Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 9

It’s the ninth week. That’s not like the ninth inning of baseball, since there are yet a few more weeks to go. Or the ninth hole in golf, as this season is more than half over, unless a team goes to a bowl game. But it is getting down to the time of season where team records count, so I’m including them. I picked a B1G game for the tie breaker, since my other teams, Arizona and Mizzou, are in games against really good teams. So join in the fray, folks. Just pick by NOON EDT Saturday.

 1. #9 Florida (6-1,  4-1 SEC) @ #7 Georgia (6-1,  4-1 SEC)

 2. #14 Washington State (6-1, 3-1 PAC 12)@ #24 Stanford (5-2, 3-1 PAC 12)

 3.  #6 Texas (6-1,4-0 Big 12) @ Oklahoma State (4-3, 1-3 Big 12)

 4. Texas Tech (5-2, 3-1 Big 12) @ Iowa State (3-3, 2-2 Big 12)

 5. Army (5-2) @ Eastern Michigan (4-4)

 6.  Boise State (5-2, 3-1 MWC) @ Air Force (3-4, 1-3 MWC)

 7.  Tennessee (3-4, 1-3 SEC) @ South Carolina (3-3, 2-3 SEC)

 8. Purdue (4-3, 3-1 B1G) @ Michigan State (4-3, 2-2 B1G)

 9. Pillow Fight: UNLV (2-5,0-3 MWC) @ San Jose St (0-7, 0-3 MWC)

10. Tie Breaker (pick winner and final score): #18 Iowa (6-1, 3-1 B1G)  @ #17 Penn St. (5-2, 2-2 B1G)

18 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2018 Week 9

  1. I logged on to find that Aj and I had chosen exactly the same results except for the tie breaker.
    So? I changed my wild guesses for #2 amd #4 since I know nothing at all ab out those leagues. I started to bet against Georgia, But betting against them Dogs is never smart. (Nor the Gators, for that matter, but I stand by my pick.)
    1 Georgia
    2. Stanford
    3. Texas
    4. Texas Tech
    5. Army
    6. Boise State
    7. South Carolina
    8. Purdue
    9. UNLV
    10. Penn St. 21-14


  2. Georgia – As Chas said, don’t bet against the Dawgs, especially at home.
    OK State – As much as I don’t like Texas, it seems the ‘Horns are back. But they are on the road.
    Iowa State – Going out on a limb here, but ISU can surprise better teams. And my SIL is a graduate.
    Air Force – Don’t know why.
    South Carolina
    Michigan State – Even though Purdue upset Ohio State last week and MSU lost to Michigan, I think the Spartans want this win more.
    Iowa 40-35 (With so many of Mrs L’s relatives living within spitting distance of Kennick Stadium, I have to go for the Hawkeyes.


  3. 1. #9 Florida
    2. #14 Washington State
    3. #6 Texas
    4. Texas Tech
    5. Army
    6. Boise State
    7. South Carolina
    8. Purdue
    9. San Jose St
    10.Penn St. 23-14


  4. Georgia
    Washington State
    Texas Tech
    Army (Hmm, loyalty to family, or likelihood of winning? Don’t tell my family)
    Boise State
    South Carolina
    Michigan State
    Penn St. 21-17


  5. Half the games are over. Four of us have 4 games right out of the 5, including AJ. AJ is winning because he was only 1 point off on the tie breaker!


  6. You’re right, Kevin. Except the game you went against family isn’t the one that helped you win, since all of us chose the same team in that one. But then, if you had chosen your family’s team there would be a three-way tie, which AJ would have won because of his outstanding guess in the tie-breaker. The final score was Penn State 30, Iowa 24. AJ’s guess of 31-24 was only 1 off.

    So Congratulations Kevin! You got 8, AJ and Mumsee got 7. Kim and I got 6 and Chas got 5.

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  7. Oops! You are correct. I must have counted one of them by mistake. It takes a real honest person to turn down a win.

    So, AJ. You win. Pick a tie breaker and I’ll send you the list.


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