25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-25-23

  1. Love that room with a view! Great photo op♡

    Sounds like Peter will be having some delicious pork fritter for a few days. I nevet knew there was such a dish. I may try to find a recipe. I think Son would like that.

    It was 62° at 7:30. We may get up to 80° as it starts to warm up again.

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  2. I learned what a pork fritter is this morning. Also what a tuck in swim suit is about, unfortunately. My childhood was certainly blissful innocence compared with many children today. Where sin abounds, grace abound even more, which is the most important thing I already read today.

    I wonder if the cake made, accidently, without sugar could be broken up and mixed with frosting to make cake pops? Most frostings are so sweet, I bet the sugar in the cake would not be missed.

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  3. Morning! That is just the sweetest photo of your baby girl Aj! ❣️

    Blue sky once again..the storms scooted that smoke right out of here! Such a welcome sight accompanied with warm temps. Now if we could just get the swarms of Miller moths to leave!!!

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  4. Good morning, everyone. Love the header pic.

    I saw an electronic billboard last night on my way home from work. Part of it read: “Your All Here!” Is there some new thing going on with English grammar, or is that just our illiteracy at work…or am a racist for even asking? Not a trick question.

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  5. Sticking up my head to look around. What is the photo address, again? I could NOT take a bad picture while on the East Coast and I’m happy to share.

    Back to the grindstone . . .

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  6. AC maintenance scheduling is available near the end of July😳 I just turned on the unit for the first time and it is dropping the indoor temp from 70°to 68°. Thankful for that!

    Kathaleena, I had to look up the tuck swim suits thinking they were those tankinis in a new style, but your context clued me in that was probably not the case. Those should be such specialty items that a general department store has no marketing need to stock them except for some upper level marketing of an agenda rather than a product.

    My phone changes what I write, still. I can not do enough edits ever. I had tank and it changed it to tanj. So it is not logical except it wants to make me look stupid.

    We went to Walgreens yestry erday and I saw their Pride t-shirts. I saw the Love is Love t-shirt mentioned in my Sunday school class when we discussed God is love this past Sunday.

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  7. Yay for new lamps!

    I found “mica” shade floor (and table) lamps at Lamps Plus (they are in that California/Mexico style). Have spotted them on some shows set in “ranch” country.

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  8. Lamps Plus didn’t seem that expensive to me, but then I don’t shop for lamps very often. And I love the amber, soft lights too.


  9. Dj the link says page not found so I typed in oak park myself and oh my goodness they are the most exquisite lamps I have ever seen!! Swoon worthy 😊

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