18 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-1-21

  1. Idiots.

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Sooner or later some @#$hat with a degree in some made up field comes along and ruins it.


    “Virginia School District Cancels Dr. Seuss Ahead of Read Across America Day

    “As we become more culturally responsive and racially conscious, all building leaders should know that in recent years there has been research revealing radical undertones in the books written and the illustrations drawn by Dr. Seuss.”

    “The Loudon County Virginia school district has decided to distance their Read Across America Day activities from what has traditionally also been a celebration of world-famous children’s author Dr. Seuss’s birthday because of “racial undertones,” according to an article at The Daily Wire.

    Theodor “Ted” Seuss Geisel, or Dr. Seuss to most of the word, was born on March 2, 1904. In 1998, the National Education Association designated the day as “Read Across America Day,” in an effort to young children excited about reading. The day was, for more than two decades, marked with activities that centered on the beloved children’s author.

    The memo obtained by The Daily Wire, regarding the Loudon County school district’s decision, reads:

    “Realizing that many schools continue to celebrate ‘Read Across America Day’ in partial recognition of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, it is important for us to be cognizant of research that may challenge our practice in this regard.”

    “As we become more culturally responsive and racially conscious, all building leaders should know that in recent years there has been research revealing radical undertones in the books written and the illustrations drawn by Dr. Seuss.”

    The left-leaning group, Learning for Justice, citing a 2019 study of more then 50 books penned and illustrated by Dr. Seuss claims that “of the 2,240 (identified) human characters, there are forty-five characters of color representing 2% of the total number of human characters.” Of the 45 characters, 43 exhibited behaviors and appearances that align with harmful and stereotypical Orientalist tropes. The remaining two human characters “are identified in the text as ‘African’ and both align with the theme of anti-Blackness.”


    “Oh The Places The Woke Will Go: Dr. Seuss Canceled For ‘Racial Undertones’”


    “Learning for Justice was formerly known as “Teaching Tolerance,” which has promoted radical views on teaching “social justice” and “racial justice” to students as young as five-years-old. Learning for Justice is the education arm of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

    In a magazine article titled, “It’s Time to Talk About Dr. Seuss,” Learning for Justice cites a study from St. Catherine University that claims Dr. Seuss’s children’s literature is rife with “orientalism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy.”

    The researchers surveyed 50 Dr. Seuss books and concluded that there is not enough diversity in the children’s books, many of which were written in the 1950s.”

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  2. A crisis of their own making.

    Gotta get all those new Dem voters in before 2022 when they lose the House and Senate again.


    “Biden’s getting exactly the border crisis he asked for”

    “A new year, a new president, a return of an old problem: unaccompanied children crossing the border in droves.

    Thousands of children — usually older teens, 16 or 17, but Border Patrol agents report increasing numbers of kids younger than 13 — are arriving each month from Central America.

    On Thursday, a Customs and Border Protection staffer reportedly told top Biden administration officials to expect a peak of 13,000 unaccompanied minors to cross the border in May — the highest level ever.

    “We’re seeing the highest February numbers [that] we’ve ever seen in the history of the [Unaccompanied Alien Child] program,” a Department of Health and Human Services official told Axios.

    That’s right: a crisis worse than the one that brought the “kids in cages” backlash under President Donald Trump, and the earlier crises that prompted the building of those “cages” under President Barack Obama.

    And it’s a crisis that we and others warned would come, as soon as President Biden started reversing every Trump border policy, even those clearly responsible for producing historic lows in illegal crossers, and returning to Obama policies that first triggered the unprecedented waves of children crossing without family.”

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  3. I’m sure the leftist protesters will be along any minute now screaming about how inhumane this is…..

    Or not.


    “Biden Begins Releasing Illegal Migrants Into Border States, Builds Tent Cities To Accommodate The Surge”

    “President Biden is reopening detention centers to accommodate the surge of illegal migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Biden pledged to undo the immigration policies of the Trump administration but what he is doing sure looks a whole lot like the actions of the previous administration. Reality is biting Joe Biden hard.

    When Joe Biden promised to end deportations and issue blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants in the United States, those affected by his promises believed him. Others contemplating seeking asylum at the southern border were encouraged by Biden’s open borders fever dreams. Last week the Biden administration began releasing illegal migrants into the United States who were being held under the Remain in Mexico policy of the Trump administration. That policy was halted by Biden in his ‘Day One’ executive actions on illegal immigration.

    California has now allotted as much as $28 million to help immigrants arriving from Mexico and being released in the U.S. until their court dates. This money is only expected to fund the state’s efforts through June. It will pay for hotel rooms for illegal immigrants to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic before going to their final destinations throughout the U.S. The money will also go toward providing for other needs – the Jewish Family Service of San Diego, for example, provides food, transportation, and help with travel logistics. And California taxpayers will fund health services, including COVID-19 testing.”


    “California is embracing Biden’s attempts at undoing Trump’s immigration policies but it’s a different story in Texas. The mayor of Del Rio, Texas released a YouTube video begging Open Borders Joe to stop releasing illegal migrants into his small town during a devastating winter storm last week. Mayor Bruno Lozano, a Democrat, issued his plea due to the fact he is trying to take care of his town’s legal residents in the storm’s aftermath.”

    ““There’s no plan of action once Border Patrol releases migrants in city centers from being detained,” Bruno Lozano, mayor of the South Texas city of Del Rio, said in an interview.

    Lozano posted a YouTube video last week calling on the Biden administration to stop releasing migrants during a winter storm that ravaged Texas, knocking out power and water for several days in many cities. The Border Patrol resumed releasing migrants in Del Rio on Feb. 20 after the cold passed.

    Lozano said Friday that border agents have resumed releasing people in Del Rio and nearby cities. He noted that nonprofit groups provide cellphones, food and clothing to people leaving border custody and called on federal authorities to ramp up vaccinations in border communities or provide hotel rooms where migrants who test positive can quarantine.”

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  4. Traitor says what?

    Awwww…. you mad you got called out for your traitorous ways, Bro?


    “The Nebraska Republican Party rebuked Sen. Ben Sasse on Saturday for his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump, the latest Republican in Congress to face backlash from a state party.

    The Nebraska GOP’s state central committee formally expressed its disappointment but stopped short of a formal censure, though the resolution said Sasse “stands rebuked” by the Nebraska GOP.”


    “A Nebraska GOP official confirmed the action to CNN on Saturday. The meeting was delayed earlier this month because of a winter storm.

    “Senator Sasse’s condemnation of President Trump and his support for President Trump’s impeachment have been liberally used multiple times by Democrats as justification for a truncated impeachment process that denied the President due process,” the resolution read.

    “The Nebraska Republican Party Central Committee expresses its deep disappointment and sadness with respect to the service of Senator Ben Sasse and calls for an immediate readjustment whereby he represents the people of Nebraska to Washington and not Washington to the people of Nebraska,” the resolution added.”

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  5. Fact checking the lying fact checkers.


    “If you don’t know that ‘fact checkers’ are used by the left and Big Tech to slander and censor conservative messages then you just aren’t up to speed. That’s their mission.

    We get this every day because we are successful and trustworthy in our reporting and the communist Democrats hate it. They hate it when their lies and corrupt acts are spelled out in print or in the Big Media. Cheaters, liars, and thieves always hate getting caught.

    In November we reported on a situation in multiple states where late on Election Night, in the early morning hours, hundreds of thousands of ballots were dropped for Joe Biden. Then after that point, nearly every reporting of the election results were reported at the same ratio. We created a short video to make this point.

    Of course, the Democrats couldn’t let it stand so they came out with bogus articles and arguments trying to justify the obvious questionable acts right in front of us.

    One such entity was factcheck.org. They posted an article where they addressed the drop and roll along with other reported potential election fraud events.

    Hundreds of thousands of votes dropped for Biden Election Night
    After arguing that states routinely stop counting like was done on Election Night (which was nonsense to suggest what was done this election in swing states was normal), the fact-checker next claimed the following about the large ballot drops that occurred for Biden Election Night:

    Claim: “Statistically abnormal vote counts were the new normal when counting resumed. They were unusually large in size (hundreds of thousands) and had an unusually high (90 percent and above) Biden-to-Trump ratio.”

    Facts: This vague claim could either be suggesting that votes were switched (a conspiracy theory we’ve repeatedly debunked and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has said is false) or that the mail-in ballots counted after Election Day were illegitimate.

    Neither is true.”

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  6. Mollie gets it.


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  7. Harassing phone calls all weekend–if we can shut down the world WHY CAN’T WE SHUT DOWN TELEMARKETERS????????? This guy–three times in half an hour–is now leaving messages on our answering machine. (But it’s push a button, not call back, to answer)

    If I can label one email spam and they never return, why can’t my phone company efficiently use the blocking system we pay for? Isn’t this against the law?

    Grrr. Complaint over.

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  8. https://world.wng.org/content/weighing_election_fraud_claims_again

    From World Magazine

    Weighing election fraud claims—again

    POLITICS | MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says there’s “100 percent proof” of President Joe Biden winning large numbers of fraudulent votes. Is there really?

    by Daniel James Devine
    Posted 2/26/21, 02:49 pm

    Election fraud has become the conspiracy that won’t go away. Joe Biden may be the president of the United States, but many Americans still doubt he won the Nov. 3 election fair and square.

    Earlier this month, MyPillow Inc. founder Mike Lindell produced and released a documentary-style video, “Absolute Proof,” that claims to show the 2020 U.S. presidential election was rife with fraud. In the two-hour video, Lindell—a professing Christian and ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump—presents an array of election fraud claims, ranging from vulnerabilities in voting machines to the hacking of U.S. election systems by Chinese agents.

    The video quickly made rounds on social media. To summarize: Lindell maintains there were enough “questionable” votes in the 2020 election to enable Trump to win states like Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin—and thus win a second term as president. Taking the role of program host, Lindell spends most of the two hours interviewing nine guests who dispute the election results or claim to have direct evidence of fraud. (On Monday, Dominion Voting Systems sued Lindell for what it said were false claims about its voting machines.)

    The video’s claims might sound compelling to someone hearing them for the first time. For political conservatives who supported Donald Trump and remain suspicious of the November election results, Lindell’s video may seem like the news America was waiting for.

    WORLD has reported on election fraud claims several times over the past three months (see the end of this article for several links). Such claims are so numerous, we’ve been unable to examine all of them—but Lindell’s video provides an opportunity to look at several in more detail. …


    … WORLD has reported on various claims of election fraud since Nov. 3, including claims made within the first two weeks after the election. We also reported on the Trump campaign’s challenges to vote results in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia.

    In some cases, evidence of what appeared to be suspicious activity later turned out to have a reasonable explanation—as when surveillance video showed vote counters pull containers of ballots from beneath a table and proceed to count them late at night in Atlanta. Georgia officials later said election workers had earlier placed those sealed ballot containers under the table in full view of election observers, who left when they mistakenly believed counting was done for the night.

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, stated in a letter to Congress: “Review of the entire surveillance tape by both law enforcement officers with my office and fact checkers has shown that no untoward activity took place.” (Raffensperger’s office is investigating a dispute about whether county workers told monitors to go home.)

    Thus far, we haven’t found compelling evidence of fraudulent votes that could have tipped the election to Donald Trump. Other journalistic sources have also repeatedly investigated these claims and found them lacking.

    Does that mean absolutely no fraud occurred? No. There were indeed confirmed cases: Texas prosecutors charged a social worker with over 100 counts of felony voter fraud for registering to vote 67 residents from an assisted living facility who had intellectual and developmental disabilities and could not consent. The Heritage Foundation has also kept a running list of voter fraud cases that resulted in criminal convictions. (In one such case, a Canton, Mich., resident forged his daughter’s signature on an absentee ballot.)

    But these confirmed cases of fraud don’t involve enough votes to change the election outcome.
    WORLD in November reported on how electronic voting systems like Dominion do have vulnerabilities, especially with regard to human errors, but paper ballot backups and audits provide means for double-checking the results. Former Attorney General William Barr said the Department of Justice didn’t find evidence to corroborate claims of rigged voting machines.
    In summary, Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” video relies on unreliable “experts,” unsubstantiated charts, and questionable logs. Evidence from other witnesses and experts undermine or outright contradict several of the video’s main claims.

    Truth matters, especially for Christians, no matter who you vote for. Exodus 23:1 commands, “You shall not spread a false report.” WORLD tries to follow the spirit of that verse by not quickly reporting claims of fraud that can’t be substantiated. When we do report unsubstantiated claims, we take care to label them as such.

    God has tasked Christians with carrying the good news of the gospel to the world. Our credibility is important. We should investigate claims of fraud, yes, but avoid pushing theories that crumble under scrutiny.

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  10. Dr Seuss is generally regarded as a leftist. Public libraries in the south were known to ban his children’s books in the 1950-1960s. His post WWII books are generally seen as adovcating toleration, pluralism, social democracy and environmentalism. However, his cartoon illustrations drawn prior to WW2 did contain caricatures and racist stereotypes (my guess is these drawings were of the starving artist I’ll do anything for a buck variety) . During WWII he supported Japanese internement camps and create stereotype cartoons. Given nobody really looks at his pre 1950 cartoons and his children’s books don’t contain these stereotypes, I would hope common sense prevails and this good leftist literature is read to children. Note the school board didn’t ban his books only they weren’t focusing on his works. Thus, I’m sure the vast majority of teachers will read the books since they know the message contained within.

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  11. I would presume migration will increase if the perception of a new tolerant regime is created in Central America. I wonder if the panic mongering of the right wing news media has ironicaly helped create this impression and thus are responsible for increased migration.

    I will withhold my judgment until I see the conditions inside. During the Trump admin, basic toiletries were not given nor were there enough beds etc. Hopefully, the Biden admin will supply toothbrushes, toothpaste and proper bedding. And yes the left is already critizing Biden , unlike Trump Republicans, the left is blindly loyal to a person rather they have ideals they wish to see upheld.

    Ohio counted mail in ballots prior to election day and hence Biden had a quick early lead but was overtaken later in tonight. Pennsylvania waited until the evening to count mail in ballots and hence Biden had a sudden increase in support as the evening became early morning. Not a surprise and the fact cheker is right.

    World missed two cases of voter fraud — in Penn and Florida, a person tried to cast a ballot for a dead family member (mother/wife). It was bipartisan, one for each party. They were of course caught because its nearly impossible to cheat. And to systemically cheat is even harder. The real cheating occurs prior to the election — suppress the vote and gerrymander the results and the Republicans are pros at both. Its interesting to note given Texas’ s interest in voter fraud that they actually changed the rules of mail in voting in the middle of the election campaign — the same thing they accused Penn of doing.


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