19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-18-23

  1. Good morning! Thank you for the continued prayers. I think AJ must be coming up on his follow up tomorrow? I hope everyone is well and healthy. I am with Mumsee’s dad. I think I will continue to be an Egyptian and live by deNile.

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  2. Good morning, everyone! RK it’s so good to hear that Jessica is progressing well! God is merciful!

    It’s a beautiful crispy cool morning here with clear skies and sunshine peeking over the treetops. I opened my door and I can hear chirping. It’s a little more faint than usual which means they’re not sitting in the tree near the door, but there is singing nonetheless. Already this morning the feeder has hosted a bright red cardinal, a blue jay, a brown thrasher and a red-bellied woodpecker, and one unidentified little snacker wearing his puff jacket for warmth. I thought I would put out some peanuts in the shell on the ground for those who like to work for their food, but I startled away the big glossy crow who was already feeding. He’ll be back.

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  3. Good morning! A beautiful drape on that tree!

    Glad to see RK checking in from the land of deNile!😃

    I have not seen Art since Sunday a.m. Miss Bosley seems to be acting out her missing him with extreme bad behavior at times.

    Many evenings when he gets home she does her sprints through the house because the more exciting person has arrived!

    Praying, AJ🙏

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  4. That tree is a feast for the eyes. We have snow again and will get more later in the week. Records have been broken. We are just short of the top record, I think. Our rivers are raging, so quite the sight to see from a safe distance. We will have a lot of melting, again, on this sunny, warm day. I am sorry for all those suffering with the flooding.

    I recently read, in World (I think!) that plants give out distress calls beyond the ability of human ears to hear. I wonder if one day the scientists will find they also give praise at a decibel we cannot hear. Such an interesting universe God created for us!

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  5. It is suppose to be cool most of this week with a little rise from our lows hitting in the high 40s, but by Sunday another overnight low of 46 is predicted. I really like this weather!

    Yesterday at Publix I saw more masks than I expected, and also more shorts on the younger ladies. I had on sweatpants😃 i live no where near deNile!

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  6. I worked 11 hours yesterday for the office–but the last five were at home.

    I sorted papers, stapled, and prepared to stuff folders all through a 3-hour Zoom call, so I guess you could say I multi-tasked efficiently.

    And then I didn’t sleep much last night.

    The Holy Spirit will have to teach on Job again today (he’s done great the last two weeks), but this particular lesson was SO. MUCH. FUN when I worked it on Saturday, I’m sure I’ll be involved. 😉

    Meanwhile, today’s blog post is designed to make you laugh:


    And then this morning, my husband told me this story:

    To my surprise, this morning my husband told me what happened to him yesterday:

    He stood in a line at the same post office yesterday to mail a copy of Overflowing Faith to a prospective interviewer.

    “Hey,” he called after noticing six silent women standing in front of him. “This sign here says you’re supposed to be chatting while you wait.”

    They laughed–and began talking to each other. He turned and told a personal (true) great white shark story to the 8-year-old who had just joined the line behind him with his parents.

    When he reached the post office clerk, she, too, was laughing.

    It was the same woman who took my packages last week.

    We’re having too much fun with this!

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  7. Due to our mild winter, spring has sprung about a month earlier than normal. Yesterday I was shocked to glance out at the trees, and see the beginnings of the leaves coming out. They usually do not do that until around mid-May.

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  8. I know you miss him so much, Kizzie! I think it would be nice to share a little treat with your family tonight, maybe banana splits or something as a fun remembrance. Or maybe Hot Fudge Cakes!

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  9. Janice – For the first two or three years, Nightingale would make Hubby’s favorite cake as a way for us to commemorate the day. I think that at this point, we may mention it to each other, but are no longer making a cake for it.

    In case you are wondering, his favorite cake for his birthday was German Chocolate Cake. Yummy!

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