50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-7-21

  1. Morning! It is pretty but I don’t know what it is…is it “opening up the flood gates”?! 😊
    It is still dark outside and we have had our two cups of coffee .. the dog has been fed and now to get with it! Enjoy this glorious day we have been given!

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  2. Good morning. God made a new day for rejoicing and being glad in it. As long as I put my blinders on to all things political, I can find contentment and peace. At least the constant barrage of political ads was not on the news this a.m.

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  3. Good morning from little guy and me. Dark here as well, not surprisingly. He is still struggling with congestion. Or I am struggling with his congestion.

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  4. I am involved with extended family struggle (online) and watching the horrible things going on in our country. So glad God has graced me with his truth, his word, his Holy Spirit, thus a bigger picture of it all and a knowledge of the end of it all. What a gift we are given in salvation!!

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  5. Good morning!

    Well, we tested positive for covid. Spent part of the morning on the phone with employee health, as it was a workplace exposure.

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  6. I am so sorry to hear that news, Rkessler. I think Miguel already has a bad case of it from what you posted before. Prayers for you both to know God’s quick help in trouble times, and that there will be no permanent damage. May you both be given the best of meds available even in times of shortage because you of all people in your healthcare position are worthy of top priority. Love you, Rkessler♡

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  7. Son working in Florida nursing home covid ward thinks he was infected a second time, but it was comparatively light and he was able to return to work quicker than his first infection. And the second time there were no residual after-effects.

    God is good, today and always. The birds in my feeder remind me of this on a daily basis. This morning, a small group of starlings (I think that’s what they are) descended on the feeder and one in particular was very aggressive with the others. At one point he had one of his companions down on the ground pecking him. The poor fellow looked a little unstable as he flew up to the electric wires above. But I don’t allow that kind of behavior to continue for long. I opened the door and stepped toward them, and they all flew away. It is comforting to remember that God sees us and our squawking in Washington DC. He will not allow injustice to continue unabated forever. He sees and will intervene in his good time. It’s in his hands, and so are we.

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  8. So last night I was given a list of eleven tasks to get done. I got right on it and reviewed everything and signed documents. Now I am on the very last thing. It is change my address and I can’t figure out their system and how to do it. Prayers for wisdom appreciated.

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  9. Oh no, RK, I’m so sorry. Hope you get some good medications. At least we’ve come a ways in treatments by now, but it’s not something anyone should want to get.

    Jo, are you going to be able to get both shots before you leave the country, I hope?

    One more day after today, then a weekend at last. The house is cold this morning.

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  10. I’ve been trying to track down a story with a woman whose mom is in a local care center and she (and others there) have just tested positive a second time, so I don’t think the natural immunity is particularly long-lasting, especially with different strains out there now.

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  11. From the Jews for Jesus newsletter this morning:

    A man on a train, his eyes glued to the sights beyond the window, kept exclaiming, “Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!” As the train passed by slums, broken-down buildings, and filthy smokestacks, his fellow passengers became somewhat irritated as he kept repeating, “Wonderful! Wonderful!”

    Finally, the passenger next to him remarked tersely, “Some of the things we’re passing don’t look so wonderful to me.” The man replied, “I’ve been blind all of my life, but through recent medical advancements and the donation of two corneas, I am seeing for the very first time. So, to me, everything looks wonderful.”

    That story reminds me that our view of life is often based upon our own limited perspective. Yet, when all that we see looks dreary or even fearful, God’s perspective is very different.

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  12. Very sorry, Rene. We pray your household will weather this illness without any complications and that it will be a mild case— especially with all the animals, etc, you tend on your property.

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  13. I did not take Mucinex yesterday. I am a bit stuffy, but did okay.

    Since my friend, Karen, has been so out of touch, I am assuming that because her husband is retiring in three weeks that they are having a fresh start. I know he does not care for my Christian influence in her life. I feel very sorry for her. I am no longer useful to them. I am ever so thankful that my friendships through church have grown even stronger this past year. I will keep her in my prayers.

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  14. “Prayer is the greater work,” according to Oswald Chambers.

    You have no idea, Janice, the positive influence you have been in Karen’s life and during the difficult times she has endured. Do not minimize the effective prayer of a righteous woman for another person in a frightening situation.

    The truth you have relayed, the love you have shown, is for good. Trust us on this.

    Please keep praying for the rest of us! LOL We need it. 🙂

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  15. My voice is improved but not happy today. I’m taking that as a sign God wants me to revamp/reorganize my talk. Great. I’ll do it. 🙂

    Last night I woke at 1:30 and lay awake 45 minutes, praying–particularly for Mumsee’s daughter, etc.–then shifted to the other room where I listened to an audio teaching on Isaiah 5-7.

    Ah, my beloved built a vineyard on a very fertile hill. But . . .

    Riveting, chastening, awake a bit longer . . . before falling asleep.

    I’m now going to reread that commentary. It felt too close to home in the middle of the night.

    I’m off social media today. I just couldn’t handle yesterday and today doesn’t appear much better.

    I’ve spent too much time in the Old Testament the last year. None of this surprises me much but makes me feel very, very sad. 😦

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  16. My neighbor’s husband is officially now retired, this has been his first week. She’s already expressed frustration with how she’s a “do it NOW” kind of person and he’s a “mañana” guy. lol. Seriously, though, I sense a real tension between them sometimes so they’ll have to navigate through all of that, it’s a big change with him not working full time for the first time in their married lives.

    But on the good side (I think), he said the hospital where he worked on the maintenance crew for so many years is asking if he can come back for random day-shifts as needed on a per diem basis.

    He said yes with enthusiasm as he told me this several days ago, his wife, sitting nearby on the front porch later told me she wished he wouldn’t work at all. But I really think it’s good for many folks to stay in the game, even if only as a transition period, it helps physically and mentally. So I was glad he’s got the possibility of that option.

    (I mentioned the Home Depot idea but they both said the pay is horrible and wouldn’t be seen as worth it really, so I get that, too.)

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  17. Michelle, I’m sure the story at 11:47 is apocryphal–I’ve done some reading on adults seeing for the first time, and they can barely figure out “perspective” enough to walk across rooms in their own homes, let alone sitting on a train with scenery whizzing by. It is a very good point, but I do wish writers would choose true stories to make such points. 🙂 An anecdote of a person recently come to this country from poverty elsewhere would say the same thing.

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  18. It is difficult to have someone there all the time. I am hardly ever alone at home. 45 minutes twice a day if I stay home. If I go to work then no. Now I feel “uncomfortable” if I am alone in the house or any such thing.

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  19. Years ago, when I was a teenager, my parents and younger brother and sister were going camping. We had a trailer, and I wasn’t a particular fan of camping. I don’t know who made the suggestion, but it was decided that I would stay with an adult friend and her family. I don’t know if I suggested it, or Mom, or the friend, but we all agreed to it.

    I think they were initially going to be gone five days, and they called and asked if it was OK if I stayed two days longer, something like that. My friend was in her twenties and had a husband and two sons and a dog that was half coyote.

    One day she was getting ready to hang out the laundry and I asked if she wanted me to help, and she said no. She hung it out, and then came in and complained that I was lazy, that I hadn’t even helped with the laundry. I was completely mystified. “I offered to help, and you said no.”

    “I said no because you didn’t really mean it.”

    “I wouldn’t have offered to help if I didn’t mean it.”

    Personally, I am not a big fan of helping out with meals in someone else’s kitchen. I always feel like I’m in the way, I don’t know where anything is or how they usually do things, and I’d rather do my own cooking and let a hostess do hers. But if she gives me one simple task, I’ll happily be in the kitchen talking with her while we both work. For instance, if she says, “It would help if you would slice these three tomatoes. I already washed them. Here’s a knife, a cutting board, and a plate. Slice them fairly thick, please.” And I grew up hanging clothes on the line and would happily have hung them up with her to have a chance to do something and chat.

    Later she came to me and apologized for getting upset with me. She said, “When two people are together 24 hours a day, they’re bound to get on each other’s nerves sometimes.” It was interesting to me, because she hadn’t been getting on my nerves. And I realized that maybe I’m different from other people in that way, that people don’t get on my nerves just by being present too much. Now if they are doing something that annoys me (repeated tapping of a pencil, for instance), that’s a different matter.

    And right then, at 16 years old, I decided what would be a good marriage for me would be someone with whom I could be snowed in, in a small cabin, with all our needs in place but no way to leave, for an extended period.

    My husband and I have not touched anyone other than each other, or had anyone into our house or been in anyone else’s house, or to church or a store, for just short of ten months. March 10 last year he had a medical appointment and I did grocery shopping, and those were our last outings before we decided to isolate. It isn’t being snowed in, and we have a larger home than the cabin I imagined in my ponderings, but it also is longer than I anticipated. Sunday a man from church brought us our “mail” from church. We were eating lunch, but my husband went to the door, and stepped outside to chat with the man for a few minutes. He came in with a big grin, so thrilled to have been able to talk to someone face to face for a few minutes. Being homebound and isolated isn’t normal and it isn’t good–but I still haven’t found like my friend did that being together twenty-four hours a day is bound to make you get on each other’s nerves. We’re very, very happy not to be alone in this season.

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  20. I feel I am content either by myself or with another one or two people around. I do not like to have the television on all the time though, but since Art’s hearing is not all that great now he often keeps the sound off and uses the captioning so even that is worked out. 😀 God turns all things to good . . .

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  21. So sorry to hear rk! Praying you get through it with the mildest of symptoms… ❤️
    Michelle yes…tell her to get to it! I will be her first customer to purchase the book! I am almost never ever alone in this house. Husband retiring almost 6 years ago….adult child still living at home and thanks to COVID she works at home as well!! 😳 Just as soon as I get the kitchen cleaned…someone goes in and messes it…right after I have exited! I get the mop out to clean the floors….someone decides to come in and walk on it…with dirty shoes on….I need a she shed!! 😂 (I do have my sewing room in a guest bedroom upstairs to where I can escape at times!)

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  22. Our power has been out for about 3 hours now. The sun is going down, so I’ve replaced all the batteries in almost all of our battery string lights which I had been letting run down so I could put them away after Christmas. I guess we’ll get to enjoy them for longer now. Power is supposed to be fixed in about 3 hours. I’m sure glad it’s now -40 with a howling wind – the house would be freezing!

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  23. Oh that reminds me Kevin….Lulah does her share of messing things up around here too!! Her human takes her out on the dirt roads for her daily run…she comes home with sand, dirt, mud, snow and burrs on her fur…and her human lets her come right on in … on my just cleaned floors😂
    Hope you can keep warm and cozy until that power comes back on Kare… 🥶

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  24. Sorry RKessler, praying for healing for you all.

    Michelle, I thought the same thing about the story as Cheryl. People who have their sight restored after being blind from a young age have to learn all the skills most people acquire while still babies – depth perception, shape and colour recognition, and so much more. They often find it very overwhelming to try to learn those things in adulthood, unable to recognise loved ones without hearing them speak or touching them, which are the senses by which they first learned to know their lives ones. Only Christ had the ability to restore sight to the blind from birth in such a way that it was restored as if they had never been blind in the first place. Modern medicine can restore sight in a limited way but cannot simultaneously implant information into the visual cortex of the brain so that it knows how to interpret what the eyes see. The illustration would be better of someone who had once been able to see, lost their sight, and then had it restored again.

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  25. Interesting discussions here.
    I don’t have anything to add.
    Just sitting around, watching FoxNews. I can’t see well enough to read anymore.
    I am essentially alone most of the time.
    I have Elvera, of course, but she just sits in the big chair.
    Wishing she could be somewhere else. But she can’t

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  26. It’s not that Md P is here. It’s that there is no quiet time if he is awake. He even had a 📻 in the 🚿 shower 🧼. The first thing he does is turn the 📺 on. He sets a timer for it to go off after he is asleep.
    I have lived quite happily without a 📺. I can drive for hours in a car without noise.

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  27. My mother often has the radio on. She spends about half the day lying down with her pain, and the radio gives an opportunity to listen and learn during that time. Our attempts to teach her new technology have all been unsuccessful, so she has No audiobooks, no social media, no texting, and no internet. The radio, and the landline phone, are really her only direct links to the outside world.

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  28. I need background noise in the house…usually music and sometimes the tv.. I have tinnitus rather severely so. The ringing gets quite loud in this old head and my ENT doc even understood when I told him I needed something else to drown out the loud ringing. He recommends such to his patients. Husband prefers total quiet. He hates having a radio on in the car…I prefer it on….opposites!
    Thankful you have electricity Kare!

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  29. The young lady we were exposed to covid by , died this evening at 27 years old. She leaves behind a husband and young son. So sad.

    My neighbor, who has been struggling with her health, including 2 lengthy hosptal stays and a feeding tube, calked me this evening to say” My tubes not clogged, I don’t have any problems, I kust wanted you to be the first to know that I got my tube out and can eat whatever I want!” There was more to it than that, as she gave me the blow by blow of her last couple of weeks. What a blessing!

    Sorrow mixed with joy. You just take it as it comes.

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  30. I am waiting in the parking lot at Smiths for my grocery order. I can’t spell, obviously, but have to wait another 10 minutes for my pickup appt.

    What a blessing to be able to order online and then sit in your car and not have to expose anyone else. Even Walgreens let me purchase everything through the drive up window. We had an online dr visit today, and she ordered prescriptions for Miguel. I got otc items and a pulse oximeter which the gathered for me prior to my arrival and paid for at the drive up.

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  31. Oh rk how sad about this young wife and mother! Brings tears and heart hurt for those left behind…I am so sorry 😢
    It ‘tis a sweet blessing for you to have those conveniences to drive up and get what you need during this time…how are you feeling? Continued prayers for you, Miguel and hoping your little guy is spared from the virus…

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  32. I went shopping today. Mostly buying things that others have asked me to bring back to PNG. With all that is happening, I put on a music cd of hymns to listen to. Then on the way home I put on pandora. Lots of frustrating things happening and it helped me to focus on Him.

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  33. I haven’t read the last several comments here yet, but I did see Kim’s note. Yep, the constant noise completely changes the equation. When I was getting ready to marry my husband, he had a dog he didn’t like. I’m a dog lover and actually like the idea of having two dogs, so that they can each have a playmate. But he told me that the dog constantly licked whatever it was lying on, so that you’d hear the noise constantly. That was enough for me to agree with him that we should only keep one dog, Misten. That’s not the same thing as TV noise, but an example. It sounds like he needs headphones!

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