45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-8-21

  1. Morning! Not much sleep for me last night either but I think I must have gotten at least a couple hours of rest…first cup of coffee finished with the second waiting in the wings! ☕️
    Happy Anniversary Michelle and Robert!
    This mornings header photo shall be titled “Swan Lake”….. 🦢 😊

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  2. Second good morning. Why am I up late sometimes? This week has been extreme in the way for an introvert to get back in the swing of being out and about. I have had activities almost every day this week. It is tiring but mentally stimulating.
    Also, I tried coffee again yesterday so extra caffiene in the system kept me up.

    I am trying to write a story to carry for critique Saturday. Last night I read through my large print Bible in Proverbs to try to find a bit of Scripture to include with the story. I also have a book of stories compiled by the editor who has the call out for stories so I was reviewing them to see the first paragraph openings of those stories. Working late, burning the midnight oil.

    In other words, my mind was busy on many levels. I am still concerned, too, about how what I said at the Direction Team meeting was taken and if there will be retaliation which should not happen but usually it happens in one form or another.

    And then there is the box in the kitchen. The recumbent bkie probably needs me to put it together. Brother is busy taking tax update classes for the next tax year. He has ceased calling much since I said no more long trips together. Yep. Gotta put on my mechanical hat. Art may have to help read any tiny print instructions.


  3. Thank you! 44 good and interesting years!

    To celebrate, we’re renewing our ID cards!

    They expired a year ago, but we’ve all been on an extension until next January. After working this morning, we’ll drive out to the Coast Guard station, renew, then poke along back country roads to the ocean.

    We’ll see what the weather does and stop somewhere to eat.

    I’ve much to be thankful for in/with this great guy!

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  4. AJ, First of all, I am not upset. I am laughing:

    I guess it is apropos that AJ forgot to tell Mr. P and me Happy Anniversary yesterday. I mean, I forgot in an epic way last week and Mr. P forgot on the actual day.
    BTW-I had wanted to go to the sporting goods store last weekend to buy some 4 pound weights for my morning exercises and we didn’t. Late yesterday, he dropped a bag in from Dick’s Sporting Goods in my lap. There were my weights. Happy Anniversary. In a different life I may have hit in with one of them. He is sooooo lucky he married this version of me.

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  5. Because Little Miss spends Thursday nights with us, I was thinking of today’s song around her. I decided to look for Jesus Loves the Little Children, then I found this. It seems appropriate for all that is going on .

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  6. Kim,

    I guess I joined into the forgetfulness. 🙂

    Sorry, and Happy Belated Anniversary.

    I’ve now written it on my sheet for the future….

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  7. Michelle,

    I couldn’t remember Robert’s name to save my life. I thought it was Robert, so I searched it. I found a blast from the past for you. It answered my question, and gave a glimpse of Robert’s career. 🙂

    I’ll send it too you in an email.

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  8. Busy day here. Husband is off with two to speech therapy. The youngest and I head to Moscow. The mice will have a field day!


  9. So, we met while in high school, surely I’ve told this story before?

    My neighbor invited me to play volleyball at her church around the corner. We were about to start 10th grade (which was the first year of high school for us), and she said, “There are boys there.”

    I figured I should probably meet some boys if I was going to get through my official list of what I sought in a boyfriend, so I went.

    (What was I looking for? I had a check list. Someone taller than me, smarter than me, nicer than me, and while he didn’t need to be really religious, he should be at least slightly religious. He didn’t need to be stunningly handsome, but should look as acceptable as I did–these were my ugly duckling years.)

    As we walked over to the church, I spied a gangly guy wearing plaid shorts, a lime green t-shirt, orange socks and scruffy tennis shoes pushing the hair out of his eyes as he climbed a fence to install the volleyball net.

    I looked at this guy and thought, “He’s either really weird or really smart.”

    A little later, R spiked a perfect set over the net, and was completely taken aback when I blocked it back into his face.

    He then took a closer look at me . . .

    When the night ended, he asked me if I needed a ride home. I indicated Alison and said we had come together, so he volunteered to drive us both home.

    We got in the car, but when he discovered we lived two blocks away, volunteered to take us to Ports O’Call for a walk.

    Which is what we did.

    And dated forever after.

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  10. My teacher mother had insisted I couldn’t get married until I graduated from college. I actually thought it was a law in the state of California until I realized a girl in the high school band got married the day after she graduated.

    Still, the edict was deeply ingrained.

    R is a year older and went off to an engineering college, but always wanted to get married. I insisted I had to graduate from college first, and went off to UCLA–60 miles away from him.

    We never went to school together which is why we’re probably still married. He only recently revealed in passing that he has a photographic memory. He seldom had to study.

    Do you know how aggravating that is to a normal person? Yikes!

    Anyway, he joined the Navy in a special program his senior year in college and went to Officer Candidate School. By that point, I made a really hard decision for me–I adored college–and graduated in three years and a summer session so I could go off on the grand Navy adventure.

    We got married a month after I graduated, a week after he was commissioned.

    The adventure was only supposed to last five years but . . . well, it went to 21.

    Thank you, American taxpayers. I had a wonderful time–except for all the hard times. He worked really, really hard.

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  11. I finally made contact by text with my neighbors whose noticable lack of dog sounds next door had me concerned more than I wanted to admit. So glad things will be back to normal soon. And now we will be friends on Instagram♡

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  12. Happy anniversary yesterday, Kim. I guess we were all too busy laughing at your forgetfulness to say that!

    Happy anniversary Ule’s.


  13. Sounds like everything is working out.
    It’s really bad when your mind is so befuddled that you can’t remember what it was you were trying to remember.

    But it was important.

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  14. Russia Russia Russia 😜
    Can someone tell me when…exactly when General Mills titled my Cheerios as Cherri Oats?! There I was shoving a spoonful of my cereal into my mouth when lo and behold I looked at the cereal box….I could barely swallow my Cheerios!! 🥣…… don’t those marketing people know you shouldn’t mess with the minds of older folk? I mean we have been eating CHEERIOS for a very long time!! I am aghast!

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  15. From my local library, three webinars about helps for the visually impaired (i expect anyone can attend):
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    To get answers, attend this virtual educational and engaging three-part webinar for people with vision loss. Each webinar session will be one-hour via Zoom videoconferencing.  You will learn about community resources, library resources, options for accessing reading material and ways to stay engaged in your community.
    Friday, October 15
    Local, State and National Resources for People with Vision Loss
    This session will provide information on assistance specifically for the visually impaired. Learn about local, state and national options to live more independently with dignity and self-confidence.
    Monday, November 1
    Library Resources for People with Vision Loss
    This session will share a variety of services available within the library. Learn about audio books, large print, books in digital format and accessible reading apps. Or join a book discussion to share your joy of reading with others. All at your local library.
    Friday, December 10
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    How do you engage with your local community?  Attend a city council meeting. Participate in your HOA (Home Owner’s Association). Learn what’s happening in your neighborhood. This session will address ways to get involved and resources to stay connected.
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  16. Well, I bought two boxes of the O’s and now I have to check them out closely to see if NJ is right about what I got from the Publix shelf this week!😳 I don’t closely observe things like I did in the past, but this is definitely a thing to checkout!


  17. Happy anniversary(ies).

    Lots of “first dates” at Ports O’Call through the ages, I’m guessing. The town is still in mourning over its long decline and final loss.

    But the new waterfront attraction should be every bit as popular. And different.


  18. NancyJill, you got a special limited edition box in celebration of Cheerios’ 80th anniversary. They were called CheeriOats for four years before 1945, when they got the name most of us grew up with.

    I think I saw them on the store shelf once, but assumed they were a store-brand knockoff.

    Don’t worry. It will go back to Cheerios when they’re done celebrating the anniversary.

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  19. Kevin thank you for straightening that one out for me! This past summer I poured my Cheerios into the bowl and there were heart shaped “o’s” in my bowl! Now they pulled this on me…I just want to eat my Cheerios in peace and quiet with no confusion! (and seeing how I wasn’t born until 54 that original name was waaaaay before my time 😂)

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  20. O the things you learn on this blog!!

    Michelle, happy anniversary, and thanks for sharing your story. I can see why you remember what he was wearing. That is a memorable outfit.


  21. Wow, I didn’t know that about the special 80th anniversary box either — I hadn’t seen the new (but old) name until Nancyjill mentioned it. It had me curious. Thanks Kevin.

    This was a frustrating day with a port story we couldn’t quite illustrate. The frazzled and frustrated photographer finally cried uncle, called my editor and we agreed to hold the story until next week. I think we’re just not in the right place at the right time, she thinks I and my sources are delusional.

    Which is always a possibility …

    The shower curtain tension rod collapsed the other day with a loud racket, so I need to deal with that this weekend. I hate those things. But it was a better option than drilling into the new wall tiles at the time, or so I was advised. Good time to wash the shower curtain and I ordered a new liner which was needed anyway.

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