23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-18-23

  1. Nightingale did not get home “within the hour” as I said on the prayer thread last night around 10-something. I don’t know what time she finally did make it home, because I fell asleep finally, sometime after I had thought she might be home.

    But the important thing is that she made it home. I think she went back to bed after getting Boy off to school this morning. (She has the week off.)

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  2. Here’s information about my book. If you would like an Ebook version, send me an email and I’ll order one for you. (My gift, with thanks).

    For those outside the US, I can send a PDF.

    It releases on June 6.

    Here’s an inside look. You’ll recognize some names on the dedication page.


  3. This is my first day to really start working on the marketing. I’m extremely late, but trusting the Lord will help.

    I’ll be speaking in Louisville in June if anyone is in the general area!

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  4. The appt. took an overly long time, when it had been scheduled at 9:40 for 15 minutes, and I got out at 11:30. PT was right down the hall, scheduled for 10:30-11:30, so I missed most of that but did a few strengthening exercises so I was not counted as a no show fof that. So you may wonder, what took so long? I am a reluctant convert or potential convert to take a once a day chemo drug for two years that has many side effects in exchange for a 7% reduction in chance of recurrence (it is a 20-30% chance right now). Son was with me. We had a long upfront wait and then two “fellows” who were two top lady interns came in to discuss the drug. After a bit, the doc came in with more discussion. Finally, the oncology pharmacist came in for more discussion. I have delayed decision for a few more months. I told son I felt like I had been shopping for a car. I came home and went to bed for a short nap to restore my energy.😳😀
    Big pharma in the USA!
    Oh, I did have about a ten second exam and things appear okay😀🤣😀

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  5. Michelle,

    It’s Louville. Drop the i and s and say it like you have marbles in your mouth.

    At least that’s how the locals used to say it when I was at Fort Knox. 🙂

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  6. Michelle – I pre-ordered it on Amazon a while ago, and since then, almost forgot about it. But it will be on its way eventually. 🙂

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  7. Rainy stormy angry sky kind of day here. Snow cone ice fell as well!!

    Wanted to make it to the south end of the Springs to find a present for my neighbor at my favorite shoppe but there was a very black sky down there. I pulled off went to the grocery and headed home instead….and was caught in a blinding downpour ☔️⚡️

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  8. Preordered on Amazon.

    It’s been a crazy day, long port news conference to cover and write up (just turned that in), some phone calls stemming from “partner drama” and disputes over a new restaurant I wrote about (who’s idea was it first!?), neighbor heading to ER for severe back pain and I’ll be taking him home most likely when he’s ready to be picked up (just a few blocks away).

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  9. We don’t have Kindle, so we’ll order the book once it’s available. Husband is also eager to read it. His mom loved Streams in the Desert, and he remembers her reading it often.

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  10. I could kick myself for donating the Streams in the Desert book we had around for years and years. It had been my husband’s and I never really read it. I am sure the small print would be a real challenge for me now, at any rate. I pre-ordered Michelle’s book, too. Looking forward to reading it.

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  11. And before I forget again… I absolutely love the photo of the Lily of the Valley up there!! When I was 6 we moved into a rental house and there were iris and lily of the valley planted along the side of the Victorian home. I can still remember them and the scent all these many year’s past.

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