72 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-23-19

  1. I know you have been missing The Adventures of Papa and Little Miss (Grandpa changed his name when she decided to call him Papa—“She can call me anything she wants to”.

    Somehow there is a tree frog living in the master bathroom. He likes to climb the shower walls. Now this might gross the average person, including me, out, but we have had some wet cold weather and everything needs a little shelter occasionally. Also, the average humanitarian would capture Mr. Froggy and set him free in his natural environment. Not my husband. He has been keeping an eye on the tree frog.
    Yesterday morning he proposed getting a little plastic aquarium and putting the frog in it with some leaves and bugs so that Little Miss could observe it and learn about frogs.
    It you scroll far enough down this page you can see a photo of Mr. P with a fish from 2014 or so. He hasn’t changed much, so just envision this man outside catching bugs to bring INSIDE to feed a tree frog who would probably be most happy to be escorted out to a nice TREE. what with being a TREE frog and all….

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  2. Morning! Oh what a beautifully charming photo up there! The leaf color is spectacular!!!
    I remember tree frogs when we lived in FL…those things would suction themselves on the outside of the windows and just stare at you. Perhaps suggest to Papa that Little Miss could observe them in their natural habitat 🐸…they could go on frog expeditions 😊

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  3. My brother is taking me to see the babies this morning. He has not seen them yet. I hope he does not faint. Husband’s sister will meet us there. She has not seen them yet. She will have thoughts.

    Daughter and son in law are car shopping today. They have been using one of our cars, the car we bought from her when she joined the Navy, but it does not seat three car seats.

    Or all that could change and other daughter will have a baby. Only God knows what He has in store for today. But I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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  4. That tree!!!

    I’m almost done decorating the house for Christmas. I tend to go all out when we’re having lots of company. We prayed when we bought this house that we would be able to welcome many visitors and friends – He has answered that prayer in more ways than I thought possible. Why am I surprised by that πŸ™‚

    So far we have 25 trees up (most are quite small) but the real tree won’t go up until into December.

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  5. Peter, in Vivaldi’s day, classical music was the rock music of it’s time. There was much less notation, and a skilled musician could interpret what was written in his or her (Vivaldi wrote much of his music for La Pieta, a girl’s school in Venice) own style and according to the individual’s skill. As a middle skill level musician myself, I greatly prefer playing Baroque (Vivaldi’s music falls within the Baroque era, as does Bach and Handel) or Classical (Haydn’s and Mozart’s era) music to music of the later Romantic era, where all the notes are filled in for you and there is no room to maneuvre.

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  6. Our tree is up. I am glad of that. The past three years, I have not had much time to spend at home around Christmas, and I missed the familiar traditions around the Advent and Christmas season more than I would admit to myself. When I am away at work all day, leaving for work when it is barely light, and coming home in complete darkness, the lighted tree at home is cheering. When people prattle of ‘pagan’ origins around the lights, greenery, and decorations of Christmas time, I wonder, do such people not notice one fact of life at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere? It is dark.

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  7. Phos, aat your latitude, it is indeed dark early at Christmas.
    In 1951, I spent Christmas in Prestwick, Scotland because our C-97 had an engine fire at take off. So? we spent almost a week in Scotland. I liked Scotland. And the girls are pretty there.
    But it got dark early, and light late.


  8. So, after 24 miserable hours, 3.5 books read and a third viewing of the movie “Yesterday” (I fell asleep this time), I woke up about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

    And didn’t fall back to sleep until about 3 this morning. (Which is why I read 3.5 books!)

    Feeling great today!

    We’re being warned by the fire department about a possible “big wind” event on Monday–which means possibly turning off the power for the 7th time this year!–followed by rain on Tuesday.

    Their advice?

    Go outside on this beautiful day and clean out your gutters. Rain is coming!

    Which may, may, may mean the end of the fire season for awhile.

    Thanks be to God.

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  9. It’s always a treat to sleep in a little bit on Saturdays.

    It’s chilly but sunny outside, although we have rain coming through the latter part of this week so the plans with the cousins are in flux. I’m meeting friends for a Thanksgiving meal out and promised Carol I’d get up to see her sometime over the weekend. Cousins and I were supposed to head south to meet up with another cousin of their’s (on their mom’s side of the family so not a blood relative of mine) who’s visiting (from Iowa? Arizona? Not sure and I think I’ve only met her one or two times in years past).

    But we were going to do that on either Friday or Saturday, which worked perfectly for me as they’re both days off for me this year. But then the rain forecast popped up and the cousins didn’t like the idea of traveling the roads in the rain. So now they’re talking about doing it on Sunday which is more complicated for me personally, of course, mainly due to church but it’s also a day I tend to keep “clear” — which is also helpful as it’s back to work for me the next day. So I may take a rain check, literally, to get together with them at another time before Christmas.

    I suppose I should get into the garage today to start the Christmas box hunt. Everyone’s decorating so early.

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  10. Oh, gutters. I forgot about that. I was going to try to do that myself. But the gardener comes on Monday, maybe I can ask him if he can do at least a cursory job of it for a little extra $?

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  11. Chas, Scotland’s latitude is even further north than southern Ontario, so the days are even shorter than here. I always used to wonder when Dickens would speak about it being dark at mid afternoon during winter in his books until I finally made the connection between winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the latitude of the British Isles. Last year, when I was in Nunavut, the very short daytime interval (we never saw the sun from the end of October on, even in the daylight, as the mountains along the fjord hid it) began to feel disorienting and some of the experienced nurses warned us it could cause mood swings. This year, I am not that far north, but the clinic is constructed in such a way that I do not see outside all day.

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  12. Good morning. Still at daughter’s, though planning to go home today. She has the funeral of a long time client to go to this afternoon. I will go home after that. The bed in her guest room is about to kill me. I got up early and lay on the floor to try to stop my back from spasming.

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  13. Beautiful tree.

    I did not appreciate driving into the sunset yesterday around 4:30. I do not like the early night. It makes me very tired, very early for one thing.

    If we could show that shocked face on the like, I would have used it when Kim mentioned all those Christmas trees. I will bet your house looks beautiful, though.

    I cannot do Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Really, though, my house is still in upheaval because of the bathroom renovation. It is amazing how much stuff one can have in a master bath. It isn’t that big! Plus, we had to move the doll house from the front door area so no one would run into it when hauling things in. It sits in front of the piano for a few more days. Then I need to get on the dust before putting anything out.

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  14. My second or third winter after college I never saw the sunlight. Our office was on the first floor that year, not the best part of Chicago, and so we had those thick glass-block windows that let in a little light but can’t readily be broken into and don’t let you see outside. I drove to work in the dark and drove home in the dark, and on weekends I lived in a house where the blinds didn’t open. (I eventually bought new ones, but the landlady said blinds weren’t her responsibility, and they were a size that wasn’t sold in stores, so it took some time to track down a place that sold them and buy some, and I didn’t have them that first winter in the house.)

    When I moved from Phoenix to Chicago to go to college, I knew I would have to endure cold weather, and I would have to endure snow and ice. But nobody mentioned shorter days and no one told me the skies were gray nearly all winter. I had a lot to get used to, but I found those aspects about as difficult as anything. I also found it hard that Chicago doesn’t have many trees and that what trees it does have are leafless six to seven months out of every year. I did better at handling the cold itself than I thought I would, but the rest of the aspects of winter were harder than I expected. I’m definitely a “summer” girl.

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  15. There is more tiredness that we feel, I think, when nighttime comes so early.

    Even working from home I’m surprised to find it fully dark by the time I’m “off the clock” typically between 5 or 6 p.m. Working from the office is even more stark, it’s fully dark on the drive home (but I am glad on those days that my commute, now just across 2 bridges spanning the twin ports, is about half what it was before at our old office in another city with a lot more traffic).

    The sun shines through most of our winter months — which is probably why so many winter-weary Midwesterners, especially Iowans for some reason, came here in droves over the years.

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  16. I have quit decorating for Christmas. I usually leave here as everything is closed. Then, the years that I go home, all of my things are still packed up. I loaned what I have here to a friend last year. She asked if she could borrow my quilted wall hanging again and I told her that it is already packed. Looking forward to two years from now when I will get everything out again.

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  17. Nightingale was reviewing the document X’s lawyer drew up, in which she gave X 11:00 to 5:00 on Thanksgiving, which is fine since Nightingale works that day. But she also put in 11:00 to 5:00 on Christmas Day! Nightingale edited it there, and in a couple other places, and sent it back to both lawyers. She remarked to me that hers was more professional-looking than what the lawyers had done.

    Hopefully this (edited) agreement, which is being put together outside of court, will be acceptable to both parties. Due to the guardian ad litem’s investigation, the next court date is not until January.

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  18. Oh! That tree is gorgeous!

    We left Waco, TX around 10 a.m. yesterday morning and drove into our driveway around 1 a.m. this morning. Art drove the whole way. We also drove straight from home to Dallas last Monday (we started out at 5:30 a.m.). I have been napping this afternoon and Miss Bosley has been catching up on lost cuddle time.

    When I feel like writing more, I will tell about a little mishap we had that turned out okay.

    And we did not eat much meat while on the trip, but had way too many carbs. Now back to the stricter vegan diet.

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  19. Hmm, I just realized that I didn’t plan any sort of centrepiece for the extra long table we will have. I will need to think on that and do some planning…

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  20. We have been stuck for 4 hours. The tow truck can’t get down to us to wench is out. 3 companies refused to come. Another truck is on the way. We are merely inches off the concrete pad but the land is wet. Adventures in real estate. Oh and this is a $69000 listing.
    πŸ€”πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ At least the dogs πŸ• are friendly

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  21. Our neighbors, especially the ones who live in the apartment house on the other side of us, tease Nightingale about wanting to decorate for Christmas too early. (She hasn’t done anything yet, but talks about wanting to.)

    So Nightingale is going to “prank” them. She bought some battery-powered Christmas lights, and she is going to put them up in the area outside their side door, where they go out to smoke. πŸ˜€

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  22. We are home. The people who came to get us out were wonderful. It took them several hours.
    I’m exhausted because I have been awake since 3 am. I will tell you more tomorrow.

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  23. There are a few more *little* blue blossoms on the plumbago plant I planted in the backyard a few weeks ago.

    It’s derided as just a throw-away “freeway” plant by many nurseries, but I’ve always loved the contrast of the dark green foliage against the periwinkle blue flowers. And it grows like a weed (which I’m sure some real landscapers consider it to be), it needs very little water once it’s established. You just have to keep it trimmed back so it doesn’t grow out of control.

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  24. You don’t like the early darkness? Move to Illinois. The state senate passed a measure to make Daylight Saving Time permanent.


    The article makes a common mistake, though. It says people in Illinois will have more daylight hours. How uninformed a lot of Americans are who think that way. DST doesn’t add extra daylight. It just moves the time such that it gets dark later in the afternoon, and takes that hour of sunshine from the morning.

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  25. I made it home. Fixed my hubby a honey, lemon, and brandy mixture for his cough. He is currently sleeping without a cough.

    I finished reading the first Little Britches book to Trey. We both cried when his dad died.

    It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

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  26. Oh, I just loaned Little Britches to my neighbor. I have also given it to two of my children. One of them already had it.


  27. Adventures in Real Estate, Weekend Edition.
    I have been connected with a bank that finances land/home packages for mobile homes. (Don’t confuse mobile homes and motor homes). Unfortunately, the people who do this package aren’t the best a paying mortgages.
    Listing these properties is easy and good money for me. Unfortunately some are not in the very best areas. This one was located in McIntosh. The people up there are all mostly related, and a little temperamental. Years ago university hospital first got a LifeFlite helicopter it was nicknamed the Weaver Retriever, because sometimes there would be disagreements amongst the clans.
    The plan was to go up, take photos, and put my for sale sign up. This particular home was behind a house and the bank had told me they put in a new driveway, but did caution me not to take my car up there. so we took Mr. P’s truck. This area is also between several rivers and creeks and bayous, so it is “wet”. We walked all around the trailer and commented on it. Luckily there was a concrete parking pad at the end of the driveway.
    The woman who lives in the front of the property walked out so I walked back to talk to her, let her know who I was, and ask where she preferred I put the sign. Turns out it was her land and she gifted a part of it to her son to put the mobile home on, but he let it go back to the bank. I told her I was sorry and we chatted. During that time Mr. P decided to turn the truck around and come back up the driveway. Unfortunately he got off the parking pad. His left rear tire was mere inches from the concrete but with it being a Nissan Titan and only two wheel drive he got stuck.
    Now you, have to remember that Mr. P didn’t grow up around swampy wetlands and before I could get back down the driveway he had spun the tires. We walked around and found some bricks and boards to shove under the tires but it didn’t work. He called USAA roadside assistance and they were sending a tow truck. The next door neighbor walked over and offered to help. We thanked him and told him a two truck was on the way. This was about 2:00 in the afternoon. An hour later Mr. P called USAA back to get an update. Two tow companies had refused to come. (The question here is did they refuse to come because the Alabama game started at 2:30 or did they refuse to come because of the address.
    Around 3:00 we got a call from a towing company that had agreed to come, but they were 45 minutes away. Remember it is now getting dark between 5 and 5:30. They show up but decide not to back the tow truck down the driveway, because they didn’t want to get stuck as well. The decision is made to attach two “come alongs” which I just Googled and found out they are really come alanges) to the back bumper, secure them with cleats to the side of the concrete parking pad and wench the truck out with what I over hear is 7 tons of torque.
    That didn’t work so they got the jack out of the truck, put a concrete paver we found under the truck and tried to jack it up. That didn’t work. The owner of the towing company promised he wouldn’t leave us. They kept working on it to the point that the cleat slips from the concrete pad, slung a chip of concrete that flew through the air had hit Mr. P on the head –did I mention 7 tons of torque? Fortunately it grazed the top of his head, no blood, no goose-egg. The wenching thing a ma jig popped off and hit the tailgate of the truck (the towing company also owns a body shop so they too the tailgate home with them to fix and will deliver it to us sometime next week).
    Eventually, the decision was make to call one of the other employees of the towing company and have him drive over (45 minutes) to back down the driveway and pull us out. That worked and we were free by 6:30.
    1. My husband is a saint. Never once did he tell me this was my fault. He did say that I should have told him the bank told me not to drive my car down the driveway. Well, why did he think I wanted him to go and to take his truck, but that is beside the point. I would have pulled forward and backed up and pulled forward and backed up until I had the truck turned around on the parking pad, because, well, I grew up with Jimmy (my last name) who, when I got his truck stuck and had to walk home to get him, cussed, and fussed the whole way back to the truck and called me every variation of stupid he could think of, dug the tires out, put the floor mats behind the wheels and had me back out. Once that was over he laughed and laughed and told me SONS were supposed to do stupid “stuff” like that NOT DAUGHTERS. I, course told him he got what he got.
    2. And here is where I share too much information. The mobile home had been winterized, which means they turned off all the water to the house and drained all the pipes so they wouldn’t freeze and burst. To let you know this they wrap the bowl of the toilet in plastic wrap. So from Noon until 6:30 I had to “hold it”. Several times Mr. P suggested I just walk behind somewhere and take care of my business. At one point he suggested I go between the truck and the mobile home. Finally I had to tell him that the bank has security cameras on their properties and one day I will have to go to lunch with my contact and I sure don’t want to do know with the knowledge that he may or may not have seen me use the bathroom. As it is, I am going to contact him tomorrow and ask that he have yesterday’s video deleted.

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  28. On chick fil-a, I take something of a middle view — yes, let’s be honest, it’s fairly obvious (and I think one of their reps has publicly said as much) that these ‘politicized’ issues were making it difficult for the company to grow and to move into other areas. We’ve seen several examples.

    But also, they’re a business. I won’t chastise them for making what was (perhaps sadly, in our current times) a logical business decision to continue selling chicken sandwiches but without all the drama at every turn. Who can live (or do business) that way?

    Hopefully, this will be the end of the story and all the drama and angst surrounding them. And their customers can just get back to going to their favorite chicken restaurant for a decent lunch out without enduring vitriol from the neighbors or protesters.

    We hope this all simply ends well for everyone. There were some unfortunate casualties along the way.

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  29. DJ – Some people are upset that Covenant House, which Chick-fil-A will now donate to, is “affirming” of LGBT folks. (LGBT folks are homeless at a higher rate than the general population.)


  30. I will attempt to tell of our mishap. Art’s tax update school was in Dallas all day Tuesday. We started out in 5 p.m. Dallas rush hour toward Waco. Finally after about three hours, around 8 p.m. we were able to check in at the Residence Inn, get with Wesley, and decide where to go for a late dinner. We chose Ninfa’s, a Mexican restaurant that we like and where I figured we could find beans and rice, etc., for our vegan diet. The restaurant was not far from where we were staying, a quarter or half of a mile or so, pretty much in downtown. We had a pleasant dinner and left near closing time around 10 p.m. As we were driving back, when we were only about two blocks from the Magnolia Silos (all decorated with lights for Christmas) we were on one road and needed to go one block over. The road where Wesley told Art to turn on was not well lit and happened to have a railroad track right beside it with no barriers, crossing signs, etc. On one side of the tracks it looked like a road because it was where the backsides of businesses could be accessed. The real road was on the far side of the tracks. So Art took the first turn and realized his error and corrected too late. Our car had half of it inside the train tracks and the other half, parallel wise, outside the tracks. The front end was on one track and the car could not be budged. (This is the car that Michelle drove while in Atlanta.) I told Wesley to call 911 in fear that a train would hit our car. He reluctantly called . . . you can imagine his embarrassment. Three different police cars arrived. They arranged to have the train stopped. A tow truck was called. The officers blocked off the roads. Our car got hooked up with a wrench to pull it off the track and it made a horrible screeching noise. I was almost in tears. As bad as it sounded, it only broke the plastic housing under the car We had no sign of other damage. The police officers could not have been nicer and also the tow driver. I think Art was afraid he’d get charged with something. All we got was an 85 dollar tow bill to pay. Then we were on our way. I was thanking God for how He looked out for us during the ordeal. So now you know a second tow truck story, and since trouble often shows up in threes, who volunteers to be next?

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  31. Wow, you ladies have quite the adventures! I turned around in a short driveway last week. The gal I gave a ride to went inside to get some groceries someone had gotten for her.as she had just arrived. So I went ahead and then reversed over and over again to be able to easily get out of the driveway. When she got back in the car she said so you were able to make the turn in this driveway. She figured I had just easily driven around. Not exactly.

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  32. Peter, that was a great article and very well written. I was tempted to share it, but I don’t share anything in the least like that.


  33. Oh, you people! The stories!

    Interesting, talked to a man at church today who gave me a local news tip — our peninsula private school, where a host of Hollywood types have sent their children over the years, recently booted the Fellowship of Christian Athletes from is campus.

    As I said, some unintended casualties (though the man, a father whose kids go there, said this effort, driven by the faculty, predated — but only be weeks — the Chic Fil-A dustup and the final decision and “boot” came the day after the restaurant matter hit the media).

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  34. Ooh, typos up there, sorry.

    So as you may remember, the cousins had asked if I wanted to go along with them to meet up with their (other-side-of-the-family) visiting cousin either on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. Sure, sounded like fun.

    Then we began to get a rainy forecast for the week so the visiting cousin settled on Sunday as the day the meet-up really should happen. I explained to my one local cousin that Sundays were more complicated for me and I’d let them know, but I guess she assumed I’m still going so today I received a text from her asking if I could provide the ride for both of us from my house to our other local (the driver) cousin’s house Sunday morning as it would help her avoid having to take a freeway on the way home when it might be getting dark (and she doesn’t like driving the freeway at night).

    I haven’t responded yet, but I’d kind of already decided I’d opt out (guess she didn’t catch my “I’ll let you know” remark), I realize Sundays are just “another weekend” day for most people (and my cousins are retired so they also don’t have to head back to work on Monday). But I would rather give it a pass; though now think I’m probably obligated & think it’ll be a nice day in the end, I’m sure, just a full one that’ll have me missing church and getting home rather late after what already will be a full weekend with the holiday, a trip up to see Carol and (hopefully) some house decorating.

    I’m also now realizing that Sunday will likely be fairly crowded on our roads — we’re heading to a beach city about 1-2 hours south — as it’s the end of the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend.

    Would love to opt out at this point, but ….

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  35. Janice, the third tow truck story has already happened. I told you all about how I ended up in the ditch early last week and ended up having to call the police in order to get a tow truck to come because the road was unplowed.

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  36. I think the three stories kind of escalated in drama, though. I just had to wait about an hour all told, most of that time sitting in the comfortable cab of the police truck, with no more drama than a tense, and very slow, ride home over slippery roads. Kim’s story had that kind of chapter of accidents drama that makes for hilarious retelling. Janice’s really upped the anti on drama with getting stuck on the tracks and having the train have to be stopped.

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  37. Yeah, Kim, you’re probably right.

    That is really an amazing tree in the header, I kept meaning to comment on that and didn’t want the weekend thread to go away without remembering to post that.

    I have a busy 3 days ahead, story-wise. The other area reporter left a voice mail for me this morning (also while I was in church) about some news thing we needed to talk about — called him back and left him a voicemail later in the day but in the meantime I saw that a cruise ship in our port had several folks taken away to the hospital this morning, probably the usual Noro Virus striking once again. I’m guessing that’s what he was calling about, but our crime/breaking news team was able to get it covered.

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  38. I thought I would tell it. Then I decided not to. It isn’t exciting. Then I thought I ought to tell it, though it isn’t exciting, to make the point.
    When you call 911, SOP kicks in. Standard operating procedure.
    Elvera fell once at the Adult Center. They called 911. She wasn’t hurt, but SPP was already at work.
    When someone falls, you don’t ask if they are OK, you call 911.
    When you call 911, an ambulance comes.
    The ambulance people will tie you to a stretcher and take you to the hospital.
    The hospital will conduct a thorough examination.
    I met Elvera at the hospital, they tested her for over two hours and released her.
    She could walk, but they pushed her in a wheelchair outside until she got into the car.
    At that point. She was mine again.

    Another time. A nurse visiting Elvera at home, said she needed to go to the hospital.
    I never knew the reason, something about nutrition, I think.
    We were getting ready to take her, but the nurse said we would wait hours if we just went and waited. We needed to call 911, they get immediate attention.
    THEY, not me, called 911. An ambulance came with lights flashing. A dozen huge men came and tied her to a stretcher and took her to the hospital. They kept her there over the weekend. I don’t think they release people on the weekend.

    The lesson. 911 is a valuable emergency resource. But be advised. When you call 911, SOP kicks in. Each person does his assigned duty.

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  39. Finally connected w/the other reporter — he wanted to talk to me on the QT about the union contact some of the staff has made (I heard about this maybe a month or 2 ago); they’re meeting with different reporters but I told him I’m pretty much ambivalent at this stage. I frankly don’t know what they’d be able to accomplish in this climate and with our particular owners. Guess this is the same union that recently was voted in at the Times, they’re talking about getting a minimum salary for new people (much needed, of course) and an annual Cost of living raise, maybe 3% for everyone (definitely much needed, we’ve had nothing for over 10 years now). But then, of course, we’d have to pay union dues. And there’s the worry about backfire w/layoffs for ‘trouble makers.’

    Anyway, I’m keeping a respectable distance for now, just not convinced it would work or in any real way be able to improve our plight.

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  40. DJ, if you didn’t make a commitment, and if they changed it to Sunday contrary to original plans, it seems to me like it’s perfectly fair to say you “already have plans”–you go to church on Sunday morning, sorry, as much as you would like to join with them, you aren’t available. If most of these cousins aren’t your cousins, do you know them well enough that you actually want to do this (quite apart from missing church to see them)?

    For me it would be an easy call, and one I wouldn’t feel guilty about making: I didn’t commit, I don’t make other commitments during Sunday service, the weekend is already almost too busy . . . but whatever you figure out, it’s probably better to communicate it sooner rather than later.


  41. Thank you, Chas, for that information. When the car was on the track I only thought of 911 because if the train hit the car it would cause a big accident. Is there another number that could have been called in that situation?


  42. 2 out of 3 of the cousins are close, the third I don’t know well.

    I went ahead and accepted, I’ll definitely miss being in church but it happens rarely. They’re pretty clear on my church commitment, it’s come up before through the years, and they know Sundays are “problematic” for me with regard to family get-togethers. Guess it was the visiting cousin who requested we switch it all to Sunday as it appeared to be the only guaranteed rain-free day. We apparently could melt in the rain (but serious, I understand the concerns of being on the road when it’s wet). They’re all run-away (from a long time ago) Irish Catholics.

    Interesting as they all were big on still getting together for a big, lavish Easter lunch every year — I was always a tad late because I would go to (gasp) church first. πŸ™‚ How odd, right?

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