20 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-5-23

  1. Of course.

    Elections have consequences.

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  2. Say it with me now….

    “Most religious president ever…”

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  3. This is the way……

    To deal with insurrectionists.

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  4. Given that the candle hasn’t been a problem until this year, I think one low level functionary bureaucrat retired and was replaced with someone more gungho on regulations. This is the kind of idiocy one sees from low level functionaries who want to think they are important. I’m sure it will be dropped by someone smarter and higher up.

    No matter how you view the video, I skipped over 3 mins of choking – a 4 min chokehold is manslaughter. I’ve watched enough MMA to know fighters tap out in less than a minute when in a chokehold. Apparently the panhandler was well known to New Yorkers – he used to imitate Michael Jackson for spare change but as he got older his mental health got worse and he became aggressive.

    However, a 4 min chokehold is lethal force and unnecessary. I’ve handled autistic teens twice my size with a basket hold, wait til they calmed down — usually about five minutes – and then released them. Finally with mentally ill street people and they are all around my neighbourhood, its best to ignore, avoid eye contact, and if necessary, move.

    I’m sure the 14 protestors knew exactly what would happen in a peaceful sit down protest — arrest, very slow processing, tresspass fine, and then restraing order from the building for a period of time. This is fairly common – it happened a lot during the Iraq war. Now if they broke windows, broke into offices, took pictures of documents, etc ., I would expect they would throw the book at them


  5. Meanwhile back in CO


    All of our property appraisals went skyrocketing … my property tax will go up over 2000.00 next year and they say my home is worth over 350,000 dollars more this year?!! No way could I sell my home for what “they”are saying it is worth!
    I received my homeowners insurance renewal yesterday….that went up 1100.00 for next year. They are trying to price people out of their homes. Democrats are just the worst and still Denver and Boulder carry the votes for this state.

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  6. Disagree HRW.

    When dealing with violent criminals, you use whatever force is necessary.


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  7. Sadly NJ, we’re ruled by idiots.

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  8. Womp, womp, womp……

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  9. This is the kind of thing that makes people take up arms.

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  10. They just committed Budweisercide.

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  11. A neighbor posted this…beyond time to take your kid out of public school for oh so many reasons

    The Colorado Education Association (the teacher’s union) has recently passed the following resolution.

    “CEA believes that capitalism requires exploitation of children, public schools, land, labor, and/or resources. Capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy, (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality.”

    Is this communist drivel what your kid’s teacher believes and teaches?

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  12. Whether someone was arrested 40 times or zero times is not relevant. Was he a threat at this particular place and time? And was the force used necessary or more than necessary? The man died hence it was more than necessary. Hence its manslaughter. A 4 minute choke hold is over the top.

    The interest rate hike was unnecessary. The Fed now offers a higher interest for the overnight rate than a 10 year bond. No wonder smaller banks are in trouble. According to neo-classical theory, inflation can only be caused by too much money in the economy – but that’s not the issue; its supply chain issues and corporate greed but their model doesn’t account for this. Thus, a recession looks likely unless the central banks realize their faith-like belief in neo-classical economics is misplaced.

    I kicked a 20 year smoking habit by drinking 4-5 cups of coffee. Now 20 years later a blood pressure scare has me reducing my coffee intake to one a day. Caffiene and nicotine are both addictions. There’s a reason every AA meeting features coffee and smoke breaks. Alcohol is the easier addiction to break. Mind you I’m drinking whiskey as I type this.


  13. HRW – Many recovering alcoholics turn to sugary sweets, perhaps because of the sugar in alcohol they no longer get. Or maybe just because sweets taste so good. 🙂


  14. Btw, congratulations on kicking the smoking habit! It took my mom two or three times to finally kick the habit, after 45 years of smoking. (She started pretty young.)


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