20 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-12-19

  1. Do it. They want a show, give “em one. Every circus needs a clown. 🙂



    “I got a text from a reporter Monday telling me I am on the list of 81 associates of President Trump receiving document production requests from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. That was news to me.

    I didn’t receive the letter from the newly installed Democratic leader of the most powerful committee in the House of Representatives. I got it from a reporter. My attorney also didn’t get the letter from Nadler – I had to send him the letter the reporter gave me.

    This inauspicious beginning signaled the start of yet another bogus Russia investigation, this time by the new Democratic majority in the House.

    After directing broadcast media coverage for seven House committees, I know the signs of a sideshow – and delivering demand letters to reporters before they go to the person being asked to produce documents is one of the chief signs.”


    “I’ve grown weary of the complicit media claiming there’s no such thing as a perjury trap. I’ve walked into one myself with the Mueller team – and walked out thanks to my expert attorney.

    The term “perjury trap” means interviewing someone for no underlying crime and no other purpose except with the hope that the person forgets something, or another witness remembers things differently. Either way, somebody gets charged with perjury.

    In this case, investigators will threaten a hapless witness with a perjury prosecution to get the person to say whatever is necessary to ensnare President Trump. With 10 hours of testimony on the record, some almost two years ago, I’m not willing to play that game.

    After enduring six-figure legal costs that I was only able to pay with GoFundMe donations from 8,500 people – no big donor aid, no campaign help, no Patriot Fund assistance – I am reticent to stand alone in defiance of the committee and rack up far more legal bills. But I might, if others among the 81 join me.

    This charade has gone on long enough. Somebody has to be the first to take a stand. For the sake of my family – for 81 families – it might as well be me.”


  2. Someone is in real legal jeopardy.

    Hint: It’s not Trump.


    “Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s congressional testimony undercuts testimony given by Glenn Simpson, the founder of the opposition firm that commissioned the infamous Steele dossier.

    Ohr’s testimony, a transcript of which was published Friday, also confirms reports that Simpson was the source of a heavily disputed allegation about conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell.

    Ohr told lawmakers in an Aug. 28, 2018 hearing that he met Simpson prior to the 2016 election to discuss information gathered by Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the dossier. That conflicts with Simpson’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee that he met Ohr only after the election and at Ohr’s request.

    Ohr also revealed Simpson provided him during a meeting in December 2016 with a seemingly false lead about Mitchell that ended up in a news article published in 2018.

    Both of Simpson’s inaccurate claims have been reported in the past, but they were not officially confirmed until Friday, when Georgia GOP Rep. Doug Collins released a transcript of Ohr’s testimony before the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees.”


    “Some Republican lawmakers have suggested that Simpson lied about the timeline of his interactions with Ohr, whose wife worked as a contractor for Fusion GPS. Texas GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe said on Oct. 14, 2018 that Simpson faced “real legal jeopardy” over his testimony. Simpson pleaded the Fifth two days later to avoid testifying to the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees. (RELATED: GOP Lawmaker: Glenn Simpson ‘In Real Legal Jeopardy’ Over Congressional Testimony)

    The testimony that could land Simpson in hot water took place before the House Intelligence Committee on Nov. 14, 2017. In the closed-door hearing, Simpson acknowledged that he met with Ohr, but he claimed the meeting occurred after the 2016 election. He also suggested that Ohr sought the meeting.

    Ohr’s testimony conflicts directly with both claims.”


  3. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.


    “Another piece from the plot to Get Trump puzzle snaps in, with new dark money revelation”

    “Might we finally get to the bottom of the dark forces that used the state in their relentless attempt to dislodge newly elected President Trump?

    Based on a new report about dark money rolling into Fusion GPS coffers, former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, a California Republican, seems to think so. Here is his tweet:

    Coming from him, it says something.

    Here is what the Daily Caller found:

    A dark money group based in California contributed $2 million to The Democracy Integrity Project, the organization that has contracted with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to investigate President Donald Trump.
    The Democracy Integrity Project’s founder, a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, has acknowledged to the FBI that the group provides information to the press, lawmakers and investigators.
    Fund for a Better Future is the second Democracy Integrity Project donor to have been identified. George Soros gave $1 million to the group.
    Bear in mind that Fusion GPS was the group paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign that simultaneously contracted with the Russians (and the Australians and the Brits) to bring the infamous “Steele dossier” full of invented kink about Trump to the attention of U.S. lawmen, and then had those lawmen, meaning the FBI itself, go investigate President Trump as they would any bad guy. “


  4. She never learns.

    And Dems will keep carrying water for this stooge.

    So which is which? 🙂


  5. The problem is the voters who would elect such a fraud.



  6. Huh.

    Diseases that are all but eradicated here are showing up in camps housing illegals.


    From CNN

    “More than 2,000 people in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody are being quarantined amid an outbreak of mumps and other diseases.

    The numbers of immigrants in custody with a contagious diseases has spiked in the past year. For the previous two years, the agency has not encountered a single case of mumps among its detainees.

    “As of March 7, 2019, there was a total of 2,287 detainees cohorted for exposure to a detainee with a contagious condition,” said ICE spokesperson Brendan Raedy in a statement.

    In the past 12 months, there have been health investigations at 51 ICE detention facilities for mumps, chickenpox and influenza, according to Raedy.

    There have been 236 reported cases of mumps, with another 16 suspected cases during this time period.”



  7. Consequences.

    Californians: The new refugees.


    “The Atlantic has just published a status report on the California #Resistance and its battle with the White House.

    From the moment Donald Trump took office, California has been ground zero for the resistance against him and his administration, in terms of both grassroots citizen activism and legal and administrative action by its Democratic-dominated state government. But since the inauguration of Governor Gavin Newsom in January, the Golden State has often seemed to be in a state of total war with the White House.

    …The latest flash point in the long-running battle between Sacramento and Washington, D.C., is Trump’s recent cancellation of nearly $1 billion in federal transportation grants for California’s long-stalled high-speed-rail project, after Newsom infelicitously suggested in his State of the State speech last month that he would abandon the most ambitious goal of the project, linking San Francisco and Los Angeles. Newsom later insisted he’d been misunderstood and only intended to say he would focus first on a route through the state’s Central Valley, from Merced to Bakersfield. But Newsom’s announcement was excuse enough for Trump to withhold further funds for the project, and seek to claw back the $2.5 billion already spent.

    “Whole project is a ‘green’ disaster,” Trump tweeted, while Newsom promptly rejoined, “Fake news,” adding, “This is CA’s money … we’re not giving it back.” In succeeding days, Newsom’s Twitter account went on to accuse Trump of “manufacturing a crisis” at the border and “declaring a made up ‘national emergency’ in order to seize power.” He added: “Our message to the White House is simple: CA will see you in court.” Still later, Newsom added, “Instead of fighting the actual threats facing Americans, the President has chosen to undermine our Constitution and fan the flames of nativism & xenophobia. This is not a ‘national emergency.’ It’s a national disgrace.”

    This warfare has real-world consequences for the state. Since our state Attorney General Xavier Becerra has filed over 40 lawsuits against the Trump, he hasn’t kept up with the more traditional duties of this office….like making sure the state laws are followed.”


    Their priorities are not the voters priorities.


  8. Like with most of the presidential budgets put forth in recent decades, this one is just wishful thinking mostly. While loaded with good ideas, you’ll never get it past the House.


    “President Donald Trump released his budget for the 2020 fiscal year, which adds up to $4.7 trillion.

    The budget includes spending cuts up to $2.7 trillion. The majority of that number comes from $1.9 trillion in entitlement cuts.

    From The Wall Street Journal:

    The White House budget document proposed $2.7 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade, including $1.9 trillion in cuts to mandatory spending programs, a senior administration official said Monday. The official said the president’s budget proposes more spending cuts over the next 10 years than any administration in history.

    The budget would reduce the overall level of nondefense spending by 5% next year below current federal spending caps, a nearly $30 billion reduction. The budget would increase military spending by 5%, to $750 billion from $716 billion in fiscal year 2019.

    The budget proposes to cut $327 billion from safety-net programs and will include work requirements for recipients of food stamps, Medicaid and federal housing programs, the senior administration official said.

    The budget proposes $8.6 billion for a wall and barrier along our southern border. This number includes “$5 billion for the Department of Homeland Security and $3.6 billion for the Defense Department’s military-construction budget.”

    This idea ruffled the Democrats’ feathers since Trump originally asked for $5.7 billion for a wall, which caused a partial shutdown of the government in December and January. From Fox News:

    Democrats, though, continue to argue that an emergency at the border is “non-existent,” and promised to block the proposal to build the wall again.

    “President Trump hurt millions of Americans and caused widespread chaos when he recklessly shut down the government to try to get his expensive and ineffective wall, which he promised would be paid for by Mexico,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement.

    “Congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. We hope he learned his lesson,” they said, adding that the funding would be better put to use toward domestic programs like “education and workforce development.”

    Trump asks for cuts in “domestic discretionary spending,” but wants more money for “defense and veterans affairs.” ”



    “Meanwhile, the budget aims to implement new welfare requirements — namely, that Americans 18-65 years old work at least 20 hours a week in a job, a job training program or a community service program to secure a range of benefits and aid.

    According to the administration, the work requirement would apply to federal programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and federal housing, but would come with a hardship exemption. Last year, the administration opened the door for states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients. This part of the budget proposal would bring those work requirements to the federal level.

    The proposal would represent an expansion of work requirements, though some already are in place. For the past several administrations, able-bodied recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) have mostly had to work at least 80 hours a month — while recipients of traditional welfare known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) have also faced work requirements.

    The budget, meanwhile, projects a $1.1 trillion deficit for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, but also calls for deep cuts to domestic programs.”


  9. Its curious why Republicans think democrat socialism will resemble Venezuela and not Sweden. Its as if they don’t think Americans are capable of achieving the same as Europeans. And its as if they think authoritarianism is the only implement change.


  10. The feds have broken up a college cheating scandal involving NCAA Div. 1 coaches and Hollywood actresses.


    “Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among at least 40 people charged in a $25 million college entrance exam cheating scheme, according to court documents unsealed Tuesday.

    The alleged scheme focused on getting students admitted to elite universities as recruited athletes, regardless of their athletic abilities, and helping potential students cheat on their college exams, according to the indictment unsealed in Boston.

    Loughlin, best known for her role in the sitcom “Full House,” and Huffman, who starred in the ABC hit show “Desperate Housewives,” were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud.

    The FBI recorded phone calls involving the celebrities and a cooperating witness, according to the criminal complaint. Representatives for Loughlin and Huffman did not immediately return requests for comment.

    The plot involved students who attended or were seeking to attend Georgetown University, Stanford University, UCLA, the University of San Diego, USC, University of Texas, Wake Forest, and Yale, according to federal prosecutors.

    There’s no indication that the schools were involved in any of the wrong-doing.

    In all, 44 people, some of them college coaches, have been charged thus far.”




    “The scheme, in some instances, involved parents paying William Singer, the founder of a college prep business, to have someone take the SAT or ACT for their children, according to authorities. Singer will plead guilty Tuesday afternoon a number of crimes, officials said.

    Loughlin and husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of paying $500,000 to USC in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the college’s crew team — even though they did not participate in crew — thereby guaranteeing their admission in the college, according to documents.

    Huffman and her spouse, William H. Macy, are accused of disguising a $15,000 charitable payment in the bribery scheme. The charging papers refer to Macy as “spouse.” He hasn’t been indicted. “


  11. Anon = hrw

    Omar must really scare the Republicans. She can’t even make flippant remark without it somehow being part of a conspiracy.

    Suggesting Trump isn’t human doesn’t imply a tendency to reduce whole groups of people to subhuman status. I think another elected person already reduces whole nationalities and race to “animals” and “rapists” from “sh#thole countries”. There’s a huge log in the Republican party that needs to be removed prior to any complaints of the dust/specks in the Democrats.


  12. Anon at 12:09,

    HRW, I presume?…..

    Because AOC, Crazy Bernie, and company have made it clear thru their unwavering support of Maduro, that the Venezuelan strain of this economy ravaging disease is the one they prefer. Repeatedly.



    Even hardcore Dems like the pedophile Menendez are bothered by it. Pelosi too.


    “Bob Menendez ‘surprised’ by Bernie Sanders’ soft Maduro stance”


  13. ———————–

    Birds of a feather……


    “Even as most of the Western Hemisphere has rushed to recognize Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Guaido, a small but familiar chorus has registered its dissent. Self-proclaimed anti-imperialists, demanding that America stay out of Venezuela’s affairs, have rallied to the side of strongman President Nicolas Maduro.

    Among the dissenters are apparatchiks of the Iranian regime, hosts of Russian propaganda talk shows and columnists at the Nation. There are even a few Democratic members of Congress on Team Maduro.

    America does have a history of intervening in Latin America on the side of dictators, usually in the cause of countering communism or protecting the hemisphere from the influence of other foreign powers. It’s easy to see why various rogues and rubes would see this pattern repeating in Venezuela.

    They are wrong, though. To support Maduro right now is not to stand against American imperialism. Rather, it is an endorsement of the imperialism of America’s adversaries.”


    Now who has duel loyalties? 🙂


  14. The man who promised no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security just proposed cuts in order to pay for tax cuts to the rich and to build the wall Mexico was going to pay for.

    A work requirement for Medicaid??? A person has cancer but has to work to pay for treatment. Treatment that often leaves you to sick to work. Wow.

    Work requirements cost more to implement than they save. Its design to degrade the poor and is similar to the poor/work house in 18th/19thC except the govt no longer provides work or shelter. Its designed to shame and scare you into accepting working poverty as the norm. As it is most food stamp receipts already work full time. Perhaps forcing companies to pay a living wage would be a more efficient way to cut the food stamp usage. It makes zero sense for the govt to subsidize Walmart wages.

    The Conservatives in Ontario tried that in the 1990s but it was unsuccessful. It cost too much to implement, was bureacratic, and was difficult to track. They quietly gave up after a few years


  15. I support Maduro over the opposition. In 2013 Maduro was elected in a fair election by 51%. In 2018, the main opposition parties boycotted the election thereby ensuring a Maduro victory. They then used their power in the legislature to remove and replace Maduro. They should’ve ran in the election.

    Now the western countries have decided to support the legislature over the executive. (Imagine if Pelosi appointed herself president and was support by foreign countries). A purely domestic crisis that other countries should stay out. Thus supporting an initiative by the Vatican, Mexico and Uruguay to negotiate an end to the crisis than to interfere and support one party over another makes sense.

    This doesn’t negate my initial point that AOC, Bernie, etc point to the Nordic model to implement in the US.

    Apparently he’s no longer Crazy Bernie….he’s the Nutty Professor. Try to keep up.


  16. There’s no clear claim to being a founder of Greenpeace. The organization slowly evolved over time in Vancouver. The clearest claim would be Irving and Dorothy Stowe whose home served as hq.

    Patrick Moore, the guy in the tweet, was one of the first members and sailed on the first protest voyage. Overtime he left the organization and became a paid spokesman for corporations. Another guy who claims to be a founder, Paul Watson, runs the Sea Shepherd society which rams fishing vessels and cuts nets. It would be interesting to put those two in a room together.

    For the record, Greenpeace disavows both of them…one is a corporate sellout and the other an eco-terrorist.


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