39 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-25-23

  1. Tucker flew to close to the flame.

    Can’t have that.


    “There’s word that Mr. Carlson intended to have an epic episode tonight, where he was reportedly going to delve into the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit and clear his name. He had guests lined up, but the bigwigs at Fox torpedoed the idea, leading to the host quitting. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how things went down, but that hasn’t satisfied his viewers. And there’s a competing narrative: Carlson would discuss the CBS “60 Minutes” episode on January 6 but quit when producers said it was a no-go.”


    “No other details were offered, leading to speculation that his departure may have been connected to the recent settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over 2020 election coverage. But according to the Los Angeles Times, individuals familiar with the matter who were not authorized to speak on it suggested that the decision to terminate Carlson’s employment was made directly by Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of Fox Corporation.

    According to the report, Murdoch has been concerned about the host’s reporting on the January 6th Capitol riot. Carlson’s coverage of the riot included presenting footage not shown by the January 6 committee. Among other things, the footage shows Capitol Police escorting the so-called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley around the Capitol and letting him into spaces. This footage prompted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and others to call for Chansley to get a retrial. “Jacob Chansley deserves a retrial,” she tweeted. “All he did was nonviolently walk through the Capital [sic] wearing a costume while being escorted by Capital [sic] Police. I’m sick of the lies and the double standard.”

    Other footage presented by Carlson showed Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick walking around after the riot, contradicting liberal claims that he was killed during the violence. Tucker also reported on evidence that suggested that federal agents may have been the ones who incited the violence. According to court documents, the undercover agents seen in body cam footage were not only observing but actively encouraging the protesters with chants like “Go! Go! Go!” “Stop the Steal!” and “Whose House? Our House!”

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  2. This woman should have been fired. She’s responsible for most of the policy debacles thru the Obama and Biden admins.


    “This morning, President Biden announced that Susan Rice would be moving on from the administration next month. The first news report about Rice’s departure, from NBC News, was quick to emphasize that Rice’s departure had nothing to do with any problems with the administration’s immigration policies:

    The timing of Rice’s departure also coincides with a growing controversy over the White House’s handling of migrant children who arrive unaccompanied at the southern border amid questions about whether the White House, including Rice, ignored warnings that sponsors of migrant children were making them work grueling jobs in violation of child labor laws. The White House has said that is not the case. A senior administration official said Rice is proud of her work on the border.

    Administration officials said the controversy has nothing to do with Rice’s decision to leave, which they said was already in the works. It’s common for White House staffers to burn out after two years. But with Biden, Rice had largely kept a lower profile compared to her time as national-security adviser in the Obama years. Perhaps a New York Times report showcasing her recognition of the perverse incentives of the administration’s immigration policy represented a convenient cue to head for the exit.”


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  3. Yes! A thousand times, YES!

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  4. Don’t feel bad Brian. This was gonna happen no matter the host.

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  5. Nailed it.

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  6. No, they’re not. Leave the kids alone pervs.

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  7. “Fox Dumps Tucker to Go Woke

    Self-sabotages to appease the Left.”


    “So the stories are everywhere.

    Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker, per the Los Angeles Times.

    But in all of the chaos, make no mistake.

    No less than New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democrat leader, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the Left’s favorite fascist — demanded that Tucker be fired. Tucker had seriously answered the leftist racist malarkey that is the building block of the American Left.

    Now, Fox has bowed the corporate knee and done what the farthest left politicians in America demanded. In short, Fox has gone woke.

    What a disgrace.

    Without question, Fox has managed to self-sabotage in spectacular fashion.

    In the torrent of outrage following Tucker’s departure, Fox’s stock got clobbered. As reported here at Bloomberg:

    Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit Erases $507 Million in Value

    Class A shares in Fox Corp. tumble as much as 5.4% Monday

    Carlson Tonight had an audience of over 3.7 million at times

    Over there at her podcast, the Megyn Kelly Show, Megyn Kelly, a former Fox star herself, let loose, as Mediaite noted:

    Megyn Kelly Slams Fox News for ‘Terrible Move’ Parting Ways With Tucker Carlson: ‘Why is Suzanne Scott Still There?’

    Mediaite reported that Kelly said:

    “This is a terrible move by Fox and it’s a great thing for Tucker Carlson. I don’t know what drove Fox News to make this decision, and it was clearly Fox News’ decision because they’re not letting him say goodbye.” Kelly said. “That’s my supposition. That’s not inside knowledge.”

    “The irony here is that — how did they get in trouble with Dominion? They called Arizona too soon, felt their critics, and ultimately that proved to be the case. They were under pressure by their audience to reverse the call.”

    “The audience started to leave them in droves because they felt betrayed. Like they didn’t understand the mission of Fox News, which is to be fair to especially the Republicans who don’t get a fair shake on other channels. And they went into a panic as their audience started to flee. Then they over-corrected by covering the bullshit claims about Dominion as though they were plausible and gave way too much credence to some of those claims on the air,” she explained.

    “He was not the reason for that $800 million settlement.”

    “So what do they do now in the wake of that settlement? They get rid of Tucker. Talk about misjudging your audience yet again,” Kelly said.

    “I think this is a massive error. I think this is a massive misjudgment of what their audience wants. If you are — this is a reaction to the Dominion lawsuit — Why is Maria Bartiromo there? Why is Jeanine Pirro still there? Why is (Fox CEO) Suzanne Scott still there?” Kelly asked.


    What boggles the mind is that all the dumping on Tucker over the course of his show was coming from the Left.

    And Fox has now bowed the knee.”

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  8. “The Democrats Have Abandoned an America in Crisis

    They can’t govern a country they despise…”


    “Joe Biden and the Democrats could learn something from what just happened on Twitter, where a populist revolt is currently underway. The blue check scam was powerful – a minority of elites who have granted themselves outsized influence on the media narrative, the Democratic Party and reality itself.

    Elon Musk played a game of cat and mouse with the blue checks first by taking them away, then giving them back after they launched a dumb hashtag campaign because the “unwashed masses” could now have access to status on Twitter. It was obscene but telling.

    The upper decks of the Titanic have never looked more out of touch with the majority of Americans who have bigger problems than whether to drop the price of a Starbucks latte for a blue check on Twitter.

    The bigger picture, of course, is that their ship has hit the iceberg already and the clock is ticking down on their power.”

    “What’s happening on Twitter is a microcosm of what is about to happen to this country at the hands of the Democrats and their unholy alliance with the cultural and corporate elite, as well as the administrative state.

    We’ve come out of 2020 not for the better. This is a country in crisis, and they can’t keep ignoring it. There is a crisis among the young, a crisis of crime in our cities overrun by drugs and homelessness, not to mention a crisis of mental health.

    The revolt is coming. They couldn’t stop it on Twitter and won’t stop it in America. They have not only ignored the majority, but they actively disdain them. No administration can survive that. It’s just a matter of how long they can hold power and how bad it will get before they are booted out.”

    “The Right wants to take a hard stand, while the Democrats want to take no stand. The majority is in the middle. They’re concerned about trans kids and adults, but they’re more concerned about why all of this is suddenly on the rise as a social contagion. Politeness is keeping them from asking about it.

    Most do not know the seriousness of the effects of “gender-affirming care” because of the media blackout. When they do finally find out, heads will roll.

    We know Biden is not all the way present, which has allowed a fanatical cult to infiltrate our government. Perhaps he has been kept in the dark on all of the young people who now regret having decided to take medication or have surgeries because there is no going back.

    They shouldn’t have to blame themselves or “take accountability.” No, that’s OUR job as parents. We’re the ones who are supposed to protect them from themselves.

    Hysterectomies at the age of 20, bone loss, severe endometriosis, and, worst of all, infertility. That should be a hard stop for any society. You can’t sterilize children because they can’t consent. They’re not old enough. This is one of those unequivocal lines we don’t cross as a species or a society, even if they threaten suicide.

    This is a “Soylent Green is people” or “To Serve Man is a Cookbook” moment where everyone realizes what has happened with the Left in power. They’ve lost the plot with their good intentions. And they’re doing real harm.

    Many young women have their breasts removed only to find they need them and want them back. But they can’t have them back. They can never feel sexual pleasure through them and they can never feed babies with them. They are on medication for life. The horrors they endure after the procedure throughout adulthood they are stuck with.”

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  9. I have no idea what will become of Fox, but I did go back and check their stock history. They are definitely down, and it was a bad one day drop, but they are not even at a 1 year low. They were down a couple of dollars more per share in Oct 2022. The volume of trading was also low on the drop, which might indicate most shareholders are riding it out. It will be interesting to see if the board does get sued, and what will be the fallout in terms of the political direction the channel takes.

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  10. Correction: the volume of trading was high yesterday, but it’s not spiking this morning, so people may be taking a wait and see approach.


  11. The last thing we needed right before Mother’s Day was the woke idiots emboldened.

    By the end of the week I’m sure Mother’s Day will be censored even further.

    This is wide spread, mass hysteria, and mental illness. It’s taken over corporate boards for nearly all products now. All to cater to less than 1% of the population.

    Even the idiots running Ancestrydotcom are getting in on the crazy. What’s next for them, an ancestry search that leaves out mothers?

    It’s madness.


  12. This looks insurrectiony, by our Democrat established definitions.

    And the media pretends this is different, because the party of the protesters is. They suck.

    Of course they are, because some pigs are more equal than others.

    Just like Jan6ers, right?

    We need the Capital Police brought in. I’m not seeing near enough flash bangs, pepper balls fired from semi-autos, nor tear gas bombs. These locals clearly have no idea how to do this the right way. They clearly need fed support. Maybe DHS and the FBI too. Get Ray Epps outta hiding, I hear he’s lookin’ for work….

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  13. Dig!

    Some red flags here.

    You smell that?

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  14. Lather, rinse, repeat. The Neocons never have any new ideas. That’s why they must go the way of the dinosaurs.

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  15. Tucker thought he was bigger than the network and no one is bigger than Murdoch. It’s clear that the email disposition at the Dominion lawsuit did not impress FOX. However, Carlson (along with FOX) is also facing a sexual harassment lawsuit and his fascination with Ray Epps may also see litigation and FOX can’t afford more lawsuits due to his mouth. He’s a lawyer’s nightmare.

    Stock values are all speculative. The simple fact is FOX can’t afford more litigation.

    Biden is simply saying a nation and a community can’t abandon its responsibility to the nation’s children – you really have to have a one track mind to go elsewhere with those comments.

    Care around Mother’s and Father’s Day is nothing new nor woke. As an elementary teacher, my primary colleagues are always careful since some kids only have one parent. Even in my daughter’s teen years, Mother’s Day was tough (they’ve since reconciled). Over the years, I’ve had students tell me they hate Father’s Day — or they semi-jokingly wish me Happy Father’s Day. Its not woke, its empathy to be considerate of others.

    As a proud member of Gen X, I like to sit back and watch the show. The millennials and those who come after them have the numbers and they are not as laid back as my generation. Republicans may have won in the past by appealing to their base but it’s shirking as events in Montana and Tennesseee demonstrate.

    Blackrock is the new “evil” corporation on the left and now the right. They are perhaps singularly responsible for the over-influence of real estate values and rental increases.

    If David Frum and I agree then people either need to reconsider their opposition or fear the apocalypse. In terms of great power strategy, the Ukraine war is a win-win for the US — a few billion and they are weakening Russia for a generation. And China is caught in dilemma support Russia and deplete their own strength or let the West win this one. I don’t normally support intrevetionist policies but this is the defesen of western liberalism in all its forms.


  16. David Frum and you agree because you’re both lefties.

    It’s really no more complicated than that. David is just a closeted leftist.


  17. She’s a lying sack of….. stuff.

    She’s a projecting clown.

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  18. The only media that ever calls her on it is Peter Doocy.

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  19. If the people who support mutilating kids like this call you an enemy, you’re nailing it.


  20. Like

  21. Meanwhile, over at pervert central, aka The White House…..

    They’re talking about the issues that matter to Americans….

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  22. I haven’t heard as much about Father’s Day, but I know that Mother’s Day – and references to it – stirs up a lot of emotional pain for a lot of people. For many women who struggle with infertility, Mother’s Day is a painful reminder of their empty arms. A lady in my former church could not bring herself to attend church on Mother’s Day because it was too painful for her.

    Others struggle with having had bad relationships with their mothers, or having been abandoned by them. There is a lot of pain out there surrounding this day. I assume it is the same with Father’s Day. (We ignore that one in our home because of having lost Hubby. It does stir up sadness in my daughters, and in me as well.)

    I have also read a plea for women to not joke about being pregnant on April Fools Day, because of the pain it may stir up.


  23. I can only speak for the past couple churches I’ve been in, but I think the tendency to offer up sermons and services that mimic secular days has faded dramatically.

    I do remember one church I was in years ago having a whole Mother’s Day service, where moms were asked to stand (leaving a few of us feeling pretty awkward, and some others just sad — miscarriages and infertility are very painful situations for so many young women).

    Our faith comes (or should come) first — before politics, before secular trends and all the ongoing politics spats.

    I don’t always land on the same side ALL the time of one party or political “tribe” or another.

    And I think HRW was right — as far as we can tell now from the outside — about why Fox cut Tucker loose. There are likely more emails and embarrassments that will come out of the producer’s lawsuit.


    From the NYT:

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  24. sorry, here’s the rest:

    ~ … ~ … Ms. Grossberg said in the lawsuit, which was filed in March, that on her first day working for Mr. Carlson, she discovered the work space was decorated with large pictures of Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing a plunging swimsuit. .

    “Mr. Carlson’s derogatory comments towards women, and his disdain for those who dare to object to such misogyny, is well known” on the set of his show, the lawsuit said.

    A lawyer for Ms. Grossberg, Parisis G. Filippatos, said on Monday that Ms. Grossberg had almost 90 recordings from her time at Fox that bore out her claims of a hostile work culture, and bolstered the case that Fox had aired lies about voter fraud. …

    … In recent years, Mr. Carlson led people to believe that he was untouchable. Last year, in an interview with the media outlet Semafor, he boasted that he operated with virtual autonomy at Fox. “I don’t clear anything with anybody. I file my script late,” Mr. Carlson said.

    He is not the first star Fox personality to leave the network after developing a huge following. In 2011, the network pushed out Glenn Beck, the Tea Party megastar whose anti-Obama rants made his show one of the most popular in Fox News history. Two years later, Fox parted ways with Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor.

    Fox executives said at the time that one factor more than anything else led to the departures: No one person is bigger than the network. ~


    Carlson has openly professed to be a believer. But his behavior and language and abuse of others (speaking here of things that were reported in documents with quotes from emails and texts, including using the “c” word for women) strike me as issues that are inconsistent with the grace we are to display and the faith itself (putting that mildly).

    We can pray that this disruption in his life and career may lead to hearing a call by the Holy Spirit, to maybe take some more time for self-examination and a reassessment of how we are called to live and treat and talk about other people, whether we agree with them or not.

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  25. And HRW is correct in saying the network really can’t afford any more litigation and the bad publicity it all brings. They skated this time by reaching a settlement, as painful as I’m sure that payout will be. Imagine if they’d had to endure the drip-drip-drip of a trial, night after night, with all that testimony from their highest-paid stars (it was reported that Tucker Carlson was being paid $20 million a year).

    Interesting, too, the reports about some on the Fox news side not shedding many tears over his departure.

    News and opinion in journalism are very different and often are at odds with each other. They have very different missions.

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  26. To modify what I said about us ignoring Father’s Day since Hubby’s death, I realize that that is not entirely true. I know that my daughters both think of their father and miss him a little more on Father’s Day. As for me, of course I think of him more than usual that day, and I take time to thank God for Hubby having been such a good husband and father.

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  27. And in fairness, I have seen tweets about Tucker’s generosity to friends and others.

    I no longer watched his show, it was too angry and one-sided for me. But I’ve stopped watching a few of those shows with other hosts for those reasons. We live in an ugly era.

    Sometimes, stepping away from the political wars brings out our better selves.

    And I really do hope he can reconnect with that. He always seemed like a “nice guy” from afar, I thought (which is why the tweets and transcript were so really jarring.) I just didn’t like seeing what he and so many others on the opinion news shows had turned into.


    Again, and always, Lord, have mercy.

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  28. Re: DJ’s last paragraph at 8:16 –

    “News and opinion in journalism are very different and often are at odds with each other. They have very different missions.”

    It seems that many people confused Carlson’s show with actual news. Remember a while back – I don’t remember the exact details but I do remember this – Carlson’s lawyer argued that he could not be sued for libel because everyone knows (or should know) that his show is not news and is not necessarily factual.


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