22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-3-23

  1. Good morning, everyone!
    AJ, he looks so innocent, how is it possible that he’s guilty. I don’t know how they got the ‘lawyer’ to sit still to put on those clothes. 🙂

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  2. Good morning!

    Cute cat culprit.

    What kind of bird is in the header? Nice shot of it.

    Still cold and windy here. Wind gusts up to 39 mph yesterday. Tonight the low is set to hit 48° Just. Not.Right.

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  3. Morning all. Cute kitty 🐈‍⬛ up there! Who me??!!

    53 degrees and cloudy this morning. Mid 60’s is the prediction for this afternoon.

    There is a bear running through our area making mischief. But he didn’t get our trash or bird feeder like other neighbors experienced 🐻

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  4. More rain coming in tonight for us and going through tomorrow morning — when there’s an outdoor news conference at the port I may need to attend.

    I was glad to make my home group last night after missing the last two times. I wasn’t sure I’d make it with the full work day I had yesterday. But it all worked out.

    I was tired, though, and almost felt like I was going to nod off by the end! We’re going through the book of Genesis (slowly) and our leader (a seminary student) is a very intense, serious student of both the Bible and history, very smart young guy. He gets a little too much in the weeds sometimes, with all the minutia, word studies, etc.; but it’s all interesting.

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  5. cool and cloudy here. Off to the next to the last BSF study with a fellowship.

    My church is having an area wide service tomorrow for the National Day of Prayer. I will go after the next Little League game

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  6. I recently found out that the older adult Sunday school class at my church does BSF each Sunday. Just curious for those who do/have done that, is an hour and fifteen minutes enough weekly time for a BSF group? Not sure if they have a longer time than what I am in for Sunday school.


  7. BSF keeps a tight schedule and yes, from what I recall, that would be about right, 90 minutes chop/chop/chop (there is a method to their madness, however and it works well) once a week.

    Studies and written questions to answer individually are supposed to be done by members each day, not all at once the night before the meeting.

    Not that I’ve ever been guilty of that …

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  8. I taught younger daughter to use the riding mower and set her to work on a couple of projects.
    Son is busy working on his grape vineyard.
    Husband has the two grandchildren outside playing.
    My dad has been outside a couple of times but has not ventured onto the new path.
    Son in law enjoyed Bible study last night.

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  9. My connection is too slow to link to that story, Dj.
    We may be twenty minutes or so from the edge of midtown. We are eight minutes from the perimeter expressway or circle around ATL

    There is always craziness goung on here, sadly. At least we have a governor who tries to do the right thing.

    I will see if I can stumble on some local news outside of this phone which obviously the powers that be are trying to phase out because it is 4G. I have not had the slow speeds until now. We pay full price for T-Mobile, not one of the secondary carriers

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  10. Sounds like one victim has died and authorities know the suspect, but last I saw on CNN he hadn’t been apprehended. But the shooting (yet another one, sigh) appears to be over.

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  11. She was at home witb her retired husband. She saw a news story of a man in the waiting room who recorded the police talking to the receptionists and nurses and realized it was her doctor’s group. Recently the people at that front desk got a wheelchair to bring my friend up from the lobby. She said they are super nice people. We just never know.

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  12. I just heard about a recent baptism of elementary school girls at a church I have never attended. After they were baptised there were fireworks and confetti. Somehow that did not sit right with me. It was difficult enough to get to feeling okay with the clapping after baptisms in the Baptist church. The fireworks were in a nondenominational church.

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