59 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-26-23

  1. In case you missed it DJ,


    “Non-unanimous death penalty? Should not ever become law. Those verdicts should only come down with the most severe standards for guilt, and that definitely includes a unanimous jury.”

    Sheesh. Read the Tweet.

    The death penalty conviction still needs to be unanimous. Nothings changed.

    But the sentencing phase does not. This will stop 1 or 2 jurors who let their personal view of the death penalty overrule the will of the majority.

    See the last Tweet at 5:12PM where this is clearly explained.

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  2. The injustices continue….

    Pardons need to be ready on day one of the next R admin. If that’s not part of your platform, you’re not a serious candidate worthy of consideration.

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  3. Oh look HRW,

    Yet another whistleblower for you to pretend doesn’t exist.

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  4. Bingo.

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  5. More fake news from the AP.

    Oh say it isn’t so…. again…. 🙄

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  6. Joe Biden and Democrats built this.

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  7. Yes please.

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  8. This is what the LA Dodgers have embraced.

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  9. Gee HRW,

    You think maybe the retaliation is why the whistleblowers keep changing their minds and disappearing?


    “Second Hunter Biden Whistleblower Threatened For Internal Email Warning Of IRS Corruption”


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  10. Broken and corrupt.

    That’s the US justice system.


    And another…


  11. AJ – I wasn’t clear yesterday so the confusion of an unanimous jury is my fault; I didn’t include that it referred to the sentencing . However, it is a way to circumvent the fact that support for the death penalty is declining.

    I commented on the “whistleblower” yesterday. Going on television prior to securing legal protection is probably not a good idea. He’s probably trying to create or control the narrative. Despite not naming names, I think he will find the IRS not impressed with the violation of privacy. From the clip I saw, he wasn’t very specific on how procedures were ignored. He’s going to have to do better if he is going to testify. However, he’s not the whistleblower that seems to have disappeared – I’m referring to the 9 out of 10 Comer lost.


  12. Julie Kelly is being obtuse. He was convicted not of saying scary things but conspiracy based not just on chat room texts but actions prior to Jan 6. Interestingly of the five defendants only two were found guilty of conspiracy, indicating that the jury took the burden of proof seriously.


    I know AJ you will claim this is too leftist of a source to trust but it outlines the prosecutors case and you can see the evidence was more than a few scary texts.

    And yes, sentencing is not consistent nor is the application of laws. What gets ignored in my neighbourhood is an arrest and jail sentence in a small town. Or more simply, sometimes you can speed and other times you get caught. Sometimes the police give you a warning sometimes they give you a fine, there’s no rhyme or reason to it.


  13. Ngo’s video is 20 seconds long – hardly long enough to make judgments. I did find it interesting that once the barricade was removed, the police put up a new one and the protesters lined up to talk/yell at the police. They didn’t rush the police. On Jan 6th they rushed past the police and into Congress.

    Rollins didn’t get charged – I guess Clarence Thomas is safe.


  14. Another good opinion piece on Scott:

    Tim Scott and the Politics of Forgiveness
    An upbeat candidacy of national reconciliation seems pitched to break the Trump-Biden stalemate.
    By Lance Morrow
    May 25, 2023 5:46 pm ET

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  15. If DeSantis is concerned about the truth why did he change the laws so he doesn’t have to make his travel expenditures public – what is he hiding (campaigning on Florida tax money??)

    DeSantis needs to do some homework. I checked the budgets for Trump and Biden. Biden spent less money than Trump and has cut the deficit in half since assuming office.

    Attacking “wokism” (whatever that is ) is fine as long as you still allow people to practise their beliefs and ideas. My impression of DeSantis is he likes to legislate in cases where it’s better to simply boycott — ie allow consumers to make their own choices. The book banning in Florida has become over the top.

    I’d argue the DOJ under Barr was as political if not more so than under Garland. Of course, this probably depends on your political persuassion.


  16. sorry again —

    Tim Scott and the Politics of Forgiveness
    An upbeat candidacy of national reconciliation seems pitched to break the Trump-Biden stalemate.
    By Lance Morrow
    May 25, 2023 5:46 pm ET

    ~ America is stuck—deadlocked, frozen, like the armies on the Western Front in 1917. One side is headquartered at Mar-a-Lago and has no ideas at all beyond revenge and gaudy vindication. The other side bivouacs at the White House and has far too many notions—not a few of them absurd, in a leftish way. Both armies are angry, full of sullen grievance. Fox and MSNBC lob ritual shells to and fro. Donald Trump and Joe Biden glare at each other across the cratered American landscape.

    I’ve been trying to talk myself into the idea that Tim Scott is the answer to this ignoble situation, that he might be the way forward. I haven’t succeeded, but it’s early yet. Mr. Scott’s recently announced candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination at least points in an interesting direction. He’s a long shot now, but in my fantasy he might become the leader to break the American deadlock.

    Think of Messrs. Trump and Biden as thesis and antithesis. They are irreconcilable ideas—old sluggers from the Pleistocene, both of them embarrassments by now. For a moment, allow yourself to imagine Mr. Scott as a kind of synthesis—and even a refreshment of the American system.

    Mr. Scott is a black conservative. That somewhat counterintuitive double identity might have its uses in a national drama of reconciliation. He is from Charleston, S.C., a seedbed of the old confederacy. He was raised in something like poverty, with a devoted, hard-working single mother. His parents divorced when he was 7. …

    … The key to Tim Scott’s presidential venture isn’t so much his qualifications as statesman or politician. Those remain to be seen, as his record is sparse. The key, rather, is in his temperament—his manifest goodwill. His policies are less important at this point than the miracle of his temperament. His conciliatory charm isn’t superficial but rather the product of spirit and character.

    The only exits from rage are exhaustion and forgiveness. But sometimes a miraculous change of mood will do. Almost uniquely among American politicians today, Mr. Scott embraces a theology of forgiveness—that great mood-changer. Forgiveness requires humility, a virtue in short supply. It also requires maturity, intelligence and a capacity for gratitude. A radiantly cheerful Sen. Scott tells his country: Get over it. Move on. …

    … Forgiveness was enshrined in the First Amendment as an enforced forbearance. The ideas of others must be endured, even respected. Such civic self-discipline enables American freedom. Forgiveness—a profound political transaction, if properly managed—seems to me the idea at the heart of Mr. Scott’s purposes.

    Forgiveness breaks the deadlock. It enables escape from the past and opens the gate to the future. Forgiveness may bring with it a blessing of forgetting. The liberation from grievance is a gift of grace all around.

    It would be fatuous to think that Tim Scott might turn American public life into the Peaceable Kingdom. It’s putting a lot on the man. On the other hand, he might. One can dream. God knows it’s time for some emotional relief. It would be a miracle. Miracles happen now and then. ~

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  17. The debt ceiling is political theatre. Depending on whose president, the opposing party will oppose raising it. As the Republicans pointed out under Trump and the Democrats are now pointing out under Biden, you need to raise the debt ceiling as it’s for money that’s already been spent. As a previous link I posted Biden is actually better than Trump at budgeting (nothing beats Clinton’s second term though)

    The only reason the US gov’t would run out of money is if the US gov’t refused to borrow the money. However, this illustrates the stupidity of the current system. The Federal Reserve should be able to create the money instead of borrowing from private banks. The current system does prevent inflationary “money printing” by politicians but enriches the banks at the expense of the taxpayer.

    The US Congress did not send money to Ukraine. It sent equipment and supplies already purchased by the US military some equipment is now outdated and the supplies are items that have an expiry date and are usually thrown out if not used. Ukraine has nothing to do with the debt ceiling.


  18. Julie Kelly is a fairly biased observer of 3 minutes of edited footage. On hand it looks like he’s doing the cops job. However, the fact he took charge, others listened to him and he was dressed for a violent confrontation suggests something else. He was organized and prepared – helps back up the idea there was prior planning and conspiracy. There are two ways to look at this footage.

    The IRS and other agencies like it have very strict rules on how material is handled and publicized. It will be interesting to see how whistleblower rules and IRS rules can coexist if at all. If the “whistleblower” made an error in how he treated material, it will be taken very seriously.


  19. Just a note on the Orthodox tweet. There are two separate orthodox churches in Ukraine.

    The tweet comes from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which is in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church. The priest was questioned by the police because he referred to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine as the church of the antichrist and satanic. The Orthodox Church was formed in 2019 and is recognized by the patriarch of Constantinople as self-governing . Most orthodox churches are organized along national lines and are supported by their gov’t. The Ukraianian Orthodox church is now seen as a relic of past Russian dominance.

    From a North American perspective, this seems weird but many European countries have established churches that are protected by the gov’t. Blasphemy laws are still on the books in some European countries – you can’t call the established church satanic.

    There is a third tradtional Ukraine church – the Ukrainian Greek Catholic church. Its adherents are mostly in western Ukraine and the Greek style Catholicism is a result of Polish rule. Traditionally its been the voice of Ukrainian nationalism whereas the Russian/Ukrainian Orthodox church was always pro Russian.


  20. Just so I understand , Target did not sell the Satanic themed merchandise just two bags and a sweatshirt? Is Target responsible for the merchandise their supplier sells elsewhere?

    Can someone tell me what’s wrong with selling a onesie saying “Just Be You and Feel the Love” and rainbowed coloured leggings. Maybe the kid just likes rainbows, I can remember kids wearing rainbows on their clothing when I was young – I think one was about a pot of gold. Are rainbow socks ok? Maybe some people need to stop seeing sexuality everywhere. And that goes both sides on this particular issue.


  21. Hwesseli, the rainbow symbol was usurped by a segment in our population a number of years back that caused a shift in the view of artifical rainbows to relate to sexuality. It was pushed onto society over and over so that it was a significant symbol to claim all colors or forms of sex outside the limits of God ordained sex as something to practice and feel pride in oneself about. It has been used as a symbol, a brand, and a victory, on human terms, against God’s authority in such matters. To dress a child in such clothing these days might indicate to some people that the parents are open to any kind of so-called “love” to be in that child’s life. It would be like using the child and fashion to support an agenda that is anti-God. But you really knew this already when you asked.

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  22. Please, fellow believers, stop telling HRW or others that they already knew something (like AJ’s oft-repeated “But you already knew that”). That is insinuating that the person (usually aimed at HRW) is purposely lying, and is rude.

    Let’s give the benefit of the doubt. Someone can be mistaken on a matter, or it could be that you are the one who is mistaken and don’t realize it. Not to mention that people have different views.


  23. I think that HRW is a very smart person and if I thought he was ignorant of that history of the use of the rainbow then I think that would be worse than saying what I did. Even Jesus asked questions he already knew the answers to. Some people enjoy playing dumb for their own entertainment. I think Jesus did it as a teaching tool. I can’t say why HRW would do it in this instance. I do give credit to HRW for being a smart guy😀


  24. Janice – I understand and agree with that part. But I also see HRW’s view that maybe a simple rainbow motif shouldn’t be so bad. And it really shouldn’t, but these days it will be assumed to be associated with the LGBTQ-etc. movement. And that is sad to me that we Christians feel constrained to display in any way a symbol which relates to our faith. 😦

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  25. But that doesn’t mean that others don’t see it differently.

    I’m sorry for jumping on that last sentence, but AJ often uses the “But you knew that”, which implies that the person is lying. That has bothered me for a long time, and I had decided that the next time I saw it, I would say something. I was surprised to see you use a similar expression.

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  26. Frankly, I don’t usually read all the posts, especislly the long ones so I had no idea that AJ had used that as a response. I just happened to see the question about the rainbow and children’s clothing which struck me as quite odd from HRW who seems pretty up on things.

    I live in a very liberal area that has gone overboard with rainbow messages so that word caught my attention. I also post the daily nature photos to glorify God for His creation so I have long been tuned off by the usurping of the rainbow to mean something other than the promise God gave. It is nothing new under the sun though for people to twist and distort what God meant for beauty to point to Him into some idol or symbol of their idol.


  27. “If DeSantis is concerned about the truth why did he change the laws so he doesn’t have to make his travel expenditures public – what is he hiding (campaigning on Florida tax money??)”

    Ah yes, the age old American tradition of guilty until you can prove your innocence.

    Oh wait no, it’s the complete opposite.

    And sorry about your delicate sensibilities Kizzie, but yes, he already knew that.

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  28. HRW @12:33

    It’s complicated.

    No, the rainbow shouldn’t be taboo, ever, it’s actually a biblical symbol that has been used in nurseries and most everywhere forever. And who doesn’t just love the imagery?

    But it has been (very successfully) politicized in more recent times and now pretty broadly represents a particular movement in the culture that feels rooted (for now). So the symbol itself becomes complicated.

    It will likely pass, and I hope (and trust) it will.

    We live in strange times.

    As for selling it in stores, I still see the rainbow — without any kind of ‘message’ — featured in children’s departments and think it’s entirely appropriate and innocent.

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  29. A church that supports it’s mostly Russian people.

    Oh, the horror.

    And they say you’re wrong. I’m however no expert, like you, so I will go with the experts.

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  30. Please, can we stop with the sarcasm just for a little while? (@5:28), maybe treat each other’s comments with respect and seriousness (or not address them at all if we can’t manage that).

    Mouthing off isn’t cute, either in children or adults. It only leaves hard feelings.

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  31. When I feel someone is being obtuse, as HRW was, then I use it.

    You’ll have to learn to deal with that. I’m not gonna censor myself to spare your personal feelings on it. Because. It. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. You.


  32. The Dodgers suck.

    But I’m sure some in Cali. will fall for this.

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  33. It is not merely about our personal feelings. The Bible has A LOT to say about how we should treat others and communicate. Giving the benefit of the doubt is not specifically mentioned, but the concept is definitely there.


  34. My problem with the onesies and the saying upon them is the intent of the “creator” not THE CREATOR. It is intentionally flying in the face of those who do not view homosexuality and all the other phobias attached to their acronym symbols. We are not stupid. We know what is going on with “their” messages. An innocent baby being “inclusive” to the degenerates…how sweet?
    The “progressives”and “woke, enlightened” folk have decided to take a very meaningful sign given to us by the Lord Most High and make it a sign of “sexuality”. They also call themselves “gay” which is not the meaning of the word at all. We cannot be happy and gay any longer now that it will bring a shocked look and chuckle. I’m happy but not gay.
    “They” took a symbol of promise and hope and “they” made it a symbol of sex and deviant behavior.
    So you truly never heard tell of this scripture ever? Only a pot of gold at the end of it?

    I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

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  35. It will be an interesting election year …

    Tim Scott Gets a Leg Up From DeSantis’ Stumble
    The senator from South Carolina benefited from excellent timing this week.
    By Chris Stirewalt

    ~ After two years of getting set to run for president, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a bad, really bad, really, really bad campaign announcement.

    Whether that seriously damaged DeSantis’ chances, however, remains to be seen. What is clear, though, is that DeSantis’ launchpad immolation was an enormous gift to the other candidate who declared this week, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

    DeSantis’ team says it was able to raise more $8 million in his first day as an official candidate. They had better keep it up, because he has a very expensive campaign ahead of him and a lot of lost ground he must recapture before he can again enjoy the benefits he did in Republicans’ initial perception of the race.

    DeSantis thrived in the telling of the race that held there could only be one candidate from the traditional GOP to face former President Donald Trump, the final boss. Other candidates who got in were only helping Trump, this reasoning went, by diluting the potency of DeSantis’ challenge. Donors, activists, and opinionmongers had to go all in on DeSantis or create the same divided-and-conquered scenario that let Trump ride a plurality to the nomination in 2016.

    But this week showed why that theory does not hold, if it ever did. …

    Creating an air of inevitability is expensive and risky. DeSantis’ super PAC, led by Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign manager, is getting ready to roll out a $100 million-early state push, running ads and hiring thousands of staffers. The candidate himself will barnstorm the states with the first three contests—Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina—next week. …

    This can work, as it did for George W. Bush in 2000, or it can turn into a giant suckhole of money, as it did for Bush’s brother, Jeb, in 2016. An “inevitable” candidate who proves to be very evitable indeed not only wastes great gobs of money but does huge damage to the party in the process. Running out of money is the cue for a failing candidate to go home, but an overfunded but underwhelming candidate is tempted not only to stay too long but to try to pull down other contenders in the process.

    DeSantis has now opened the door on the significant possibility of the suckhole scenario and will need to go a long way to prove that he can really do this. While he’s struggling and unable to scare others out of the race, the structure of the contest itself is changing. …

    … So, by the time we get to the first debates in the late summer and early fall, Republicans will have a crowded field and one with at least as much or more talent and qualifications as the open-seat contests of 2016, 2012, and 2008.

    If that’s the case, then South Carolinian Scott had a very good week, indeed.

    It would have been nice enough to have managed a smooth launch that was well received by the press and party loyalists, but to have it followed by a botch from the “inevitability” candidate was a special kind of good fortune. The contrast was more than Scott could possibly have hoped for.

    If DeSantis can get his footing and reconsolidate the non-Trump share of the vote, there’s not much Scott can do to break through. But if the contest turns into open-field running, he’ll be well positioned to be a strong contender come this fall.

    It takes a lot of luck to win a presidential nomination, and Scott started his candidacy with a double dose. ~


  36. Wow – didn’t mean to stir things up. I just find the moral panic of the right and the activism of the left has sexualized things that shouldn’t be sexualized. Sometimes kids just want to wear rainbow socks – it means nothing, other than they like it. Sexuality doesn’t guide every decision. My comments were meant to criticize both sides of the debate. Just let kids be kids. Stop thinking everything is about sex or gender. It’s reached the point that I’m bored with sexuality and gender and that’s probably not a good thing.

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  37. AJ – I just found the recent legislation on travel expenditures and “resign to run” rules convenient for DeSantis. But I’m sure everything is on the up and up.

    I fail to see how your tweets change the information I gave on the different churches and their politics in Ukraine. Orthodox churches are very political, and the fighting between the Russian sponsored Ukrainian Orthodox church and Ukraine sponsored Orthodox church shouldn’t be surprising. And it shouldn’t be viewed through the North American lens of freedom of worship. Its Europe; they have state sponsored churches and blasphemy laws.


  38. Isn’t capitalism accepting and tolerant – one day for the LGBQT and another day for Christians. I’m surprised both sides actually get excited and support this. Both are a demographic and if the Dodgers can get both to buy a ticket, they’re happy.


  39. I missed NJ and dj’s comment. You’re right the rainbow was a biblical symbol, I remember Sunday School and colouring rainbows with Noah’s Ark. And that reinforces my idea that we can’t reduce each side to colours and clothing choices. Are we at the point where red bandanas and blue bandanas (Bloods and Crips, Republicans and Democrats) will be worn so we know what side we are on.

    My daughter wore boys clothes for a while – mainly because girls camo pants were pink. My ex-wife worried about her sexuality, I was happy since boys clothes are cheaper. Sometimes it’s that simple. Btw she’s straight.

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  40. We girls growing up in my neighborhood all lived in jeans with patches on the knees, T-shirts (some of them hand-me-downs from brothers) and sneakers. Fun times, the good-old days, playing baseball (we were good!), riding bikes, climbing and exploring around the freeway construction sites …

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  41. We magically turned into “girls,” started growing our hair long, discovered British fashions, begged our moms to let us wear eye makeup, when the Beatles arrived on the scene. Overnight, almost. Our parents were totally discombobulated.

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  42. It is not Christians or the right or whatever label is put on conservatives sexualizing rainbows…that is the work of others. When they decide their preference becomes their identity instead of an act that is when it gets twisted. I nor anyone else want to know about their preferences but it sure is their agenda for everyone to know and we all better darn well accept and validate them. Remember the days of “don’t shove your religion down my throat “? Ok… don’t throw your preferences around and insist I say it’s great! Keep it to yourself 🌈

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  43. God will have the last word on rainbows as He had the first word at the creation of them so no matter how it appears now, it will eventually be worked out by Him. Rainbow clothing currently opens up an avenue of discussion that children may not be at the right age to engage in. Babies are not old enough to have a preference on their clothing, so for them it is all about the parent’s reasoning for choosing rainbow clothes for them. I suppose Christians could use rainbow clothes on children as a witnessing tool, but I think some people would say that is a hateful thing to do, to use their beloved symbol like that.

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  44. We know what the rainbow stands for, because the clothes were designed for a specific purpose. Most parents have no problem with their children wearing rainbow-colored socks or leggings or t-shirts with cute little rainbows. Clothes for little ones designed to support the LGBTetc. agenda is just that. To not seem to understand that is disingenuous, IMO

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  45. I cringe when I see rainbows on clothing or flags. Those are man’s symbols, and we ALL know what they mean. The only rainbows I want to see are the ones that seem to be drawn by God’s own finger in a rain-freshened sky. Then I remember his promise— his promise is to me, to us, to anyone who will receive it. He is a good God.

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