4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-12-19

  1. 🙂 Jayme Closs was found. I am so grateful that this young lady was able to escape and find help. It has been a joy to see the joy on all the reporters, community members, law enforcement and everyone else.

    😦 That it happened at all and this young man prepared so thoroughly to get away with this awful deed. We also just had three young people kill another man. One just graduated from the same school one of my grandson’s attends, which is hundreds of miles away. The hardness of these young people is just so sad. Their getting caught up in drugs is also so sad.

    😦 So thankful the Lord has given us salvation and a way of escape!

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  2. I was thinking the other day, how unfathomable it is to me to take another person’s life. I cannot imagine the mind set that would allow for that. I understand a drunk doing so, or somebody high on drugs, but just to randomly go out and kill somebody is too far outside my understanding. To end their lives, and all their hopes and dreams And I know, but for God, it could well be me. I am thankful that I do not understand.

    This is apparently not one of those cases. He decided his need for this girl was more important than the lives of her parents. That is closer to my own selfish thoughts, though not something condoned, it is more along normal human nature. I want I take. We are supposed to let that go after about age two

    I am so glad she was able to get free. God can restore her and strengthen her, or she will be like so many other broken people in need of Christ.

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  3. Cold is still hanging on. I may go to the doctor today to help me get better before school begins on Wednesday.

    The trip back:
    My daughters decided that the oldest would take me with little Archie and her daughter. But other daughter met us at church, the meeting spot as I was leaving the car there, to say goodbye and allow me to give Lucy hugs.
    The first flight to LA was only half full so I had row to myself at the back. Each of my bags was 1 1/2 pounds over. We took things out of one and stuffed them in my carryons, then the gal said not to worry about the other one. I put those things back in the bag in LA as I knew that my standby flight would not care.
    At checkin in LA they took my bags and checked them through to Port Moresby. When I went to the transfer checkin desk in Brisbane, the guy said that they should not have done that. I didn’t tell him that I had folks praying that they would do exactly that. The Moresby flight was not full and I again had a row to myself.
    On the long flight I was the middle of the middle. Not the best spot, but I endured. I think I managed a five hour nap. Something I have never done before. As we were landing in Brisbane I began to cough and could not stop. I needed water and had none left. There was a gal my age next to me and I pointed to her water. She said that she had already been drinking it. We both pushed the button to call the stewardess, but no one came. Finally she said that she was not sick and gave me her water. That took care of it. Whew!
    The layover was nice and gave me time to buy food and just walk. I even met some friends who had been gone from Ukarumpa for a year.
    In Port Moresby I waited and waited but my trunk did not come. The good news was that I had packed so that nothing I wanted was in that trunk. I was going to offer to leave it in Moresby if the flight was full. When I went to report a lost bag, the fellow got on his computer and said that they had already found it and it would be brought up the next day from Brisbane.
    Never fun to get weighed before the last flight! my luggage that I had left weighed exactly whata I had booked. There was crowd to meet our flight for the other family. Kinda sad for me. They stayed for a long time then finally left, leaving three of us from the two flights to wait for the P2 bus aviation uses to take passengers to their homes. By then I was so tired.
    A friend called to bring me dinner, but I said I was just going to bed. I went to bed at 6pm and was up at 4am. Last night I was up til 8:30 and slept until 5 am.
    Friends brought me dinner the next night and rented the singles van so I would have a way to get around until my car is fixed.
    God is good, all the time.

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