28 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-26-21

  1. The wascally wabbit escapes their clutches again. 🙂



  2. Isn’t it nice to be one of the ruling elite?


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  3. No good deed goes unpunished.

    And they’ll be minimal outrage, since he was white.


    Well, except for the cop who shot him, right?


  4. The idiots are in charge now.

    Just call him Gen. Snowflake.



  5. Like I said, the idiots are in charge now.

    Thank Kamala, DeBlasio, and their ilk….


    Here’s more on the “underincarceration” problem, and it’s many innocent victims.


  6. Kamala visits the border.

    Note how she picked one of the less crowded entry points to put on her dog and pony show.


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  7. They just mail it in, and the media stares at it’s feet.



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  8. How about at least waiting until there is a vaccine for kids under 12?

    Idiots. Way to put terminally ill kids at further risk.

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  9. Liar.

    You inherited a system that was working, and was even praised by many SA countries.

    But you idiots %$@%^%#$^% it up.

    You own this, and so does every idiot that voted for your ticket.



  10. So, terminally ill children, who are at risk so advised not to take the vaccine when it comes available…..or have any family members medically advised not to take the vaccine…..

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  11. I doubt Trump will ever be charged for anything that occurred during his presidency. The precedence would be huge. There needs to be an overwhelming evidence. His associates, however, will be looking over their shoulder. He will face civil suits and tax penalties as various investigations wind their way through the court system.

    The increase in wealth for many US Senators can’t be explained by their salary or wise investments. And this can be said for both sides of the aisle. McConnell has been there longer than Fienstein and his wealth is just as suspicious. Overall the wealth in the Congress is far out of proportion to the American people in general — not a very good representation of the ordinary American.

    I doubt the General cares about Carlson’s opinion. However, Carlson outburst does show how paper thin the “support the troops” is from the right wing. Miley correctly outline how its necessary for the armed services to understand the origins, motivations, and background of their subordinates. Basically, its good policy to know your soldiers (or workers for that matter). But this didn’t confirm a culture war talking point so we have Gaetz shaking his head and Carlson babbling on TV. The Republicans attempt to cancel history as a talking point couldnt stand the scrutiny of a professional soldier.

    Kamala Harris will never satisfy the right wing side of the internet — damned if she doesn’t go to the border, damned if she does. Commentators will always find a reason to be unsatisfied. The criticism of anything Harris does is curious — is the right attempting to lay the ground work to undermine a 2024 candidate? Is the smart black, Indian, women combo too much for some of the older white men critics? I’m not sure where the motivation is coming from — they didn’t give her a chance and won’t view anything in a positive light. The curious thing is she is to the right of Biden — more conservative in social and economic policy than the working class populism that Biden will support instinctively.

    Finally — the make a wish foundation requirement for vaccines is weird. The only rationale would be to protect themselves from possible litigation should a make a wish child be responsible for spreading covid, however unlikely this would be. Other than that, perhaps its to satisfy travel or accommodation regulations.


  12. HRW,

    Kamala’s even taking heat from you lefties. She’s not satisfying anyone. Just stop.

    Yeah it was a daunting couple of hours….. at the airport.


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  13. As for Gen. Snowflake……


    He did tell us. 🙂


  14. Fact check: True on both counts….


    Applesauce for brains Biden is a joke.


  15. Hey I found some of that “white rage” the press keeps talking about.

    Funny though, they’re all lefties.



  16. My point exactly AJ — Harris isnt a leftist — she’s a centrist thus why the intense hate for Harris from the right?; Biden’s further to the left. So if its not for her politics, can I conclude its because shes a mixed race woman, an intelligent mixed race woman? Or is there something else? I admire her intelligence but don’t like her politics or opportunism.

    I’m still waiting for an explanation on what is critical race theory and why its bad. I know the Republicans want to cancel it but why? From what I understand its simply the idea that the study of American history must take race into account. Not sure why Gaetz, Carlson etc want to cancel American history and why studying race and American history turn them into instant snowflakes. The fear on the right side of the internet has never been so intense. Calling the General a snowflake because he wants to look at American history from various perspectives to better understand his soldiers? That’s just good leadership. So much for supporting the troops.

    Fear motivates crowds. Biden doesn’t draw crowds because he doesn’t preach fear — he’s Grandpa and America is doing fine. Sure its a shtick but its his and it works.

    White rage — I believe that would be January 6.

    “same type of people” — I never knew there was a particular “type” of people who fought the fascists in WWII. In the Dutch underground and elsewhere; pastors, farmers, communists, minor criminals, homosexuals, Jews, prostitutes, etc all fought together against the German occupation. There’s no judging from appearance who makes a good anti-fascist. During the Spanish Civil War the anti-fascists were all communists and socialists and some of them were not exactly good middle class citizens. The Lincoln Brigade was quite the collection — black, hispanic, white, native, women, men, grade school dropouts, professors, etc.


  17. Critical Race Theory: done correctly, racism ought to be taught as part of our heritage. A good start would be Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Perhaps people could begin to realize what a hero Uncle Tom was rather than what he has been made to be. We could see that all the thoughts and positions for and against racism and why we can or cannot stand against man’s inhumanity to man have already been discussed hundreds of years ago. No new positions on it.
    And Sinclair Lewis’s Kingsblood Royal.
    And Charles Dickens.
    And Samuel Clemens.

    People need to understand that people are people and should be treated as such. But, I have read the Bible and can see that is not a likely scenario because people are people.

    But to teach the children that they are good or bad based on their color is evil. To blame them for what happened hundreds of years ago is wrong though it would be excellent to let them know that slavery continues in many lands in many forms, all of it ugly.

    Our history is our history. The good and the bad. Take the good and try to continue it. Take the bad and learn from it. But to erase it serves no purpose. And to segregate people based on their skin is evil.

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  18. “White rage — I believe that would be January 6.”

    Of course you would. You fear when there’s nothing to be afraid, but you cheer as Antifa burns federal courthouses and injures numerous officers. Your outrageous outrage is a joke, like most leftists, you pick out one non-event, yet ignore 2 years of rioting. It’s obvious, and pathetic.

    You can play along with this idiocy, I’m gonna call it out. 🙂


  19. HRW,

    These clowns couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. 🙂


    Over/Under is 10


  20. Mumsee — that’s the way I perceive it too.

    For example; 14% of farmers were African American prior to the Depression — that percentage dropped dramatically throughout the 30s to the 50s. The New Deal farm loan programs were decentralized and administered locally — hence black farmers were ignored. Biden’s farm program to African American farmers was to address generational injustice.

    An other example — both the New Deal and GI Bill had programs used to promote home ownership. They were administered by local banks which along with housing compacts kept African Americans out of the program. Most of the wealth generated by white Americans in the last half century is based on increased property values (wages stagnated). Thus the bias in administration has led to generational injustice again. Awareness of the racism inherent in the bureaucratic structure is important to move forward instead of using moral judgments for African American poverty —


  21. The Republican attempt to cancel the recent past is amusing. A House Republican declares the Jan 6 event to be just overenthusiastic tourists. Video evidence quickly showed the same Republican building barricades at the House doors with security to prevent the “over zealous” tourists from entering. The non event as you term it was an attempt to stop the certification of the presidential election — an attempt to undermine the democratic process. The riots of the previous summer don’t negate the riots at the White House. The latter is white rage against an election result they didn’t like and the former is leftist rage against police brutality and an attempt to minimize it. Sure my bias leads me to minimize the latter and your bias will minimize the former.

    Judging a person on their looks for a quality that is not look dependent is not logically sound. Intelligence, bravely and moral judgment are not contingent upon someone’s looks. As I stated anti fascists in the past have included people from all walks of life and some were not too pretty.

    Garland as Attorney General is poetic irony. I’m sure many on the right will wish he was on the Supreme Court before 2024 rolls around. Investigating Georgia’s new voting rules is more relevant than the DOJ investigating late night hosts who made Trump jokes.


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