60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-2-20

  1. Right on Kim.
    This is likely the most crucial time in my lifetime.
    I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know it would be this way and not during my lifetime.
    Maybe our prayers will be answered with a full recovery and honest election..

    Am I the only one who realizes that Biden is not his own man and is incapable of running the country. You don’t have to “like” Trump to know that we need to keep him.

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  2. Good Morning! Sad to hear about the President and his wife…we continue to pray for their health and safety…and mostly for His divine guidance to be sought in all their ways and ours… ❤️

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  3. Good morning. It’s chilly here and the Birthday Tree has turned yellow within about two days time.

    Yesterday I heard about the possibility that Trump may have contracted Covid and then today heard he and Melania both have it. And I heard that during the debate, Biden was at some point not very far from Trump. The way they spewed words there would have been a lot of opportunity for germ sharing in the air.

    A group, Intercessors for America, gathers by phone or on Facebook Live every First Friday to lift national concerns to God. I expect some heavy duty prayers will rise up today if anyone wants to tune in.

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  4. Guess the editors scrambled last night and were able to get the news is all but our very earliest print edition. It broke at around 11 p.m. (Pacific Time). I was still up and saw the alert come over the phone.

    Praying that their symptoms are mild, relatively speaking, and that there will be no other fallout from this new situation (though there undoubtedly will be, I’m afraid). Several sites are reporting it already is “upending” the campaign and election, which may not be an overstatement at this stage.

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  5. And on a lighter note.

    I’m crying with laughter, my children are questioning my sanity, and the answer to my son’s question: “Did you get any sleep last night, Mom?” Is no.

    But, really, these are so ridiculously bad:


    One of my colleagues WON this “worst opening lines of the year” contest 20 years ago.

    And I slink off to the land of pundom.

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  6. Some good tweets turning up this morning among all the “usual” rest that you can anticipate on a day like today:

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  7. Sometimes, things need a little perspectiveive, a little widening of the lens to see things in theur true proportion. The are other countries in the world, all of which are affected by this virus. The POTUS is not the only world leader nor the First Lady the only spouse of a world leader to have tested positive. The others all survived.

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  8. I think it’s the timing of the very contentious election that makes this a bit of a nail biter, roscuro.

    From Veith, only partly tongue-in-cheek?:

    ~ The White House is in quarantine.

    This throws a monkey wrench into his campaign and into the election, just a month away.

    Is 2020 an apocalyptic novel that we are all trapped in? ~

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  9. I am praying that President Trump will get some rest from this. He has been going all out and needs time to slow down. It also shows the hearts of many in their response.

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  10. Wow! Michelle, I did not read them all but those did bring on laughter. How clever . . . Jehovah Witness protection program and cannibals enjoying their meal with wine, etc. Over the top!


  11. The blog email is glitchy. It’s not auto updating despite being set to do so and granted permission. As a result I didn’t get the photo I’m posting above until this AM. when I manually updated and got the email. Michelle sent it earlier in the week.

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  12. Roscuro, yes, although for those of us living in the midst of it all, this period is exceedingly contentious and there’s a sense of things being “on the brink” right now. This election especially has been an extreme experience of division, tension and high emotion.

    All elections are tense in some ways, but this period really is all of that — but on steroids. It perhaps is similar to the atmosphere we had politically in the late 1960s, but I was in high school back then (and personally remember it well) and I’d say this climate exceeds what we were seeing then.

    In short, for the U.S. in 2020, in this particular divided climate, this turn of events is potentially a very big deal.

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  13. The political season is not nearly so bad if you don’t watch network news anymore and limit Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc. to 10 or 15 minutes a day (combined)….and don’t read ALL of every single link AJ posts (sorry AJ)….and mute any FB political posts (and don’t post any more yourself)….and take up gardening and bird-feeding as useful activities (most of our hummers have already migrated and the young skinny one is almost fattened enough for the journey)…and realize that after you leave your current assignment and retire, God very likely has another plan for your life (Dad was a missionary in the Philippines for almost 20 years AFTER he turned 65).

    I’m inspired by Michelle’s link and practicing my tortuous run on sentences. :–)

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  14. Debra, some of us are born news hounds 🙂

    But yes, at several points I’ve just needed to “step away” from all the noise during this particular election. Someone last night mentioned another political development and I’d not heard of it, probably because I’ve taken to scrolling by many posts and am avoiding the news programs other than for basic updates.

    Still, the tension is there, we’re pretty much surrounded by it depending on your daily schedule and contacts.

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  15. A friend and I this morning were discussing the handy tool of “hiding” FB posts as the election gets closer. I never post about politics and try to avoid reading any that do.

    I watched the debate, but wanted nothing to do with reading the “analysis” in the days that followed, for the most part.

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  16. It may be that God has decided to take a little time to show us Pence.
    In my view, Trump is a good guy, just finding out who he is in God and God is doing His mighty work. I will continue to pray for his and Melania’s recovery, while praying that they continue to set their eyes on God and live full in His wonderful peace.
    And I will pray that God continues to work in His people, turning our hearts to Him. Taking away the evil of hatred and teaching us to love our neighbor even in disagreements.
    Some of the responses to this are stunning as people wish him a painful death from it. What are people thinking??

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  17. Tucker is my one guilty habit on youtube. I like that he brings some ordinary people and highlights their experiences. But sometimes I don’t make it to the end of the show. :–)

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  18. Janice, if Tucker is a racist then I probably am too. In fact, one family member on fb called another family member racist simply for saying they wanted more information before making a judgement. I discovered the mute function shortly after that. ;–)

    Thanks for IFA link. Is that affiliated with the organization begun by Derek Prince?

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  19. I like Tucker but was sorry to see him jump on the covid bandwagon that’s become so (unnecessarily) political.

    So I will watch him but generally am trying to back off of all the biased “noise” from both sides right now. It’s tiresome and not very spiritually or mentally healthy after a while.

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  20. Debra, being a healthcare workers in a time of pandemic really puts things in perspective. Basically, day to day life is more important than future planning right now and politics is all about future planning. There really is something in what Jesus taught us to pray “Give us this day our daily bread.” If I could sum up the lessons of my early adult years in one phrase, it would be to live day by day, and hold the future very lightly indeed.

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  21. I have not heard anything about IFA being associated with Derek Prince. Michelle Bachman was on to lift our nation in powerful prayer to God today. Another lady with the group 50 days of Blessings was on also. Her group has a permit to be at Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House. She said the Secret Service have noticed the peace that is there when they are on campus and the unrest when they are not there. They get a lot of thanks.

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  22. A lady in my Bible study is from Brazil so we prayed a lot when their President had Covid. It still did not seem as critical as the timing of this and the overarching complications given the link that the USA has in world affairs. But then again there is that true cliche about a chain only being as strong as its weakest link.

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  23. Michelle, I have read a lot in a book, How Not To Die, by Michael Greger, M.D., and in reading in the section on diabetes, he states that diabetic neuropathy can sometimes be eliminated through a vegan diet. I remember someone else here had mentioned that. You might want to learn more about that approach to helping with your malady.


  24. Still under mandatory evacuation, which may be lifted today. Air quality is very poor, and the coast nicer, so we’re here until at least tomorrow night.

    It will take me all day to adequately clean after Adorables leave.

    Concern now is smoke damage. I’d not thought of that before. But they stopped the fire 8 houses from mine, so it could be an issue.

    I’m just very weary.

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  25. I wasn’t there, of course, but I saw it live at 2:30 am.

    Just got the notice we’ve been reduced to a warning and will go home tomorrow as mentioned above.

    Friends are advising us to get to work on having the smoke damage assessed, so I’m leery about the return.

    Maybe I’ll send my husband home alone and stay a few more days by myself . . .

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  26. Oh, praying all will be well. You all must be exhausted.

    Back to the timing of the latest “breaking news,” for the first time that I (and others) can remember, there’s serious talk that the nation may, in face, be facing its end game. it goes back further than 2016, but the tension and upheaval and division has multiplied since then. God may be through with this nation, one Christian friend messaged me the other night.

    So that’s the situation we find ourselves in now, making the covid diagnosis not a huge deal in itself, perhaps, but coming right up on a groundbreaking election (voting has already begun) and amid a “break” between various sides that’s deeper than most of us have ever personally experienced, it will “do” as a major development.

    Finished a campaign story (la county board of supes race) but I still need to find mugs for that — and a bridge story plus I interviewed someone else for another story on Trump’s diagnosis another editor was doing, just had to send in a feed to him.

    Really busy day.

    Looks like it only got up to 88 here today.

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  27. It’s been chilly here all day, and probably did not make it to 70. Tonight will be the coldest so far, in the 40s.

    We had 6 ladies on the telephone praying this afternoon, 2 are black and 4 white. It is a precious hour. I start us out by reading from a devotional book by Evelyn Christianson. She is from a generation back yet so much is still relevant today. But since it is Bible based, the Bible is timeless. We are all so blessed by these prayer times. My friend who is 90 is our oldest member.

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