36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-16-21

  1. Hang in there, AJ. That is so tough. Praying for God’s comfort and peace.

    Mumsee, I took your advice (no, not about evicting the cat and getting a goat) and I used one of those at-home rapid covid tests (which are notoriously unreliable, but I really think this is just a cold). Test came out negative, which was what I expected, so I’m hoping whatever this is moves out soon.

    Charlie Brown 2 arrives and will be planted tomorrow morning in the backyard as I’m covering the virtual harbor commission meeting.

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  2. So years ago I bought an air popper to keep at school to make popcorn

    Today God had me go to school and make ten batches of popcorn for the employees. I even took bags so that they would have a way to take it home.

    I even told one gal to be sure and take some for her son. I heard later that she cried because I remembered her son.

    When God leads you never know what He will have you do.

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  3. Fourteen made popcorn last night. We have been going upstairs to watch old Christmas stuff. I have been entertaining them with Lawrence Welk. She made a snack for our video time.

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  4. We spent last evening with friends in husband’s jam group. The couple who had us over are wonderful hosts. They are so relaxed in their entertaining that you cannot help but relax with them. Yet, she clearly plans carefully for that and makes everything beautiful. It is a true gift that they have. Storms were on the way and the fog was bad, so the evening was cut short and there was no actual jamming, but the visiting was nice.

    Today I have a lot of preparations to take care of for family coming on Friday night. Our family from TN should get into their rental place tonight and we will go there tomorrow for the day. We will have lots to haul over there for a Christmas celebration. We will be driving back and forth, since some will stay here and some there. It will, no doubt, be chaotic, noisy and fun. God willing all goes well!

    Our continued prayers for Aj, as well, and his family. 😦

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  5. I spent the evening on the phone with twenty, trying to talk her down again. She was mad that the lady won’t let her bring a pet in the house. The lady is evicting her when husband gets back. I do not know if daughter has been told that yet but the lady thinks the police may have told her. Oh, yes, daughter called the police on the emergency number, to request a new place of residence because the lady would not let her shovel snow. Guess who is moving back home in a week unless we can find another willing landlord?

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  6. Chas, Kevin and Janice and now I have been leaving a link on yesterday’s thread to bring you here. Are you able to use it? Or are you more innovative?

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  7. Mumsee: I am using a magnifying glass to read what you just wrote. There may be something I didn’t see.
    If I don”r reply. Don’t be offendede
    It is likely that I didn’t see it.

    You are dealing with an old man now. It has been a good ride. But it’s likely over.


  8. Hmmm . . . Mumsee, I can’t take credit for what I did not do. It’s a great idea♡

    Still praying for AJ and family🙏 An overwhelming happening at an already stressful season.

    Art’s cold is moving into his chest. His voice sure is deep.

    I have a new opportunity regarding changing churches. I have been puzzling and praying and it appears Gof has provided in an unexpected way.

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  9. My cold seems to hang on, I’m hoping it doesn’t move to the chest. I wish I could just sleep for about a week.

    My friend K is due to come over on Saturday but I’m kind of waiting to see what this cold does, I may have to cancel, but I’m waiting to see how I feel tomorrow.

    Busy day today, though, with a meeting to cover online and write up and that tree to be here sometime between 10 and noon.

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  10. Hi Cheryl.

    Tree arriving early, guy is rejigging the back-filled hole from the old one. Glad for the rain we’ve had which makes the soil easier and moist. More rain coming possibly early next week.

    Looks like this will be the “Christmas” tree for this year.


  11. Earlier I was going through email contacts, deleting those I no longer need, like people who have passed at church, and I saw two emails for Cheryl, one extra extra and another and I chose to keep both. Then, lo and behold, Cheryl is here today. I wondered about her Christmas card making for this year.


  12. Brrr, we are in the deep freeze up here (-36C windchill this morning). I really dislike having to plug in my car at work. I’m very thankful that our shop is warm enough I don’t have to plug it in at home.

    Hi, Cheryl.

    I only have one more half day of work and then I’m off for a Christmas break! So looking forward to seeing the twins again! And we’ll be together for their first birthday too!

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  13. So glad to hear of families getting together.

    I received another Christmas lunch invitation. I am not forgotten!!

    A friend sent a totally unexpected gift. Wow, to be remembered is amazing.

    Travel plans are shortened by one day. I am sure that God knows the time best.

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  14. I leave here on Dec. 30th, flying to Port Moresby, the capital and staying in a missionary hostel. Then the next day we fly out to Kimbe to the resort. Our return flight is on one of our planes and is direct to Ukarumpa.

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