Our Daily Thread 4-24-23

Good Morning!

The header is our local version of Le Pont des Arts. (Love Lock Bridge.) Our version is in Monocacy Park in Bethlehem, Pa. and has way less locks. That is probably a good thing, as we don’t want it to suffer the same fate. 


Anyone have a QoD?


20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-24-23

  1. Well, I’ve been awake for a few hours . . . and the sun’s due up in a couple hours . . .

    Had a splendid day not doing anything yesterday.

    And I found 3 ASPARAGUS growing in my strawberry patch!

    How astounding was that? I didn’t plant it.

    Now it’s back to work.

    But only one Zoom call during dinner this week–last week I had four.

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  2. Good morning everyone! Sunny and 50 here, with wind it feels chillier. Chirping tells me all is well at the feeder for now. Plenty of seeds for the smooching pairs of cardinals, and the red-bellied woodpecker has already been by for his peanuts. A lone hummer paused at the bedroom window to say hello, but I didn’t see him at the feeder so he must have eaten already. Everyone is early to bed and early to rise it seems, except me.

    AJ, Thanks for the pic of your local ‘Le Pont des Arts’. I enjoyed learning about it. I hope you are continuing to recoup well. You’re in my prayers daily.

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  3. Good morning!
    M is awake way too early for the West Coast!

    Interesting header, AJ. Those locks get too heavy as they accumulate. We have the beginnings of that on our walking trail bridge over the train track.

    Another cool day here. Thank You, God.

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  4. Good morning, all, sorry to hear that the real. Hold tight.

    A beautiful rainy day in the neighborhood. Supposed to be cool today and then shoot up into the sixties and even seventies in the coming week.

    I am enjoying seeing how the daffodils and mountain lilies and tulips are multiplying. Our gardens are filling in nicely. It takes time. Kind of like the work being done on us. God could, of course, make it quick but He likes to give us time. I could, of course, buy a bunch of bulbs, but I am enjoying watching the change each year as the garden becomes more and more lovely. Same with the strawberries and goldfish.

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  5. Mumsee, do you ever dig up the bulbs to spread them? I have some itis bulbs in a too shady area that I need to move. I have never dug them up and I am afraid I will misjudge where they are and damage the bulbs.


  6. This evening will be our first ladies Bible/book study at my church. I will admit that I am a little nervous, because it is a new thing, and new things and new routines make me nervous, at least at first.

    Did I tell you that when I went to sign up for it after service a couple weeks ago, my friend Cindy was excited to see me doing that? That made me feel good inside.

    Then this morning, I texted her to ask what time she will be picking me up for the meeting. She told me, and then again said, “I am so happy you are going!” That made me feel good inside again. 🙂

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  7. I am so glad for you, too, Kizzie! You are a natural Bible study lady!!! Some groups have an icebreaker question, and others might ask you to introduce yourself. That use to be the worst part for me. If you think now about what you’d like to say, then at the time you will feel prepared and able to listen more to what others have to say.

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  8. Janice – We are a small church, so I will probably know or be familiar with most of the ladies there. Even so, as you suggested, I have been thinking of what to say if there is that kind of icebreaker.

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  9. When I joined our already-existing home group (it had been on break for a while and was seeking new folks) I knew everyone there; some not well, but enough that intro’s weren’t needed (and the group was small; meetings left time for informal, more natural socializing before and after the study).

    We have changed our meeting nights from Thursdays to Tuesdays (every-other, so twice a month) though and I find Tuesdays a little harder if only because it’s earlier in the week. Maybe it’s just a mental thing w/me as a full-time worker still — but there’s not a lot of time in between when I get off and need to be there.

    Not sure why, but somehow the first part of the week makes me feel like I don’t want to go out for the extra long day/evening, Thursdays were easier because the next day was Friday which normally a pretty easy (and pre-planned, story-wise) day for us.

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  10. In my experience, many of the book Bible studies have a leader’s guide, usually at the back of the book. The leader might follow that format so, Kizzie, you could see if it suggests how to start the first meeting. Not to discount the thought that a leader is always free to do their own thing.

    A fun icebreaker I once was involved with used a ball of yarn to toss around for answers to questions asked so we all had quite a tangle at the end of that opening time😀

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  11. It is Monday!
    I had an early start getting my chair to the upholsterer in the Springs to make new covers. Then I was to meet my BFF for lunch…she forgot! I am sitting in that parking lot for a half hour and finally she answered my text. She ended up getting there with her daughter in law and grandson in tow therefore it was a shortened lunch for us.
    Waiting for the rain to start and for the snow after that. I am ready for whatever falls I suppose. But I would like the snow to stay away until I get to and fro with Pip for her vet appt tomorrow at noon. 😊
    I am sad to hear the recovery has been awful Aj…praying alongside that this too shall pass!

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  12. I’m finishing up a story and waiting for the gardeners to arrive (probably in another hour or so). Left the (April) check in an envelope out on the patio in the usual spot.

    Hoping you feel better soon, AJ.

    I just paid a $140 bill to orthopedic surgeon which looks like the only thing I’ll owe out-of-pocket for that knee surgery. Amazing.

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