31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-11-19

  1. Good Morning. I loved the colors of the flowers yesterday but this one just seems to scream SPRING. It looks so happy.
    Yes, I am up and about. I will leave for the office soon. I have a Procuring Cause hearing to attend with one of my agents today. He is well documented on his end, so I am not worried about it. I have two other problems to solve this morning but I think I have the answers to them.
    The, of course, I have to get my 4th exam reset. Ugh. I really wanted it over. I need to move on to other things.
    Ya’ll behave now, ya hear!

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  2. Kim, there comes a time in life when misbehaving is not an option.

    That is a sexy looking flower. Seems to be enticing the bees and hummingbirds..
    There is a type flower that does that, but I’ve forgotten it’s name.

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  3. Daffodil! Chas, flowers are set up differently depending on who or what pollinates them. Some are pollinated by wind. A few (such as saguaro cactus) are pollinated by bats, and thus are open at night. Some are pollinated by insects (such as bees or butterflies), and they give only a tiny bit of nectar, but often in lots of florets growing close together. Those pollinated by hummingbirds give a little more, but still a small enough amount the bird has to visit several flowers (because visiting just one won’t pollinate anything). Flowers also put their reproductive organs in different places on the flower. So the hummingbird may visit one flower that puts pollen on its forehead, and then a different species that leaves pollen somewhere else on his body. But then he visits another flower of the “forehead” species, and that one will receive some of the pollen. Hummingbird-pollinated species tend to have nectar in tubes, and a lot of them are red.

    Some flowers have nectar in long tubes that can only be reached by hummingbirds with long enough beaks and tongues–but other hummingbirds come along and cheat, piercing the side of the flower to take a shortcut to the nectar! Those species of hummingbirds that do that are called nectar thieves.

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  4. Also, some hummingbirds migrate north quicker than the flowers start blooming. How do they get enough to eat? It seems they find holes drilled by sapsuckers and drink tree sap! So do a lot of butterflies.


  5. Brisk out this morning, felt like around five. This is supposed to be the last of the seriously cold and moving up into the fifties. Did I mention I love the snow? It is so much easier to work in than sodden. But that is okay, I love the spring as well.

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  6. DJ, that is Nebraska, not Winchester. Winchester is very modern and up to date. Or so say the folk who moved there to be closer to civilization, from Elk City. Which may not actually be a city.

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  7. That poor flower. It’s stem was bent down at the base so it was totally on the ground at the neighbor’s mailbox beside our yard. I had to prop it up to get the photo. Y’all would not have known had I not told you. It is beautiful when you can see its face. No one would have noticed its beauty had it not been given help. I think there is a devotional thought in that. God is our daily prop so we are seen at our best. ♡

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  8. Janice – Thinking about my comment in reply to you last night, in which I said something about not being mentally or emotionally up to adding something else into my life, I thought that I sounded kind of spoiled or entitled or something. But at this point, childsitting The Boy is at the very least a part-time job, and some weeks close to full-time. The next couple weeks, for example, I will be childsitting somewhere between part-time and full-time hours.

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  9. Our younger daughter will be arriving for a visit in about two hours–surprising her dad. (Just a few hours here.) We’ll see both girls, and our granddaughter, this month, Lord willing! (The family is visiting the last weekend of the month, our first overnight company here.)

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  10. Kizzie, I totally understood about your comment and know you have a lot on your plate. If you think you might want to eventually seek employment in that field, I encourage you at the very least to go ahead and get a book, even from the library, to become familiar with the work so when you take a class it will be easier for you. You can get prepared to ace the course quick like if needs arise for employment. I can’t imagine ever thinking of you as spoiled!♡

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  11. So the flower is dead?

    Working from home today as my new “work space” won’t be available until next Monday. I have to retrieve my work rolodex from the garage to get a number I need for a story I’m doing today. The new world.

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  12. DJ, we have had such unruly weather lately that flowers have been totally knocked over and looking like they have gone to sleep. It’s not dead but is “knocked down, yet not destroyed.” (Remember that Bible verse? I don’t remember the reference.)

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  13. I bought a shirt for Art’s birthday at Sam’s, and I ordered some shoes online. I was hopeful the shoes would arrive so I could give them to him today. No box by the door yet. Thankful that I thought to get the shirt so I would have at least one gift to lift his feelings during this tough time of the year. He is 71 today.

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  14. First pictures are being texted out of one of our new work spaces. It looks like a telethon set up with people lined up on a common desk in a row, shoulder to shoulder. They look ready to make cold calls for donations.

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  15. DJ – So the building where the newspaper is printed was not the same building where the reporters worked. I had never thought of that until just now.


  16. Hey there! That is a beautiful daffodil…thanks for propping up that beauty Janice!
    I had my neighbor over this morning for coffee and scones…what a sweet time we had! She was over at the house still being built and discovered a tile contractor had knocked over a big bucket of water yesterday which ruined three boxes of wood flooring! I told her it would all be fine in the end and don’t let it add stress….breathe deep and let the builder handle it. We are anxious for her to move in which won’t be until mid June but that day is coming and it will be oh so sweet!!

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  17. Kizzie, used to be combined buildings back in the day, and a popular spot for school kids and Scouts to visit.

    Pretty soon, the printing was outsourced leaving just the advertising and editorial departments in a single building. Then the grand old newspaper buildings were sold by new owners who wanted the money they could get for the property. Then we were moved to rental spaces. Then the rental spaces got smaller and smaller …


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  18. Former colleague now at the Tennessean last week covered the last night of their on-site printing presses, their headquarters in Nashville has been sold and is being torn down so they’ll now also go to a rented building.

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  19. DJ, we had tons of painted ladies two summers ago; it was a nice treat.

    Well, our girl has left for the drive home. She succeeded in surprising her dad. I saw her walking toward the door (the one without a doorbell), so I told her dad someone was going to the door and he should go to it. He said, “Package?” and I said no. He was happy to see her. Sometime later, he said to me reprovingly, “Keeping a secret from your husband?” but there was a smile in his voice.

    She got a home-cooked supper (for which I did as much preparation this morning as possible), a special coffee drink her father figured out how to make, and a Magnum dark chocolate ice cream bar for dessert. If I’d had more notice, she might have had a homemade dessert, but I had to tidy the house a bit and make a meal, and bake a snack. But the most important thing was being able to visit. It was a blessing to have her.

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  20. Art picked up Wesley from the airport, and my brother drove down from where he lives an hour north of here, and we all had Art’s birthday dinner at Chris Pizza (Greek restaurant where Art and I met up with Kim). Then I went by Kroger and got a Key lime pie.

    Miss Bosley is thrilled to see Wesley. I think the feeling is mutual.

    My brother is pretty critical about a lot of things, but he really liked Chris Pizza. We usually go fo Outback or Longhorn, but he liked this better. That made me happy, too.

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  21. I’ve eaten goat. Once. Never again if I can help it.

    Husband would patrol the park’s picnic area where large groups of people with different ethnicity would gather together. A few men would come out early in the morning to build the fire and start the goat roasting. I happened to go along with husband one Sunday afternoon and this gathering insisted we join them 🙂

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  22. Our American Blackbelly sheep do not have a mutton taste. The goats, when butchered carefully, taste fine. And herbs and spices help with any off taste.


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