41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-15-21

  1. Morning all, though I think that some of you are still awake. It is 2:30 in the afternoon here.

    Wendy, my aide, and I went over all the books we will be using this term and made some decisions. Lots to do, since no one really taught the class the last two years.

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  2. Morning!? 😊
    We have been awake since 1:30 and I have enjoyed two cups of coffee thus far. The milkman hasn’t arrived yet but the driveway alarm went off so we are thinking it was a meandering deer. The still beauty of a dark forest is so satisfying…even when one is lacking sleep!

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  3. Good morning.

    I had a Facebook chat message from a tanka poetry friend in Germany.

    She was concerned about mr regarding the tornado.

    I explained the tornado was several states north of us, and said Florida is south of us.

    I am thinking most Europeans would know of Florida as a reference point, but maybe not?

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  4. Good morning. That is a pretty lantern, Janice.

    I am sad for those who suffered loss in those tornadoes. I cannot imagine the trauma of the children after going through those.

    We will have too warm before being plunged into the cold. The winds will be bad for many again. How little control we really have and yet we know the one who is in control. What a blessing!

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  5. The milkman came about three hours later than his normal. Too late for Cheerios…I gave in and had a slice of poppyseed bread that was given to us by a friend…it was good!

    Pretty lantern Janice. I love stained glass and the effect given when a light shines from within.

    We are in for a rough morning and afternoon with wind. They have been warning us to batten down the hatches and everything in sight. So far it is 41 with stronger winds blowing. Some will see 75mph winds which includes us! 💨

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  6. Good morning. We have big wind here also. We had a nice visit with daughter and grands last night. Finished up Trey’s Christmas shopping. Now for the wrapping. 😑

    I went through 2 boxes of papers from my mom’s. I am fully convinced that CMS, Humana, and SilverScript are the biggest killer of trees in the country. Piles of statements. Good grief.

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  7. Praise God that as I pondered something different to serve Art to get some protein in his meal, I had the thought to do apple slices with dabs of peanut better on thrm. He seemed to like it. i gave him steamed brocolli along with a bowl of cereal for his carb and calcium. I know it’s an unusual meal for an adult, but these days on this diet, I do whatever works.

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  8. After dinner last night, Boy was tired of not having the Christmas tree decorated yet, so he dug in and started decorating it himself. Nightingale had to go back upstairs to continue her studying and classwork, so as I cleaned up from dinner, I offered him suggestions and helped a bit. We had a little trouble getting the lights into the star that goes on top, but he figured it out and then stood on a chair to set it on the top of the tree. (With his Mimi standing right beside him to make sure he didn’t fall. 🙂 )

    (This tree is in the dining room, because it fits there well without disrupting the flow. My living room is big enough for a regular-size tree, but the way things are set up, a tree of that size would be awkward.)

    Then I helped him make some hot cocoa for him and his mom. We didn’t have the mini-marshmallows to put on the top of the cocoa, so he snipped up some regular-size marshmallows with scissors. 🙂 (They like marshmallows on the cocoa.)

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  9. Part 2 – Later in the evening, Boy came down to brush his teeth, and decided that we need my little four-foot tree set up again this year in my living room. Last year we had put up (and have kept up) Christmas lights (the colored ones) along the tops of the walls, which was good enough for me last year, since we had the Christmas tree in the dining room.

    So, we had to get into the living room closet, which had a big, heavy thing right inside it that needed to be moved. Boy took care of that, and I got out the tree, which was still decorated with garland and lights (and that’s all it’s gonna have, except for something on top), and set it up on top of my “mantle” (the top of my entertainment center, which is sort of like a mantle in height and width).

    This may sound like I let my grandson boss me around, but I had been thinking that it would be nice to pull out that tree, but didn’t feel up to dealing with trying to get into the closet, which is what I told him, and then he offered to help.

    Anyway, it was all just a sweet impromptu time with my grandson, and it made me smile and feel good and thankful.

    Well, now I have the new Windows 11 scheduled to install at 1:15, and am hoping that it doesn’t mess anything up on me. 🙂

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  10. Sounds like a fun evening/day, Kizzie.

    I am back to work officially but still really dragging. I have a virtual port thing starting in about 15 minutes which will be my main task today. Hoping I can perk up here soon; right now i could just go right back to bed and feel like I could sleep for a few hours.

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  11. Not at all, Kizzie, it is all good! (Except Mimi standing at hand to keep him from falling) He is stepping up and helping. Thinking outside himself. All good.

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  12. Mumsee – Why was it not good for me to stand next to him to keep him from falling? I would do that for Hubby when he was changing the lightbulbs in the ceiling lights. It reminds me of the “spotting” we kids used to do for those on a trampoline in school.

    Windows 11 is successfully installed on my laptop. Yay! No mess ups, no problems.

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  13. Boys like to be strong and tough. It builds confidence to do it alone. Was he at high risk of falling? If so, perhaps he needs to spend more time up a tree! But you have said he spends time up a tree. Was the chair stable? Sometimes it is healthier for them to have the adult step away. What were you going to do when you caught him? Tip over too?

    A young agile boy, as he seems to be, would manage to survive the fall alone by scrambling mid air to land on his feet but with an adult there to help, be more likely to injure self and adult. But that is just me. Others have other views.

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  14. I put this on the prayer thread, but I’m putting it here too.


    Last night one of my brothers, Warren, was in a bad crash near Reading. He is in ICU with a head injury, his son in law Miguel is in surgery for a broken hip and femur, his granddaughter Amelia suffered a broken arm. Worst of all, his daughter Thalia died at the scene from her injuries. The family is obviously devastated.

    I just can’t…..


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  15. grieving with you, Aj.

    I actually slept in this morning. So nice. I know it is just money, but I would like prayer that the one thousand dollar wire transfer that I did to my account here would be found. I gave them all of the info that I had.

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  16. Aj we join together covering you and yours in prayer. I am so sorry you are facing this and ask our Lord to heal your brother and bring a comfort that only He can give as ya’ll go forward. Just so sad 💔

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  17. NancyJill might be interested to know we have a lamb in our living room. I think it decided to sleep out last night and got too cold. Fifteen brought it in this noon when he headed off for the mail. It was laying down, not moving. Now it is up and walking around. Molasses. Corn syrup. Goat milk…..

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  18. Thanks for the prayers. I just heard that they found my deposit. So grateful.

    Aviation is cutting our holiday short. Do we just accept that or find another way back??

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  19. And that’s why husband won’t move to a farm so I can have sheep. They would be in the house and the yard and they would play all the live long day. Forever pets 🐑 (so glad your wee one is up and about…)

    Thankful they found the money Jo!! As I prayed I was reminded that our Lord knew exactly where it was…and here He led the someone’s to find it!

    Good night Chas.

    Lots of people in the area without power tonight and the destructive winds did quite a number on trees, homes, businesses and many semi trucks overturned on the interstate! Over 100 mph gusts today in places. We were spared the destructive forces here in our part of the forest.

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