Prayer Requests 4-20-19

Anyone have something to share?

Luke 23:50-56

The Burial of Jesus

50 Now there was a man named Joseph, a member of the Council, a good and upright man, 51 who had not consented to their decision and action. He came from the Judean town of Arimathea, and he himself was waiting for the kingdom of God. 52 Going to Pilate, he asked for Jesus’ body. 53 Then he took it down, wrapped it in linen cloth and placed it in a tomb cut in the rock, one in which no one had yet been laid. 54 It was Preparation Day, and the Sabbath was about to begin.

55 The women who had come with Jesus from Galilee followed Joseph and saw the tomb and how his body was laid in it. 56 Then they went home and prepared spices and perfumes. But they rested on the Sabbath in obedience to the commandment.

8 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 4-20-19

  1. Twenty one year old continues to struggle with PPD. Husband may leave tomorrow to pick up the grandson and bring him here for a few months. Wisdom.

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  2. Mumsee – Is it possible to keep the family together in any way? (Although I guess you would have already explored that option.) Is your daughter open to getting help?

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  3. Ideally, they would stay together We are trying to make that happen by offering to take him for a few months. She is deeply into depression and overwhelmed. They are both in the Navy so help is available. She is seeing a psychiatrist and getting mental health help but it is a process. No instant solutions. They are both quite open to grandson coming here. Son in law will deliver but we need to see that she is watched while he is gone. She is very emotionally fragile. Prayer prayer prayer. God knows.

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  4. Oh, and since we like to make sure all our adventures happen simultaneously, pregnant older sister has been doing other folk’s prescription drugs: adderol, zanax and molly just for extra in addition to her prescribed anti depressants. I sure hope she moves back home so she can clean up. She wants to, but does she want to enough?

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  5. Are there any local to her Pregnancy Counseling Centers that could help, or is only the Navy?

    Even I, a long trained PCC volunteer benefitted frim them helping me when an unwed jobless mim lived with us.

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  6. I don’t know, I used to work at one over there, but that was nearly thirty years ago. We tried to get them to connect with the churches or chapels and find some Christians to help. But the Navy has been quite generous with options.

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  7. Thanks for praying. She decided it was a silly waste of time to hate somebody. She said she used to hate a different sister but I told her it only hurt her, not the sister and was kind of silly anyway. So she got over that. She decided if she could forgive one she could forgive the other. And life is merry again. God is so amazing.

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