11 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-14-23

  1. So why is the press so quiet about this man made disaster which has destroyed a town and possibly poisoned the drinking water of 4 million people?

    And of course yet again, the Biden admin is a joke.

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  4. Some folks won’t like this, but he’s right.

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  5. Meanwhile, the govt and their deep state stooges continue to lie with impunity.

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  6. They’re starting to turn on one another now. 🙂

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  7. AJ @8:24 Huh? I guess he missed the entire 80s, 90s, 2000s… The whole Moral Majority movement was nothing BUT christians mobilized like one big fat unquestioning Republican army in the name pro-life. Personally, I’m weary of electing “pro life” candidates that spend hundreds of billions on war, death, and destruction.

    Yes, I am still voting, but I don’t know for how much longer.

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  8. That was then Debra.

    But that bad orange man has broken the Moral Majority types.

    Now they vote dem or stay home and lose. It’s what they do now. And dems take full advantage.

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  9. I’m always skeptical when the media is called out by the media of a different pov. True, there’s been little coverage of the Ohio derailment as the media seems distracted by weather balloons. Some of my German friends claim the balloons themselves are a distraction from a report that implicates the US in blowing up NordStream – media coverage seems to spark conspiracies everywhere .

    I checked – you do have to scroll far down the CNN front page to find the Ohio incident, but you have to scroll about the same distance to find it on FOX and they are soley focused on Pete B as opposed to the actual chemical spill. NBC had nothing but CBS/ABC both covered it fairly well. Cable news seems more intent on finding the next story and the story that will draw eyeballs – conspiracies about balloons draw well I guess as does another school shooting. There seems to be a general reluctance to discuss the derailment – which is a sign of declining infrastructure which goes back decades. Only the far left pages I occasionally check discussed deregulation, lack of inspections, and failing infrastructure. Elsewhere it seems it depends on your political p.o.v. and who you want to smear.


  10. Fienstein has finally decided to end her career. She’ll be 91 when she finally steps down. I don’t like to discriminate on the basis of age but at a certain point you need to let the next generation takeover. My dad still has a clear mind at 95 but my mom at 86 has difficulty remembering simple day to day things – thus, my dad directs her from his recliner and now his bed. Even if you have a clear mind at 91, wouldn’t you rather spend time with grandchildren or a puppy, travel, etc. I’m retiring in June 2024 at the age of 56 – why stay longer when there’s a world to see and maybe someday my daughter will bless me with a grand child (highly doubtful but she’s only 24/5 and may change her mind)

    A bonus for me is Katie Porter’s decision to run for Feinstein’s seat. Hope she brings her white board with her and teaches a few of the elederly gentlemen in the Senate some economics. Porter announced she would run prior to Fienstein – maybe that pushed her out, knowing she would lose a primary to Porter.

    Perhaps Chuck Grassley will follow suit.

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