45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-17-22

  1. Yesterday’s sermon was interesting on several level. It was given by a “student to become a priest”. He hasn’t been ordained yet or perhaps he has. Not sure. He is the youth minister of the church right now which means he has something impressive because when I was on the vestry years ago and privy to these discussions the priest did not want to rush into having a youth minister even though we were going through a period of many families joining. He was very cautious because you can ruin a church by. having the wrong youth minister. I even had to have a minor background check to be on the vestry and had to take a class on something or other. Unfortunately youth ministers can be pedophiles or have a different view of the religion/Christianity than the rest of the staff and you may not know it.
    Long winded introductions, right?
    So, anyway the sermon was on Gifts. It was taken from Corinthians. This young man talked about coming from a Mega Church background. He is appreciative of it because he became a Christian and learned to love God. Even there he felt a calling to the ministry but was doubtful because he doesn’t have the “It Factor”. The charisma. He doesn’t tell great stories or great jokes. Yet, someone there saw his potential and he was asked many times to lead a Bible study with his peers, or to serve in some other way. Many of us don’t realize out gifts.

    Now, I could listen to Father R read the telephone book. He just has a way of telling the story, delivering the message, whatever that appeals to me.
    Father M challenges me. I used to leave the service and tell him on the way out of the door that I ALMOST understood the sermon and would get back to him. It became a joke with us because sometime around Thursday I would send him a message telling him I finally got it.

    Will probably email this guy sometime this week and tell him how much I enjoyed the sermon. He might not have the It Factor nor be charismatic. He. may not be a showman but he did have a good sermon and I “got it”.

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  2. Oh and the reason I posted the above it because he brought it all back around to those who did have the “gift”. Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and MLK. His gift changed lives and cost him his life. The “priest” in training said that every Martin Luther King Jr Day he reads the Letter from Birmingham Jail and reflects on it.

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  3. The apostle Paul didn’t have the “It Factor” either, apparently. That seemed to bother some people and make them dismiss them. Many with it have led a whole lot of people astray.

    We had a stand in preacher. He has been a stand in many times and does an overview of a book of the bible each time. This time it was on Nahum. He was brought up in the Jewish faith and then became a Christian. I always get something out of his sermons, although I may disagree on some points or his emphasis. He is a very enthusiastic preacher and young people especially enjoy learning from him. I have no doubt that God knows we need all different kinds of people to hear his truth. Thank God for all who love him and obey him to do that.

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  4. Good morning again.
    This is as close to nothing as it can get
    Sun shinging on the snow.
    No raffic at all.
    Everything is quiet around here.
    That is good. We don’t want happenings now.

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  5. Morning! That is just the sweetest birdie up there! I have been watching our little ones on the back deck this morning…some of the sweetest of our Lord’s creation!

    I need to get up and at ‘em but this coffee is tasting so good and the still quiet of the morning has lulled me into sitting in my reading chair for just a bit longer. Why not just enjoy it?

    Enjoy that snow covered quiet of the day Chas. I have always observed the snow covers all the noise of the day and brings a calm to our surroundings…thankfully.

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  6. Good lunch time!

    Our snow was not quiet. The temp was perfect for drips as any soon melted and ran. It is gone today except for a bit on roof tops. I heard we may get more on Friday. It feels so cold outsid, in the 30’s and windy. I am thankful I do not have to get out today.

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  7. I am so glad you got back to your church, Kim.

    I have wanted to visit a (new to me) church, but with the weather and before that, my feeling under the weather, I have not been able to go. And if we grt bad weather Friday of this week, that may knock out next Sunday, too. At least I can visit online one of the two churches the Lord has placed on my radar.

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  8. I became a Christian 50 years ago tomorrow at a Lutheran Church not far from DJ’s house.

    Yesterday, the current (and wise pastor), preached a sermon like this:

    We started a short series in 1 Corinthians today entitled “Letter to a Messed Up Church.” Last night I felt compelled to write my own letter to the Church of San Pedro, of which Trinity has been a part for 100 years. Here is the beginning:
    Dear Church of God that is in San Pedro
    gathered in many groups,
    under different banners,
    in numerous languages,
    Yet one in Christ Jesus:
    The Holy Spirit’s ministry is available,
    is present and powerful to meet all of your needs
    now in this moment and
    here in this place.

    I hear that it has been a very challenging season for each of your communities. There have been many that have suffered, and many have been concerned with the basic drive to survive, and some have even had to close their doors.

    The temptations have been acute. Isolation has borne the fruit of despair and depression. Many have fallen away from the fellowship, and have increased the dangerous conditions in which all of our souls are at risk. I’ve heard that the tests of political affiliation, diverse responses to injustice, and even controversy over masks have increased anxiety and suspicion among you.

    Church of God in San Pedro, remember who you are! At your core, you are not “Left” or “Right”, you are not “Protestant” or “Catholic”. The church is not even your’s to name. You belong to Christ, and Christ to God. Your foundation is not what you have laid, but is none other than the promise of Jesus who says, “I will build my church.”

    There are those who will seek to divide you or cast doubt on one another’s faith or convictions, wanting to define you by something other than “beloved” or “Christian” or “God-follower.” But, nothing is more primary than this. No allegiance is even close to competing with the one given you at your baptism—“Jesus is Lord.”

    When those who are named “Baptist” “Catholic” or “Iglesia de Pentecostés” suffer it is no different to God, nor would it be different to you than when those who are named, “Lutheran” suffer. For God does not know you by these names, but by the name, “My own dear people.” Their vibrancy, health, and growth is your vibrancy, health, and growth. In fact, there is not “their’s” and “your’s” for you are all “mine” declares the Lord.

    Your mission is not to compete, it is not even to survive—God will take care of all of that.

    Your mission is to live the resurrection life in a city and culture that sees violence and death as solutions.

    Your mission is to prefer love for one anther over partisan idolatry or personal rights.

    Your mission is to dare to believe that you are beloved, and so are all those who don’t believe it yet.

    We all once thought and lived as if power was getting what we wanted, the way we wanted, when we wanted. But now we have come to know that the true power is not what we can accomplish, exert, manipulate, or squeeze, but in how deeply we can surrender, let go, and trust that we are held and that we are his.

    We are his.

    You are his.

    Now and forever

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  9. M, hard time for churches right now in America, I fear.

    And just a hard time for Christians overall in America as well. Are we losing our central, Christ-centered vision amid all the political wrangling and division and anger?


    Meanwhile, I’ve regained an appreciation for our local TV news programs — you know, the ones that don’t have the screaming, outraged talking heads. Instead, they provide a dispassionate look at the local news of the day, with some national headlines; the weather(!); and helpful information about where one can get a covid test if needed.



    Why America Is Not a Christian Nation

    Michael Horton explains why there is no such thing, in the new covenant, as a “Christian nation” apart from the worldwide body of Christ. “The problem with Christian nationalism is not that some Christians are taking a biblical idea too seriously,” says Horton, professor of systematic theology and apologetics at Westminster Seminary California, “but that they are confusing America with Israel under the old covenant. From a biblical perspective, it’s actually heretical. It confuses the law with the gospel.”

    ~ … The misuse of scripture for civil religion has plagued churches across the political spectrum for centuries. The problem isn’t new in our generation, but recent events remind us that Christians must speak clearly against the problematic concept of Christian nationalism. There’s nothing wrong with Christians involving themselves in politics and political advocacy in whatever nation they call home. There’s nothing wrong with Christians as citizens participating in non-religious and non-violent protests for public policies. And there’s nothing wrong with Christians expressing healthy forms of patriotism, love for nation, and that nation’s ideals. But none of this should be confused with the Christian’s identity in the transnational family of God and no national political agenda or ideal can take priority over God’s global mandate and mission for his people.

    The church as an institution, doesn’t have a president or a legislative body to appeal to, but a king who has given it a specific commission go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. You see the worldwide church is Christ’s Kingdom. That is his beloved community. That is the shining city upon a hill. That is his chosen nation. And Christ not America is the best, last hope for mankind. ~

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  10. I’ve watched a bit of a local PCA church service. It appears from the one song I listened to that they have a worship band without drums as far as I could ‘see.’ It was amusing to hear the options on the communion tray: wine/no wine, gluten/gluten free. I almost wrote glutton, lol.

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  11. Our fellowship group is meeting this week, but I am going to skip. We have a staff meeting from 3 until 4 and then my friend planned a fellowship time outside in a very uncomfortable haus win from 5 to 6. Too much in one day for me. It is a busy week. I have to get working on the village school programs for children leaving.

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  12. Husband took the younger two to karate. Then I noticed a goat on the wrong side of the fence. Due to the heavy snow fall, drifting, melting, freezing, the goats were able to walk out over the four foot tall fence. Guess who went out and dug the drifts out so they could not get out? Twenty is doing it!

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  13. Well, that was not successful so we both went out and dug it down to the ground. Ice breakers, garden shovels, snow shovels. But there are several places they can go over if they think about it.

    When fifteen year old was working on it earlier today, he was using a feed scoop. I did not really think he would achieve great success with that plan.

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  14. I hope everyone had a good day. It was a cloudy but not sowing day here.
    People beside me werre shoveling snow off driv3eways.
    I just told you everything that is happening here.
    Not bnadf. We don’t want issurs .

    Goo night everone bu Jo
    Good morning Jo.

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  15. I didn’t kill the thread, I kept it going.

    It is my free afternoon, so I am oft to the store.

    Then we have a meeting about where can we move the community library.
    It is in a basement now, so time to find a better place.


  16. If I had a free afternoon, I would not be off to the store. But if I had to, I would buy everything in the store so I would not have to be back for six months. Would not matter what it was.


  17. No Cheerios, but I did find my favorite cereal here called Just Right. I bought three boxes. I even had cereal for dinner. I got some cheese ring things like cheetoes for the 100th day. We will count them and maybe make a bracelet or necklace. Only thing that I could find that was in a circle for stringing.


  18. It’s morning here but still oh so dark! The school bus will be heading down the road soon and those kids will be prayed for as they pass by. A challenging future they face but with our Lord they will have hope…

    See you soon on tomorrow’s page…which is today but not quite yet… 😊

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