26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-1-23

  1. Bright Monday morning here. 52°! The weather guy said it feels like the first of February in Atlanta instead of the first of May.

    Love that church building with the side tower. Seeing it makes me want to climb it and look out. What would I see from there, AJ?

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  2. Morning all. I woke up so thought I may as well give up on sleeping for a bit.
    Saturday was the annual yard sales here, with well over a hundred. I bought a chaise lounge for outdoors from my neighbor. So I got to meet another neighbor.
    Then I went to Archie’s little league game and visited with my family.
    Sunday was church and then I finally met with the missions committee. We had lunch together.
    Then I came home and drove the recycling bin up the driveway which had been down there for two weeks. Later I got the trash and recycling put together and took them back down.
    That’s the excitement for my days.
    Janice, you would not be walking my driveway.

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  3. Janice, I don’t think that you would want to climb up in that tower. I see a bell inside and I don’t think you would want to be in there when it rings.

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  4. Kathaleena @10:44 ….

    Bright side: So Christmas really is coming soon!

    We had rain again last night, everything is wet this morning. It’s May but we’ll be in the very low 60s all week — along with cloudiness and maybe some more rain by mid-week.

    He is risen. And his mercies are new every morning.

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  5. I need to go outside and use the blower to clean my deck before the rain. However all that I can imagine is that I am going to blow all of that dust and pollen onto me.

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  6. It’s Monday! Isn’t it?
    Warmish around here and Pip just discovered a grasshopper on the side of the house. Mr grasshopper is now being digested…I told her not to do that but it was just a bit too curious for her not to!! That dog! She watched him jump around before crunching down on him!
    She now has to have a Benadryl in the mornings for her allergies. I found the pill from yesterday on the rug so today I smushed the pill into a piece of block cheese….she gulped it down in a jiff!

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  7. NJ – Many years ago, I found a headless mouse on the floor. It was not unusual to occasionally find dead mice that my cats had killed, but this one was decapitated . . . and the head was missing!

    As I looked for it, Angel noticed that I was getting closer to where she had left it, so she raced to it and started batting it around. As I said at the time, it was gruesomely humorous. 🙂

    After a while of having fun batting the mouse head around the living room floor, Angel took it in her mouth and crunched into it, and ate it. Yuck!

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  8. The crunch-crunch of Angel eating the mouse’s head was the especially gruesome part.

    Someone once said that if dogs were as big as elephants, they’d still want to sit in our laps. But if cats were as big as elephants, we would be their prey. As much as I have loved my kitties through the years, I kind of believe that!

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  9. When we had outdoor cats they caught little shrews. They would eat all but the head. Seems I recall they had something poisonous about their nose. Did I just dream that up? Now to find out. Distraction from doing PT exercises😀

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  10. I wisely decided not to use the leaf blower on the deck. I have allergies and blowing all of that pollen on to myself would be bad. I will let it dry after the rain and then blow it.
    Sorted through another four boxes.

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  11. I remember watching this when it was on, I think — though it may have been a replay:

    (From World Magazine email: If I’m working late at night, I occasionally flip on a Carpool Karaoke video to give my brain a break. In case you don’t know, these clips feature James Corden from The Late Late Show With James Corden driving somewhere with a famous singer riding shotgun, belting out their favorite songs together. But it wasn’t the singing I enjoyed so much. It was the relationships Corden cultivated. Singers often shared their joys and struggles and, of course, cracked lots of silly jokes along the way. Not all of them are kid-friendly, but many are, like his unforgettable drive through Liverpool with Sir Paul McCartney.

    Last week, Corden ended his hosting duties for the CBS show and, with it, Carpool Karaoke. For his final segment, he rode into the sunset with a touching conversation alongside one of his best friends, the incomparable singer Adele.)

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  12. Oh how fun is that clip Dj! I had never watched the show but it seems as though it was quite refreshingly wholesome 😊


  13. I didn’t see him much, but the Carpool Karaoke was fun — I have seen this one before, but it still makes me smile and tear up, all at the same time. Sweet. Fun.

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  14. And along with laughing and a few tears, lots of clapping and singing along as I watched that. Great memories and they really captured the fun, the exuberance, just the thrill of that youthful era of music.

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  15. Here’s an interesting local story from my hometown. Keep close eyes on the newspaper (where I interned in the Dark Ages) for news from a local celebrity. 🙂

    I think used to babysit at this house. It’s right on the cliff above where Paseo turns into Western, right, DJ?

    Long, but it gives you an idea of local characters. 🙂


  16. Oh, The Rock House, I did a couple stories on that place, last one was when we had the landslide and this house was right on the eastern boundary but was not damaged.

    Lots of fun stories, about the bootlegging, I remember “Tank” mentioned in the clip, the longshoreman & columnist who wrOh, and the duck lady, I did a story on her.

    And a nice little coastal tour of our town after that, best dog-walking and kite-flying areas around, a few folks I knew well through my reporting years. Oh, and even the duck lady, I did some fun stories on her at the lighthouse.

    And Bill, John & Julian … they were the best, salt of the earth, all of them gone now, but they were the backbone of the community, filled with great stories and they knew all the history if we had questions. I remember the first time I met Olguin, he was walking by the newsroom office when I was walking out one day, the newbie reporter, and he had a tin can and asked me if I could donate some change for the community’s upcoming 4th of July fireworks show.

    The lighthouse & the Rock House are still standing, friend and I took a tour up to the top of the lighthouse some years ago when she visited one Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing that M. So many fun memories.


  17. “the longshoreman & columnist who wrOh, and the duck lady, I did a story on her”

    haha, now there’s a stream-of-conscious sentence for you! (Tank wrote a column for our paper for many years).


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