7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-20-19

  1. People can be so foolish. All the teaching about animals and humans being the same thing does not help. 😦

    🙂 Off to celebrate Easter with 2/3 of our grands. What joy! Our holidays are changing as our children and grandchildren grow and that is necessary, but bittersweet. We have so much to be grateful for–not to mention the whole reason for Easter. Hallelujah!

    🙂 Good medical personal who are patient, kind, knowledgeable and capable.

    🙂 The gift of prayer and prayer warriors. I find it interesting that the bible tells us God, himself, has prepared good works for us to do. What a blessing to be able to work along side the God of the universe, so to speak!

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  2. Chas, the secular folks refer to those people as worthy of the Darwin Award (proving the “survival of the fittest” theory).

    But I always think we as believers should remember ‘there but for the grace of God.” Maybe we wouldn’t be that stupid in that circumstance, but we all have plenty of opportunity to display our own silliness in other areas (but somehow manage usually to survive).

    In this case, perhaps we should blame Disney. One of the coyote researchers I’ve interviewed said we collectively now suffer from the Disney effect when it comes to our view of wild animals being so benign.

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  3. Watching my own, the older siblings/aunties and uncles adore the baby.

    Baby responds in kind.

    But what about the emotionally vulnerable daughter? Good or bad?


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