23 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-20-19

  1. Hydra-like.



    ““Hydra-Like” Democratic Dark Money Network Exposed in New Report

    As usual, Democrats aren’t practicing what they preach.”

    “The mainstream media loves to trot out the term “dark money” when reporting on the political activities of conservative mega-donors like Charles and David Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and others.

    They use the term less frequently when talking about liberal mega-donors, but a new report detailing one billion-dollar network in particular leaves no doubt that the influence of dark money is alive and well, and thriving among Democrats in spite of their protestations to the contrary.

    Fox News reports:

    An expansive network of “shadowy” dark money donors has grown to rival the influence of the conservative Koch network — pumping millions into left-wing causes ranging from health care to climate change to abortion — all while flying well under the radar of public scrutiny, according to an explosive new report obtained by Fox News.

    The report, by conservative watchdog Capital Research Center, describes a band of nonprofits operating under the banner of Washington-based philanthropy company Arabella Advisors. Those “pop up groups” are housed in four Arabella-controlled “sister” nonprofits, according to the report: the New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Hopewell Fund and Windward Fund.


    The report says the “hydra-like” network brought in $1.6 billion between 2013 and 2017 “to advance the political policies desired by wealthy left-wing interests,” as the network’s revenues grew by 392 percent. The four Arabella-controlled “sister” groups brought in $582 million in 2017 alone, according to the report. If the four groups were a single entity, it would make them the 22nd largest public charity in America, with higher revenues than the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Planned Parenthood or the Clinton Foundation.

    Who founded the group? A Clinton Democrat named Eric Kessler:

    Kessler is closely involved in Democratic Party and left-wing politics. He is a former Clinton administration White House appointee and previously served as national field director for the League of Conservation Voters. Kessler later served as a member of the now-defunct Clinton Global Initiative.

    Kessler chairs a committee on culinary advocacy for the center-left James Beard Foundation and is co-founder of the Chef Action Network. He also serves on the board of directors of the National Democratic Institute.

    Per CRC, Kessler is a principal and senior managing director for Arabella Advisors.

    The full report is expansive, but one thing I found especially interesting about it is the network of websites the group created that are little more than astroturfing efforts designed to make the various campaigns at each site appear to be grassroots in nature.”


  2. Not encouraging.

    But this can be expected in today’s society, and even our churches. What public schools teach clashes with what conservative churches teach. And they have way more time to influence the young in a given week with their teachings. Ask your youth pastor if you have one, especially if the group has a selection of public school kids. They question what he’s telling them because it conflicts with what they hear in school. It’s confusing for kids. Add some politics, youthful emotion, and tending to be so open minded that their brains fell out to the mix, and it boils over. And some act out.


    “The latest sign that even Christian colleges are not safe spaces for Pence came last week, when Taylor University, an evangelical school in rural Indiana, announced that Pence would speak at the commencement ceremony on May 18. As a former governor and congressman of Indiana, the vice president has a home-state advantage at Taylor, a school of about 2,500 located in Upland, about 75 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

    “Mr. Pence has been a good friend to the University over many years,” said the school’s president, Paul Lowell Haines, calling the vice president “a Christian brother whose life and values have exemplified what we strive to instill in our graduates.”

    But not everyone at the nondenominational school, whose mission is “challenging each generation of students to integrate faith with learning and follow Christ’s calling,” is enthused about Pence’s planned appearance, as became clear this week. A Change.org petition asking the school to rescind the invitation had garnered nearly 5,000 signatures by early Thursday, with copious commentary appended. Appeals to university leadership have been plastered across social media. Some are pledging to withhold donations.

    “Not my Taylor. Not my Jesus,” one signer wrote.

    “Inviting Vice President Pence to Taylor University and giving him a coveted platform for his political views makes our alumni, faculty, staff and current students complicit in the Trump-Pence Administration’s policies, which we believe are not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear,” wrote the petition’s author, Alex Hoekstra, who graduated from Taylor in 2007 and has since then held roles with the Democratic Party, including in Oregon and at the national level.”

    “On Monday, “Fox & Friends” featured an alumnus who thanked the school for “standing firm” and refusing to bow to student demands. From there, the story tore through the conservative Web — the latest indication, to these outlets, that students weren’t interested in opposing viewpoints. The websites Townhall and PJ Media wrote incredulously of those who said they were “shaking” or “ashamed” over the announcement.

    On Tuesday, Franklin Graham, the Christian evangelist and son of Billy Graham, weighed in on Facebook.

    “What are these people smoking?” he asked, turning for insight to Paul’s letter to the Galatians, which forms the ninth book of the New Testament. “This reminds me of Paul’s words, ‘You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?’ ”

    Graham, who argues that Trump “defends the faith” even if he is not the “best example of the Christian faith,” concluded of Pence: “There couldn’t be a better, more qualified, more inspirational speaker for graduates to hear from or a better example for them to follow in life.””


  3. Exactly.


    “Sekulow: “If They Had An Obstruction Case, They Would Have Made It””


    “And this from my friend John Hinderaker is a point worth considering:

    One of the Democrats’ basic problems is that “attempting” to obstruct the investigation doesn’t make a lot of sense. If Trump had really wanted to obstruct the investigation, he could simply have terminated it. And Mueller acknowledges that the administration fully cooperated with the investigation in every way. So the “attempts to obstruct” come down to Trump expressing outrage at the fact that a baseless, partisan investigation was hampering his administration. Arguably Trump should have brought the Mueller farce to an end, but he didn’t.

    That’s a reasonable conclusion … if one’s intending to be reasonable. Put it another way: if Trump really wanted to obstruct the investigation, he wouldn’t have tried pushing his aides into doing it for him. He would have done it himself. Especially when it became clear that even his closest aides and advisors knew better than to try it.”


    Here’s the Hinderaker piece from PowerLine.



  4. Just put those over anywhere…..


    “Mary Katharine Ham: The Media Is Dragging The Collusion Goalposts”

    “I was watching CNN this morning after the Barr press conference and there was a clear interest and focus on the issue of obstruction. Two different reporters were brought on to read excerpts from the obstruction section of the report. Less was said about collusion which seemed odd given that it has been the focus of substantial attention for two years.

    Absent from the roundtable this morning was Mary Katharine Ham who might have provided a little balance. But she did appear on the network later in the day and pointed out the way in which the media’s focus had suddenly shifted.”


  5. Wealthy leftist? Do they exist? A Clinton Democrat is a centrist and its no surprise they raise immense amounts from the wealthy. The centrist position is essentially conservative with moderate changes/welfare to keep society stable.

    Right wing populists should advocate for campaign finance reform and a repeal of Citizens United. They could easily out raise the DLC via small donors. Canada’s conservative party routinely out fund raises the centrist Liberals esp with small donors. Of course it may be that Trump populists are fake populists and enjoy the money from the elite. Both left and right wing populists should favour campaign finance reform if they are genuine populists.


  6. I’m quite sure the revolutionary era and the late 19th century featured incredible low church attendance.

    The link notes 1998 as the beginning of the downward trend. The author blames the internet but it had barely become mainstream. The church was the last social institution to stand against the individualism of the 60s and Reagan style economic ideology. The cumulative effects were beginning to finally show by the late 90s with the evangelical right’s political behaviour in the Clinton era the final nail in the coffin.

    As a public school teacher, I’m always amused by claims we indoctrinate children. Any good kindergarten teacher can tell you which child will succeed and which will fail. Parents are the primary influence of children esp between 0-5 years old and the effects are there in a kindergarten classroom. Mind you genetics is usually the biggest determinant.

    The Pence incident demonstrates not indoctrination but the split in the evangelical community over the trump presidency.


  7. The bar for presidential behaviour continues to be lowered. I believe its the right which needs to stay in shape to keep the bar from falling to the floor.

    The new argument I hear posted is the President didn’t obstruct because white house staff didnt follow orders. Thus giving an order to commit a crime isnt itself a crime. There goes the RICO statute. And that’s only one instance.

    Trump supporters are circling the wagons, lowering the bar and spinning the spin. For left wing comedians it’s not Eastet but Christmas.

    Meanwhile, 0% of those surveyed named the Russian investigation as the top issue in the 2020 election. Its quite clear people made up their minds long ago.


  8. I watch CSPAN for the hearings. They show you what those clowns in Congress are up to whenever they’re in session. It’s informative, and a great public service. No one else does what they do. 🙂


  9. The NYT is admitting some of their errors. It’s a start, I guess….


  10. Interesting that our little local paper had a commentary in it from CAIR in response to one of husband’s letters. Far reaching indeed.

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  11. More mea culpas.


    “Post-Mueller, Buzzfeed FINALLY Admits Its Debunked Cohen Story Was Wrong”


    Here’s a list of more of those anonymously linked stories Never-Trumpers and the left were so worked up over.

    Also, all false.



    “The Mueller report revealed a number of bombshell stories based on anonymous sources were apparently wrong.

    BuzzFeed and McClatchy each corrected two stories following the Mueller report’s release.

    Mueller’s report had no evidence backing up a bombshell report in The Guardian that went viral but has since come into question.

    A major CNN report on the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting was also inaccurate, Mueller’s report confirmed.”


  12. ——————


  13. Because it was.


  14. ————————

    One of the few who got it right, and was shouted down by his paper.


  15. Boom.

    Blowed up.


    “Calls Mueller Investigation “Political Proctology Exam” — “The country has a right to ask — when are you going to legislate and not investigate? The burden is increasingly going to be on those who won’t let go of this big lie.””

    Kellyanne Conway gave a one heckuva press conference Thursday afternoon, calling the Muller investigation a “political proctology exam” and holding up a blank sheet of paper to represent the accomplishments of the current Democrat Congress.

    Conway lambasted select members of the media who are on TV all day saying whatever they please because “they’re not under oath.” Conway also demanded both members of the press and Democrat presidential candidates furnish the evidence they’ve been claiming they have.”


  16. Local activist judge drops the ball and tries to whitewash some pretty serious crimes directed at the president’s family.

    Trump DoJ picks up the ball. 🙂


    Nail his butt to the wall.


  17. And to think these frauds got Pulitzers for spreading lies and Democrat propaganda.


    “It’s Pulitzer time — last year’s prize for Russia collusion reporting looks pretty dumb in hindsight”

    “The Pulitzer committee is announcing its 2018 winners Monday afternoon, so now is a good time to remind you that last year, the New York Times and the Washington Post split an award for their ultimately fruitless efforts to uncover proof of illegal collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

    In retrospect, maybe it was not the best idea to award newsrooms for their coverage of a story that was still ongoing. It certainly seems like a poor decision, considering that special counsel Robert Mueller’s since-shuttered two-year investigation failed to “establish that the members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” according to Attorney General William Barr.

    In the Pulitzer’s defense, however, everyone in the press was doing the collusion thing. It was all the rage. In fact, some are still doing it.”


    Top 10 things these hacks masquerading as journalists got wrong.


    “The prestige press has some explaining to do — for subjecting the nation to a long, cruel ordeal named “collusion” and “obstruction.” Almost two years and millions of column inches later, special counsel Robert Mueller has revealed the theory that President Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia has been just that.

    All that remains of collusion and obstruction is the media’s shattered credibility.

    The errant reporters and pundits — the ones who peddled the most outrageous falsehoods — want nothing more than to move on. But not so fast: There has to be some accountability for the biggest foul-ups.

    Here are the 10 worst, drawn from among many more:

    10. CNN bungles Comey testimony”


    Because they took the word of the liar Comey.


  18. The religion of peace is at it again. Of course them being the cowards they are, they attack worshipers in churches on one of the holiest days of the year for Christians. It’s barbaric, it’s intentional, and they need to pay most harshly.


    “Suicide bombers kill 207 in Easter Sunday terror attack on Christians in Sri Lanka: Terrorists hit churches and five-star hotels leaving Americans and Britons among the dead as TV chef and her daughter are named as first victims

    Seven suspects have been arrested after eight explosions hit hotels and churches across Sri Lanka today

    As many as 207 were killed in the Easter Sunday blasts, and up to 500 people were said to have been injured

    A number of foreigners – including British citizens – are reported to have been ‘caught’ in the blasts

    A curfew has now been imposed in the country and a social media ban was set in place by the government

    Eight separate explosions occurred – an initial six in three churches and hotels, followed by a further two later”



    “EASTER MASSACRE Sri Lanka Easter bombings – Brits among 207 killed and 400 injured in Easter Sunday terror attacks on eight churches and hotels”

    “Nearly 500 were injured when suicide bomb blasts ripped through multiple buildings in Colombo – where tourists were staying and Christian worshippers had gathered for morning mass.”




  19. Were they Islamic extremists? Sri Lanka’s terrorists in recent past were the Tamil Tigers, who were mostly Hindu. Sri Lanka is a majority Buddhist country (70 percent), with Hindus at 12 percent and Muslim just under 10 percent: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48001720. Buddhist Sinhalas attacked mosques and Muslim owned property last year, causing a state of emergency. There has been no official word from Sri Lanka’s government on what exactly were the motivations of the attackers and both Hindus and Buddhists have attacked Christians in other countries.


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