17 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-4-23

  1. Good morning!
    Is that some kind of fish in water? I am doing a Chas and scratching my head and rubbing my eyes over that one.

    Of course I have been in prayer for AJ.

    We are covered up with news of the shooter and victims from yesterday. I keep thinking, of all the places in big city Atlanta, my friend’s doctor’s office? When she goes back she will be in the room where those ladies got shot.

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  2. I’ve been to town and back already! Raining here and temps in the 40’s!
    Brought my newly covered chairs home and they are lovely!
    Prayed for you Aj first thing this morning knowing our Lord knows and continues to walk with us❣️
    When I saw that fish up there(at first look I thought it was a snail!!) I decided it was a walleye bass or trout or something! I do not know fish!😊


  3. My dad was sleeping so I raced out to get some mowing done. Within a few minutes he was outside but daughter was with him so I got done what I needed to.

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  4. It has been nice getting back to an abundance of fresh food. Breakfast today was dandelion, plantain, chicory, mallow, mixed with mushroom and onion and a couple of fresh eggs. Washed down with dandelion blossom cordial (non alcoholic).

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  5. That sounds delicious,Mumsee. We have an abundance of wild violets that we eat. I know there are more wild edibles in our small yard, but identification takes time. We also have the plantain and dandelion, but for some reason those are not all that popular here. Maybe I let them get too big. :–)

    We’ve been on an active campaign to eliminate grass from the yard and replace it with clover, herbs, and other nonpoisonous helpful plants.

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  6. I spent the morning at a port rail yard with way too many speakers unveiling a new battery-electric short-haul locomotive.

    Next meeting is in a few hours and will go late, but at least it’s virtual.


  7. Mumsee is correct, that’s a brown trout.

    If my plan goes off as intended, I will be catching some of his brethren this weekend. 🙂

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  8. I spent two hours on the phone getting NO WHERE with American Airlines, but mostly with Avis.

    I was literally in tears when Mr. Fit came in and took over.

    Everything solved in . . . well, no time flat, according to him. I’d fled the house.

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