38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-11-21

  1. Good morning. Coyotes are howling this morning, and now the roosters have joined in. No little people with me this morning though they were up at three and I expect one to join me in the next five minutes but she will probably go right back to sleep.

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  2. Morning! It is dark outside and I am on my second cup of coffee. Husband woke me at 4:30 because there were flashing lights over at the neighbors home across the road…three fire trucks, ambulance and sheriff cars. Not certain what happened but thankfully they all left after about a half hour…will be touching base with my neighbor later today …

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  3. It is beautiful and we need that symbol now!

    It’s a rainy day here. I went into Publix when it had yet to begin raining. When I got back outside with a cart full of groceries it was drizzling. It has gradually gotten stronger.

    When I drink Chamomile tea my stuffiness gets better. I think I need to get our furnace filter changed. With Covid threatening I have not wanted to call and have someone in our house where the thermostat is. The furnace and all is in the basement. We have a specialized filter and unit because of Wesley having had asthma so I can’t just change it myself like I use to do.

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  4. We probably need more than a symbol right now. The nation is in a very fragile state. Deep breaths, everyone.

    I’m back to work looking for a port story to do. Life goes on.

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  5. Our post office has such an efficient system. I placed an order from Canada in December, which made it to New York December 30. An update on January 1 showed its third New York location, then nothing more except “in transit to next facility” on January 7. It finally shows an updated location: as of this morning it has made it to Kansas. (It seems to be taking the scenic route to Indiana.) Original expected delivery date was last Tuesday; let’s see if it can still come within seven days of that!

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  6. Back in the fall, YA ordered a new sewing machine, as a birthday present to herself, that was being delivered by FedEx. It kept bouncing around the country for a few weeks before ending up being delivered to our house, which was her old address from over six years ago. She didn’t even have that address still listed on her account, but somehow it ended up here anyway. 😀

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  7. I still have my blue teapot avatar from back in WMB days, and I’m not even gonna attempt to change it.

    It’s not really one of my teapots, but a photo I found somewhere online. Since I like teapots and teacups, it seemed perfect.

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  8. And husband ordered new patrol boots Thursday afternoon and they arrived Friday morning! Boy was he surprised. Of course Canada Post had nothing to do with that delivery.

    Husband has been cleared by the surgeon for surgery on Wednesday. He should received clearance from the surgery centre tomorrow, so it looks like it’s going ahead. I sure hope it helps him. I feel so bad when I get grossed out by all his snuffling and choking and gagging. 🙂

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  9. This from Enduring Word on Deuteronomy 8:2

    Some think that God’s work of humbling is accomplished just by bringing us into a humble place.

    But it is where our heart is while we are in the humble place that God is really concerned about.

    We may be in a humble place but longing for something different. We may believe that God owes something different to us, and we will soon get it.

    Instead, God wants us to be content in the humble place He puts us.

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  10. Some don’t live by God’s word because they fight with God’s word:

    “The worst implement with which you can knock a man down, is the Bible; it is intended for us to live upon, – not to be the weapon of our controversies, but our daily food, upon which we rejoice to live.” (Spurgeon)

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  11. Well I had had it with my hair and let my hair gal trim me up…she did a good job and I love that she has a private suite. I suppose it is a new concept to have hair stylist rent their own suite in a shopping center type building. There must be about 30 stylists renting their own suite and they have only their one customer in there at a time…masks on nonetheless 😊
    Well when I post this we shall see “who” I am. I once was able to just type and hit post. Now I must sign in every time and I never know which email Word is going to use…they have given me a split personality!! 😂 (and they still give me a green backdrop sometimes…other times it is plain white…and sometimes I can “like” a post and other times I cannot….they are messin’ with me!!)

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  12. Well, yesterday I gave a testimony in church. You could actually go online if you wanted to and watch it.
    I was thinking that I wanted to use some verses to tie it together. My reading that morning was psalm 40 and i used verses 1-3 and 10
    I waited patiently for the Lord; He inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a sound of praise to our God, many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord

    I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart; I have spoken of Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness from the great congregation.
    Then from Hebrews 11: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

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  13. Jo! Thank you for the encouragement your little talk gave me. “Missionaries are supposed to be spiritual and have verses…” 🙂

    The verses you read were just what I needed to hear tonight.

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