6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-25-23

  1. Interesting to me: I found a wooly bear out this morning. Janice mentioned seeing butterflies already and that was a surprise. Imagine my astonishment to see a wooly bear out on the walkway! It was alive but not really moving, much too cold out. I put it over in the shade garden under some debris.

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  2. Interestingly, my dad was laughing as I came in from checking the deck walking conditions. He said he was laughing because just as I walked in, a bear walked out.

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  3. 😀 Thankful for a friend who wore a mask with me to this big event

    😀 Thankful to learn about some of the big themes in the overall story of the Bible

    😒 Lost reading glasses

    😀 Sunny day after early morning storms that stopped as we headed out

    😀 Coffee

    😒 All the pets of friends who have passed this year (PT lady had consoled a friend this week whose dog had died, and my frien, Bev, just told me of her friend putting down her 17 y/o cat)
    😀 My CA friends have recovered from Covid without complications

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