Our Daily Thread 9-28-12

Good Morning!

This is the Daily thread.

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“I must have a prodigious amount of mind; it takes me as much as a week, sometimes, to make it up!”

Mark Twain

41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-28-12

  1. Good morning. My arm is a little sore (I got a flu shot yesterday), but I hope I will live for a few more days or years.

    Last night I went to the R-74 (gay/homosexual marriage) forum in Oak Harbor. It was really a debate. All the participants were religious believers. As far as I could tell, I was the only atheist in the audience. (To avoid contentious and unseemly outbursts, the audience was pretty tightly muzzled.)

    After slipping a bit into favoring “gay” marriage, I am returning to being an irreligious “separation of church and state” fanatic. It won’t happen in my lifetime, but I think Washington state should lead the way in REALLY separating church and state.

    The battle about homosexual rights has been won. The people who have silly and pointless objections to legal coupling of homosexuals have conceded everything, and are clinging to shreds to save face.

    The solution is obvious. I posted on the secular web site that we need a change to our state constitution that will lead the way for the United States Constitution eventually, perhaps in time for my granddaughter.

    “Marriage” should be defined as a religious ceremony with no legal standing. Any church should be able to marry or not marry anyone they deem fit. The ceremony should have no legal standing.

    “Civil union” and/or “domestic partnership” should be defined as a legal relationship among consenting human adults governing children, property, medical and end of life issues. Eventually, perhaps by the time my granddaughter is old enough to be concerned about such issues, we will have REAL separation of church and state. There is no God. We are on our own. Animals with big brains alone in an accidental, indifferent universe.


  2. PS. If you prayed for my safe journey to and from Oak Harbor, thank you. I drove very carefully and made it there and back with no untoward incidents. I saw a couple of deer as I drove, but they carefully stayed off the highway. I don’t pray, but I hope everything is well with you. If you still have left over praying energy, you can pray that my flu shot is taking effect safely and securely.


  3. Good morning all. I had to watch the Ministry Safe videos last night and this morning and take the test. It is sad that almost anything can be interpreted as “sexual”. I remembered most of it from my education studies. Realistically I know that it has always gone on we just didn’t hear about it as much but it still makes me sick to my stomach to think of it.
    Did you know that numbers are 1 in 3 females has been molested by adulthood and 1 in 7 males? Scary huh?


  4. Good morning everyone.
    Already been to the Y.
    Need to take Elvera over to Polly’s in a few minutes. They are going to Greenwood to take Annie Lee to lunch.
    I will dine with Lions.
    Otherwise, have a happy Friday.


  5. Today I will have BBQ to help raise money for the lady I asked you to pray for last week. They are raising money to help with a heart transplant.

    Nicole, the young woman with cancer, is going home soon. They will be inserting a port for the chemo she will be receiving. I have heard conflicting stories, but at the end of each is a request to keep praying.


  6. Good morning all. Mrs Photoguy and I will go out for lunch today to quietly celebrate our 34 years of marriage. Other than salvation, she is Christ’s greatest gift to me.


  7. Today is #2 son’s birthday (27) and tomorrow is #1 son’s birthday (30). This is what we like to call “birthday weekend.” Saturday’s menu is stuffed shells and ice cream cake.


  8. Sounds like a delicious dinner to me, Linda. Are you making or buying the ice cream cake? My SIL made one once for my niece’s birthday, & it was very good – better than any “bought” ice cream cake.


  9. Karen, that’s an interesting idea. We always buy from Carvel. How does your SIL construct it? The Carvel ones have a layer of cookie crumbs in the middle. Does she use anything else besides the ice cream?


  10. Congratulations to you and your wife on 34 years of marriage, Photoguy. May the Lord bless you with many more years together.

    Linda, I have two kids with birthdays one day apart, also, and two other kids with birthdays the same day (but not twins). And all four of those birthdays are within a 22-day time span, so late April to mid May is “birthday season” at our house. 🙂


  11. Good morning everyone. With 5 sibs and 7 kids, September and November are big birthday months.

    It is homecoming at my old high school today. Youngest daughter is singing national anthem. Am I going? It is a half a block away so, yes I think so 😉


  12. Congratulations Photoguy!

    From the Hendersonville Times-News
    A Pickens County, SC police officer ticketed a man for going 63 mph in a 35 mph zone. They fired the officer. Seems he is a Gamecock fan and the driver was Dabo Swinney, coach of the Clemson Tigers.
    “Word of the stop traveled fast as fans who recognized the coach stopped to get his autograph and shared the news on message boards and Internet sites. Their versions of the incident varied widely, with some saying Swinney had a meltdown and others alleging that McClatchy-a fan of Clemson’s bitter rival, the University of South Carolina- had let his rooting interest cloud his judgment.”
    The charge for the firing was that McClatchy used a company computer to tell some friends about the stop.
    McClatchy did reduce the charge from a six point offense, $185 to a two point offense $82.50 even thought Swinney was going 10mph over the limit.

    My observation: Don’t worry about McClatchy, 31. He will find a job in Lexington or Richland County. And I doubt that Swinney will lose a nickel.


  13. Happy anniversary Photoguy — and enjoy the homecoming, Adios. I also live near the high school football field and love hearing the band and all the cheering on Friday nights in fall.

    OK, maybe THIS will be our last hot L.A. fall weekend out here — it’s expected to get up to 87 on Sunday. Sigh.

    It’s also Carmageddon. Part of the 405 fwy will be shut down linking us to the northern SF Valley areas.

    Random, I do believe the communists beat you to that whole idea of removing all religious expression from the public square, no? 😉 Didn’t work out too well. The people eventually rose up and objected. So you’ll need a very strong-armed approach to accomplish it. The U.S. government will have to really toughen up some more. There could even be some uniforms involved if necessary? But hey, knock yourself out. Everything old is new again. Maybe the next generation will fall for it.

    Freedom of religion and free speech are wonderful things.

    Sadly, both (“hate speech” anyone?) appear under attack in our own backyard, subtly and not so subtly.

    Wakefulness needed.


  14. The children are off to the fair. Sadly the little piggies did not make weight so cannot be sold at the fair. But little pigs were happy in their life. They got to run in the pasture with the sheep and goats, eating freely of whatever was out there. Then the leader came over and was aghast. No No! They cannot gain weight that way! They must be confined and fed special food. The girls confined them and fed them special food. They have not gained any since their confinement of three weeks. Before that, they did nicely, going from thirty pounds to one hundred sixty in twelve weeks. Oh, well. When they come home they will be free again. Their names are Cow and Horse.


  15. Donna,

    Thank you for your reply. I am not a Communist and don’t appreciate implications that I am. I very much doubt that any “strong armed approach” is advocated or coming to the public square. I suspect that humans are gradually coming to realize that there is no evidence for the existence of God, and that religious belief will eventually fade away.

    What I am advocating and arguing for is that churches do what churches do best, making up stories to comfort people as we pass through our stages of life. It’s difficult to grow up. It’s difficult to spend a life with another person as a lover, as a partner, as a parent, and as we approach the end of life. However, some of us think it’s time to realize that we are on our own, and we have to confront these difficult passages as rational adult beings.

    We all should be as kind and tolerant and helpful as we can be. I am not being unkind to anyone here. I am simply disagreeing about the nature of reality.

    It was interesting at the forum that I attended that all the speakers were religious advocates. They were all disagreeing with each other about the intent and wishes of God. Religious believers have always done so. Most of us — religious and irreligious alike — are learning to be more tolerant of each other. It’s not easy. Just as children grow up and put childish things aside, our species is growing up and putting childish things aside.

    That’s just my opinion. You are welcome to disagree.


  16. For Donna or anyone who is interested there is a new book about photographing shelter dogs and cats. Have you seen this?

    Snapping Shelter Dogs and Snapping Shelter Cats.


  17. I thought that would come up as a link. Anyway, it is a book by Angela Hunt if you want to look it up on Amazon or on her website. It looks like a good thing to do for those who love animals.


  18. Linda – It’s been a few years since I’ve had SIL’s ice cream cake, but as I remember, there were layers of crushed cookies between layers of ice cream, & those layers were thicker than the average store-bought ones. I can’t remember what else was different.


  19. One of the World War Two vets stopped by this morning. He wanted to pick up a child or two to help him transport his goods to the fair. He makes wine and jelly and juice amongst other things. Very good stuff. Well, I have never tried the wine but am told it is very good.

    Deep disappointment. As I was typing the above, he came back by to say he missed the small print and had to have his stuff in yesterday. He will be getting honorable mentions but that is not what he spends his time trying to earn. He looks forward to this all year and every year he expects this to be his last.


  20. My mom never made ice cream cake (that I recall) but she made wonderful ice-cream pies. I don’t think she had a specific recipe (it has been decades since she made one, and she has been gone nine years, so I can only go by memory). But I think she sometimes used a chocolate crust (melted chocolate chips) and sometimes a graham cracker one, she varied the ice cream flavors, and she’d add Magic Shell or sprinkles and chocolate chips, whipped cream, I really don’t know what all. I only know what we all found them a treat. One day she accidentally used caraway seeds instead of chocolate sprinkles; she removed most, but made the mistake of telling us of her mistake, so she never made another without us asking if she remembered the caraway seeds. (The seeds actually weren’t bad; my piece had some, and I liked the crunch.)

    I know that when she made it, she left the ice cream out of the freezer a little while to soften it to almost the melting point (that doesn’t take long in Phoenix, even in winter), then she’d scoop it into the shell, add any toppings, and put it quickly back into the freezer to firm up. I imagine you’d do the same thing with an ice cream cake.


  21. Donna J, are we suppose to be apocalyptically hot on Monday? Good luck with Carmaggedon. I was amazed at how well it went last time. Good thing it is a bye week for USC. I will be avoiding the 405 by going to Catalina by way of
    Dana Point.


  22. Well, since I haven’t checked in here this week before today, you all missed my going off of Diet Coke, but you are the first to hear of my recent “fall” in this area. You may not know it (if you’re not my friend on FB), but my whole family began a new way of eating last April. Since then, I have lost 45 lbs. or so, and I have lost the least in the whole family. The kids are looking great!

    So, I thought I would add to the new way of eating by NOT drinking Diet Coke anymore. I lasted 5 days. 😦

    Bottom line: except for one time in New Orleans, I have not had any sweets, or sugar, and very few carbs. The carbs I have had have been “good for me” (as much as carbs can be.)

    I have become “non-diabetic” and gone down a few clothing sizes. (My doctor is thrilled!) I still have a long way to go, but I’ve been very good. 😉

    Diet Coke is my one “indulgence.” I really look forward to it, because I cannot have a cookie reward or a slice of cake or whatever. It’s a way for me to have something when everyone else is indulging at a meeting or a function.

    So, yes, I feel guilty for having “fallen off the wagon” so soon. And, I may try it again later. But, I think I am going to modify my program right now to “No diet drinks after 5:00 PM,” since I did notice that I was sleeping better. And, once I get closer to my goal weight, and can eat an *occasional* treat, then I will try dumping Diet Coke again.

    Now, I will have to admit my failure on FB. 😦


  23. Would you all mind praying for my oldest son? He is feeling horrible. He started feeling poorly last Saturday.

    He is far away in college, and he has two papers, and a test due on Monday, along with being required to take a “make-up” class this Sunday. (One of his professors is Jewish and took off for both Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur, and is doing this required make-up class on Sunday.)

    I’m not sure my son is healthy enough to even be out of bed right now, let alone have the stress of all this stuff due. I have suggested to him to ask for an extension on the papers, but don’t know if he’ll do it.

    He could use prayer right now to feel better.


  24. Kevin, I didn’t say “You know what that means” because I had already gone to the Y and it was mid morning and my schedle was changed.
    And I haven’t seen the Friday comics yet. Maybe Peter doesn’t know that it’s Friday.

    Tammy, he has my prayers now.


  25. Heavenly Father, Thank you for Tammy and how she cares about her family and believes in You and Your ability to make a good difference in their lives. I lift up to You her son who is away at college. Lord, You know how he has been very sick which is difficult enough on the home front, but it is compounded by the addition of piling up assignments and the worry that causes. I pray he has those around him who will help him when he has needs for extra hydration and also if he needs any meds. I pray for excellent advice from the school nurse and any doctor visits. Lord, just as I praise You today that my son at college has gotten over his cold, I pray that we can all shortly praise You for Tammy’s son’s recouperation. Please make a way for him to catch up in what he has fallen behind in. Help him not to stress over it but to rely on You to make a way. In Jesus’ name, Amen


  26. Well, the weird heart rhythms have calmed down, though I’m still a bit irritable. Malaria prevention is one of those Catch-22 things – the drugs all have bad side effects, but malaria is not a good option either. Thanks, Aji suun, for the tips.

    Re – Ice Cream Cake: We older siblings once made a baked Alaska cake for the youngest’s birthday. All of us were fascinated with the idea of ice cream baked in the oven. It turned out OK, but it was something of an anti-climax, since the combination of meringue and ice cream was nowhere near as delicious as the cookbook made it sound.


  27. According to this morning’s paper, which we get in the afternoon which is an amazing thing if you think about it, the fire was over six hundred acres and expected to be contained today. Which could explain the smoke. No rain in the forecast and nothing but a dusting of rain in the past few months.


  28. I had a very nice time today surrounded by the ladies in my life. My wife, daughter, mother, and I went to the Izod Center next to beautiful and scenic Giants Stadium. We recieved free tickets from my wife’s company. Luxury box no less. Catered too. Front row of the box. Pretty sweet. I must say they certainly know how to treat their employees well.

    We saw How to Train Your Dragon Live. It was pretty cool.

    Now my daughter wants a dragon. 😯

    To tell ya’ the truth, I kinda do too. They’re like dogs apparently, but they can fly and breathe fire too. Should probably keep it outside though.


  29. Adios, that’s so exciting your daughter is singing the national anthem! 🙂

    I am pleased to report we had an EXCELLENT day here in our home today. Thank you so much for the prayers you have offered up for me in the last couple days per my requests on the prayer threads. I was so energized today, got a lot accomplished, and when things got really rough emotionally tonight at supper with the little man who was sick yesterday, I could handle it without getting frazzled, and he soon got over it. Praise the Lord, the Almighty! His Name is worthy of praise!


  30. Tammy, prayers for your son.

    Random, I certainly didn’t mean to “imply” you were a communist. I was only pointing out that efforts to marginalize/sideline and otherwise quite down those irritating religious folk have quite a history in world government.

    We seem to be going through a phase of that here in our nation (if you recall that weird voice vote of the Dems to leave God out of the platform? One of the oddest moments I’ve seen in a convention, and I’ve seen a lot!).

    Christians are dangerous. They are the same as the Taliban. We’d all be so much better off if people would grow up and out of all that.

    Do you not hear these refrains growing in the past decade?

    And with the growing support — and official push — for gay marriage, it has become virtually impossible to even suggest there is a religious conviction that compels a different view on the question.

    Any view other than the accepted one is considered bigotry.

    I could go on. But I won’t. What amuses me to some degree is how it is the liberals who are always trying to control, quash and restrict free speech. That just doesn’t strike me as very liberal. 😉


  31. Adios, indeed it is supposed to be horribly hot again early next week. I believe the LA forecast for both Monday and Tuesday now is 97 degrees.


    Please, where is fall? 😦


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