13 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-17-21

  1. And in even more dangerous/serious news, you can now buy your abortion pill online.

    Even a Zoom meeting with a physician is preferable to this–if a woman has an ecoptic pregnancy, she’s really at risk of dying. I’d wager most teenagers have never heard of an ecoptic pregnancy or why it might be dangerous. 😦


  2. Then again, I probably wouldn’t even try to make it in a jump, so I would probably be closer to the middle one. But I would still face-plant into the hill. 😀

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  3. 😦 Knees. Don’t get me started.

    I’ll check out the Federalist piece but there’s been a pushback at the ports where accusations have come that they are trying to obscure the numbers with this new ship queuing system. The numbers are being pretty accurately reported on the port website — so while there are fewer ships just outside the breakwater, the queuing system, by design, does spread the ‘traffic” and anchorages out as far as 150 miles into the ocean.


  4. It’s all just not as visible to the naked eye from the shoreline. (One of the harbor commissioners mentioned flying back from San Jose the other day, though, where there was a good view of how far and wide the waiting ships now are spread.)


  5. Every company should go in this direction. Remember, this came about because only a small % of people refused to comply.

    This has all been such a huge scam. What about all the employees that have been so mistreated? The “your job or else” mentality should have great consequences.


    “More and more businesses in recent days have walked back previous rules mandating COVID-19 vaccine as a condition for employment in a bid to keep workers.”

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  6. Then there is also the latest camel mishap in a Nativity scene, via the good folks at Religion News Service:



    Kansas camel escapes Nativity scene, latest in series of camel mishaps

    (RNS) — An escaped camel sent police scrambling in a Kansas City suburb this past weekend. The dromedary in question escaped a Nativity scene in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The incident is the latest chapter in the colorful and often chaotic history of camels in the United States.

    The animal was part of a drive-thru Nativity scene at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame when its halter broke late Saturday night. Chased soon after on foot, the camel managed to avoid its pursuers.

    The next day the animal traversed parts of the K-7 Highway, and despite being spotted by many motorists, it again eluded capture. Images and videos of the animal soon went viral.

    Police officials suggested on Facebook that the situation could “only be described as a scene out of another cop movie.”

    At one point Bonner Springs Police Department pursued the camel on golf carts after it strayed onto a golf course. The camel visited several neighborhoods before being cornered and lassoed by an animal control officer. Its owner then arrived to take possession of the nomadic creature.

    “The camel was reunited with its owners and will go back to doing camel things,” the Bonner Springs Police Department said in a statement posted on Facebook. …

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  7. Back to the ports — Waiting ship numbers are, it’s true, about the same — but many of these coming now are smaller ships carrying less cargo. So counting ships alone can be misleading.


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