5 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 6-26-21

  1. 🙂 A story NancyJill shared on the prayer thread last night reminds me of my own “highway angels” story from 1997. I was on a busy freeway at rush hour, in heavy fast traffic. The car’s timing belt failed and I suddenly had no power. I was in the second lane from the left among four lanes. With no power, I was coasting and had no chance to move over until the car came to a stop.

    Cars were whizzing past me left and right. People behind me were trying to move over. Then when they moved over cars behind them that didn’t know I was there had to come to a quick stop to avoid hitting me. I was terrified.

    Right after I got off the phone with AAA, long before AAA could get there, a pickup pulled up in the lane to my left and stopped, blocking traffic behind them. Two young men jumped out of the truck, and pushed my car across the blocked lane in front of their truck to the left shoulder, getting me out of the way of traffic. Then they jumped back in their truck and left. I have no idea who they were. I wish I could thank them again.

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  2. 🙂 A college friend I haven’t seen in over 30 years is coming to visit for a few days at the end of this week.

    😦 The house is a wreck.

    🙂 The house is getting cleaned up.

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  3. Kevin, when I was living in Chicago, I did some volunteer work at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Oak Park. Going home meant entering the expressway at the left side (two exits on 290 do this) and getting up to highway speed quickly, but I found out almost immediately my car had almost no power. I had no cell phone, it was not a good part of town and it was close to 11:00, and I had two bad choices in front of me. I could pull off on the left shoulder and be totally at the mercy of anyone who stopped and would have to wait for someone else to call a tow truck or the police, or I could pull across several lanes of traffic and get off at the next exit, a right exit. As a single woman in a small car, getting off seemed a safer option. With a prayer, I chose to pull across, knowing it could cost my life if my car didn’t make it or if a faster vehicle kept going. Traffic was light enough at that hour that it was possible, but it was still scary and dangerous, and in one lane I could see a semi a quarter mile back gaining on me quickly as I drove across an expressway at perhaps 20 miles an hour, maybe less. I pulled into a gas station in a very questionable part of town, called AA and waited nearly two hours for them to show up, but I was not trapped on the inside of the expressway at the mercy of anyone who saw me.

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