24 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-11-19

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    “WATCH: Pro-Life Rally Garners Over 1,000 Participants In Response To Rep. Brian Sims. Here Are The Highlights.”


    “Sims was addressed directly by Walsh at the rally, too: “We are sending a message to bullies like Brian Sims. We will not be intimidated, we will not be silenced. If you try to shut us up, we are only going to get louder. If you try to shame us, we are only going to stand taller,” he told the crowd.”

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  2. Looks like Barry has even more ‘splainin’ to do. We already knew his campaign turned off fraud protections to rake in foreign donations. And now we know why, and how often campaign finance laws were ignored. Watch now as Obama goes all Sgt. Schultz on this, swearing the first time he heard about it was from the media just now. He knows noooooothing……


    “Federal prosecutors are expected to charge former rap star Pras Michel as soon as Friday with campaign-finance violations related to President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, according to two people briefed on the matter.

    Michel will be accused in Washington of contributing funds to pro-Obama organizations without disclosing their foreign origin — specifically Jho Low, who is accused of masterminding a massive diversion of cash from Malaysia’s 1MDB wealth fund — one of the people said. At least one other individual could be charged in connection to the matter, that person said.

    “Mr. Michel is extremely disappointed that so many years after the fact the government would bring charges related to 2012 campaign contributions. Mr. Michel is innocent of these charges and looks forward to having the case heard by a jury,” said his lawyer, Barry Pollack.

    A Justice Department representative declined to comment.

    The charges, as described, are an outgrowth of a sprawling Justice Department investigation into fraud and corruption at 1MDB, a wealth fund that was intended to promote economic development in Malaysia. It was instead treated like a massive slush fund by Jho Low, an adviser to Malaysia’s then-prime minister, Najib Razak, U.S. prosecutors have said.”


  3. This teacher needs to be removed, fired, prosecuted, and the school district should be punished most severely as well. This is child abuse and corruption of minors.


    “When does in loco parentis cross over into just plain loco? A story from Oregon earlier this week demonstrates at least one instance where the line got crossed. A lawsuit alleges that a teacher took an 8-year-old aside to repeatedly question his gender identity, and then began giving him instruction on transitioning to female.

    Now the parents are struggling to work and their 9-year-old son is still confused (via Instapundit):

    Parents in Woodburn said their 8-year-old son was held back from recess multiple times for one-on-one conversations about his gender identity – and they had no idea.

    The mother and father in Woodburn are now suing a school district for nearly a million dollars after they say a second-grade teacher singled out their son by asking him if he was transgender. The parents say the teacher had inappropriate conversations with the child at school without their permission. …

    The parents say this all started when their son started using the staff restroom because of a stomach problem. They say their son was uncomfortable using the boy’s bathroom because of his medical condition. However, they believe the teacher assumed their son was uncomfortable because he was transgender.

    “Still today, a year later, if he plays with my niece, he’s a girl in that moment… if he plays with my nephew, he’s a boy,” said the mother.

    The mother says her son was left confused and hurt after being singled out. Now, a year later, the 9-year-old is taking anxiety medication and going to therapy, according to his parents. The family says the boy’s confusion and emotional distress has also affected the entire family. The father says he’s suffering from panic attacks and the mother says she’s now on medical leave, suffering from anxiety and depression, and staying home from work.

    There’s video at the link, but it’s not embeddable here. Bear in mind that this wasn’t a teenager, which might be bad enough, but an eight year old with a stomach problem. Even granting the best of possible intentions, why wouldn’t the first step in dealing with suspicions of gender dysphoria be to contact the child’s parents? It’s not as if the parents in this case are social neanderthals, at least from the perspective of Academia. They tell reporter Bonnie Silkman in the video that they aren’t concerned about what identity he chooses as long as he chooses it, and not get indoctrinated into it by an activist teacher.

    Do they have a case? Silkman posted a letter from the school essentially corroborating the parents’ allegations:”


  4. Democrats are embracing their inner anti-Semites.



    “A Muslim cleric who called for violence against Israel and expressed support for Hamas gave the opening prayer before the House of Representatives Thursday, angering several representatives.

    Omar Suleiman, an imam and president of the Yaqeen Institute, delivered the invocation at the invitation of his congresswoman, Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency. Republican New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is Jewish, decried the invitation in light of the fact that Suleiman has repeatedly called for a third Intifada against Israel, referred to Jews as “Zionists” and called them “enemies of God,” and defended the terrorist organization Hamas on social media.”


  5. And of course, their inner hypocrite as well.


    “Lawmakers Want Trump’s Tax Returns, but Won’t Release Their Own”

    “Rep. Ben Ray Luján — like many in Congress — wants President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

    Transparency, the New Mexico Democrat said recently in a Facebook post, “is a cornerstone of democracy.”

    But he doesn’t want to release his own tax returns. And that puts him in good company on both sides of the aisle.

    Roll Call sent a request to all of the nation’s senators and representatives — more than 500 in all — to release their tax returns. Only 37 responded, and of those, six provided the documents.

    The written requests were sent at least three times over a period of several weeks, starting in April, to each lawmaker and key staff members.

    Roll Call sought returns from the 2015 and 2016 tax years to accommodate members who have asked for extensions.

    Roll Call reviewed public documents and media reports to determine lawmakers’ positions on the release of Trump’s tax returns. At least 237 lawmakers have called on the president to produce his returns.”


  6. I was catching up last night on the journalism blog that examines how religious issues are treated in the press (thinly or not at all, to often) and they were going over one of the early Brian Sims stories, noting some of the language used — as in the woman was “clutching” her rosary. They also made the point that quietly praying at clinics (as this woman was doing) should not be portrayed as “protests” as this is something individuals and churches do to pray for the women specifically who are faced with such difficult circumstances.

    Anyway, the behavior of Sims remains shocking and sad on many levels.

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  7. And remember folks, Dirty Maxine is the chairperson of the House Financial Services Committee. She wants Trump’s financial records, but I think her’s are more likely to show criminal acts. Hypocrites, as usual.


    “Maxine Waters Paid Daughter $50K from Campaign Funds for Accrued Debt”

    “Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) paid $50,000 from her campaign’s coffers to her daughter in recent months to chip away at six figures of accrued debt for an operation that pulls in large sums of money for the congresswoman’s campaign committee, Federal Election Commission filings show.

    Rep. Waters’s committee disbursed two payments to her daughter, Karen, in the amounts of $42,000 and $8,000 during the first quarter, which runs from Jan. 1 to March 31. The $50,000 in payments were made to Karen for running a slate mailer, or endorsement mailer, operation from the campaign and were the most paid out by the committee for any activity throughout the first three months of the year.

    Waters’s campaign committee reported $94,000 of debts owed to her daughter in pre-general midterm election filings submitted to the FEC on Oct. 17, 2018. However, this amount shot up $90,000 in a matter of weeks to $183,022.15, the Washington Free Beacon previously reported.

    Now, Waters’s campaign reports $182,383 in total debts and obligations after the first quarter and following the recent $50,000 in payments. An overwhelming majority of this amount—$133,022.15—is marked as debt still owed to Karen, who already directly pocketed $108,000 from the campaign during the midterm elections.”


    So how long has Dirty Maxine been violating Campaign Finance laws for during her 37 year “public service” career?


  8. They’ve mostly disappeared the story anyway, but here’s some additional info.

    It speaks for itself.


    “The Mexican father of alleged Colorado school shooter Alec McKinney, 16, was jailed for domestic violence and deported TWICE, with his son posting how he missed him just days before the atrocity”

    “Jose Evis Quintana, 33, was jailed for 15 months for domestic violence against McKinney’s mother Morgan Lynn McKinney and ‘menacing with a weapon’

    Despite terrorizing Morgan, 32, he convinced her to marry him in 2009 in Castle Rock, Colorado

    He was deported back to Mexico in 2010 and Morgan, who has three children including Alec with Quintana, divorced him in 2015

    Quintana illegally came back into the country and was deported again in 2017

    Alec posted on twitter how he missed his father – just 11 days before the May 7 shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch near Denver, Colorado

    Alec and friend Devon Erickson, 18, allegedly shot nine students, killing one, and will appear in court on Wednesday May 15”


  9. And, yes, it is interesting how little interest much of the media had in the latest school shooters.


    The blog I mentioned earlier likes to apply the “mirror image” test on some of these stories, such as: “What if an evangelical politico doxed gay protesters at Family Research Council?”

    In this case, I wonder what coverage would have looked like if these students were Trump supporters with some white nationalist literature or graffiti found in their possession?


  10. I’m always wary of accepting stories of ill behaved teachers. Almost every male colleague I know has faced some type of allegation, all unproven but damaging to career, family and marriage.

    In none of the news articles were there any comments from the teacher to the press. The board issued a statement but they will throw a teacher under a bus without hesitation.

    From what I gathered the incidents all occurred within one month. Yet a year later, the child is still confused and suffering numerous mental health issues? There must be more to the story….perhaps the kid had issues previously and the teacher and the parent’s reaction made it worse. Or the parents are pressuring their kid. Reminds me of parents in my former school who complained their child suffered irreversible back injuries and sued for millions….the parents are seeing dollar signs and the board will minimize their loses.

    And i don’t buy the parent’s claims of social tolerance. Typical middle class liberal is to claim tolerance but be horrified when it affects their kids. Try redrawing school districts so they are more socioeconomic diverse and watch middle class liberals throw a fit.


  11. Waters probably “hired” her daughter. Its fairly common in both parties , wrong but not earth shattering. After all Trump hired his family too..

    But Waters is an amateur….only 5-6 digits… Trump managed to blow throw a billion in one decade.


  12. Why is there prayer in Congress and why is it offered by guest priests, pastors and imams. If prayer seems appropriate why can’t they take turns? I’ve seen this issued raised when leftist disapproved of a particular pastor. For a country that legally separates church and state it seems rather bizarre to invite various ministers to open with prayer.


  13. I really should proofread…”blow through”

    I don’t think media bias has much to do with their coverage of school shootings. Unfortunately its no longer new and shocking….its become part of the scenery. Only if there is something new to add to the narrative will media show more than perfunctory interest. They need a new record or stories of courage or anything different…..


  14. “And, yes, it is interesting how little interest much of the media had in the latest school shooters.


    Because one is an anti-Trump registered Democrat, and the other is transgender.

    Poof, it’s gone.

    Like magic.

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  15. “I don’t think media bias has much to do with their coverage of school shootings. ”

    Because you’re not thinking.

    Like I said, poof, gone…..


    “The 18-year-old accused in the fatal shooting at a Colorado charter school shared social media posts that were critical of President Trump and Christians, but heaped praise on former President Barack Obama.

    On what appears to be his Facebook page, Devon Erickson gave no indication of the carnage to come at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

    The shaggy-haired teen filled his page with posts about the Denver Broncos, playing paintball and appearing in community plays like “Les Miserables” and “Legally Blonde The Musical.”

    A day after Election Day in 2016, he shared a video from Seth Myers’ “Late Night” show blasting Trump and groused about Christians in another post two years earlier.

    “You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays, yet in the bible, it says in Deuteronomy 17:12-13, if someone doesn’t do what their priest tells them to do, they are supposed to die,” Erickson wrote in May 2014. “It has plenty of crazy stuff like that. But all they get out of it is ‘ewwwwww gays.’”



    “The other suspect in the shooting, which left one dead and seven wounded, has been identified as in court documents as Maya McKinney, a 16-year-old female who identifies as a transgender male and prefers to be called Alec.”


  16. Where are the rallies, the endless Democrat and media cries for gun control, where’s David Hogg, where’s the 24/7 coverage?

    The script gets tossed and the story buried when the gunpeople are leftists. Nope, no bias here. Move along.


  17. Plus, the students squashed the anti-gun rally they said was for the grieving children.

    This got little to no coverage as well, for not fitting the agenda.


    “Students held a vigil for Collins on Wednesday night but marched out of it after two politicians used the event to push for gun control.

    They did not approve of the politicians politicizing their grief.

    The vigil was bound to turn political since the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence organized it. Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet, a presidential candidate, and Democrat Rep. Jason Crow used the vigil to push gun control. From ABC News:

    Speakers at the event, which honored Kendrick Castillo, the 18-year-old who was killed protecting his fellow classmates at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, also talked about the need to take action in the wake of another tragic school shooting and reform the nation’s gun laws.

    “I know our kids already have enough to do, they have a job to do when they come to school, you have a job to do when you come to school,” Bennet, the former Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools, said before praising Castillo’s bravery. “Their job is not to fix America’s broken gun laws. Their job is not, as Kendrick so selflessly did yesterday, to give up their own life to save their classmates lives. Or the teachers’ lives. That’s not their job.”

    “You sent me to Washington to speak the truth. So here it is – we are failing. We are failing when this happens over and over and over and over again and nothing happens,” Crow, a gun owner and former Army Ranger elected to Congress last year, said. “You already have my thoughts and prayers, but you deserve and should demand more. Because to only send thoughts and prayers when you’re a member of Congress or when you’re in a position to take action and to affect change, it is empty, it is hollow, and you and your children deserve more.”

    As the speeches went on, students became frustrated and left. Some shouted, “Let STEM students speak!” It all became too much, which led the students to march out. Others yelled as they left “‘this is not for us,’ ‘political stunt’ and ‘we are people, not a statement.’”


  18. One journalist’s view.



    Catholic student gunned down in Colorado; few reporters ask crucial questions about shooters

    Another week, another school shooting, although this latest one in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch has quickly turned into a religion story.

    Well, it’s a religion story if reporters note crucial details and ask basic questions.

    As I scanned various stories, I learned there was very little news about the shooters, especially some of their more controversial aspects. One was LGBTQ; the other had Satanic symbols on his car, yet that didn’t make it into many media accounts. (As for Kendrick Castillo, the 18-year-old who died at the scene, he was an only child. I cannot imagine his parents’ sorrow.) …

    … (T)he Daily Mail had a lot more interesting details, including how Erickson had “666” and a pentagram spray-painted on the hood of his car.

    In case you think they are making this up, a news producer for the Denver affiliate of CBS posted a photo of said car.

    Now why isn’t this detail being mentioned much? If the suspect had the words ‘Trust Jesus’ or the like spray-painted instead, would there be a lot more made of it? …

    … I don’t see media picking up on the LGBTQ shooter angles. There’s some sites out there commenting on how a trans kid committing a murder doesn’t fit into the media narrative, hence they’re not reporting on it. Because the child is a juvenile, I understand why reporters must be cautious but when this kid’s friends are posting on Instagram that she/he had mental problems because of the trans issue, it’s sure worth mentioning.

    As for the victim, his religious connections have received short shrift as well. …

    … Why couldn’t other journalists connect the dots? This consistent blindness is wearying at best and a disgrace to the profession at worst.

    Well, watch the drama play out with the accused kids in the next few weeks. If we see anything about Erickson’s anti-Christian connections (and I’ve not listed them all) and why McKinney’s trans issues led him to pick up a gun, then I’ll know there’s some objective reporting going on.

    If not, you know what that means, too.


  19. An update on the Barry story above.

    Once again, it’s Democrats colluding with a foreign agent to influence elections. And what amounts to taking illegal bribes.

    And I’m right again, Barry pleads ignorance, claims this is the first he’s heard about it. Right on cue. So predictable.


    “According to an indictment unsealed Friday in Washington, Low transferred $21.6 million to Pras Michel, a musician and film producer, who spread approximately $865,000 among 20 people. These straw donors, in turn, gave the cash to a presidential fundraising committee without indicating it had come from a foreign source. Michel also sent more than $1 million to an independent election committee, prosecutors said.

    The charges, against both men, show a wide-ranging effort by the Malaysian financier to win influence in the U.S. In an indictment last year, Low and Michel weren’t charged but were identifiable as co-conspirators trying to influence the Trump administration as the Justice Department investigated the 1MDB scandal.

    Now, the Trump Justice Department says Low’s influence-buying goes back to the previous administration.

    During Obama’s re-election campaign, Michel and Jho Low’s father attended a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., and sat on each side of Obama, according to the indictment.

    Candidate A

    Obama’s name doesn’t appear in the indictment, which refers to him only as Candidate A. Nor is there any indication that he or the political groups knew of the foreign efforts or did anything wrong. The straw donors also weren’t identified.

    Obama, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment.”


    Obama’s as shocked as we are. 🙄



  20. Interestingly, the only thing I heard about the shooting was the anti-Trump, anti-Christian, and transgender issues.
    You might argue that this is media bias at play….of all the social media posts, the media needed to go back two years to find an antiChristian post instead of the “normal” teen post.
    As for anti-Trump, most teens are so why make this part of the narrative.?

    Not surprised the kids walked out. More and more kids sick of the carnage and being used are seizing the narrative. Not much different than Parkland really.


  21. Another favorite leftist narrative, shot full of holes….



    That the U.S. leads the world in mass shooting events, and that the cause is our liberal gun laws, are articles of faith on the Left. Barack Obama, for example, said:

    The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.

    This belief, while pervasive in our culture, is untrue. John Lott and Michael Weisser explode the myth, while at the same time demolishing a widely-cited but bogus “study” by one Adam Lankford:

    Lankford’s claim received coverage in hundreds of news stories all over the world. It still gets regular coverage. Purporting to cover all mass public shootings around the world from 1966 to 2012, Lankford claimed that the United States had 31 percent of public mass shooters despite having less than 5 percent of the population.

    But this isn’t nearly correct. The whole episode should provide a cautionary tale of academic malpractice and how evidence is often cherry-picked and not questioned when it fits preconceived ideas.

    Lankford’s study reported that over the 47 years there were 90 public mass shooters in the United States and 202 in the rest of world. Lankford hasn’t released his list of shootings or even the number of cases by country or year. We and others, both in academia and the media, have asked Lankford for his list, only to be declined. He has also declined to provide lists of the news sources and languages he used to compile his list of cases.

    Such lack of transparency is an indicator of fraud.”


  22. The above claim is so counter to common knowledge, I had to read the article and the original link to NY Post.

    The countries mentioned; Norway, Russia, Finland and Switzerland have high rates of gun ownership and by OECD standards liberal gun laws.

    The authors choose the murder rate of mass shootings. This isnt the same as mass shootings. Norway only had one mass shooting this decade…..with 77 victims. This gives them one of the highest murder rates by mass shootings. (He was a right wing neo-Nazi upset with immigration and socialism). In other words Europeans are just better mass shooters but Americans do it more often.

    Most of the US mass shootings take place in schools. France have a high rate of mass shootings by EU levels but not in schools….its mostly political. Similarly the only countries coming close to the US in mass shootings (Yemen, Philippines, Russia) don’t have school shootings.

    Even if I accept mass shooting murder rate as opposed to mass shooting rate, the countries which rise in the lists are countries with high rates of gun ownership and lax gun laws.


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