisoning.

    Modern pewters are available that are completely free of lead, although many pewters containing lead are still being produced for other purposes. A typical European casting alloy contains 94% tin, 1% copper and 5% antimony. A European pewter sheet would contain 92% tin, 2% copper, and 6% antimony.

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