35 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-26-18

  1. Hmmmm….

    Now why send “bombs” that aren’t really bombs, because they don’t work?


    “Some Suspected Mail Bombs Were Not Capable of Exploding, Others Yet to Be Analyzed, Officials Say”

    “A nationwide manhunt is underway for the culprit or culprits responsible for targeting critics of President Donald Trump with crudely made mail bombs — some of which investigators say were so flawed were incapable of detonating.

    As of Thursday evening — several days after the first device was found at the New York home of billionaire George Soros — there were still no leads on a suspect in the case. It also remains unclear if their builder intended for them to actually explode or were part of some politically motivated hoax.

    Hours after authorities found devices addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden and one to actor Robert De Niro Thursday, investigators revealed the devices examined so far were poorly made.”


  2. Creepy porn lawyer’s friends at NBC have some ‘splainin’ to do. Like why they sat on info that showed Avenatti and his client were lying?

    They seem to have allowed their leftist agenda to override the facts. And given the public yet another reason to doubt their credibility.


    “When Sen. Chuck Grassley referred attorney Michael Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick to the Justice Department for criminal investigation Thursday, he cited Swetnick’s interview with NBC News as evidence the two were trying to mislead the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    In the NBC News interview that aired on Oct. 1, Swetnick back-tracked on or contradicted parts of her sworn statement where she alleged she witnessed then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh “cause girls to become inebriated and disoriented so they could then be ‘gang raped’ in a side room or bedroom by a ‘train’ of boys.”

    NBC News also found other apparent inconsistencies in a second sworn statement from another woman whose statement Avenatti provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee in a bid to bolster Swetnick’s claims.


  3. Imagine this:
    I want to cause a ruckus. So?
    I make a bunch of harmless packages that look like bombs.
    I go about the country, in one day, to various post offices and mail my packages.
    I haven’t violated any laws, but just the same.
    I am out of the country when these people receive them.
    Nobody knows who I am, but just the same.
    I’m gone.

    I don’t know what really happened, but that’s what I would do.


  4. Exactly, despite Hillary’s rantings to the contrary, no one was ever really in any danger…….

    “Fake bombs are not bombs. Fake news is fake news.”


    “The fake news of the day has been disingenuously pretending that any those persons to whom the fake bombs were addressed were in any danger. They were not. Who sends bombs to people who do not open their own mail?

    As Roger L. Simon wrote, it doesn’t matter who built those little fake not-pipe bombs, the intent is clear. The message? See, it isn’t only the left that is vicious and violent. The right is violent too! Whoever is guilty of perpetrating this latest stunt is irrelevant; their intent is obvious. Demonstrate that there are lunatics on the right too! Great plan.

    Underestimating the intelligence of the American people is a progressive conceit. People on the left are confident that those not on their “team” are all troglodytes.

    We on the right cannot escape knowing their Marxist/socialist opinions, their plans for transforming America. We are subjected to their views and values all day, every day, in print and on television. But they know nothing of what or how we think or what our values are. The young know nothing about the truth of American history or the Constitution. Everything they have been taught is wrong.

    With the exception those educated at Hillsdale College and a few other places, they know nothing about the Founding of this nation, the Constitution or the Revolutionary War that won our independence. They know nothing of the facts of the Civil War, Lincoln or the truth of the racism that characterized the Democratic Party then and still does; it is the left that defines all of us by skin color and/or on one scale of victimhood or another.

    Ever so gradually, though, people are waking up to the left’s disdain for us all — black, white, brown, they view us all with contempt. The videos released by Project Veritas, however anecdotal, are instructive. Bredesen, McCaskill and Heitcamp are exactly the frauds conservatives always knew them to be. None of them should ever have been elected to public office. Nor should have been Robert Menendez in NJ, Keith Ellison in MN, or Andrew Gillum in FL. All of them are corrupt to their cores. They became politicians to become wealthy and powerful and each of them did. Yet they are small-time hoods compared to the Clintons and Obamas. They all lack honesty and ethics.”


  5. The narrative collapse continues. The more we know, the more we see how wrong Never-Trumpers and Dems were about this whole witch hunt.


    “The process by which the FBI and Department of Justice were corrupted into serving as political attack machines for the Democrats is finally coming into focus. In an article in The Hill that is today’s read of the day, a retired senior FBI executive puts together the evidence already on the record to offer a roadmap of how the politicization of these powerful bureaucracies was accomplished.

    Kevin R. Brock, who is identified as “former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI, was an FBI special agent for 24 years and principal deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)” sees Andrew McCabe as the point man, pulled up through the career bureaucracy of the Bureau by his mentor, James Comey, who was, after all, an outsider political appointee in need of a henchman to implement his political machinations. Once Comey was fired, McCabe became the key figure leading the law enforcement branch of the deep state resistance to Trump.”


  6. Oh Ricky……

    Your NYTimes ” scoop” from Wednesday was just more fake news. You really should stop falling for it. 🙂

    Maybe Maggie Haberman should use her scoop to clean up the steaming pile of journalism she left on the NYT’s front lawn.


    “The White House released a statement on Thursday evening saying that the New York Times’ report about the Chinese and Russian governments listening in on President Trump’s phone calls was inaccurate.

    “The article written by the New York Times presented inaccurate information about the President’s cell phone and its usage. The President does not have three cellular phones. He has one official government iPhone,” White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley stated.

    He continued, “This phone security follows industry best practices and is closely managed under government supervision in conjunction with recommendations from industry partners. The phone is rotated on a regular basis and is constantly monitored for any security vulnerabilities and attacks, in accordance with recommendations from the intelligence community.”



  7. More bad news for Ricky.

    The narrative collapse continues….



    “Lawmakers interviewed former Trump aide George Papadopoulos on Thursday.

    Republicans who took part in the deposition came away questioning the FBI’s decision to open its collusion investigation based on information about Papadopoulos.

    North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said he believes the FBI’s investigation was “certainly not one built on a solid foundation””

    “Republican lawmakers who interviewed George Papadopoulos on Thursday came away from the hearing questioning the FBI’s basis for opening its collusion investigation based on information about the former Trump campaign aide.

    “What we’re finding without talking about specifics of what’s going on is that the whole reason that this investigation was opened up was certainly not one built on a solid foundation,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows told Politico after Papadopoulos wrapped up his testimony.

    “It’s hard to understand why the FBI opened the highest profile investigation in recent times into potential collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russian government that centers on a campaign policy adviser who been on the job a month at the time the Trump-Russia investigation was launched,” Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe told Fox News.”



  8. Dear Cult,

    I have been busy, but taking Mother to catch her flight back to Central Texas, I heard that this was what your moron was doing in the middle of the night.

    You really need another babysitter to work the night shift.


  9. Trumpsters, This time you can help pay for the extra babysitter. Dear Leader’s tariffs are taxes paid by consumers. Congratulations! Thanks to your idol, you have become taxpayers. Glad to have your help pulling the wagon. Every little bit helps.


  10. I don’t care who did it, it has to be frightening and unnerving to know someone took the trouble to do a potentially evil act against you and your children. The fact it was used to scare rather than actual damage, is just a facet of the evil–not really germane to the fact it was done.

    Throw the book at whoever did it and tone down the rhetoric–on both sides.

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  11. Look’s like he was a known nut too, who claims to be Native American.

    He has a prior history of threatening judges.


    “The suspect has been identified as Cesar A. Sayoc, 56, of Aventura, Florida.

    Sayoc has a criminal record and ties to New York.

    A law enforcement source told CBS News authorities were led to Sayoc in part through DNA evidence.

    He was tracked through his cell phone, sources told CBS2.”

    They had his DNA due to a prior arrest.


    “Cesar Sayoc, named as the suspect who is under arrest in the series of suspicious packages that were sent to former presidents and top Democratic officials, was a registered Republican who drove a van covered in Donald Trump and Republican-oriented stickers.”
    “On LinkedIn, Cesar Sayoc identified himself as “Promoter, booking agent Live entertainment, owner, choreographer.” He wrote that he was a veterinary medicine graduate, saying, “Career decision of becoming a Horse Doctor was always a love for animals, which were here first and never do anything to anyone. And respect all living things. My family very sound Sayoc name in Medical field Grandfather Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc that perfect the conversion oriental eye to Americanize. The first plastic surgeon to be observed by 8 million people in NY city Hospital. He over through Communist Philippines liberated island. He built all hospitals in Philippines islands and sets standards highest level. Most surgeon use his instruments which are patented. And a lot surgeon use today. Also Sayoc intl. schools marshals arts Kali that used to over throw communist party . Also one 5 Hero’s disciplinary my mother Madeline Sayoc Giardiello First president Pharmacy Cosmetic Association, Who Who Business Women of Year, Soul buyer consultant for Home Shopping Network, head number 1 marketing consul in World Aventura Marketing consul, up for city counsel women Aventura.” Authorities have not yet revealed a specific motive but are planning an afternoon press conference to release additional details.”


  12. Three suspicious facts:
    1. The investigation is being headed by that infamous Deep Stater, Christopher Wray.
    2. Jeff Sessions, traitor to Dear Leader, has said that the suspect appears to be “partisan”.
    3. The mailing labels on the bombs contained many humorous misspellings.

    We know how the bad old FBI likes to persecute imbeciles who can’t spell. Witch Hunt! Rigged Witch Hunt! Investigate Hillary and Obama!


  13. So how can The Cult trust such traitors and Deep Staters as Sessions and Wray to do a good job on this case when they have been so unfair in dealing with your Dear Leader, particularly in a case such as this one where Hillary, Obama and Soros are involved? Excuse us for asking for intellectual consistency from the old Cult.

    Could Comey have tainted the investigation? What about Fusion GPS? Was there unmasking? Was there a FISA warrant? Were Christopher Steele, Seth Rich or the pizza pedophiles involved? What about “tapps”?


  14. @1:47 “Look’s like he was a known nut too, who claims to be Native American.”
    Might it be a family feud in the Elizabeth Warren branch of the tribe?

    In other news of the week—I can’t decide which is more ridiculous. Maybe ya’ll can help:

    1) The investment of a lifetime: a specially minted Trump coin–99.99% silver. On one side is a likeness of the President, and on the other side is a list of all his achievements.

    2) A young man house-sitting for his parents has burned down their home while trying to kill spiders with a blow torch.

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  15. Oh my….

    Like I said, he was a known nut.

    And Twitter also dropped the ball.



  16. I just saw a picture of the van the would-be bomber drove which wad covered in stickers. About 2 weeks ago I saw a car covered the same way— only it was laminated pictures and articles saying how stupid and moronic the President is.It was in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. At first I thought Ricky had made an unexpected trip to Chattanooga. But a man came out and jumped into the car and sped away wearing a red cap. I couldn’t tell if it was a maga cap or not.


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  17. Poor guy. His misspellings helped lead to his capture.

    “The windows of Sayoc’s van were covered with images including images critical of CNN,” the complaint said. The complaint also identifies a Twitter account that law enforcement officials believe Sayoc used, and noted that account contained misspellings consistent with those seen on the packages. The complaint also said one post made Wednesday criticized George Soros, the billionaire activist, who two days earlier had received an explosive.“


  18. David French, like Michelle, wants to be serious and analytical about this and they are probably right. On the other hand, since no one got hurt, it is hard not to laugh at a Trumpkin terrorist who got caught because he couldn’t spell.


  19. The woman at the post office was a wreck, as was her family, worried that she might handle a dangerous package.

    I thought she was joking as she weighed the boxes of books.

    Her hands were shaking.

    I’m with French.

    But am happiest over with DJ in denial and ignoring it all.

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  20. “There’s a difference between the truly insane and the angry obsessive. ”

    Well how about we leave which of those he is to the professionals to determine, rather than a Ricky and a French with an ax to grind….

    Yeah, I’m gonna go with that. 🙄

    And it’s pretty sad that’d you guys would use an obviously ill man to push an agenda too. But such is TDS I suppose….


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