42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-26-21

  1. Thanks for your prayers. I did get three pictures from my kids and that helped a lot. I made it a fun day in Kinder and then had a quiet afternoon after surviving a huge thunder and lightening storm.

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  2. We are having our Thanksgiving today, starting in a little while with a light brunch and then dinner in mid-afternoon. Also have plans for decorating the Christmas tree and watching a movie.

    Feeing sad and depressed, I am not up to it all, but will try to make the best of it for Nightingale’s and Boy’s sakes. Nightingale has an inkling of how I am feeling, so she invited her best friend Stephanie (and her daughter) over to make it seem more festive. Stephanie and I get along very well, so that is fine with me. (Even though I really just feel like being alone.)

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  3. Good morning! We have so much to be thankful for. We celebrated with April and her crew. Quite a difference from the original plan, which was for all of us to got to Amy’s. My mom was so looking forward to it. But, God is good all the time and provides for all of our needs.

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  4. Morning! Oh and a red cabin in the woods!! I could live there!!
    Well we are all different aren’t we?! But the most important and sweetest connection we have is our love for our Saviour…knowing we can share and care on this blog…how good is our Lord for connecting us all! ♥️

    Kizzie I have a feeling that you will enjoy your time with family and friends alike…I pray you will find precious moments in the day to bring you comfort and much joy!

    Our gathering here yesterday was sweet. The boyfriend is a delight. He loves our Lord deeply at 18 years old and he desires to go into ministry. He is a humble sort with no lofty ideals of what “he” wants but senses a call from our Lord…how refreshing to see such sensitivity and hunger for one so young. Now I have another to hold close in prayer 😊 He has been accepted to several colleges and he has three that interests him most…CCU, Cedarville and John Brown…we shall see where our Lord takes him….

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  5. Kizzie, when I just want to be alone, sometimes it’s amazing what being around people will do for me. I hate the thought of it, dread it even, but once I’m with everyone it turns out to be just what I needed. Hopefully that will be the same for you, albeit without Chickadee 😦

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  6. Online Black Friday shopping anyone? The campus bookstore is not open but offered 20% off for cyber purchases so I have a few more presents ordered to give if they arrive by Christmas.

    It’s a beautiful day to enjoy leftovers!!!


  7. Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. Between the rise of online shopping and the pandemic, that ship has sailed.

    While I never shopped on Black Friday, it was always tradition of sorts, a fevered day of pre-dawn shoppers, long lines and a few stories of folks getting into fist fights over a TV, so a lively “news” day.

    One of our popular outlet malls outside the city stayed open all night, I saw on the news, so the passion lives in some corners.

    Loosely-held plan today is to get back to those stacks of paper in the home office room, so it’s a worker-bee day for me. I may try also to get to the credit union, but they close at 12 today, to get the money out so I can pay my property taxes and car registration. If I don’t make it today, I’ll do it on Monday. I don’t go back to work until Tuesday.

    I’m definitely not feeling the holiday spirit yet this year. The weather — warm and dry — probably doesn’t help. But it’s more about missing the friends I’ve lost in this past year and how this whole pandemic period has beat and battered us as a culture in so many ways, leaving its mark on the church as well. It’s just been a hard year, almost 2 years, in so many ways for all of us, I suppose.

    What I really feel like doing is going back to bed. But I may have a bowl of Cheerios instead — which, btw, I read this week is one of the healthiest store-bought cereals you can eat.

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  8. Ok so there was ONE thing the boyfriend said that raised my eyebrows! Jello? Who has JELLO for Thanksgiving?!! Ummm…WE do!! He thought the idea of it just crazy…
    We have always had Jello fruit salad for Thanksgiving…Paul’s Mother believed a meal should always include Jello or Applesauce so as to freshen the palette…


  9. I love the old jello salad with lime jello, cottage cheese, pineapple, and walnuts/pecans.

    I thought this week of all the times my mother ate cottage cheese and how feta cheese tastes somewhat like dried cottage cheese would taste.

    A Boy Scout mom always brought a jello dish that had all the layers of different colors of jello. It was so beautiful, and I never found out how hard it was to make or how many hours it took to make all those layers. I never failed to be impressed by that jello!♡


  10. DJ – I just want to point out that we here in New England know what we are doing, too. Except apparently for New Hampshire.

    What’s up with not knowing how to make mashed potatoes, New Hampshire?!

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  11. Well, we will be eating a little later than I had expected, but that’s because Stephanie and her daughter (and possibly her long-time boyfriend*, too) are coming over around 4:00.

    (* They have been together for something like 15 years or more – since being teenagers – and have been living together, and engaged on and off, for much of that time. He is the daughter’s father.)


  12. As for Black Friday sales, an email I received from Woman Within was offering 50% off with no minimum today. So I bought a couple more pairs of pants that I need. 🙂


  13. I did some Black Friday shopping myself. It was only $250 to make a deposit on Sandals Grenada for next Thanksgiving. They were offering a 12% discount and with Mr. P’s retired military status another 10% off.

    He got to dive today. I sat on the beach. It rained. I walked around the resort and tried a few things. The so European playing so I can have an appetizer and dessert along with my meal. I’m not stuffed and I don’t waste food.
    The diving is supposed to be great.

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  14. Sitting on the beach in the rain. I like it!

    Glad you’re having such a good get-away and will now have another one to look forward next year.


  15. I met the challenge of the getting the first pills down Cowboy, I have to come up with new ploys all the time. And even when I think I’ve been successful, I’ll find a discarded pill here and there on the kitchen floor later. The capsules are hardest. The vet says the pills just aren’t as effective crushed (which is what I did for a while a couple weeks ago in my exasperation).

    We’ve used peanut butter and honey, cheese, ice cream and hot dogs stuffed with cheese inside. All work for a time or two, then I have to change it up again and find something else. Today we’re back to the hot dogs which we haven’t used in a while so he’s newly interested in those. The key also is to keep him hungry until those are eaten, then I can give him the rest of his food untainted by medicine.

    I’ve not nothing much else today, I wound up taking a long Black-Friday nap, getting up this morning just didn’t last. I’ve been so slammed at work I think I just needed a day to do almost nothing, and I’m succeeding.


  16. The place i am going at New Years is a dive place. I told one of the gals going that I was having trouble getting the one commercial plane ticket with US credit cards. So, without asking me, she added me to her ticket.

    But she used my middle name, not my first name which I use for flying.

    The ticket is not that expensive, so I am thinking of just buying another one, rather than worrying for a month.

    Any thoughts???


  17. Have to get ready as our store is having their once a year Christmas sale. They bring in lots of other things. There is also a craft market which we haven’t had for months.


  18. I’m not much of a cook, but even I can figure out mashed potatoes! I can imagine, though, people looking for variations on a theme, like adding seasonings or chopped peppers or something. But can’t one just try it with out Google? Oh, I forgot about the millennials who can’t even tie their shoes with Google, it seems.

    And that green bean casserole for Missouri must be D3. She makes it every year.


  19. I watered the front yard, Charlie Brown & the hanging flower pots. It’s still very dry here, the marine layer has vanished for the time being. You feel the dryness in your skin and hear it in the crunch of the “grass” when you walk in the yard.

    Pretty sunset tonight, though, the sky to the west was awash in hues of red and orange.


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