37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-9-23

  1. I’m currently coaching four 5th and 6th graders in a Pennsylvania program called Envirothon. We study once a week for a competition in May. I could be wrong, but based on our material, I think that might be a Great Blue Heron. The Great Egret looks similar but has a yellow bill, while the the Heron’s is white. You’re welcome.

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  2. Good morning! It is a good day for our Anniversary. We went for breakfast at Waffle House at 7 a.m. with our son. Mmm . . . Good!

    To celebrate Art’s birthday with son last night, we got a takeout meal of grilled salmon from a restaurant at Toco Hills which we supplemented with apple pie for dessert. After dinner we watched the movie Vantage Point. We all enjoyed it.

    I heard about Vantage Point in my Bible study group on Tues. evening. The pastor’s wife referred to it as an example of telling the same story from different viewpoints. She said that the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are similar in giving a fuller picture of Jesus so it is important to read them all. This group has some newer believers as well as seasoned believers.

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  3. You may know that I am not a “dog person” but DJ’s posts about her new addition prompts me to report in. My peeps upstairs have two miniture poodles, Zelda and her son, Jolly. They have a fence and a doggy door. Jolly carries everything he can find out into the yard and it’s gotten quite humorous to discover what’s out there.

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  4. Morning and Happy Anniversary Janice and Art!! ❣️

    When I saw that bird up there yesterday I thought blue herring. Then thought no it’s red herring blue heron…so I guess I was correct 😂

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  5. As far as I know, I have only had norovirus once. It was very violent, and I got it as the same time as my husband. Both of us were visiting my daughter (first night there) and it only lasted about 24 hours. I understand this is the usual way it exhibits. I know it came from my grandson. It went through their family, and they thought no one was still contagious. My other grandson got it at the hotel where he stayed just after we visited. We all were traveling to see my grandson graduate as a Marine. I hope we never get it again. I hope you recover quickly, Jo, from whatever you have.

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  6. Happy Anniversary Janice.
    I need a catch up on Abby.

    For those of you who may have figured my husband out, it will come as no surprise that a 6 pound female has him wrapped around her paw. She is “supposed to be my dog”. She is his. It makes me smile.
    Today it is taking both of us for her first visit to the vet to get her final shots. She is still opposed to going potty outside. We are going to need to see a trainer with this one.
    She is very calm. Little Miss picks her up and carries her around.

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  7. It’s 38 years today! The years have flown by.

    I was looking at the Coach messenger bag today that we gave son as a graduation gift when he finished at Covenant. It is falling apart and can no longer be repaired by Coach as they no longer have the latches to fix it. It was an extravagant gift which I think cost around 600.00, but it lasted ten years and carried many a great load of books when he worked on his dissertation. He has used it daily as a prof. When you consider price divided by years of service, it was really a good deal.

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  8. Happy anniversary, Janice & Art!

    We’re finally getting Kootenay to signal us when he needs to go outside. We’ve had to just take him at regular times so that we don’t have to clean up a little puddle, but the last two evenings he has clearly let me know that he needs to go outside. And, he’s lasting about 7 hours in the crate during the day. I’m very glad about all that. (He’s 6 months)

    It’s still so very cold here. The sunshine is beautiful and warm – I eat my lunch in the dining hall in the sunshine and just want to curl up and have a nap in it. No snow melting has occurred yet.

    L loved her new hat – her mom sent me a picture of her wearing it with the biggest smile 🙂 Now for the weather to warm up so she can wear it outside instead of a toque.

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  9. You’re right, Janice. A great deal!

    I bought a Burberry trench coat in London in 1984. It was a beyond-extravagant purchasefor us but my good guy told me if I wanted it, I should have it.

    (After all, I had schlepped his two toddlers alone across the Atlantic to find him while he was on patrol keeping America safe for democracy. And look! I’ve lived to tell the tale!)

    Even as we paid, I thought, “I’m going to have to wear this coat for 30 years to make up for the price we’re paying.”

    I reminded my Engineer of that thought on Sunday when I slipped my arms into that classic raincoat. I’ve owned it for 39 years. 🙂

    And it still looks great!

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  10. I had a coach saddle-bag style purse (still have it!), loved their simple style (this was probably from the 1980s) and the quality leather.

    I’d never spent so much on a shoulder bag but it most definitely was worth it. They’re keepers. Try a shoe repair place? Leather does look best as it ages — and it can be restored beautifully with leather conditioners.

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  11. That was me (dj)

    So glad to hear about the new pup at Kim’s and how well she’s loved. 🙂

    We must be short on breaking news team folks lately, I was called to go up to USC County Hospital just beyond downtown to stand outside as updates were delivered on 3 LAPD officers who were shot.

    The drive isn’t overly long (30 mins) though I couldn’t believe we didn’t have someone closer than I was to send.

    By the time I got parked (in a strip mall acrosss the street after several failed attempts at getting into a hospital parking lot) and walked over to the hospital, I learned from a TV news crew (there were rows of TV trucks parked all up and down the street) that I’d *just* missed, like by minutes, a news conference with the mayor and others. Oh well.

    Good news was the officers were doing well (unlike what we’d originally heard in initial reports) as were their on-duty dogs. Prognosis was good so the medical crisis was over, most of the cops who were there had already left. I called the editors (there were 5 of them last night, talk about confusion all around) and eventually was told I could leave.

    Meanwhile, the suspect was killed in another nearby community, another reporter from the actual breaking news team was found to go there. A long night.


    Happy Anniversary, Janice and Art!

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  12. I am looking at used messenger/satchel bags and may find one there that could work. This is a really large one that has served so well. He may not need the same capacity now, but needs to carry his laptop in it.

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  13. Good morning, all, and happy anniversary as well. A beautiful day here. Sun is shining, it is a warm thirty seven. We enjoyed our walk. My dad just asked if I would be up for some tennis when the nets are put back up on the local courts. Sure!

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  14. What a blessing, Mumsee, to hear such positive thoughts from him.

    I will try to send another email with my number and maybe we can try a second time for the Northern Light photos? I still don’t know what happened for me to not have received them.

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  15. Tennis! Fore!

    I took a college PE class where we had a tennis section.

    But I could never figure out how to wield a tennis racket differently from a baseball bat. I kept my opponents running … way-way past the far court lines to retrieve all those tennis balls.

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  16. We have had great fun with tennis over the years. Lifetime sport. Dad has not played since he was about eighty three when he decided he needed to keep unbroken so he could care for his then ninety year old wife.

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  17. I still feel some anger about my college tennis class. From how I remember it, the instuctor divided the class by those who were players and those who were not. She spent all her time with the players and left the rest of us to fumble around and not learn anything. It was by far my worst PE class of all. She should have received an F as an instructor. That was at Georgia Southern College (now University).

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  18. Trying to figure out what to eat here as I slowly recover. I am going to make some chicken noodle soup with mushroom broth.

    Janice, I am so glad to have met you and Art. That was a special time. Blessings on your next year together. You have survived a lot this year.

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  19. Oh I had a lovely morning into afternoon celebrating one of my oldest friend’s birthday. Just the two of us chatting away and solving all the world’s problems 😊
    The temps are in the 40’s and the sun is shining it’s warmth all around us. Truly trying to deceive us into believing Spring is just around the corner. But we are way too smart to fall for that as snow predicted for Sat/Sun then next Wed/Thurs…yep…we have 2 and a half more months of winter around here! We enjoy this warmth when we can get it. I heard someone say the other day “ok I’m ready to stop complaining about winter and start to complain about summer now”!!

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  20. I miss the oldest friend I had and lost. 😦

    Another long day covering speeches about a wharf extension (exciting, huh?) and riding a media bus deep into the port so photographers could get some shots. Now I have a story to write in about 45 minutes flat.

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  21. Bells on the door: I ring them, the dog won’t.

    “Come” sends her spinning around and racing to her crate or dog bed to sit and wait for a treat. So the command means I am to come to her.

    Signals are all backward here.

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  22. Let’s see, I made the soup, took a nap, and did dishes. That is it for the day. Oh and found some more tax info. I have to go in tomorrow. So first I got a cold for a week and then the snow made it impossible to go to town and now I have this stomach bug. Hasn’t been much happening in March.

    Rain and wind outside and will probably go on all night, but it is not too cold.

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  23. Rain coming our way, too, but not as much as in the northern part of the state.

    I’m beat, it’s been an exceptionally busy week. And tonight was trash night, so I had to get all of that tied up and pulled out, then loaded up in the bins and wheeled down to the curb.

    I was standing a lot today for speeches and my back aches which didn’t help.

    Hope you feel better soon, Jo.

    I guess I need to call the tax folks soon. Groan.

    Then pay the property taxes. And the homeowners insurance.

    But then I will be done with the big payments for a while, anyway.

    Though there will be another gas bill coming soon …

    Ok, I’m done. Sleep calls. And tomorrow, at least, is Friday.

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