70 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-25-21

  1. Thanks again AJ for keeping this bunch together.
    I prayed for AJ, and some others as came to mind. I don’t have a list. Just as I know something is happening that needs spiritual guidance.

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  2. A weird thing. 4 dead, 159 missing. Those are most likely dead too. If no sound heard by search party, they have to be dead by now.
    This is a strange thing. I have never heard of such a building failure before.
    I have been here almost 91 years, and never heard of such before.
    Can’t help thinking something is hapening here.

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  3. Am I the only one here?
    I was thinking about a building collapsing. Trying to think of when that last happened.
    I’m drawing a blank.
    Buildings do not collapse. They just don’t.
    Do I think something else is happening?
    Don’t know. Don’t rule it out.

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  4. I just saw that the building had been sinking since the 1990s.

    There’s a building in San Francisco right now, right on the waterfront some 20-ish stories high sinking. I don’t think it’s 5 years old, luxury rental apartments.

    It was never in plumb and has getting increasingly bad.

    Not as bad as the leaning tower of Pisa, bad, but I wouldn’t want to live there and the people who paid gazillions of dollars are suing galore.

    Shoddy workmanship.

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  5. Chas, remember a few years ago when the balcony of a building collapsed? Remember when a bridge collapsed shortly after it had been built? Well-made buildings don’t just collapse–but I can see why a poorly constructed one might.


  6. Many buildings collapse in other countries, but rarely here. It is the goal of some, if not many, to have our country be like other countries.

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  7. Good morning. I have been out feeding and watering and scything and gathering. Now to go spend some time with my dogs. The children are working on a section of fence, trying to surprise dad when he gets home from the wedding, with a finished fence.

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  8. Well, South Florida has a lot of water and sand. Condos on the beach have to be re-enforced from time to time. Hmmm. Isn’t there something about “buiding you house on a rock not sand”?

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  9. Our trip to Israel in the late summer has been canceled, really, no surprises there.

    We’ve rescheduled for next spring.

    Now the question is how to spend all those Air Canada dollars if they don’t roll over to next year. Where should we go this fall?

    Remember–we have to fly Air Canada! 🙂

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  10. So Kim, what has been going on in your life?
    Well, BG ventured out and tried a different job. It didn’t work out so she went back to American Eagle where the newer manager tried to start her back at $7 an hour instead of where she was at $13 or so. Now she is doing stock and is working from 7 am to 12 every day which is better for her.
    Sunday she started the cyclic vomiting again. I got her from her dad’s and kept her with me until Monday when she went home, but she did come back Monday night for chicken and dumplings. Tuesday morning at 7 or so she called me, hysterical, she had started vomiting again. I had her come here and put her to bed. Eventually I called her day and we agreed for me to take her to the ER. We spend almost 5 hours there, but luckily the ER physician that day was a woman. I went out into the hall and talked to her about some things. She gave me a list a resources and a referral to an internal medicine doctor who is about Diagnostic and Medical which is the same proctice where her endocrinologist and gastroenterologist are.
    In reviewing the records in the ER the nurse reminded me that BG was supposed to go back for some follow up tests in January, but that was about the time that Mr P and I got Covid and right behind that G, his wife, and BG all got Covid. Now we have an follow up appointment with the gastroenterolgist on July 14th.
    At some point BG thought it would be a good idea to trim her own hair and she ended up cutting a big chunk out in front. I called her aunt to have her straighten it up. It was going to take cutting a significant amount off in order tto blend it all in. BG had a melt down. She started crying over getting her hair cut.
    Sometime in all of this I made the comment to her that we had to get her better because her dad and I didn’t have a spare child. THAT was too much pressure on her and how “screwed up she is”. I had to tell her to stop right there….
    “When I was 16 weeks pregnant with you, the numbers came back high for Down’s Syndrome. The doctor called me in for counceling and offered further testing and therapeutic termination should that be neccessary. I told him that I couldn’t pray, Dear God please give me a baby. Whoops you sent me the wrong one. YOU ARE EXACTLY THE CHILD YOUR FATHER AND I WERE SUPPOSED TO GET. We love you and are thankful for you.

    Please pray for her

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  11. Yes, a bridge collasped in MN a few years ago. They were working on it and had a lot of heavy equipment on it.

    That the building was sinking seems quite significant. So heartbreaking for so many family and friends!

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  12. How old was the building that collapsed? We have so many building standards and regulations that would, in most cases, prevent failures. But nothing’s completely fail-safe, corners are cut, location isn’t always sturdy as Kim points out.

    I’m starting work early today with a weekend story I need to write — I need to take Cowboy to the vet for a 10:45 appointment so will need to take a 90-minute to two-hour break for all of that, factoring in the commute.

    Oh good, sounds like Cowboy just got up … Oh wait, he just turned around and went back to bed.

    I get it.

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  13. Chas, there are many people here in America who have no idea what real life is like for many living in other countries. They don’t understand things like: the military is in charge and nothing you do is for you, it can be taken at any time; there is no infrastructure so you really do have to carry water on foot for miles just to have something to drink and cook with, let alone laundry or washing your car (that is a joke for those who may not understand, they don’t have cars or roads or would not be walking miles for water); there are people literally starving after the US has donated tons of food to their region, due to corruption of government; there are numerous totally unknown and known diseases ravaging the populace in many countries; there are many people who live at landfills, get their food from landfills, their jobs are sorting through the landfills; there are countries where your child can be shot by the police for being of a certain age and on the streets; there are many children who really do live on the streets due to poverty or home life or lack of family; there are people bought and stolen and sold in human trafficking with a large part of the clientelle being Americans.
    And because they have no idea, they think it would be fair to be all the same. But in reality, it is good to have a place they can dream of reaching and have hope of reaching and maybe even strive to make their own country like it. And a country that really can send food and equipment and health care and and and…..
    I need to go weed.

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  14. Kim, sounds like hyperemesis cannaboidis. There is only one cure. I see it all the time with the same patients over and over. Prayers for you both ad you work through these issues.

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  15. Good answer, Kim. You’re a good mom–never forget that.

    Good answer, Mumsee. For the last 100 years, the US was a haven to the world.

    Our freedoms have been used against the nation itself to point us in the direction of destruction. This has happened throughout history–all nations rise and fall.

    Many are surprised our republic held together this long.

    But, when you deny God, make denying God one of the centerpieces of your rule, actively torment the weak, and persecute God’s people, well, the Bible is pretty explicit about what ultimately happens to you.

    For me the real sadness is how many innocent people are destroyed in the meantime.

    And, to examine all the fingers pointing back at me, the church is so weak in our country that it’s distressing.

    Remnant anyone?

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  16. Re: Previous discusssions:
    I thank the Lord every day that I am fortunate enough to live in this country during this epoch. The richest, strongest, most desirable country the world has seen.
    And I lived during the best part.
    Those who inherited this haven’t paid part of the acquisition, as many older ones have.
    Be careful that you don’t lose this. It can happen.

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  17. Chas, it can indeed. I too am ever grateful for being placed here. I tell God so regularly. And remind Him I am too weak to be part of the rest of the world but want to do what He puts before me. And so far, He has delighted with rather simple tasks for me. And blessed me beyond measure.

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  18. Except for the Viet Nam war. We should not have been there. They won and are better off for it than would ave happened if we had won. It would still be divided as N.Korea is.

    We do not belong in Viet Nam.

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  19. I went fishing for the first time ever today and caught a croppy. I don’t see the joy some get out of fishing, but the eating was good at lunch.

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  20. We had isolationist tendencies at the start of WWII before being jolted out of it with Pearl Harbor. To our credit, we see and care about injustice beyond our borders. Tempering what actions to take or not take requires not only good intentions but a great deal of wisdom — and we’ll always have a better view in hindsight of whether it was the right or wrong action to take.

    We’re back from the vet. Parking in front of my house I heard the ship horns from the harbor, one of them “singing” a melody, for Seafarers’ Day. There’s a big cruise ship in port today and as I drove past it reminded me of the little tour I took at the beginning of the lockdown, how dead everything was in our normally busy harbor.

    I managed to get a pretty good start on writing my weekend story this morning so I think I’m in good shape. There are union “all worker” zoom meetings at noon and 5 p.m., not sure I’ll make one of those (well, definitely not the noon meeting as I got home after it had already started and I’d rather get back to finishing my story at this point in the day — but I’ll try to make the 5 p.m. session).

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  21. I only went fishing once and spent the entire time hoping I wouldn’t catch anything. My mom said it bothered her just to put the poor worm on the hook.

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  22. DJ, I’m with your mom. The first time I went fishing I felt sorry not only for the fish I caught but for the bait I used. After I caught one fish I quit and sunned myself on the boat deck while everyone else kept fishing.

    The second time I felt a little less sorry for the fish, and it was fly fishing so no live bait to feel sorry for.

    There has not been a third time.

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  23. Oh, now I remember another time I caught a fish. When I was three or four I was pretend fishing with a piece of bread on the end of a string in my grandma’s goldfish pond. Somehow I pulled the line out and a goldfish came out with it. This was traumatic. But grandma was there and threw the fish back in.

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  24. I love to fish. I love to be by the water, feeling the breeze, hearing the birds. But when I fish, I do not use a hook. Just a weight and a bobber because I do not want to catch anything.
    In the past, I fished a lot and did not care about the worm or the fish. God is working.

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  25. Nightingale and I are tackling a project which can’t be put off any longer, but is not one of the projects I mentioned on the prayer thread. We have an infestation of pantry moths in a cabinet in our entryway. That cabinet was full of the crystal I inherited from my Aunt Gert.

    Everything has to be washed, and there’s a lot of it. Nightingale was doing the vacuuming and cleaning of the cabinet. When everything is washed – and yes, I am using my dishwasher, with the “sani-rinse” option even though it is crystal, to make sure it is all thoroughly washed and sanitized – we will decide what pieces we are going to keep and which to give away. (I have put other pieces of this crystal in the dishwasher before with no problems. Won’t be too upset if anything cracks.)

    I couldn’t figure out why they were in a cabinet with only crystal in it until Nightingale found a bag of birdseed that had been stashed in the lower portion. (The upper portion has glass doors, but the lower portion has wood doors, and I hadn’t looked in there in a long time.)

    Obviously, we will also have to clean out our actual pantry, too. 😦

    Having other matters of anxiety hanging over me is making this harder to deal with. But I am so grateful that Nightingale has taken the “lead role” so to speak.

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  26. Nightingale tells Boy to do something. . .

    Boy: “Mommy, can you help me?!”

    Nightingale: “You’re supposed to be helping me. I’m not gonna help you to help me!”


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  27. DJ, I saw your post yesterday about password managers. I have found 1Password to be satisfactory. I can’t tell you anything about the cost because my employer pays for it. It works across multiple devices. You store a user name and password and tell it what web site(s) go with those credentials, and any time you encounter the login screen for one of those web sites it will offer you those credentials. It’s really made life easier for me.


  28. Many articles have mentioned the collapsed building was known to be sinking, but few mention how much. A 6-year drop of 10 mm was observed in the 1990s. If it has sunk at that same rate since it was built in 1981, then the total amount it’s sunk is a bit over 2 1/2 inches.

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  29. Going to a town 60 miles away this week, wow. Walking on streets with so many people. They were chewing betelnut and spitting on the ground. God was good and gave us rides so I did not have to walk through the market. I could feel the culture shock of so many people. And even flying over this beautiful land and seeing how remotely they live in huts. amazing

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  30. Glad to see you posting, Kevin, taking up the slack from others being AWOL.

    I have enjoyed fishing in the past. We went as children, and I found it a bit dull when young though. As a junior and senior in high school, I went on two vacations with a friend and her parents. These were basically fishing trips to fish off of piers at the St. John’s River in FL. My friend’s parents were happy that I enjoyed it so much. I think it was shrimp we fished with. I ended up catching many crabs that would hang on until I got them half way up. I remember we had to stay out of the way when anyone brought up a catfish because they could do damage to a person. Although I never caught a fish on those trips, I never tired of trying.

    Another time we went on a family camping trip and set our tent up by the headwaters of a river. We had worms for bait, and I was not bothered by putting one on a hook. I loved standing out in the cold shallow water casting the line and watching it slowly move downstream while watching to see if I had a nibble. These areas were stocked with trout. I finally caught a small fish which was a sunfish. I was thrilled. The fish was put back in the water to swim on downstream. I think that was the last time I fished.

    I had a friend who had two grandsons. She had a lot of fishing gear. Wesley and I would go with them to Stone Mountain Park where the boys could fish without having licenses. My friend and I could only oversee. The boys never caught anything, but it made for nice outings and good company.


  31. Jo, sounds like a fun excursion that worked out. My story today is on the latest high-density multi-story residential development being built in our once quaint port-side downtown. While there haven’t been huts here in many years, not since the Tongva natives, we still have many little bungalows and Spanish homes that go back quite a few years. Wonder how long many of those will even last going forward.

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  32. I have been going through canned food trying to see the expiration dates. That is much more difficult with poor eyesight. I found many cans I needed to toss. The kitchen trash can got quite heavy. I ended up taking the whole can outside and putting it up on the brick half wall on the outside of the carport which is beside the large garbage bin. Then I tipped the can so the bag with all the canned food fell right in. All that waste makes me sad, but it happens in this (up until now) land of plenty.


  33. I sometimes check to see where readers are who look at my blog (currently book reviews). I just saw a reader is located in the Faroe Islands. Interesting. A geography lesson. Curiosity as to Who and Why?


  34. Today, seventh son got married. Husband went down for the ceremony as did bio dad. They are introducing him to the grandchildren.
    Tomorrow, first son turns forty one, I believe.

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  35. Twenty two year old, one of the first three adopted. Bio uncle to the four little folk. The one that was going to be a crop duster until the girl of his dreams changed his mind so is now a mechanic for fire fighting helicopters.

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  36. Fireworks have started early this year. Most places I have lived, I can count on them starting a little bit around my birthday (one week before July 4), but in Chicago they tended to start a week or two before my birthday and go till almost a week after the holiday, by which time I was heartily sick of them. We’ve been having them about a week already now, so I’m guessing people are making up for missing them last year.


  37. We have a burn ban and a ban on firearms in our county. There could be dire consequences if violated. Everything is tinder dry. Hoping and praying for rain.

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  38. Is it Friday? Did Peter retire from his Friday job?

    I’m on vacation and lost track of what day it was. Besides, we left at 6:30am to go fishing, too early for posting on this thread,

    Thanks for covering for me.

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  39. As for dates on canned goods: I ignore them. The dates are “Best if used by” not an expiration date. I have used some canned goods that were 4 or 5 years past that date and were still good. The only dates I don’t ignore are fresh meats, milk and other such dairy products. Milk usually lasts 1 week past the “Sell by” date. Meat goes rancid after a few days in the fridge.

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