Prayer Requests 9-28-12

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“Listen to my words, Lord,
consider my lament.
 Hear my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray.”

Psalm 5:1-2

12 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 9-28-12

  1. The Kid is still having trouble dealing with the death of his friend. Last night he started crying about it again then he said he was afraid his Daddy and I were going to die. He started talking about how he could never go to his Daddy’s funeral.


  2. kbells, I know it doesn’t make it easier but what he is experiencing is normal and age appropriate. All you can do is reassure him that daddy is healthy and there is no reason to think something will happen to him but we each have our appointed time and only God knows when that is.
    I remember when my grandfather died thinking we have all lived through the date we will die. My grandfather on November 18th my dad on June 11th. How many Nov 18’s did my grandfather live through. How many June 11’s did my dad live through?

    Other than that I have no real words of encouragement.


  3. Thank you for the prayers offered up for my son and me yesterday. We both got a good night’s sleep and are enjoying this new day, feeling refreshed and renewed in the Lord.


  4. kBells, praying for wisdom for you and peace for your son.

    Please pray for my husband as he drives 7 hours today to go and load up our daughter’s apartment to move her 5 hours closer tomorrow.


  5. I enjoy reading the sermon quotes here each day.

    My son sent an e-mail and said he is feeling much better from the cold he was suffering with. His college has a day of prayer each semester when they do not have classes and they posted pictures from it. Our son was in one of the pictures so that was a blessing to see.

    Prayer for Kbells son: Heavenly Father, Children are so tender and vulnerable at that point when they first understand the finality of physical death. From what Kbells wrote, her son is there and he is beseiged with imagining the worst scenario involving his parents. Thank You, Abba, for giving him understanding for that also means he is ripe for understanding eternal life. I pray You will fortify his grasp of eternal life through salvation in Jesus. Help him to have understanding that You, Abba, are his eternal Father who assures us with a promise of a heavenly home where we will see loved ones again who go before us to that better place. Help him to feel joyous in knowing he can after a while see his friend again. You, Abba, are our Father who has perfect love for us. You want and give even better things to us than our earthly fathers. You never leave us or suffer physical death and although we can’t see You, we can feel Your presence. Please, Abba, let Kbells son feel Your guiding presence and recognize these benefits You give to Your children. May he feel peace knowing You are in charge and that You have made a way for loving families to be united eternally. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen


  6. Updates from the Nest:

    Darby has been removed from life support but as of last night, had not passed away. Her mom is going through the normal grieving process. We are hoping she will come to Christ as her daughter did before dying.

    Our fire had helicopters and planes on it off and on yesterday but I have not seen any today. A lot of smoke in the air still but that is probably from the three thirty thousand acres plus fires around than from our little one hundred acres plus fire.


  7. Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for making a way of healing for those law enforcement officers who were wounded in the line of duty in San Diego. May they each continue on their routes to recovery through Your divine intervention. Keep their families feeling Your love and comfort through the people who surround them. I pray they can both live long lives and live to tell their war story about this battle with evil.

    Please continue to bless the family of Darby and may through this ordeal the parents turn to You as Jesus is brought to their attention through the new found faith of Darby. Your word does not return void. May it capture the minds and hearts of those considering how short life is for any of us and how unexpectedly we can be taken away for eternal life with Jesus or the alternative.

    I pray for rain in Mumsee’s area to clear the sky of smoke that is hard on the lungs. I pray for rain to help cancel the remaining fire. I pray for rain as a sign of Your care for people in need. Oh, Lord, I pray for the refreshment of rain in the land of burning consumption.

    I continue to pray for Nicole as she returns home with the port. Give her strength to endure her fear and anxiety over the effects of chemo. May she develop a thick skin over the effects of chemo and realize that with her suffering she can appreciate that she is being refined by You for service in helping others who go through similar sufferings in the future. You are infusing her with compassion for cancer patients. The suffering is not wasted. Help her to see that. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen


  8. As you may or may not recall, we have three of our children in for psych/ed evaluations. The appearance of the diagnosis keeps changing as the tester becomes more familiar with each child, but currently it appears two will be diagnosed in the autistic spectrum though with fairly mild cases. Though that may change as the children become more comfortable. Again, please pray for the Truth to come out so we can find any deficiencies in what we are doing for the children so as to best enable them to function without us.


  9. Praying for the children and you and your husband, too, Mumsee.

    Prayers for all the other requests on here as well. So much a lot of folks are facing.


  10. Sgt. Johnson was able to leave the hospital today and will continue his recovery at home. Det. Perez is still under sedation, but was able to squeeze his doctor’s hand. He will have more surgery tomorrow.


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