31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-25-18

  1. Hi Chas! I see you were already here on the “old” thread. So you were last there but first today. I am first here but second today. Confused yet?

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  2. I am more confused by what I see on TV.
    I turned it on this morning to see what was going on in the world.
    Turns out, nothing is.
    There was a picture from a helicopter of a truck with a bomb going somewhere.
    As if we cared where it was going.
    Seems to me that someone has created fake bombs for some reason. Not one of them has exploded. This has to be a design -mental- problem.

    You folks don’t remember the first time they had aerial photos of nothing but a car slowly going down a road.
    O.J, Samson started that.

    I see where I have to choose both the Gamecocks and Boilers this week.
    Fortunately, I think both can win.

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  3. Yeah, I remember that O.J. afternoon. They said how many Americans “watched” it. Well, my TV was on, but I didn’t watch it. I was watching something else and they interrupted with that footage, and I kept thinking they would go back to whatever it was I was watching. But it was a sunny Sunday afternoon with a sunbeam falling on me in a lazy sort of way, and while I waited I dozed off on the couch. I opened my eyes a few times–still O.J. Were they hoping he’d kill himself on live TV? It made no sense to keep showing that nothingness.

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  4. Did you notice the header photo has two herons in it? A great blue in the front, and a green in the back left minding its own business.

    I took this the first week the pond had largely dried up, leaving water in various pools within the pond but not over the whole area. Up to that time, going down there had usually meant seeing several green herons (always at least one, but sometimes at least four) and possibly (but by no means certainly) seeing one great blue heron. Once I had seen two, but usually none or one.

    That morning the fishing was great–the fish had had to move into a much smaller area, and that area was now shallow, and herons were pretty much walking through the shallows and picking up a fish, swallowing it, and moving on to find another. Great blue herons are usually shy birds, but they didn’t even care that they were now much closer to their photographer, and that I was just a few yards away from them, without even having any grass between us some of the time.

    What was particularly noteworthy that morning was that we ended up with several great blue herons. I saw four at a time several times, but since they were chasing each other all over the pond and then one or two would fly off and a few minutes later another bird would come in, I have no idea if they were the same four. Unfortunately I failed to get good action shots of herons chasing each other. First, there is a lot of vegetation down there, and getting action shots among vegetation is always tricky; second, you have to be focused in the right spot, and it was never clear which bird would chase which other; third, it was still fairly early in the morning, and zooming too much lets in too little light and blurs the action. And fourth, most maddeningly, I had filled up my camera card, and kept erasing a few images, then shooting what I thought would turn into “action” but wouldn’t amount to much, and just as a heron chased another heron and I tried to capture it, my camera would tell me there was not enough room on the card. I got good heron-fishing shots, but the chasing shots were all mediocre or bad, though I saw such action multiple times.

    Now, in this particular image, the great blue heron is strutting and posing, trying to look big and bad. It’s his pond and he won’t share it. When I took the photo, I didn’t know if there was another great blue in the greenery that this bird could see but I couldn’t, if he couldn’t stand up to the other great blues but was showing the little green heron how great he was, or just generally showing off because at the moment he had the pond to himself (oh herself–but it’s more likely to be a male, I would think).

    This particular shot isn’t in the pool right in front of me where the fish had all congregated, but off to the side where there wasn’t much water left. (Farther back, there wasn’t any at all.) I did also send AJ a shot of a great blue with a fish it had just caught. I didn’t get any really perfect shots since they mostly had their backs to the camera after catching a fish and it was still too early for great lighting, but I got a couple where you can see the fish it has caught. All in all it was an amazing morning to observe the action, and I got a few good photos too.


  5. Maybe it was Friday evening or a Friday I had off? It was my first year after college, I know, because I remember where I was living. And I didn’t watch TV much (never have) but had it on that day watching something, and it was annoying they broke into the show for something so trivial, and I assumed they would go back in a minute or two, and then they just never did. And when I heard later how many people had “watched” it, I was outraged, because in my mind they had put something totally meaningless on my TV set.


  6. We had the OJ car thing on. We were at a hotel after bringing one of our daughters to a camp to work for the summer. Not much else on at the time? I don’t remember.


  7. We stayed at a motel twice every year. Once on the trip down to Los Angeles, and second on the way home from Lost Angeles. We never had the motel tv on. I did not know people actually used the thing until I got married and traveled with husband. I would prefer it remained off.

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  8. OJ slow-speed chase was most definitely on a Friday.

    I’d gotten home from work & was watching it all unfold waiting for a friend from church to pick me up, we were going to a Christian ‘rock-pop’ concert in Pasadena. I kept hoping she’d be late, I was transfixed.

    You have to understand that OJ was a a huge obsession here among those of us who were news junkies — and it also was a major local story, the chase was playing out on the freeways we’d all be or just had been on, coming or going, on our regular commutes. Our photographers were running all over the over-passes trying to get the ‘money’ shot. One of them did.

    The OJ saga was big local news here and had been for a while. The chase with all its suspense was the culmination of a story we’d all been following closely.

    Anyway, my friend picked me up for the concert before it ended and she decidedly was not a news junkie. 😦 So I had to wait in suspense until after she dropped me off at home to find out what finally happened. Torture!

    I do think one of the band members mentioned something about it from the stage.

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  9. But I see I’m an anomaly here again. 🙂

    In real news, the painters I hope will be back today.

    Tess raided the cat’s breakfast this morning, I was careless and fed her then took my shower — I feed her high on the top of the butcher block table in the kitchen but Tess can stand on her hind legs and reach it if I’m not anywhere around. She waits for me to leave the vicinity. When she heard the shower running, she knew the time was perfect.

    She wiped both dishes clean (but didn’t break them this time at least). One was on the kitchen floor, the other tipping precariously close to the edge of the butcher block table. Both empty.


  10. The saga of the cupcakes and the VFW poppies is reaching an end.

    It consumed me yesterday–I wasted far too much time.

    The end result is I’ll order cupcakes two days before the event and Safeway guarantees they’ll be fine.

    The VFW poppies are still not resolved, but I have a promise of meeting a veteran of foreign affairs in a parking lot and he will hand over the poppies for a donation.

    It should not have been this hard!

    But, as my husband points out, at least I got a story out of it.

    And it’s real news.



  11. I tend to agree with Chas on the bomb thing. I am leaning toward one side trying to make the other side look deranged when, in my opinion, they are ALL deranged these days. Meanwhile, I just pray that they aren’t from the Southern United States.

    Michelle, I seem to have missed the VFW Poppies and Cupcakes Saga. I am glad it turned out well.
    I was supposed to be in Baton Rouge today, but when the alarm went off at 4 I was dizzy, unstable on my feet, clammy, and nauseous. I took 2 sips of my coffee and went back to bed. I really don’t do sick well. Some enjoy it. I do not.

    Miss Maddie is trying sweet potatoes again today. I don’t think she likes them.

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  12. I am up early as all of the teachers are flying or driving to Goroka for our annual professional focus weekend. Not sure where they will have us staying and I am a little uneasy. Us introverts don’t do these very well. Still dark here, but I’d best get ready.

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  13. Funny how technology changes and in some ways goes backward. Remember when cell phones got smaller and smaller? Now they are big again. And remember how most people stopped wearing wrist watches because their phones have a clock? Now they are wearing a wrist watch connected to their phones. What’s next? TVs with tubes?

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  14. Today the little man in my life turns eight years old. Doesn’t seem possible he can be that old.

    Nightingale is working second shift today, which would normally mean that they would only see each other for that lovely time of the morning when they are trying to get ready and out to the bus stop on time. But for some reason, The Boy’s school had a “half-day” today, so he was home by noon.

    That gave us time to have a birthday lunch with him – macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, as well as some delicious salmon for Mommy and Mimi. Instead of a cake (Nightingale had made cupcakes for his party on Saturday), there was a pumpkin pie. Now he is out with his dad.

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  15. Macaroni and cheese is always a favorite of young guys.

    I couldn’t read all of Kim’s 3:54 because of all the ad’s that kept popping up.
    But there was a time, as late as the mid fifties (when I was there), that it was a big deal to beat Army or Navy. And the Army/Navy gave had significance.

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  16. Yeah, so long Megyn.

    Megyn Kelly is negotiating her exit from NBC News

    New York (CNN Business) Megyn Kelly and NBC News executives are negotiating the terms of her departure from the news division.

    Her exit is not official yet, but it is likely to be announced in the days ahead, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

    Kelly will not be returning to her 9 a.m. show “Megyn Kelly Today,” the sources confirmed.
    There had been speculation that she would remain with the network in a lesser role — but the sources said that’s not happening.


  17. Navy will be destroyed by Notre Dame on Saturday.


    And this Army fan is quite happy that it’s been Navy getting whooped regularly for 90 years, instead of us. 🙂


  18. Now as to your Dodgers……

    There’s 2 things about baseball I love. The first is watching the Yankees win. If I can’t have the first, I’m always up for the second, which is watching the Red Sox lose.

    Your Dodgers are making the World Series unwatchable for me because they’re never leading.



  19. The Dodgers were briefly, ever-so-briefly, ahead last night before blowing it. 🙂 They can’t seem to get any traction in this series.


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