Prayer Requests 12-15-21

It’s Wednesday, so don’t forget Ajissun and the folks in The Gambia.

Anyone else?

Psalm 127

A song of ascents. Of Solomon.

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labor in vain.
   Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the guards stand watch in vain.
In vain you rise early
    and stay up late,
   toiling for food to eat—
    for he grants sleep to those he loves.

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are children born in one’s youth.
Blessed is the man
    whose quiver is full of them.
   They will not be put to shame
    when they contend with their opponents in court.

26 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-15-21

  1. I know I’m not at the right place.
    But I am someplace, that’ll have to do fo r now.
    Good morning everyonel
    You can tell how I’m getting started this morning.
    But I’ve already had breakfast. That’s something.
    I hope you have a good day.

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  2. Good morning, Chas. I am happy to see you anywhere.

    Since you are on the prayer thread for a moment, please praise God that Art passed the larger kidney stone around 2 a.m. in the morning.

    Now he has a cold. Please pray that passes quickly, too!

    Prayers for Kizzie and her girls needs this day, and the Boy, too.

    Prayers for Six and her husband and all.

    Prayers for Kim, Mr. P, and BG and all.

    Prayers for so many more!

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  3. Well, Nightingale did not accept my offer (which I had written about on yesterday’s prayer thread). She feels that, although it would be more money in her own pocket, it would merely be moving the money from one part of the household to the other, rather than coming into the household.

    She says that she appreciates when I pay for something that she usually pays for, and does not consider that merely “moving money from one part of the household to the other.” But in this case, she has the opportunity to earn the bonus rather than having the money come from me, therefore neither of us is out any money.

    One thing I can do to help is make dinner, so we will be having an old family favorite that is easy and delicious. And there will be enough for a couple other dinners. 🙂

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  4. I feel like Christmas is ruined. 😦

    Last night one of my brothers, Warren, was in a bad crash near Reading. He is in ICU with a head injury, his son in law Miguel is in surgery for a broken hip and femur, his granddaughter Amelia suffered a broken arm. Worst of all, his daughter Thalia died at the scene from her injuries. The family is obviously devastated.

    I just can’t…..

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  5. So sorry, the real. Praying for baby Amelia, so glad she was in a carseat. Praying for Miguel that anger will not take over. Praying for Warren and a good recovery from the head injury.

    And praying for the others involved. Horrible. Christmas is nor forever ruined but is forever changed.

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  6. Mumsee,

    Sadly, none are believers, although my brother has asked us to pray for Miguel and his granddaughter.

    As we speak Miguel is still in surgery, my brother’s head injury is being further evaluated, they suspect a concussion in additions to the big gash and lacerations. Amelia is being released to Miguel’s mom and is returning home to this area later tonight. I’ve instructed my sister to provide both mine and my brother Don’s phone numbers so she can contact us to help in any way she may need.

    No word on my brother or Miguel’s release, although I suspect Miguel will be there for weeks.

    My sister Brenda has retrieved Miguel and Thalia’s poor dog from their house and is taking it home with her.

    Also, there was another person killed in another vehicle that the bus also hit. In addition, 2 more people died in an accident that happened at the end of the line when a tractor trailer did the same as the bus and plowed into the stopped traffic. There are 3 other families devastated as we are tonight. They could use our prayers too, as could the drivers of the vehicles at fault. This has to be crushing for them as well.

    Asking God to use my family and my saved brother and his family to reach the rest with their need for Christ, and to demonstrate to them Christ’s love thru this.

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  7. Amen and amen. Praying that the joy and peace we have in our Savior will be the light that shows them Christ and what He offers. May God be glorified.

    If your brother is asking for prayer, he must be awake. That is a good thing.

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  8. I am so sorry, AJ. Your brother and family will be in my prayers. May the Lord draw their hearts to Him and grant them peace.


    Third Arrow is home from Urgent Care. They believe it was just a violent digestive reaction precipitated by something she ate/drank today and the timing of her caloric intake. Weird that she never got a stomach ache, nausea, or anything, either before or after the episode; there was no warning anything was about to happen, she just suddenly emptied out on her way to work. She’s feeling fine, and plans to return to work tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.


    Please pray for Hubby and Fourth Arrow. They are at work right now, in the midst of a moderate risk of severe weather. Temperatures are currently in the 60s but are predicted to drop to the 20s tonight. The mixing of warm and cold air, and the high winds predicted from a couple hours ago until 6:00 tomorrow morning, has resulted in this warning for our area:

    “Even outside the greatest severe weather danger zone today and early tonight, the risk for destructive wind gusts up to 70 or 80 mph and a tornado or two will be possible. A strong tornado cannot be ruled out either.”

    Prayers for hubby’s and 4th’s safety driving home tonight are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  9. AJ – I am so sorry about this horrible tragedy in your family. Praying.

    6 Arrows – Praying for safety for your family, and that 3rd Arrow will recover fully and quickly.


  10. Thank you for the update, AJ.

    All are safely home here. We are down to three alerts from a maximum of six that I saw before we lost power the first time tonight. Tornado watch is canceled. One alert goes until 3:00am and the other two until 6:00am. Thank you for any prayers in the night.

    Good night and God bless you.

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